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Abstract The sea arbitration is abasic legal system so is nessesary for compromise sea conflects , to be complete developmentit to bush wheel of international sea trade for more progress and prosperity. . At the present , sea relation ship ruling by a strength willing to be arbitration as the solution for its conflects , so all sides of relation ship must agree to choice the judges who must be have experience , capability and knowledge in this scope , to decide in the present and future conflects with obligatory decides. . Most countries consider the arbitration as an active manner in its legal systems which be asked by all sides of conflects to solve foreign and internal disagreement , on economical and trading level . 'DEB@/E@) *(H# 'D*-CJE EC'F) E1EHB) AJ 419F' 'D#3D'EJ()  AC@'F H'-/'K EF '(12 71'&B #B'E) 'D9@/D (JF 'DF'3  91AG 'D'F3'F EF0 'DB/E H3DCG 71JB'K 3GD'K DA6 'DEF'29'*  HB/ :/" 'D*-CJ@E (5@H1) 9'E@) H'D*-CJE 'D(-1J .'5) EF E8'G@1 'D951 ('DF8@1 D#GEJ*G 'DC(J1) AJ 'DE9'ED'*  A'D'9*('1'* 'D9EDJ@) */9@H /'&E' %DI 'D'*A'B 9DI 'D*-CJE D916 'DEF'29'* 9DI '4.'5 E-D +B) 'D.5HE (/D" EF 916G' 9DI 'DB6'! , DD%A'/) EF .(1*GE 'DAFJ)  #H D*,F( E4'CD *F'29 'DBH'FJF  #H D*,F( 9D'FJ) ,D3'* 'DB6'!  H'D'B*5'/ AJ 'DHB* H'D,G/ H'DFAB'*. HD9D 'D0J 3'9/ 9DI FEH 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J H'2/G'1G H'2/J'/ 'DD,H! %DJG AJ #3H'B 'D*,'1) 'D(-1J) (H5AG F8'E'K B'FHFJ'K D-D 'DEF'29'* (/D'K EF 'DB6'! 'D9'/J AJ 'D/HD 'DE.*DA)  GH /HDJ) 'DF4'7 'D(-1J H1:() 'D9'EDJF AJ 'D#F47) 'D(-1J) 'DE.*DA) AJ -D E' JF4# EF EF'29'* F*J,) 9D'B'*GE 'D(-1J) (-CE 9'/D J-'A8 9DI E' DD9D'B'* 'D(-1J) EF .5H5J) (JF #71'AG' A6D' 9F 0DC  #F 'DEF'29'* 'D(-1J) *CHF 59() H*-*', %DI E97J'* B'FHFJ) HAFJ) H*,'1J) E9B/) B/ D' J3*7J9 #F JDE (G' 'DB'6J 'DH7FJ H*CHF (-',) %DI #4.'5 0HJ '.*5'5 (G0' 'DFH9 EF 'DF4'7 'DEGFJ  HEFE E,G2H 'D3AF H(F'$HG' HE'DCHG' HE3*#,1HG' H'DF'BDHF 9DJG' H'DE$EFHF 9DI *,'1'*G' H:J1GE EF 'D0JF 'C3(*GE G0G 'DEGF .(1) ,9D*GE #9DE (BH'9/G' H81HAG' H9'/'*G' H'91'AG' EF :J1GE . HDE' C'F* 'D*,'1) 'D(-1J) GJ 9E'/ 'D*,'1) 'D/HDJ) D1.5 H3'&D 'DFBD AJG'  C'F* E4'17) 'D'J,'1 H3F/ 'D4-F GE' #GE H+JB*JF *-11'F D%(1'E 9BH/ 'DFBD 'D(-1J 'D0J JE+D (/H1G #GEJ) C(J1) D9EHE 'D/HD HDD91'B H'D/HD 'D91(J) (5A) .'5)  A'D91'B EF 'D/HD 'D*J *E*DC #37HD'K E*H'69' EF 'D3AF D' *:7J #C+1 EF ( 5% ) EF 