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And traces procedural are its effects on the measures taken in the proceedings and which vary according to the defect rescinds him whether because of defective self, or because of a void former him, and also lead government falsehood to the depletion of the trial court, which issued a government mandate about it and raising her hand with him, but this provision does not exhausted the mandate of the Court of Appeals if the appeal against the ruling to the Court of appeal of discrimination, especially after the recent ruling of the Court overturn the appeal and return the case to the Court of Appeal to rule them. Finally, the traces of the rule of falsehood general case if effectsArranged by the government is correct that the ruling is wrong title for the fact that sentences have greater authority and authoritative exclusively confined to the limbs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'0' C'F* 91J6) 'D/9HI AJ 0'*G'  'H D9/E 'D*(DJ: (G' E9 9/E -6H1 'DE/9I 9DJG  A'D91J6) 'D('7D) D' *B79 'D*B'/E HD' J*1*( 9DJG' 2H'D 'FB7'9 'D*B'/E  'E' '0' C'F* 91J6) 'D/9HI 5-J-) A#F G0G 'D91J6) GJ 'D*J *B79 'D*B'/E  HD' J2HD 'D*B'/E (*B1J1 (7D'F 'D-CE H%FE' J3*#FA 'D*B'/E 'D0J 'FB79* E/*G EF *'1J. *B1J1 (7D'FG  HJ-*A8 'D*B'/E 'D0J J3*#FA (9/ 'D'FB7'9 'D*B'/E 'D0J B79 HJ(BI .'69'K DFA3 'DBH'9/ 'D*J *-CEG . 6 - D' J.69 DD*B'/E 'D-CE 'DE9/HE HD' JECF 'F JCHF E-D'K DD'FB7'9 D'F 'D-CE 'DE9/HE D' H,H/ DG B'FHF'K HEF +E D' JF3( %DJG #J -BHB HEFG' 'D*B'/E . 7 - J*1*( 9DI 'D-CE ((7D'F 'D-CE *9HJ6 EF *611 EF G0' 'D(7D'F EF B(D EF C'F GH 'DE*3(( (0DC H*B*51 G0G 'D-'D) 9F/E' D' *H/9 F3.) E3H/) 'D-CE E4*ED) 9DI '3('(G AJ HB*G' 'DE-//  H'DE*3(( ('D*9HJ6 B/ JCHF B'6J 'DE-CE) 'H C*'(G' 'H :J1 0DC EF 'D'9H'F 'D0J J9EDHF *-* '41'A 'DB'6J . 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'DE/FJ  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1990 . /. '-E/ 4*'  'D/A9 ('D*B'/E H'D3BH7 H'D'FB6'! H9/E 'D3E'9  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D'3CF/1J)  1996 . '-E/ E'G1 2:DHD  'D(7D'F AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  7 2  /'1 'D7('9) 'D-/J+)  'DB'G1)  1997 . /. '-E/ EDJ,J EH3H9) 'D79HF AJ 'D'-C'E  ,1  'DE1C2 'DBHEJ DD'5/'1'* 'DB'FHFJ)  'DB'G1)  2005 . /. '-E/ GF/J  "+'1 E-CE) 