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This research includes reasons that induced some orientalists and westerners to claim of invalidity of Islamic law to the reign of developed community, as it includes the reply on these claims, and disproof these reasons that based on, rather to prove the opposite of these claims the validity of Islamic law for every time and place with evidences from text, history, actual and legislative reality. Moreover, the Islamic law observed in its laws and terms the constants and variables in human life, and combined between stability and flexibility, and made between them an unique balance without tending to absolute stability which conflicts with development of human and life or to excessive change which doesnt admit with any value to any principal. 'DEB/E): "0G( (96 'DE+BAJF +B'A) #H1(J) %DI 'DBHD (#F 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) D' *5DO- DD951 'D-'61 /HF #F J3*F/H' AJ '/9'&GE G0' %DI -,) EBF9)  HDH #FGE B'DH': %F E(/#K E9JF'K #H E('/& (0'*G' D' *5D- DD951 'D-'61  H(JFH' 'D3(( AJ 9/E 5D'-J*G'  DC'F D'/9'&GE BJE) HD#ECF EF 'DH,G) 'DEF7BJ) EF'B4) #BH'DGE H%+('* 2JAG', #E' '/9'$GE (#F 'D41J9) CDG' D' *5D- DD951 'D-'61 /HF *B/JE -,) H'-/) 9DI BHDGE AG0' 4J! :1J( 9DI 0J 'D9BHD, %F '/9'!GE G0' 3((G ,GDGE ('D41J9) EF ,G) H'D'A*1'! 9DJG' EF ,G) #.1I"(). CE' H,G (96 'DE3*41BJF #E+'D 2JJ3() @ EF 1,'D 'DB'FHF @ AJ E$DA DG 9F 'D*41J9 'D%3D'EJ '*G'E'K DD41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) ('D,EH/ -J+ B'D E' F5G: "%F 'D419 'D%3D'EJ E-CHE 9DJG ('D,EH/" HB'D E3*41B ".1 (,1HFJ('HE) () AJ C*'(G "-6'1) 'D%3D'E " : "%F 'DB1"F 9'/ AJ #-H'D E9JF) AF3. H5'J' (9JFG' #F2D* 9DI F(JG E3*9J6'K 9FG' ("J'* .J1 EFG' #H E+DG', ADE' 'F*BD 'D13HD 5DI 'DDG 9DJG H3DE %DI ,H'1 1(G B6J 9DI H3JD) G0' 'D*:JJ1 'D#3'3J #H *DC 'DE3'J1) DD81HA" () HC+J1 EF 'DE3*41BJF JF3(HF %DI 'D%3D'E -'D) 'D*.DA 'D1'GF) AJ 'D9'DE 'D%3D'EJ  AE' GJ 'D#3('( 'D*J /9*GE %DI 0DC 3HA #*F'HD (J'F G0G 'D#3('( HEF +E 'D1/ 9DI G$D'! 'DE3*41BJF H0DC EF .D'D 'D.7) 'D*'DJ) : 'DE(-+ 'D#HD :#3('( '*G'E 'DE3*41BJF DD41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) ('D,EH/ : 'DE7D( 'D#HD: 'D3(( 'D#HD :'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) 0'* 5(:) /JFJ) . 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ : 'D3(( 'D+'FJ : /9HI :DB ('( 'D',*G'/. 'DE7D( 'D+'D+ : 'D3(( 'D+'D+ :9/E F41 'DE('/& 'D5-J-) DD41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) (%-/I 'DD:'* 'D#H1H(J) . 'DE7D( 'D1'(9 : 'D3(( 'D1'(9 :69A 'D/HD) 'D9+E'FJ) H*/.D 'D/HD 'D#H1(J) HA16 BH'FJFG' 9DI 'D91( . 'DE7D( 'D.'E3 : 'D3(( 'D.'E3 :*B'93 9DE'! 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) 9F 'D*5/J DD9D'B'* 'D',*E'9J) H 'D'B*5'/J) 'D,/J/). 'DE(-+ 'D+'FJ:'D1/ 9DI E*GEJ 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) ('D,EH/ H'D*.DA : 'DE7D( 'D#HD :'DF5H5 'DB1"FJ) H'D#-'/J+ 'DF(HJ) */D 9DI 5D'-J) 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) DCD 2E'F HEC'F . 