'D-',) DFBD %J1'/'* 'D91'B H5'/1'*G  AB/ #5(- EF 'D61H1J (EC'F #F J6EF 'D#A1'/ 'D9BH/ 'DE0CH1) '*A'BJ'* 'D*-CJE JB11HF AJG' #.6'9 'DF2'9'* 'D*J *F4# 9F EE'13*GE D0DC 'DF4'7 %DI 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J . E,ED G0G 'D#3('( H'D9H'ED 'D*J *,3/ #GEJ) 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J C'F* 'D/'A9 H1'! (-+F' AJ G0' 'DEH6H9 H'D0J 3F-'HD 'D'-'7) (G EF .D'D *B3JE 'D(-+ C'D#*J :- 'DE(-+ 'D#HD :- E' GJ) 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J 0 'DE7D( 'D#HD :- *91JA 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J 0 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ :- 7(J9) 'DEF'29'* 'D*J J*F'HDG' 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J 0 'DE7D( 'D+'D+ :- #GEJ) 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J 0 'DE(-+ 'D+'FJ :- #+'1 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J 0 'DE7D( 'D#HD :- #+1 'D'*A'B 9DI 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J 0 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ :- E1'C2 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J 0 'DE7D( 'D+'D+ :- %,1'!'* 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J :- 'HD'K : 'D.5HE) AJ 'D*-CJE 0 +'FJ' : 'DE1'A9) 0 +'D+' : 'DE/'HD) H'5/'1 B1'1 'D*-CJE 0 'DE(-+ 'D#HD E' GJ) 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J F*916 AJ G0' 'DE(-+ %DI *91JA 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J H*-/J/ E2'J'G 'D*J ,9D* EFG E' GH 9DJG 'D"F . HC0DC FBA 9F/ 7(J9) 'DEF'29'* 'D*J J*F'HDG' 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J  +E F(JF AJ 'DE7D( 'D#.J1 EF G0' 'DE(-+ #GEJ) 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J . 'DE7D( 'D#HD *91JA 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J #HD' : 'D*91JA 'DD:HJ :@ 'D*-CJE D:) : -CE ( (*4/J/ 'DC'A 'DEA*H-) HA*- 'DEJE ) ('D#E1 -CE" B6I  JB'D -CE DG  H-CE 9DJG  H-CE (JFGE  -CEG , H'D-CE EF #3E'! 'DDG *9'DI ,'! AJ 'DB1'F 'DC1JE ( #A:J1 'DDG #(*:J -CE' ) () . H'D91( *BHD -CE* (E9FI EF9* H1/* HEFG BJD 3EJ 'D-'CE (JF 'DF'3 -'CE' D#FG JEF9 'D8'DE EF 'D8DE . H-CEHG (JFGE #E1HG #F J-CE HJB'D -CEF' AD'F' AJE' (JFF' #J #,2F' -CEG (JFF'(). #E' *91J@A 'D(-1 D:@) AJB'D ( 'D(-1 ) 6/ 'D(@1 BJ@D 3EJ (G D9EBG H#*3'9G H'D,E9 ( #(-1) H ( (-'1 ) H ( (-H1 ) HCD FG1 98JE (-1 () . +'FJ' : 'D*91JA 'D'57D'-J :@ 'D*-CJE B'FHF'K GH '*A'B 71AJF AJ F2'9 E9JF 9DI %-'D*G %DI 4.5 +'D+ #H #C+1 D-3EG /HF 'DD,H! 