'DFB6 HBH*G'  /'1 'D,'E9) 'D,/J/) DDF41  1997 . /. '-E/ GF/J  '5HD 'DE-'CE'* 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J)  'D/'1 'D,'E9J)  (J1H*  1989. /. '-E/ GF/J  'D*E3C ('D(7D'F AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  /'1 'D,'E9) 'D,/J/) DDF41  'D'3CF/1J)  2005 . /. '/E HGJ( 'DF/'HJ  'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ)  E7(9) H2'1) 'D*9DJE 'D9'DJ H'D(-+ 'D9DEJ  (:/'/  2006 . /. '3'E) '-E/ 4HBJ 'DEDJ,J  'D*5FJA 'DAFJ DH8'&A H'9E'D 'DB'6J  /1'3) EB'1F)  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  2005 . /. 'EJF) 'DFE1  EF'7 'D'.*5'5 H'D-CE AJ 'D/9'HI 'DE3*9,D)  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D'3CF/1J)  1967 . 'DE3*4'1 'FH1 7D()  (7D'F 'D'-C'E H%F9/'EG'  'DEC*( 'D,'E9J 'D-/J+  'D'3CF/1J)  2006 . 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A*-J H'DJ  F81J) 'D(7D'F AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D'3CF/1J)  1959 . /. A*-J H'DJ H /. '-E/ E'G1 2:DHD  F81J) 'D(7D'F  AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  7 2  /'1 'D7('9) 'D-/J+)  'DB'G1)  1997 . /. A*-J H'DJ  'DH3J7 AJ B'FHF 'DB6'! 'DE/FJ H'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ)  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1987  5694 . /. E-E/ 39J/ 9(/ 'D1-EF  'D-CE 'DB6'&J '1C'FG HBH'9/ '5/'1G  /1'3) *-DJDJ) EB'1F)  /1' 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  2002 . E-E/ 'D94E'HJ H /. 9(/ 'DHG'( 'D94E'HJ  BH'9/ 'DE1'A9'* AJ 'D*41J9 'DE51J  /1'3) EB'1F)  ,2  'DE7(9) 'DFEH0,J)  'DB'G1)  1958 . E/-* 'DE-EH/  41- B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) 1BE 83 D3F) 1969  ,1  (:/'/  2000 . E/-* 'DE-EH/  41- B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) 1BE 83 D3F) 1969 H*7(JB'*G 'D9EDJ)  ,2  E7(9) 'D.J1'*  (:/'/  2005 . E57AI 5.1J  EH3H9) 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J) H'D'/'1J) H'D,F'&J)  /1'3) F81J) *7(JBJ)  'DEC*( 'D,'E9J 'D-/J+  'D'3CF/1J)  2005 . /. EAD- 9H'/ 'DB6')  AJ '5HD 'DE-'CE'* 'DE/FJ) H'D*F8JE 'DB6'&J  EC*() /'1 'D+B'A) DDF41 H'D*H2J9  9E'F  1998 . /. 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'D9// 'D'HD H'D+'FJ H'D+'D+ H'D1'(9  'D3F) 'D1'(9) H'D.E3HF H'D*J *5/1 G' FB'() 'DE-'EJF  2000 . /. 9(/ 'DEF9E -3FJ  'D'3*&F'A AJ 'DEH'/ 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J)  EB'D) EF4H1) AJ E,D) 'DE-'E') 'DE51J)  'D9// 9 H 10 FHAE(1 H/J3E(1 1989 . 