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ : 'D*'1J. J4G/ (5D'-J) 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) DCD 2E'F HEC'F . 'DE7D( 'D+'D+ : BH'9/ 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) *6'19 E' H5D %DJG 'DAC1 'DB'FHFJ 'D-/J+ 'DE7D( 'D1'(9 :'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) ,E9* (JF 'D+('* H'DE1HF) AJ *H'2F A1J/. 'DA19 'D#HD :39) EF7B) 'D9AH . 'DA19 'D+'FJ : #-C'E 'D41J9) FH9JF . 'DA19 'D+'D+ : F5H5 'D41J9) 5J:* 5J':) E9,2) . 'DA19 'D1'(9 : 'D#-C'E 'D419J) E3*E/) EF 'DB1"F H'D3F) (71JB E('41) H:J1 E('41). 'DA19 'D.'E3 : E(/# *:J1 'DA*HI (*:J1 'D2E'F H'DEC'F H'D-'D H'D91A . 'DA19 'D3'/3 : E1'9') 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) DD61H1'* H'D#90'1 . 'D'3*F*', H'D*H5J'* . 'DE(-+ 'D#HD #3('( '*G'E 'DE3*41BJF DD41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) ('D,EH/: **D.5 #GE G0G 'D#3('( AJ 'DE7'D( 'D"*J) : 'DE7D( 'D#HD 'D3(( 'D#HD : 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) 0'* 5(:) /JFJ) %F 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) 0'* 5(:) /JFJ), H'D/JF J(/H AJ F81 'DC+J1JF CE' J(/H AJ F81 'DABG ('DB'FHFJ) 'D-/J+ GH H'DB'FHF (E+'() 8'G1*JF E*F'A1*JF #J :J1 E$*DA*JF. AJ1HF 'D/JF 0H 5(:) ,'E/) +'(*) :J1 E*:J1)  (JFE' J9/HF 'DB'FHF 0' 5(:) E*7H1) E*:J1) . CE' #F 'D/JF J*9DB (6EJ1 'DA1/  #H 9BJ/*G  (.D'A 'DB'FHF 'D0J J*9DB ('DE5'D- 'D',*E'9J)  %6'A) %DI #F 'D/JF 5'/1 9F 'DDG *9'DI  H'DB'FHF 5'/1 9F 'D/HD) . HJ1/ 9DI 0DC #F (96 ABG'! 'DB'FHF #C/H' #F G'*JF 'D8'G1*JF ('D/JF H'DB'FHF) 'DD*JF *9/'F 'DJHE AJ F81 'D(96 E*9'16*JF DE JCF 0DC 4#FGE' AJ #B/E 95H1 'D*'1J., %0 #FGE' DE *CHF' *9/'F 3HI 4J! H'-/ J5/1 9F E5/1 H'-/ AB/ C'F 'D91A 'DB'FHFJ 5'/1'K 9F 'DE9*B/'* 'D/JFJ)  HC'F 'DB'6J GH 1,D 'D/JF(). 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ 'D3(( 'D+'FJ : /9HI :DB ('( 'D',*G'/ D9D #.71 'D#3('( 'D*J /9* 'D(96 3H'! :1(JJF #H E3*41BJF %DI '*G@'E 'D41J9) ('D,EH/ E' 71# 9DI 'D41J9) EF /9HI :DB ('( 'D',*G'/ AJ #H'.1 'DB1F 'D1'(9 'DG,1J H0DC (3(( 81HA .'5) (0DC 'D9G/, CE' H'F*4'1 'D*BDJ/ DC('1 'D#&E) . ADB/ 'F*'( 'DE3DEJF EF0 EF*5A 'DB1F 'D1'(9 'DG,1J (96 'D9H'ED 'D3J'3J) H'D',*E'9J)  'D*J C'F DG' #3H# 'D#+1 AJ FG6*GE HF4'7GE 'DAC1J  H'DABGJ  -J+ #.0* 'D/HD) 'D9('3J) AJ 'D69A EF0 0DC 'DHB*  H3'/* 'DAH6I  H9E 'DA3'/ CD 4J! -*I 'DABG H'DB6'! . AHDJQ 'DB6'! EF DE JCF EH69'K D+B) 'DE*B'6JF  H*5/I DD%A*'! H'D',*G'/ EF DE J5D %DI E1*() 'DABG'! #H 'DE,*G/JF . H-J+ *B79* EF 'D/HD) 'D%3D'EJ) #H5'DG' H#5(-* /HD'K 9/J/) #.0 CD EF 'D.DA'! #H 'DEDHC 'DE3DEJF (E0G( EF E0'G( 'D#&E) 'DC('1( #(J -FJA) HE'DC H'D4'A9J H#-E/ (F -F(D 1-EGE 'DDG ,EJ9'K) HB11 %D2'E 1,'D 'DB6'! H'D%A*'! ('D-CE #H 'D%A*'! 7(B'K DABG 0DC 'DE0G(() . 9DI #F GF'C EF #FC1 BAD ('( 'D',*G'/ HB'D: %F ('( 'D',*G'/ EA*H- H3J8D EA*H-'K E' /'E* 41J9) 'DDG ('BJ)  H'3*/D 9DI 0DC ("1'! 