'DI 'DB6'! B(D F4H! 'DF2'9 #H (9/G A'0' C'F 'D'*A'B B(D F4H! 'DF2'9 3EJ 0DC 417 'D*-CJE H'0' C'F (9/G 3EJ '*A'B 'D*-CJE #H E4'17) 'D*-CJE () . HDE J#* 'DE419 'D91'BJ (F5 J91A AJG 417 'D*-CJE #H 9B/ 'D*-CJE H'FE' ,'! (F5 #,'2 AJG ( 'D'*A'B 9DI 'D*-CJE AJ F2'9 E9JF ) CE' #,'2 ( 'D'*A'B 9DI 'D*-CJE AJ ,EJ9 'DEF'29'* 'D*J *F4# 9F *FAJ0 9B/ E9JF ) () #E' 'DE4@19 'DE5@1J AB/ 91A 'D*-CJ@E AJ 'DE'/) 'D9'4@1) EF B'FHF 'D*-CJ@E 1B@E ( 27 ) D3FG 1994 (BHDG : (( '*A'B 'D*-CJE GH '*A'B 'D71AJF 9DI 'D'D*,'! %DI 'D*-CJE D*3HJ) CD #H (96 'DEF'29'* 'D*J F4#* #H JECF #F *F4' (JFGE' (EF'3() 9D'B) B'FHFJ) E9JF) 9B/J) C'F* #H :J1 9B/J) )) . HFD'-8 #F F5 'DE419 'DE51J ( 'DEF'29'* 'D*J *F4# (EF'3() 9D'B) E9JF) ) #/B H#H39 EF 'DF5 'D91'BJ 'D0J -// 'DEF'29'* ('DF3() 'DI 'D417 'D*-CJE (*DC 'DF'4&) 9F *FAJ0 9B/ E9JF . HB/ 91A 'DE419 'D3H1J 'D*-CJE (BHDG :(( '*A'B 71AJ 'DF2'9 9DI 'DD,H! %DI 'D*-CJE DDA5D AJ CD #H (96 'DEF'29'* 'D*J F4#* #H JECF #F *F4# (JFGE' (4#F 9D'B) B'FHFJ) E9JF) 9B/J) C'F* #E :J1 9B/J) )) (). #E' B'FHF 'D%,1'!'* 'DE/FJ) 'D%E'1'*J ().AB/ 91AG (BHDG: (( J,H2 DDE*9'B/JF (5A) 9'E) #F J4*17H' AJ 'D9B/ 'D#3'3J #H ('*A'B D'-B 916 E' B/ JF4# (JFGE EF 'DF2'9 AJ *FAJ0 9B/ E9JF 9DI E-CE #H #C+1 CE' J,H2 'D'*A'B 9DI 'D*-CJE AJ F2'9 E9JF (41H7 .'5) )) . HB/ 91AG 'DB'FHF 'DFEH0,J DD*-CJE 'D*,'1J 'D/HDJ (). (#FG (( '*A'B (JF 'D71AJF 9DI #F J-JD' %DI 'D*-CJE ,EJ9 #H (96 'DEF'29'* 'DE-//) 'D*J F4#* #H B/ *F4# (JFGE' (4'F 9D'B) B'FHFJ) E-//) *9'B/J) C'F* #E :J1 *9'B/J) HJ,H2 #F JCHF '*A'B 'D*-CJE AJ 5H1) 417 *-CJE H'1/ AJ 9B/ #H AJ 5H1) '*A'B EFA5D )) . #E' 'DABG'! AB/ 91AHG (*91JA'* E*('JF)  A'D(96 F81 'DI ,'F( '*A'B 'D*-CJE /HF #F JA1B (JF E4'17) 'D*-CJE H417 'D*-CJE A91AG (#FG (( 'D'*A'B 9DI 71- 'DF2'9 9DI 4.5 E9JF #H #4.'5 E9JFJF DJA5DH' AJG /HF 'DE-CE) 'DE.*5) (G ))() . H91AG ".1 F'81'K %DJG EF .D'D 'DGJ&) 'D*J *F81 AJ 'DF2'9 : ( GJ&) *E*DC 3D7) .'5) *G/A EF .D'DG' -D F2'9 E3*(9/ EF 3D7) 'DB6'! )() . HFD'-8 #F G0' 'D*91JA JGED ,'F( 'D'*A'B 9DI 'D*-CJE HGH #GE'D :J1 E(11 . #E' 'D*91JA 'D0J FA6DG H'D0J JF81 'DI ,EJ9 EA'5D 'D*-CJE (4CD E*H'2F AGH *91JA 'D/C*H1 9DJ #D(J'*J 'D0J J1I 'FG : ( *BFJ) E9JF) *G/A 'DI #97'! -D DE3#D) E9JF) *G*E ('D9D'B'* (JF 71AJF #H #C+1 (H'37) 4.5 #H 9/) #4.'5 ( E-CE - E-CEJF ) J#.0HF 3D7*GE EF '*A'B .'5 HJ3*F/HF 9DJG /HF #F JHDJ 'D#71'A *DC 'DEGE) DD/HD) )(). (BJ 9DJF' #F F91A E9FI 'DEF'29'* 