9(/ 'DG'/J 9('3  /9HI '9*1'6 'D:J1 AJ 'DB6'! 'D'/'1J  (-+ EF4H1 AJ E,D) 'DE-'EHF 'D3H1J)  'D9// 'D*'39 'D3F) 48  1983. 'DE-'EJ E-E/ (4J1 ,2'&1J  'D-CE 'DB6'&J 'D3DJE H'DE9/HE H'D('7D  (-+ EF4H1 AJ E,D) 'DE-'EHF 'D3H1J) 'D9//'F 'D3'(9 H'D+'EF EF *EH2  '(  H'D*J *5/1 9F FB'() 'DE-'EJF 'D3H1J)  1993 . /- 'D(-H+ 'DEF4H1) 9DI 4(C) 'DE9DHE'* 'D/HDJ) . /. E'G1 '(H 'D9JFJF  /9HI 'D(7D'F 'D'5DJ)  (-+ EF4H1 9DI 4(C) 'D'F*1F* (*'1J. 29/5/2004 H9DI 'DEHB9 'D'DC*1HFJ DDE3*4'1 'DB'FHFJ 'DE-'EJ '(1'GJE .DJD http//groupsyahoo.com/group/Brahimkhalil31theFreelawyer@yahoo.com 'DE-'EJ F61 'D3E'&J  'D-CE 'DE9/HE H'D-CE 'D('7D  (-+ EF4H1 9DI 4(C) 'D'F*1F* (*'1J. 13/4/2008 9DI 'DEHB9 'D'DC*1HFJ D,1J/) 'D,E'GJ1 'D*J *5/1 9F E$33) 'DH-/) DD5-'A) H'D7('9) H'DF41  -D( H9DI 'DEHB9 'D'DC*1HFJ Jamahir@xhawra .com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jamahir@thawracom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(2) 'DE-'EJ '(1'GJE 'D-E/'FJ  E5/1 3'(B  5 47  /. 9(/ 'D-EJ/ 'D4H'1(J  'D(7D'F 'DE/FJ  'D',1'&J H'DEH6H9J  EC*( 'D,'E9J 'D-/J+  'DB'G1)  2007  5 233. (1) #FH1 7D(G  (7D'F 'D'-C'E  E5/1 3'(B  5 646 H 648 . (2) /. EAD- 9H'/ 'DB6')  '5HD 'DE-'CE'* 'DE/FJ) H'D*F8JE 'DB6'&J  EC*() /'1 'D+B'A) DDF41 H'D*H2J9  9E'F  1998  5 329. (1) *F81 'DE'/) ( 241/7 ) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE51J *B'(DG' 'DE'/) (224) E1'A9'* E/FJ) 91'BJ . (2) *F81 'DE'/) ( 241 /8 ) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE51J . (3) 9(/ 'DG'/J 9('3  /9HI '9*1'6 'D:J1 AJ 'DB6'! 'D'/'1J  (-+ EF4H1 AJ E,D) ('DE-'EHF) 'D3H1J)  'D9// 'D*'39  'D3F) 48  1983  5 963  1-JE -3F 'D9CJDJ  'D'9*1'6'F 9DI 'D-CE 'D:J'(J  H'9*1'6 'D:J1  EC*() 'D5('-  (:/'/  /HF 3F) 7(9  5 140. (4) /. '-E/ 'D3J/ 'D5'HJ  '+1 'D'-C'E ('DF3() DD:J1  E5/1 3'(B  5 223. (5) EF G0G 'D'3*+F'!'* E' B11G 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'DA1F3J AJ 'DE'/) ( 1351) H.'5) E' J*9DB (E3'&D 'D-'D) 'D4.5J) DD'4.'5  E+D'K 'D'-C'E 'D5'/1) AJ E3'&D 'D,F3J) *-H2 'D-,J) AJ EH',G) 'DC'A). Mazeaud : No 684 . Beudant : Nio 1349 p. 451  452.= = FBD'K 9F : /. '-E/ 'D3J/ 'D5'HJ  'DE5/1 0'*G  5 225.     