'D#&E) ('D4'A9J H'D:2'DJ H'(F 'DBJE H'(F -2E 1-EGE 'DDG) () .AB/ B'D '(F 'DBJE: %F 'DBJ'3 GH 'DE1'/ ('DEJ2'F AJ BHDG *9'DI: " 'DDG #F2D 'DC*'( ('D-B H'DEJ2'F"()  HAJ BHDG *9'DI: " HDB/ #13DF' 13DF' ('D(JF'* H#F2DF' E9GE 'DC*'( H'DEJ2'F DJBHE 'DF'3 ('DB37 " ()  H:J1GE' EF 'D"J'* 'DE4'(G). H'DBJ'3 H'D',*G'/ #E1'F E*D'2E'F E*1'(7'F()  (D J1I 'D%E'E 'D4'A9J #FGE' '3E'F DE9FI H'-/(). HB/ C*( 'D%E'E 'D4'A9J A5D'K 98JE 'DBJE) AJ 'D',*G'/ '3*F/ AJG %DI 'D-/J+ 'D41JA 'D0J 1H'G #(H G1J1) 9F 'D13HD 5DI 'DDG 9DJG H3DE #FG B'D : " %0' -CE 'D-'CE A',*G/ A#5'( C'F DG #,1'F  H%0' ',*G/ A#.7# C'F DG #,1"()  HAJ G0' 'DA5D JBHD 'D%E'E 'D4'A9J: " AC'F 9DJGE - #J 9DI 'DF'3- *CDA 'D/D'D'* (E' .DB DGE EF 'D9BHD 'D*J 1C(G' AJGE DJB5/H' - B5/ 'D*H,G - DD9JF 'D*J A16 9DJGE '3*B('DG' - J1J/ 'DB(D)- A%0' 7D(HG' E,*G/JF (9BHDGE H9DEGE ('D/D'&D  (9/ '3*9'F) 'DDG H'D1:() %DJG AJ *HAJBG - AB/ #/H' E' 9DJGE ". A'D%E'E 'D4'A9J JBJ3 'D',*G'/ AJ 'D#-C'E 'D*J DE J1/ AJG' F5 EF 'D4'19  9DI 'D*-1J 9F 'DB(D) 9F/ 'D5D')  HJ1I *(1J1 'D.7# AJ 'D-CE 'D0J J5D %DJG 'DE,*G/ E' /'E* #/H'* 'D',*G'/ E3*HA') 9F/G  CE' #F 5D') EF J.7& AJ *-/J/ 'DB(D) 5-J-)  E'/'E #/I E' 9DJG EF 'D*-1J AJ '3*B('DG'. HC0DC B'D 'D%E'E 'D4'A9J: " .. %F 'DDG ,D +F'$G EFQ 9DI 'D9('/ (9BHD A/DGE (G' 9DI 'DA1B (JF 'DE.*DA  HG/'GE %DI 'D-B F5'K H/D'D) "(). #E' 'D%E'E 'D:2'DJ AB/ C*( AJ 'DE3*5AI (-+'K H'AJ'K 9F 'D',*G'/  DE JEF9G HDE J-1EG HDE J*HBA AJ 'D9ED (G  (D ,9D DEF JB/E 9DJG 41H7'K D' (/ EF '3*JA'&G' B(DG  AEF *HA1* AJG G0G 'D41H7 DG #F J,*G/  DG HD:J1G  AJ 'DE3'&D 'D*J J9DE (#FG' E*HD/) AJ 951 DE JCF D#GD 'D%,E'9 AJG' .H6) #J AJ #-/'+ 'D-J') H'DE,*E9 'DE*,//)  HG0' E9F'G #F ('( 'D',*G'/ EA*H- 9DI 'D/H'E  DEF *HA1* AJG 41H7G(). %0F AEF 'D.7# 'D8F (#F %BA'D ('( 'D',*G'/ GH %,E'9 EF 'D9DE'! AJ 'D951 'D#HD (9/ *CHJF 'DE0'G( H*1CJ2G' AJ 'D(D'/ H13H. 'D'9*B'/ (G'  H#F G0' 'D%,E'9 DE J40 9FG %D' BDJD EF ('DE*E1/JF) #E+'D '(F -2E H'(F 'DBJE H'(F 'D,H2J H 'D4'7(J  (D %F 'D#E1 DJ3 C0DC  AE'/'E* 'D#-C'E 'D9EDJ) *'(9) DD-H'/+ 'DA9DJ) HG0' E' J$C/G 'DH'B9 'DE4'G/  HE'/'E* 'D-H'/+ 'DA9DJ) **2'J/ HD' *C'/ *F-51  A%F 'D#-C'E 'D9EDJ) **2'J/ HD' **#*I 'D%-'7) (G' 9DI *9'B( 'D95H1 H*1'CE 'D2EF  HDJ3 DG0' 'DCD'E E9FI %D' A*- 'D('( (D *H39*G AJ '3*F('7 G0G 'D#-C'E H*B1J1G' 9DI EB*6I G0G 'D-H'/+ 'DA9DJ) H*7H1'*G'  HG0' GH 'D',*G'/(). HB/ #/1C 'DABG'! 'DE.D5HF E' AJ BAD ('( 'D',*G'/ EF 'D.71 9DI 'D41J9) H9DI 'DF'3 HD0DC B'D '(F 'DBJE: " %F %BA'D ('( 'D',*G'/ #/I %DI 'D*-'JD, -*I H69* 'DC*( AJ 'D-JD H'DE.'1, DDG1H( EF CD 'D*2'E, -*I *-'JD (96GE AJ %3B'7 -/ 'D31B).....! H(96GE D#.0 #EH'D 'DF'3  H8DEGE AJ FAH3GE, H3AC /E'&GE, H%(7'D -BHBGE, H%A3'/ 0'* (JFGE "(). H(#J) -'D D' J3*3': 'DBHD (#F ('( 'D',*G'/ B/ #:DB, H#F G0' 'D951 J.DH EF H,H/ E,*G/JF, ADH .D' 951 EF E,*G/ JECF 'D'3*F'/ %DJG AJ E91A) 'D#-C'E HE',/Q EFG' .'5) D#A6I 0DC %DI *97JD 'D41J9) H9/E %EC'F *7(JBG' AJE' J,/ EF 'DHB'&9. HJBHD 'D4HC'FJ:" 0G( ,E9 %DI #FG D' J,H2 .DH 'D2E'F EF E,*G/ J(JF DDF'3 E' F2D %DJGE (D HD' (/ #F JCHF AJ CD B71 EF JBHE (G 'DCA'J) D#F 'D',*G'/ EF A1H6 'DCA'J)". HFBD 9F 'D-F'(D) 'DBHD (#FG D' J,H2 .DH 'D951 EF E,*G/. +E B'D 'D4HC'FJ AJ EH69 ".1: " H'D',*G'/ 9DI 'DE*#.1JF #J31 H#3GD /HF .D'A  HEF B51 A6D 'DDG 9DI (96 .DBG HB51 AGE 'D41J9) 9DI EF *B/E 951G  AB/ *,1# 9DI 'DDG +E 9DI 'D41J9) 'DEH6H9) DCD 'D9('/"(). 