'D(-1J)  HDF(/# #HD'K (%J6'- E' GH 'DEB5H/ EF 'DEF'29) A'DEF'29) ('DEAGHE 'DH'39 *9FJ #J .D'A JF*, 9F #J EF #+'1 'D9D'B'* 'DB'FHFJ)  AB/ J7DB 9DJG EF'29)  #H E7'D() #H .D'A'  A#J EF 'DCDE'* 'D3'(B) J97J 'DE9FI 'DH'39 'DE9@DHE #D' HGH 'DEF'29) () . #E' E9FI 'D(-1J)  AGH #F JCHF 'D*-CJE E*9DB'K (EF'29) J*E *F8JE EH6H9G' (H'37) 'DB'FHF 'D(-1J(*) H'DEF'29) *5(- (-1J) (E,1/ #F *9DB* ('DED'-) 'D(-1J) ()  'D*J */H1 -HD 'DF8'E 'DB'FHFJ DD3AJF) H#4.'5 'DED'-) 'D(-1J) H'3*:D'D 'D3AJF) H'DEF'29'* 'D*J **9DB ('D9D'B@'* 'D*J J-CEG' 'DB'F@HF 'D(-1J  A'F@G J5(@- E*9JF" 9DJF' E3'J1) 'D'*,'G 'D0J JB@11 ('F 'DHD'J) AJ -@D 'DEF'29'* 'D(-1J) AJ 'DHB* 'D-'61 DD*-CJE 'D(-1J HDJ3* DDB6'! 'DH7FJ . 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ 7(J9) 'DEF'29'* 'D*J J*F'HDG' 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J EF 'DE*AB 9DJG *B3JE #EH1 'DED'-) 'D(-1J) 'DI #EH1 ,'A) H#EH1 :J1 ,'A) H'DEB5H/ (#EH1 'DED'-) 'D,'A) GH CD E' J*9DB ('D'3*./'E'* 'D*,'1J) DD3AF AJ -JF #F 'DEB5H/ (#EH1 'DED'-) :J1 'D,'A) GH CD E' J*9DB ('D-H'/+ 'D(-1J)  H9DJG A'F #EH1 'DED'-) 'D,'A) GJ :'D(' E' **9DB ('D9BH/ #E' ('DF3() D#EH1 'DED'-) :J1 'D,'A) AEF'29'*G' AJ 'D:'D( *B@HE 9DI #3'3 'DE3$HDJ) :J1 'D9B/J) #J 'D*B5J1J) HE+'D 0DC -'D'* 'D*5@'/E (JF 'D3AF () . #F DDED'-) :J1 'D,'A) #1(9) #B3'E #3'3J) GJ 'D*5'/E  'DE3'9/) 'D(-1J) H'D#FB'0 'DE5'/1)  H*-/J/ 'DE3$HDJ)  H('DF3() 'DI *-/J/ 'DE3$HDJ) A'F E'DC 'D3AJF) J-B DG *-/J/ 3BA E3$HDJ*G (EH,( E9'G/) /HDJ) *,'G 'D.3'1) #H 'D611 'D0J B/ JCHF E3$HD'K 9FG -*I -/H/ E(D: E9JF J-3( -3( -EHD) 'D3AJF) 0'*G'. #E' ('DF3() 'DI #B3'E 'DED'-) 'D,'A) A'F DG' 9/) #FH'9 **('JF E' (JF 3AF 'D1C'( -*I 3AF 'D-EHD) 'D3'&() EFG' H 'D,'A) E1H1'K (F'BD'* 'DEH'4J . EF 'DF'-J) 'D9EDJ) A'F E98E 'DEF'29'* 'D*J *F*, 9F G0G 'D'3*./'E'* 'D*,'1J) *CHF E-CHE) (9BH/ HGJ AJ 'D:'D( #E' #F *CHF 9BH/ E4'17) #J,'1 'D3AF 3H'! D1-D) #H DE/) E9JF) EF 'D2EF #H 3F/'* 'D4-F #H B/ *CHF 9BH/ (J9 H41'! #H -*I 5J'F) 'D3AF () . #C+1 #EH1 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J **9DB ('D3AF 'D,H'D) :J1 'D*'(9) D.7H7 (-1J) EF8E) , CE' #F F3() 9'DJ) EF *-CJE 'DEF'29'* 'D(-1J) D' *.69 DD*-CJE 'DE$33J H'FE' J*E 9F 71JB 'D*-CJE :J1 'DE$33J () . H 3F*F'HD AJE' J'*J EF'29'* 'DED'-) 'D(-1J) 'D,'A) H:J1 'D,'A) (4J! EF 'D*A5JD . 1- 9BH/ E4'17) #J,'1 'D3AF DE/) E9JF) :- G0G 'DEF'29'* :'D(' E' *+H1 -HD E3$HDJ) E'DC 'D3AJF) #H 'DE3*#,1 9F .3'1) E9JFG *-BB* .D'D E/) 9B/ 'DE4'17)  E+'D 9DI 0DC 'DF2'9 'D0J J+H1 -HD *-/J/ E3$HDJ) 'DE3*#,1 9F 611 D-B ('D3AJF) 'DE3*#,1) . 