PAGE 396 PAGE 397 E,D) 'D1'A/JF DD-BHB  'DE,D/ (14)  'D9// (50)  'D3F) (16) Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (14), No. (50), Year (16) Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (14), No. (50), Year (16) h*ěƛLڤxXH8:X$da$gd\)$d`a$gd\)$da$gd\)N^`bdtjlnpJLNP  :<>Bfhjl:ڥڕڕڥh%h\)CJZ^J_HaJh&vh\)CJZ^JaJo(+jhBih\)CJH*UZ^J_HaJhD.oCJZ^J_HaJo("h%h\)CJZ^J_HaJo(%hBih\)CJH*Z^J_HaJo(:XZ\^*,.0:<>@^DFHJRfz|~ڵڥڕuh&vh\)CJZ^JaJo(h%h\)CJ^J_HaJo(h%h\)CJZ^J_HaJhD.oh\)CJ Z^JaJ o(hD.oCJZ^J_HaJo(+jhBih\)CJH*UZ^J_HaJ"h%h\)CJZ^J_HaJo(%hBih\)CJH*Z^J_HaJo(*Jd8Rf"Bx~~$6d^6`a$gd\)$~d^`~a$gd\)$da$gd\)$d`a$gd\)$da$gd&v$d`a$gd&v$d`a$gd\)f~b@ \    $d^`a$gd\)$d^`a$gd\)$R0d^R`0a$gd\)$d^a$gd\)$~d^`~a$gd\)$6d^6`a$gd\)  "$tnz~q$da$gd&v $dgd&v $a$gd\)$ a$gd\)$bd^`ba$gd\)$ bd^`ba$gd\)$~d^`~a$gd\)$d`a$gd\) 4bP2&@( @!B" #:#$%$~^`~a$gd\)$ ~^`~a$gd\)$ ~^`~a$gd\) $a$gd\)$ & F ~^`~a$gd\) $a$gd\)X`bNP02$&8& ( >!@!@"B"# #4#%%`&b&('*''((:)<)))**Z+\+,,,,--2.4...//d0f0R1T122223344f5h5B6D6668888<:>:::;h%h\)CJ^J_HaJo("h%h\)CJZ^J_HaJo((h&vh\)5CJZ\^J_HaJo(O%b&*'''(<))*\+,,-4../f0T1$ & F R^`a$gd\)$ & F^`a$gd\)$ 6^`a$gd\)$ 6a$gd\)$~^`~a$gd\)T12234h5D6688>::;<=>Z?B@RA>X?Z?@@B@PARA:Bb@bBbDbccc cbdhdfõõõõõõõõõ"hc:hCJZ^J_HaJo(hc:hCJ^JaJo(hc:hCJZ^JaJo(#hc:hCJOJQJZ^JaJhc:hCJZ^JaJhCJZ^JaJo(@`a ^Z\VXZ\^`ȯ   㦶㶦ննննhc:hCJ^JaJh|RCJZ^J_HaJo(hc:hCJ^J_HaJo("hc:hCJZ^J_HaJo(h|RCJZ^JaJo(hc:hCJZ^JaJhc:hCJZ^JaJo(hCJZ^JaJo(1"$&(*¸ĸƸйҹԹֹعڹܹĺƺȺʺκкҺ "$&jlnprLNPRT¼ļƼȼƴƤᴤƤƤƴƤƴƴhc:hCJ^J_HaJo("hc:hCJZ^J_HaJo(hc:hCJZ^JaJhCJZ^JaJo(hc:hCJZ^JaJo(hc:hCJ^J_HaJ@"¸Թƺ"nPļL$~^`~a$gd) $a$gd1 $ ~^`~a$gd1 $ ~^`~a$gd)$~^`~a$gd1 X¿LNP,`bdfhj^rtvx*,\ hc:hCJ^JaJo(hc:hCJ^J_HaJo(hc:hCJZ^JaJ"hc:hCJZ^J_HaJo(hc:hCJZ^JaJo(hCJZ^JaJo(Abt(LB8:>@DFJL$$~^`~a$gdc:$~^`~a$gd\)$~^`~a$gd1 $ 6~^`~a$gd1  "$&JLNPBD@BDFP68:<ӱwmi]jhUZ^J h'( hCJ^JaJhCJZ^JaJo(hc:hCJ^JaJ"hBihCJZ^J_HaJo(hc:hCJ^JaJo("hc:hCJZ^J_HaJo(hc:hCJ^J_HaJo(hc:hCJZ^JaJhc:hCJZ^JaJo(hCJZ^J_HaJo(#<@BFHLNRT`bhjlnprtԾԤԾjWj@jW,hLP0JCJOJQJZ^JaJmHnHu$h^h0JCJOJQJ^JaJ0jh^h0JCJOJQJUZ^JaJh"hZ_H o((h4h5CJOJQJZ\^Jo(2hLP0J5CJOJQJZ\^JaJmHnHu*h'h0J5CJOJQJ\^JaJ6jh'h0J5CJOJQJUZ\^JaJjhUZ^J hLPRlnpr|~m$h$dA$N]ha$gdG`$h$dA$N]ha$gd\[$&dP`a$gd'$&dPa$gd" $gd4$h&dP]h`a$gd'R$&`#$gd'R$ FJZ^ptvz|~ $&(¸¸}yylhG`CJZ^JaJo(h\Ah'( h`3h5\^Jh5\_Hh`3h5CJ\^JaJh`3h5<\ h5\h`3h5\hh'hCJZ_H h5CJZ\^Jo(h5CJZ\^J_Ho(h=h5CJZ\^J#   "$&( $a$gdTp$C0&P P[:p4 <0BP' (5!"#$% (2~$$If!vh5#v:V l V0  54! 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