'DE7D( 'D+'D+ : 'D3(( 'D+'D+ 9/E F41 'DE('/& 'D5-J-) DD41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) (%-/I 'DD:'* 'D#H1H(J) HEF *DC 'D#3('( 'D*J /9* #HD&C 'DE3*41BJF %DI 0DC 'D'*G'E #F 1,'D 'DABG 'D%3D'EJ DE JAC1H' (F41 'DE('/& 'D5-J-) DD41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) (%-/I 'DD:'* 'D#H1(J), %D' #FGE '*,GH' D0DC E$.1'K H ('DEB'(D F,/ #F ,GD ABG'! 'DB'FHF 'D:1(JJF @ %D' E' F/1@ ('DD:) 'D91(J) 'D*J GJ 'D#/') 'DH-J/) 'D*J *ECFGE EF 'DHBHA 9DI 'D"1'! AJ 'DABG 'D%3D'EJ C'F 3(('K 1&J3'K AJ '*G'E 'D:1( DD41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) ('D,EH/ (). 'DE7D( 'D1'(9 'D3(( 'D1'(9 : 69A 'D/HD) 'D9+E'FJ) H*/.D 'D/HD 'D#H1(J) HA16 BH'FJFG' 9DI 'D91( %6'A) %DI *DC 'D9H'ED 'D*J (OFJ* 9DJG' /9HI :DB ('( 'D',*G'/ AJ FG'J) 'DB1F 'D1'(9 'DG,1J #5J(* 'D/HD) 'D9+E'FJ) AJ #H'.1 9G/G' ('D69A H'D'FGJ'1 EE' #/I %DI */.D 'D/HD 'D#H1(J) D-E'J) 'D/HD) 'D9+E'FJ) EB'(D 'D-5HD 9DI 'E*J'2'*  CE' #.0* 'D/HD) 'D9+E'FJ) (E-'C') 'D/HD 'D#H1(J) AJ 'D#.0 (#3'DJ(G' 'D-/J+) AJ FG6*G' 'D'B*5'/J) H'D',*E'9J)  H#E'E G0' 'D69A H'D'FGJ'1 'D*E3 (96 'DE+BAJF +B'A) #H1(J) 'D%5D'- EF #J31 3(JD  CE' J29EHF - HGH 'DFBD H'B*('3 'DBH'FJF 9F #H1('  H(0DC '.*D7* EA'GJE 'D*-/J+ (EA'GJE 'DFBD HGJ 8'G1) ',*E'9J) E91HA) 9(1 9FG' '(F .D/HF (BHDG: " 'DE:DH( J*4(G #(/'K ('D:'D( AJ ED(3G HE1C(G H3D'-G..." (). H-JF 'FG'1 F8'E 'D-CE 'D9+E'FJ H'FB3E 'D9'DE 'D%3D'EJ %DI /HJD'* E3*BD) H#5(-* 'D.D'A) E3#D) 5H1J) C'F* 'F,D*1' HA1F3' H'D/HD 'DC(1I AJ 0DC 'DHB* JB3EHF *1C) 'D1,D 'DE1J6 H'FA17 9B/ 'D.D'A) 'D9+E'FJ) AJ(1342G@- 1923E ) HB79@* 'D/HD@) 'D9+E'FJ) %DI #4D'! 'B*3E*G' /HD #H1(' AJE' (JFG' HA16* 9DJG' *41J9'*G' HBH'FJFG'() . 'DE7D( 'D.'E3 'D3(( 'D.E3 : *B'93 9DE'! 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) 9F 'D*5/J DD9D'B'* 'D',*E'9J) H 'D'B*5'/J) 'D,/J/) 1'AB 0DC CDG *B'93 9DE'! 'D41J9) 9F 'D*5/J DD9D'B'* 'D',*E'9J) H'D'B*5'/J) 'D,/J/)  CE' .JE 'D,GD 9DI 'DE,*E9 H#GED* 'D/1'3'* 'DABGJ) AJ F7'B 'DE9'ED'* EE' #/I %DI *2'J/ 69A 'DEDC'* 'DABGJ) H*5/I DDA*HI #F'3 D' JH+B (9DEGE() . HGC0' A%F *-CE 'D'3*9E'1 AJ 'D(D'/ 'D%3D'EJ) F,E 9FG 69A 3J'3J H*.DA 'B*5'/J H',*E'9J  H%69'A D4HC) 'DE3DEJF  (%(9'/GE 9F #-C'E 'D/JF AJ C+J1 EF 'D#B7'1 'D%3D'EJ)  H*H,JGGE %DI '3*J1'/ 'DBH'FJF 'D:1J() 9F 'D(J&)  H'DE*('JF) AJ 'D,ED) E9 'D9BJ/)  H-*I 'D5'D- EFG' H'D0J D' J.1, 9F 1H- 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) H**39 DG #-C'EG' HB1 AJ #0G'F 'DF'3 #FG' F8E #,F(J) 1'BJ) DE *#* (G' 'D41J9)  HDE J91AG' 'DABG 'D%3D'EJ . (D *HGE 'D(96 #F 'D'-*C'E %DI 'DABG 'D%3D'EJ 71JB 'D*.DA  CE' 8F (96 'D#,'F( #F 'D%3D'E 31 'D*.DA AJ 'D(D'/ 'D%3D'EJ)  '9*B'/'K EFGE #F #-C'EG GJ 'DE7(B)  H'DH'B9 #F 9/E *7(JB #-C'E 'D%3D'E C'ED) AJ #C+1 'D(D'/ 'D%3D'EJ) D*B'93 'D9DE'! 