2- 9BH/ E4'17) %J,'1 'D3AJF) D1-D) E9JF) :- B/ *+H1 G0G 'DEF'29'* D*-/J/ E3$HDJ) E3*#,1 'D3AJF) #H E'DCG' (.5H5 .3'1) E9JF)  #H ('DF3() DEF'29'* 3D'E) 'DEH'F& H'DE1'3J DD4-F H'D*A1J:  #H -HD -'D) 'D3AJF) 9F/ *3DJEG' 'DI 'DE3*#,1  #H 'DEF'29'* 'DE*9DB) (:1'E'* 'D*#.J1 () . 3- 9BH/ 'DFBD :- (EH,( 9B/ 'DFBD J*9G/ 'DF'BD (*FAJ0 9/) %13'DJ'* (-1J) 9DI 3AJF) H'-/) #H #C+1 .D'D E/) 2EFJ) E*AB 9DJG' HEF +EQN B/ J+H1 F2'9 -HD 3D3D) EF 9BH/ E4'17) #,'1) 'D3AF D1-D) E9JF)() H'D,/J1 ('D0C1 #F F3() 9'DJ) EF 'D*-CJE'* 'D(-1J) 'D*J *B9 AJ DF/F **9DB (9EDJ'* 'DFBD 'D(-1J (3AF 4-F #H (E4'17) %J,'1 HCD E' J*5D (9EDJ) 'DFBD 'D(-1J () . 4- 3F/'* 'D4-F :- J9/ 3F/ 'D4-F %-/I H3'&D #+('* 9B/ 'DFBD 0'*G (JF 'DF'BD H5'-( 'D(6'9) HEF +EQN A'F #C+1 'DF2'9'* */H1 *-* 3F/ 'D4-F GJ *DC 'DE*9DB) ('D.3'&1 H'D#61'1 'D*J *D-B ('D(6'9) .D'D 'D1-D) #H 'D*#.J1 AJ H5HDG' #H 9/E H5HD 'D(6'9) #H 'D*3DJE 'D.7# DD(6'9) () HB/ *+H1 AJ G0' 'D5// E4CD) %-'D) 3F/ 'D4-F 'DI E4'17) 'D'J,'1 'D5'/1 (EH,(G' H'DE4*ED) 9DI 417 'D*-CJE HE' '0' C'F* 'D%-'D) 'D9'E) 'DI F5H5 'DE4'17) *CAJ D'F/E', 'D3F/ AJ 'DE4'17) #E *D2E 'D%-'D) 'D.'5) D417 'D*-CJE 'DH'1/ (G'  HDD%,'() 9F G0' 'D*3'$D FBHD 'FG '0' C'F* 'D%-'D) H'6-) H51J-) 'DI 'DH+JB) 'DE*6EF) D417 'D*-CJE  A'F 417 'D*-CJE 'DEH,H/ AJ E4'17) %J,'1 'D3AJF) J31J 9DI 3F/ 'D4-F  H(EH,( G0G 'D%-'D) J9/ 3F/ 'D4-F E*6EF' '*A'B 'D*-CJE HB/ B6* E-CE) 'DFB6 'DE51J) AJ #C+1 EF B1'1 DG' (#F 'D%-'D) AJ 3F/ 'D4-F 'DI 417 'D*-CJE 'DH'1/ AJ E4'17) 'D'J,'1 EB*6'G' 'D*2'E 'DE13D #DJG (417 'D*-CJE D9DEG (G EF 3F/ 'D4-F %0 #F 'DB'FHF J,9D EF 'DE13D 'DJG 71A'K 0' 4#F AJ 3F/ 'D4-F CE' 'FG J1*(7 (3F/ 'D4-F CE' J1*(7 (G 'D4'-F HEF0 '1*('7 'D#.J1 (G  #E' '0' C'F 'D#E1 J*9DB ('4'1) 9'E) H:J1 51J-) AG0' D' JCAJ DD%-'D) () . A'DB'9/) GJ 61H1) *H'A1 F5 J4J1 %4'1) H'6-) H51J-) 'DI 'D%-'D) . 5- (JH9 'D3AF 'DE3*9ED) :- C+J1'K E' *CHF GF'C 9BH/ FEH0,J) *3*./E EF ',D G@0' 'DFH9 EF 'D(J@H9 E+D 'D9BH/ 'DF1HJ,J@) ( Norwegian saleform ) H#C+1 'DF2'9'* AJ G0G 'D-'D) */H1 -HD -'D) 'D3AJF) 9F/ *3DJEG' 'DI 'DE4*1J () . 6- 9BH/ (F'! 'D3AJF) H%5D'-G' () :- H*+H1 'DF29'* GF' -HD E/I E7'(B) 'D3AJF) 9F/ 'D'F*G'! EF (F'&G' DEH'5A'* 'D9B/ 'DE*AB 9DJG' E3(B" (JF 71AJG . 7- 9BH/ 'D*'EJF H%9'/) 'D*'EJF ():- B/ *+H1 EF'29'* E*9DB) ('D,H'F( 'D*#EJFJ) D'3JE' (JF 'DE$EFJF 'D0JF J-DHF E-D 'DE3*AJ/JF 'D#5DJJF 9ED" (E(/# 'D-DHD AJ 'D*'EJF . 