9F '3*F('7 #-C'E CD E' ,/  HD,H! 'D-C'E %DI 'DBH'FJF 'D#,F(J) GH 31 *.DA G0G 'D(D'/  H31 E' *9'FJG EF (D(D) AC1J)  F',E) 9F '.*D'A 'DH'B9 9F 'DE9*B/'* 'D/JFJ)  H*9DB 'D#A1'/ (G'  H1:(*GE AJ *7(JBG'() . 'DE(-+ 'D+'FJ 'D1/ 9DI E*GEJ 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) ('D,EH/ H'D*.DA %F 'D%3D'E (1J! 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(1) JF81: /. 9(/ 'D-EJ/ E*HDJ , 'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 27, 28 . (1) JF81: /. 9(/ 'D-EJ/ E*HDJ  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 51 52 H /. 5HAJ #(H 7'D(  *7(JB 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) AJ 'D(D'/ 'D91(J)  75  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1427G@ -2006E  5 232  233. /. E-E/ 9(/ 'D8'G1 -3JF  'DABG 'D%3D'EJ 'DE5/1 'D1&J3J DD*41J9  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1) 1420G@ -1999E  5 136  138. /. JH3A 'DB16'HJ  41J9) 'D%3D'E 5'D-) DD*7(JB AJ CD 2E'F HEC'F  75  EC*() HG()  'DB'G1)  1997E  5 47. 7'1B 'DDJ+J 9DJ  'D3D7) 'D*41J9J) AJ 'D%3D'E  - /1'3) EB'1F) *7(JBJ) 9DI 'D3D7) 'D*41J9J) AJ E51 ,'E9) 'DB'G1)  1421G@ - 2001E  5 502. (2)JF81: E-EH/ 'D41B'HJ  'D*7H1 1H- 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ)  'DEC*() 'D951J)  (J1H*  D(F'F  /.*  5 212  213 . (3) 3H1) 'D4H1I: 'D"J) /17/. (4) 3H1) 'D-/J/:'D"J) /25 /.. (5) JF81 : '(F 'DBJE #9D'E 'DEHB9JF  ,1  /'1 'D-/J+  'DB'G1)  2002E  5 110. (6) JF81 :E-E/ (F %/1J3 'D4'A9J  'D13'D)  *-BJB #-E/ E-E/ 4'C1  /'1 'DC*( 'D9DEJ)  (J1H*  /.*  5 477.. 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(3) 5-J- 'D(.'1J  C*'( #(H'( 'DE3',/ 1BE 'DC*'( /11/  ('( BHD 'DF(J 5DI 'DDG 9DJG H3DE (,9D* DJ 'D#16 E3,/'K H7GH1'K)  1BE 'D('( /23/ 1BE 'D-/J+ /427 /  -/J+ ,'(1 (F 9(/ 'DDG  AG13* H6(7 : /.E57AI /J( 'D(:'  72  /'1 'D9DHE 'D%F3'FJ) /E4B 1413G@ - 1993E  5163 . (4) JF81 : /.'DB16'HJ  41J9) 'D%3D'E  E5/1 3'(B  512. (5) 3H1) 'DE'&/) : 'D"J) /3/. (6) JF81 : /.'DB16'HJ  41J9) 'D%3D'E  E5/1 3'(B  514. (7) 3H1) 'DF-D :'D"J) /89/. (1) 3FF '(F E',G  'D('( 'D3'/3  ('( '*('9 3F) 'D.DA'! 'D1'4/JF 'DEG/JJF  'D-/J+ 1BE 43  'D,2! 'D#HD  -/J+ 'D91('6 (F 3'1J)  *-BJB : E-E/ A$'/ 9(/ 'D('BJ  /'1 %-J'! 'D*1'+ 'D91(J  /.E  1395G@ - 1975E  516 . (2) JF81: /.'DB16'HJ 41J9) 'D%3D'E E5/1 3'(B 514. (3) 'DE5/1 FA3G  516. (1) 'DE5/1 FA3G  5 16 17. (2) JF81 BHD H D. / JH1'F* E$1. 'D-6'1) - 1:E 3H! AGEG DEHBA 'D%3D'E AJ (96 'D#-J'F H*-'EDG AJ #-J'F #.1I @ AJ C*'(G "B5) 'D-6'1)",,2 , 5150, HB/ B'D AJG: "(#F 'D.DA'! 'D#HDJF EF #(J (C1 %DI 'DE#EHF H69H' 'DF8E 'D5'D-) 'DEHAB) DD-J') 'D%3D'EJ) AJ 1B9) H'39) EF 'D9'DE  H#FGE C'FH' EF #B/1 'D-C'E AJ 'D*'1J. CDG HDB/ C'F AJ EB/H1GE #F J5'/1H' CD 4J! #H #F J.1(H' CD 4J! CE' A9D 'DE:HD #H 'DE,1 #H #GD 'D4E'D EF 'D#H1(JJF, DCFGE DE JA9DH' G0', (D 'C*AH' (A16 'D61'&( ". FBD'K 9F: /. JH3A 'DB16'HJ  41J9) 'D%3D'E  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 19 ,20. (3) 3FF #(J /'H/  C*'( 'D#/(  1BE /35/  ('( AJ -B 'D,H'1  1BE /132/  'D-/J+ 1BE /5151/  -/J+ 9'&4) 16J 'DDG 9FG'  *-BJB :JH3A 'D-', #-E/ 71  EC*() '(F -,1 /E4B  1424G@ -2004E  51015 . (1) JF81: 'DB'6J #(J JH3A  C*'( 'D.1', 75 'DE7(9) 'D3DAJ) 'DB'G1) 1396G@  5 136. (2) JF81: 'DB16'HJ  41J9) 'D%3D'E  E5/1 3'(B  531. (3) JF81: -6'1) 'D91(, 5 605, FBD'K 9F: /. 'DB16'HJ, 41J9) 'D%3D'E, 'DE5/1 'D3'(B 531. (4) 5CHC 'D:A1'F GJ 'D5CHC 'D*J C'F 1,'D 'D/JF 'DE3J-J AJ 'D95H1 'DH37I AJ #H1H(' JEF-HFG' DD#A1'/ D:A1'F 0FH(GE %0 C'FH' J9/HF 3D7*GE E3*E/) EF 'DDG E('41)K. (1) JF81: /. 'DB16'HJ  41J9) 'D%3D'E  E5/1 3'(B 532 H E' JDJG' . (2) J6'19 E6'19)K 'DE6'19): 'DE4'(G)  JF81: #-E/ (F E-E/ (F 9DJ 'DAJHEJ  'DE5('- 'DEFJ1 ,2  'DE$33) 'D91(J) 'D-/J+)  'DB'G1)  /.*  5493  E'/) 619. (3) JF81: /. 5HAJ #(H 7'D(  E5/1 3'(B  5270 271. (1) 3FF 'D/'1 B7FJ  C*'( 'D#41() H:J1G' ('( 'D5J/ H'D0('&- H'D#79E) H:J1 0DC  'D-/J+ 1BE /104/  E5/1 3'(B  5297 298. (2) JF81: /. 'DB16'HJ, 9H'ED 'D39) H'DE1HF) AJ 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ), EC*() HG() 'DB'G1) 72 1999E  5 10. HC0DC : /. 'DB16'HJ  'DABG 'D%3D'EJ (JF 'D#5'D) H'D*,/J/, EC*() HG() 'DB'G1) 72  1424G@ -2003E  5 85. /. E-E/ 9(/ 'D8'G1 -3JF, E5/1 3'(B  5 128  129. (3) 3H1) "D 9E1'F : 'D"J) /159 / . (4) 3H1) 'DF3'! : 'D"J) / 58 / .. (5) E3F/ 'D%E'E #-E/ 'D-/J+ 1BE /23381/ -/J+ 1,D EF #5-'( 'DF(J 5DI 'DDG 9DJG H3DE 'D,2! /17/  AG13*: -E2) #-E/ 'D2JF  71 /'1 'D-/J+  'DB'G1) 1416G@ - 1995E  512. (1) -3F 3'DE EB(D #-E/  F81J) 'D-CE 'D419J H'DB'9/) 'DB'FHFJ) " 'D#3'3 H'D.5'&5 "- /1'3) EB'1F)  ,'E9) 9JF 4E3  1417G@ - 1996E  5 282 283 . 'D4J. 9(/ 'DHG'( .D'A  E5'/1 'D*41J9 'D%3D'EJ E1F)  E,D) 'DB'FHF H'D'B*5'/ CDJ) 'D-BHB  ,'E9) 'DB'G1) 'D3F) 'D.'E3 941)  'D9//'F 'D1'(9 H'D.'E3  #(1JD  E'JH  1945E 5 253- 255 ./.3'EJ ,E'D 'D/JF  */1, 'DBH'9/ 'DB'FHFJ) HE('/& 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ)  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D%3CF/1J)  /. *  5126- 128. 'D4J. E-EH/ 4D*H*  'D%3D'E 9BJ/) H41J9)  /'1 'D41HB  'DB'G1) 7 /18/  2001E 5 488  489 . (2) -3F 3'DE EB(D #-E/ 'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 286 . (3) 3H1) 'DF3'! :'D"J) /58/. (4) 3H1) 'D-,1'* :'D"J) /12/ . (5) E3F/ 'D%E'E #-E/ 'D-/J+ 1BE /6792/ -/J+ 9(/ 'DDG (F 9E1 'D,2! /6/  AG13* : #-E/ E-E/ 4'C1  71  /'1 'D-/J+  'DB'G1) 1416G@ -1995E  5310 311. (1) 3H1) 'D(B1) : 'D"J) /275/ . (2) 5-J- E3DE  ('( BHD 'DF(J 5DI 'DDG 9DJG H3DE EF :4F' ADJ3 EF'  -/J+ #(J G1J1) 'D,2! 'D#HD  /'1 'DC*'( 'D91(J  (J1H*  1407G@ - 1987E  5 108  109 . (3) 3H1) 'DFH1: 'D"J) /2/ . (4) 3H1) 'DE'&/) : 'D"J) /38/ . (5) -3F 3'DE EB(D #-E/, E5/1 3'(B  5 287  288. HJF81 (G0' 'D5//: /. 'DB16'HJ, 'DABG 'D%3D'EJ (JF 'D#5'D) H'D*,/J/  E1,9 3'(B  5 85. /. 