8- 'DE3'9/) 'D(-1J) H'D%FB'0 :- 'D:'D(J) 'D98EI EF 9EDJ'* 'DE3'9/) H'D%FB'0 'D(-1J **E EF .D'D 9BH/ FEH0,J) E.55) D0DC  %0 J9Q/ *HBJ9 1('F 'D3AJF) 9DI G0' 'DFEH0, 'B1'1" (E3$HDJ) E'DC 'D3AJF) 9F /A9 FAB'* G0' 'D'*A'B /HF *-/J/ BJE) G0G 'DFAB'* 'D*J :'D(' E' J*E *-/J/G' 9F 71JB 'D*-CJE () . 9- 'DEF'29'* 'D.'5) (*3HJ) 'D.3'1'* 'D(-1J) 'DE4*1C) :- AB/ *+H1 (96 'DEF'29'* (.5H5 *-/J/ G0' 'DFH9 EF 'D.3'1'* . 10- EF'29'* ED'-J) #.1I () :- B/ *+H1 EF'29'* #.1I DG' 9D'B@) ('D#E@H1 'DED'-J) E+@D 'D/9'HI 6/ E2H/J 'D3AJF@) #H 'DEF'29'* E9 3D7'* 'DEH'F& . 'DE7D( 'D+'D+ #GEJ@) 'D*-CJ@E 'D(-@1J J$/J 'D*-CJE 'DJHE /H1" C(J1' AJ 'D*,'1) 'D/HDJ) () . HC+J1'K E' J*E 'DD,H! 'DI 'D*-CJE %0' '(1E 'D9B/ HAB' D41H7 9'E) *B6J 9'/) 'D%-'D) 'DI 'D*-CJE DA6 E' B/ J+H1 (4'F *A3J1G' EF EF'29'*  H'D*-CJE DJ3 71JB'K .AJ'K DDA5D AJ 'DEF'29'* H'FE' GH 9C3 0DC AAJ CD 'D(D'/ 'D(-1J) F,/ #F 'DE419 B/ F8E 'D*-CJE H%,1'!'* *FAJ0 #-C'E 'DE-CEJF . %0 9ED 'DE419 'D/HDJ 9DI *7HJ1 'D9ED ('D*-CJE AJ 'DE3'&D 'D*,'1J) 'D/HDJ)  AAJ 'D#E'1'* 'D91(J) 'DE*-/) #4'1 'DE419 'D%E'1'*J 'DI 'D*-CJE AJ 'DE'/*JF ( 339,325 ) EF 'DB'FHF 'D*,'1J 'D(-1J 'D'E'1'*J  HC0DC A9D 'DE419 'DE51J AJ B'FHF 'D*-CJE 'DE51J 1BE ( 27 ) D3FG 1994 0 'F '*,'G 'D#71'A 'DI 'D*-CJE DJ3 E1/G 9/E 'D+B) AJ 'DB6'!  H'FE' E1/G 'DI E' DD9@'/'* H'D#91'A AJ 'DE3'&D 'D(-1J) EF H2F +BJD B/ JAHB E' DDB'FHF 'DEC*H(  H9DJG A'F 'D#71'A J1:(HF AJ #4.'5 EDEJF (G0' 'D91A  H9DI 3(JD 'DE+'D EF 'DE91HA #F E3$HDJ) 'DF'BD 'D(-1J D' *(/# %D' EF0 *3DEG 'D(6'&9 *-* 'D1H'A9 H'D-'D C0DC ('DF3() D*3DJE 'D(6'&9 DDE13D %DJG *-* 'D1H'A9 HE9 0DC D' JH,/ F5 B'FHFJ J91A 'DEB5H/ ('D1'A9) H9DJG A'F 'D'G*/'! 'DI E9FI G0' 'D'57D'- JCHF ('D1,H9 'DI 'D#91'A AJ 'DEH'F& 'DE.*DA)  HE+'D #.1 9DI 0DC #F 9DI 'D3AF 'DE3*#,1) (E4'17) 2EFJ) :'D(' E' J*H',/ HCJD DDE3*#,1 HD' JH,/ F5 B'FHFJ #H #J F5 AJ FEH0, E4'17) %J,'1 J-// /H1 G0' 'DHCJD  HE9 0DC A'F G0' 'DHCJD J$/J /H1'K EGE'K 1(E' J5D 'DI *HBJ9 3F/'* 'D4-F  A*-/J/ /H1 G0' 'DHCJD J1,9 AJG 'DI 'D#91'A 'D/HDJ) () . CE' JC*3( 'D*-CJE #GEJ) EF CHFG J$/J 'DI -3E 'DF2'9'* (319) EB'1F) ('DB6'! AB/ H,/ (96 'DABG'! #F G0G 'DF2'9'* *-*', EF ( 60  90 ) JHE" D-DG' HGJ A*1) BDJD) ,/# %0' E' BH1F* (%,1'!'* 'DB6'! 'D*J B/ *3*:1B (69 3FJF #-J'F' H'D3(( AJ 0DC #F 'DE-CEJF D' JB1HF 7D('* 'D*#.J1 'D*J J*B/E (G' 'D#71'A *B/J1'K EFGE D81HA 'D*,'1) 9DI 9C3 'D-'D AJ 'DB6'! 