'DB16'HJ, 9H'ED 'D39) H'DE1HF), E5/1 3'(B  5 35 HE' JDJG' . /. 'DB16'HJ, 'D%3D'E H'D9DE'FJ) H,G'K DH,G, E$33) 'D13'D), (J1H*  D(F'F, 'D7(9) 'D1'(9), 1422G@ - 2001E, 5 144 HE' JDJG', -J+ 1/ 'D/C*H1 'DB16'HJ 9DI 'D/C*H1 A$'/ 2C1J'- 'D0J '3*FC1 5D'-J) 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) DCD 2E'F HEC'F E9DD'K (#F 'D%F3'F E*:J1 H'D41J9) +'(*) HJF(:J #F *CHF 'D#-C'E 'D*J *F8E -J') 'D%F3'F E*:J1) *H'C( *:J1G  B'&D'K: (#FG DJ3 5-J-'K #F 'D%F3'F ,HG1G 'D*:J1  HDB/ *:J1 E#CD 'D%F3'F HED(3G HE3CFG HE1C(G H3D'-G H"D'*G CE' *:J1* E91A*G DD7(J9) H%EC'F'*G D*3.J1G' DCFG AJ ,HG1G #J 'D%F3'F- H-BJB*G (BJ GH 'D%F3'F DE **(/D A71*G HDE **:J1 /H'A9G 'D#5DJ) HDE *(7D -','*G 'D#3'3J), A%F3'F 'DB1F 'D941JF HE' (9/ D' J3*:FJ 9F G/'J) 'DDG 'DE*E+D) AJ H5'J'G H#-C'EG' H3J8D (-',) %DI 'D9BJ/) 'D*J *91AG= = (31 H,H/G H%DI 'D9('/'* 'D*J *:0J 1H-G H*5DG (1(G H%DI 'D#.D'B 'D*J *2CJ FA3G H3J8D 'D%F3'F (-',) %DI *-1JE 'D1(' H*-1JE 'D.E1 H'DEJ31 H*-1JE 'D2F' H'D31B) H'D14H), H*-1JE #CD #EH'D 'DF'3 ('D('7D, H3J8D 'D%F3'F (-',) %DI 1'/9 J1/9G %F GH *9/I -/H/ 'DDG, A'D0J J*:J1 AJ 'D%F3'F GH 'D916 D' 'D,HG1, GH 'D5H1) D' 'D-BJB), H9DI G0' 'D#3'3 **9'ED E9G F5H5 'D41J9) 'D.'D/)  A*419 DG H*A5D AJ 'D+'(* 'D0J D' J*:J1 EF -J'*G H*3C* #H *,ED AJE' 4#FG 'D*:J1, HG0' E' C4A 9FG 'D9DE +('* AJ ,HG1 'D%F3'F %DI ,H'1 8'G1) 'D*:J1 'D*J **5D ('D,'F( 'D916J EF -J'*G. HC0DC A%F 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) DJ3* - CE' H5AG' 'D/C*H1 2C1J'- +'(*) /'&E'K (D ,E9* (JF 'D+('* H'DE1HF) HG0' 'D,E9 EF 1H'&9 'D%9,'2 AJ 41J9) 'D%3D'E H"J) EF "J'* 5D'-J*G' DCD 2E'F HEC'F A'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) ,'!* ED'&E) DA71) 'D%F3'F HA71) 'DH,H/, A'DCHF -HDF' J-HJ #4J'! +'(*) C'D#16 H'D3E'! H'D,('D H'D(-'1 H'DDJD H'DFG'1.... HAJG #J6'K ,2&J'* E*:J1). ,21 *F4# H(-J1'* *,A H#FG'1 *-A1 HE'! J7:I 9DI 'DJ'(3), H5-'1 BA1 *.61 H(D'/ *9E1 H#E5'1 *.1(.....HC0DC 41J9) 'D%3D'E ,'!* +'(*) AJE' J*9DB ('D#G/'A H'D:'J'*, HE1F) AJE' J*9DB ('DH3'&D H'D#3'DJ(. +'(*) AJ 'DBJE 'D#.D'BJ) H'D/JFJ), HE1F) AJ 'D4$HF 'D/FJHJ) H'D9DEJ). +'(*) AJ 'DE5'/1 'D#5DJ) 'DF5J) 'DB79J) DD*41J9 EF C*'( 'DDG H3F) 13HDG, E1F) AJ 'DE5'/1 'D',*G'/J),C'D%,E'9 H'DBJ'3 H'D'3*-3'F H'DE5'D- 'DE13D)......'D.. +'(*) AJ #-C'E 'D9BJ/) H'D#1C'F 'D9EDJ) 'D.E3) (EF 'D4G'/*JF, H%B'E 'D5D') H%J*'! 'D2C'), H5HE 1E6'F, H-, 'D(J* 'D-1'E) HAJ 'DE-1E'* 'DJBJFJ) EF B*D 'DFA3 H'D2F' H'D3-1 H#CD 'D1('..... %D.  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'DB16'HJ, 9H'ED 'D39) H'DE1HF) AJ 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ), E5/1 3'(B  545 HE' JDJG', -3F 3'DE EB(D #-E/, E5/1 3'(B  5 285. HJF81 (G0' 'D5//: 'D4J. 9(/ 'DHG'( .D'A, E5'/1 'D*41J9 'D%3D'EJ E1F) *3'J1 E5'D- 'DF'3 H*7H1GE, E5/1 3'(B  5 255  256. /. E-E/ 9(/ 'D8'G1 -3JF, E5/1 3'(B  5129- 132. (2) EAGHE 'DEH'AB) : GH /D'D) 'DDA8 9DI +(H* -CE 'DEF7HB (G DDE3CH* 9FG D'4*1'CGE' AJ 9D) 'D-CE 'DEAGHE) EF 'DD:) EF :J1 -',) DD',*G'/ H'DF81 . AJ -JF #F EAGHE 'DE.'DA) : GH /D'D) 'DF5 9DI FBJ6 -CE 'DEF7HB DDE3CH* 9FG (#F JCHF 'DDA8 EBJ/'K (BJ/ J,9D 'D-CE EBJ/'K (G0' 'DBJ/ AJ/D 'DF5 (EF7HBG 9DI 'D-CE 'DEF5H5 9DJG HJ/D (EAGHE 'DE.'DA) 9DI 9C3G AJ :J1 EH69 'DBJ/ . JF81 :/.