'D0J JD2E 'DB'6J '-J'F" (%97'! E+D G0G 'D*#,JD'*()  H*(12 #GEJ*G C0DC AJ 'D'B*5'/ AJ 'DFAB'* A'DB6'! 'DE.*5 ('DF81 AJ 'DF2'9'* 'DE*9DB) ('D*,'1) 'D/HDJ) C+J1'K E' JCHF AJ (D/ #,F(J 'D#E1 'D0J JH,( 9DI '-/ 'D71AJF #H CDJGE' 51A E('D: C(J1) AJ *HCJD .(1'! B'FHFJJF #H E-'EJF DE91A) %,1'!'* 'DB'FHF AJ 0DC 'D(D/ #H E91A) #-C'E B'FHF 0DC 'D(D/ 'D0J J-CE 0DC 'DF2'9 AJG EE' J,9D *C'DJA -D 'DF2'9 ('G8) G0' A6D' 9F 'DI E' J+J1G *F'29 'D'.*5'5 'DB6'&J H*F'29 'DBH'FJF EF E4'CD B/ *7HD() %D' #F 'D#E1 E.*DA AJ 'D*-CJE "0 J*E *9JJF .(J@1 #H #C+@1 D-D 'DF@2'9 *(9'K D%,@1'!'* E9JFG J*AB 9DJG' CD' 'D71AJF E3(B'K  'D#E1 'D0J J,9D #J' EF 'D#71'A B'/1'K 9DI 'DE+@HD #E'E GJ&@) 'DE-CEJ@F D41- EHBA@G /HF 'D-',) 'DI .(@1'! B'FHFJJ@F()  HC@0DC J*E 'D79F AJ 'DB1'1 'DB6'&J (9// EF 71B 'D79F H9DI /1,'* B6'&J) E.*DA@) HB@/ J3DCG' #71'A 'DF2'9 ,EJ9G' 'D#E1 'D0J J3*:1B HB*' B/ J7HD H3(( 0DC GH 9/E +B) 'D#71'A ('DB1'1 'D0J *5/1G 'DE-CE) D3(( EF 'D#3('( #D' #F G0' 'D#E1 E3*(9/ F3(J'K AJ 'D*-CJE A'D%71'A GE EF J9JF 'DE-CE '(*/'! HJA*16 0DC +B*GE (E' 3*$HD %DJG F*J,) 'D*-CJE D0' JFA0 'DB1'1 -'D 5/H1G() H'3*CE'D %,1'!'* 'DB'FHF() /HF 'D79F AJG %D' '0 '3*-B 'D(7D'F D3(( EF 'D#3('( . HEF F'-J) #.1I #F '2/J'/ 'DF4'7 'D(-1J H'2/G'1G ,9DG EF #GE 'D#F47) 'D'B*5'/J) 'D*J D' *BA 'D/HD) AJG EHBA 'D-'13 #H 'DB'6J AB7  H%FE' '5(-* *E'13G H**/.D AJG CHFG' #5(-* 'D/HD) 'DF'BD) H'D/HD) 'D4'-F) H'D/HD) 'DE,G2)  HGC0' #5(-* 'D/HD) **/.D H*E'13G H#4.'5G' 'DE9FHJ) 'D9'E) (4CD E*2'J/() F81'K D'2/J'/ 'D#F47) 'D(-1J) 'D*,'1J) HDG0' 'D3(( HD9/E 1:() 'D/HD ('DHBHA #E'E 'DB6'! 'DH7FJ D/HD) #.1I AJ -'D) -/H+ F2'9 E9JF  HF81'K DH,H/ '9*('1'* 3J'3J) #H 3J'/J) #5(- 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J GH 'DED,# 'D0J 3HA J9AJG' H#4.'5G' 'DE9FHJ) 'D9'E) EF 'DHBHA #E'E 'DB6'! 'DH7FJ D/HD) #.1I 0 A'D*-CJE 'D(-1J DH 'F9B/ AJ /HD) E' , A'F 'D-CE 'D0J 3HA J5/1 9FG 3HA JCHF (F'!K 9DI 'D3D7) 'DE.HD) DG EF B(D #71'A 'D'*A'B 'D*-CJEJ HDJ3 (F'!K 9DI B6'&G ('3E 'D/HD) 'D*J JCHF 9DI #16G' 'D*-CJE () . HEF .D'D E' *B/E **6- DF' #GEJ) 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J 'D0J #5(- 'D'F JF'A3 'DB6'! (D G@H 'D71JB 'D#A6D D-D 'DF2'9'* AJ 'D-J') 'D*,'1J) . 'DE(-+ 'D+'FJ #+@'1 'D*-CJ@E 'D(-@1J 3F*F'HD AJ G0' 'DE(-+ "+'1 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J '(*/'! (#+1 'D'*A'B 9DI 'D*-CJE 'D0J JHD/ 'D*2'E'K 3D(J'K (9/E 'DD,H! 