%(1'GJE 3DBJFJ #5HD 'DABG 'D%3D'EJ EF4H1'* ,'E9) -D( 1991-1992E 5 253  254 . (3) JF81 : 'D4J. E57AI 'D21B', E5/1 3'(B  5269. 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afidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (12), No. (44), Year (2010) Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (12), No. (44), Year (2010) jn"$*,    B#D###>$@$J$$ǵǦssssssshiZh:CJZ^J_HaJ jhiZh:UZ^J_H"hiZh:CJZ^J_HaJo(h:CJZ^J_H(aJo("h:5CJZ\^J_H(aJo((hj?L@0A@BB>DE $a$gd: $a$gd: $a$gdiZ$$'',,\.^.b... 0011777799h:j:::<<<<ݾݩ݇v݇݇g\h:CJZ^JaJh:CJZ^J_H(aJo( jhiZh:UZ^J_HhiZh:CJ^J_HaJ%hiZh:5CJZ\^J_HaJ(hiZh:5CJZ\^J_HaJo(hiZCJZ^J_HaJo(hiZh:CJZ^J_HaJ"hiZh:CJZ^J_HaJo(h:5CJZ\^J_H(aJ<<<<==0=2=J=`=t=v=====v>x>h?j?J@L@.A0A>B@BBBDEE4F6F2G4GNGPGGGHH2J4JJJKKNLPLMMMMMMNNOOϿϿϿϿϿϿϦϦϦϦϦϦϦϦϦϦϦϦϦϦϦϦϦϦϖϦϦϦhdFh:CJZ^JaJo(h:CJZ^JaJhQ)h:CJZ^JaJhQ)h:CJZ^JaJo(h:CJZ^JaJo(!hYh:5CJZ\^JaJ$hYh:5CJZ\^JaJo(;E6FPGGH4JJKPLMMNOQQRXSSTU4VZWlXYHZZ4[[.] $a$gd:OPPQQQQRRVSXS^S`SSSTTUU2V4VXWZWWWjXlXYYFZHZZZ2[4[[[r\t\,].]^^^^^H^J^L^N^#h1#h;-gCJOJQJZ^JaJ"h`uGh`uGCJZ^J_HaJo("h`uGh CJZ^J_HaJo(h CJ^JaJh:h CJ^JaJo(hch:CJZ^JaJo(h:CJZ^JaJh:CJZ^JaJo(1.]^^^^^ ^"^$^&^(^*^,^.^0^2^4^6^8^:^<^>^@^B^D^F^H^ $a$gd $a$gd:H^J^L^^_`^afccwBwDwôմôՖôôմrr"hX$h:CJZ^J_H(aJo("h*h:CJZ^J_H(aJo(h:xh:CJZ^JaJh:xh:CJZ^J_H(aJh:CJZ^J_H(aJo("h:xh:CJZ^J_H(aJo(h:CJZ^JaJo(h:0JCJZ^JaJo(h:xh:CJ^J_H(aJ,DwwwwwwwTxVxxxxxxxxxx$y&y`ybyBzDzFzJzzzzzzzzzz{{{{{Ȼ񫧘ȻtttȻȻdȻdhJIh:CJZ^JaJo("hhK@h:CJZ^J_H(aJo("hRh:CJZ^J_H(aJo(h))h:CJ^J_H(aJh:h:xh:CJZ^J_H(aJh:CJZ^JaJo(h:0JCJZ^JaJo(h:CJZ^JaJh:xh:CJ^J_H(aJh:CJZ^J_H(aJo('{{{{ {"{f{j{L|N|P|R|h|j|||0}4}`~b~~~~~~~:<DFJNPRXҀԀրrĵĵĵĵĵĵĵģĵēĵĵĵĵĄr"hPh:CJZ^J_H(aJo(h:xh:CJ^J_H(aJh:xh:CJZ^J_H(aJ"h:xh:CJZ^J_H(aJo(h:CJZ^J_H(aJo("h:xh:CJZ^J_H(aJo(h:xh:CJZ^JaJh:CJZ^JaJo(h:0JCJZ^JaJo(,rx:<rփ؃܃ރhjpr߂pcShFh:CJZ^JaJo(h:CJZ^J_H(aJ"hbrh:CJZ^J_H(aJo("h(Yh:CJZ^J_H(aJo(hYh:CJZ^J_H(aJh:xh:CJ^J_H(aJh:CJZ^JaJo(h:0JCJZ^JaJo(h:xh:CJZ^J_H(aJh:CJZ^J_H(aJo("h:xh:CJZ^J_H(aJo(ރjN(ď2t&FH< $a$gd: $gd: $<a$gd: LNPRHJ&ƶvddvddvddVJVhGKh:Z^J_H(hGKh:Z^J_H(o("hCh:CJZ^J_H(aJo(hCh:CJZ^JaJhCh:CJZ^J_H(aJhCh:CJZ^JaJo("hCh:0JCJZ^JaJo(h:xh:CJZ^J_H(aJh:CJZ^J_H(aJo(h:CJZ^JaJo(h:0JCJZ^JaJo(h:xh:CJZ^JaJ&(ď02rt$&(,.Vnv~ (z484ƶؕufufufufufufufufuh:CJZ^J_H(aJo("h:xh:CJZ^J_H(aJo(h:xh:CJZ^JaJh:0JCJZ^JaJo("hCh:CJZ^J_H(aJo(hCh:CJZ^JaJo("hCh:0JCJZ^JaJo(hCh:CJZ^JaJh:CJZ^JaJo(hCh:Z^J_H((4rBD`bjLNƘȘBDFHL~8:6<ҟ ĠXZbdnߵ߅߅"hoh:CJZ^J_H(aJo(hCh:CJZ^J_H(aJhCh:CJZ^JaJh:CJZ^JaJo(h:CJZ^J_H(aJh:xh:CJZ^J_H(aJ"h:xh:CJZ^J_H(aJo(h:CJZ^J_H(aJo(4np~ "pr֣$&¥"&J &<>:<>TD^`ܩ.4:<Dpr"^hjh:CJZ^JaJo(h:0JCJZ^JaJo(h:xh:CJZ^J_H(aJ"h:xh:CJZ^J_H(aJo(h:CJZ^J_H(aJo(F<|rlʼD*^6 $gd: $a$gd:*26&. 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