'DI 'DB6'! AJ E7D( #HD  HAJ 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ 3F3D7 'D6H! 9DI #(12 E1'C2 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J 'D9'DEJ)  #E' 'DE7D( 'D+'D+ A3F*F'HD AJG %,1'!'* 'D*-CJE 'D*J *H5DF' 'DI *3HJ) 'DF2'9 'D(-1J . 'DE7D( 'D#HD #+@1 'D'*@A'B 9DI 'D*-CJ@E 'D(-@1J J*HD/ '*A'B 'D*-CJE 'D*2'E'K 3D(J'K E*('/D'K 9DI 9'*B 71AJG ('D'E*F'9 9F 'DD,H! 'DI 'DB6'! DDA5D AJ 'DF2'9 E-D 'D*-CJE  HG0' 'D*2'E '1'/J JBJEG 'D71A'F (%1'/*GE' 'DE4*1C) H'D%.D'D (G EF '-/GE' (1A9 /9H'G 'DI 'DB6'! J,J2 DD71A 'D#.1 /A9 G0G 'D/9HI (3(B 'D'*A'B 9DI 'D*-CJE . #F 'D'D*2'E 'D3D(J (9/E 'D'D*,'! 'DI 'DB6'! CE' JF4# (#*A'B 'D71AJF JECF %B'D*G ('*A'B EE'+D (JFGE'  HD' *916 'DE3#D) 9'/) AJ 5H1) '*A'B 51J- (JF 'D71AJF 9DI 'D%B'D) H%FE' *916 AJ %M7'1 .5HE) E91H6) 9DI 'DB6'! (). A'0' 9E/ 'D71A 'D1':( AJ 'D*-DD EF 'D'D*2'E (9/E 'DD,H! 'DI 'DB6'! (1A9 'DF2'9 #E'E 'DB6'! ED*A'K 9DI '*A'B 'D*-CJE AD' 59H() %0' ('/1 .5EG 'DI 'D/A9 #E'E 'DE-CE) ('*A'B 'D*-CJE 000 '0 'FG AJ G0G 'D-'D) 3HA *CA 'DE-CE) J/G' 9F F81 'DF2'9 %0' E' *-BB* EF 5-) 'D/A9 () . A:'D('K E' J-61 'D.5E 'DI 'DE-CE) HJ('/1 'DI *B/JE /A'9G 'DEH6H9J AJ 'D/9HI +E J9H/ (9/ 0DC AJ E1-D) D'-BG HJ/A9 (3(B 'D'*A'B 9DI 'D*-CJE  (D B/ JB/E /A9@G G0' #E'E E-CE) 'D'3*&F'A EE' J/A9 'DI 'D*3'$D 9E' %0' C'F 3CH* 'DE/9J 9DJG 9F '+'1) 'D/A9 ('D'*A'B 9DI 'D*-CJE EF 'D(/'J) H*B/JE /A'9G 'DEH6H9J JAJ/ *9(J1' EFG 9DI #1'/) 6EFJ) EA'/G' B(HDG DE' 9(1 9FG 'DE/9J EF #1'/) 'D*-DD EF 'D'D*2'E (9/E 916 'DF2'9 9DI 'DB6'! HEF +E 'D'B'D) EF G0' 'D'D*2'E #H 9DI 'D#BD F2HDG 9F -BG AJ 'D*E3C ('D'D*2'E (9/E 'D'D*,'! 'DI 'DB6'! HC0DC E' %0' C'F J,H2 DDB'6J #F JE*F9 EF *DB'! FA3G 9F 'DA5D AJ 'DF2'9 '9E'D'K DEB*6I 'D'*A'B %0' E' *(JF DG H,H/G 9DI 'D1:E EF 9/E *E3C 'DE/9I 9DJG (G  HJ*A@B 'DABG H'DB6'! 9DI #F 3CH* 'DE/9J 9DJG 9F 'D/A9 ('D'*A'B 9DI 'D*-CJE H*CDEG AJ 'DEH6H9 ( EH6H9 'D/9HI ) JAJ@/ #1'/) EFG AJ 'D*-DD EF 'D'D*2'E 'DE*(@'/D (9@/E 'D'D*,'! 'DI 'DB6'! *D*BJ ('1'/) 'DE/9J AJ 0DC #H 9DI 'D#B@D JAJ/ F2HDG 9F -B@G A@J 'D*E3C (G0' 'D'D*2'E AJ EH',G) .5EG (-J+ D' J,H2 DG (9/ 'D*CDE AJ 'DEH6H9 '+'1) G0' 'D/A9 D3(B 3BH7G(). HE' *B/E J9FJ #F 'D'D*2'E 'D3D(J (9/E 1A9 'DF2'9 #E'E 'DB6'! ( '*A'B 'D*-CJE) GH 'D*2'E D' J*9DB ('DF8'E 'D9'E H'F DCD EF 'D71AJF 'DF2HD 9F -BG (%1'/*G H-/G  HG0' 'DF2HD JECF #F JCHF 51J-'K #H 6EFJ'K . HJ0G( B6'! 'DFB6 'D%E'1'*J HC0DC 'DE51J 'DI 0DC :- (( 'D*-CJE 71JB '3*+F'&J BH'EG 'D.1H, 9DI 71B 'D*B'6J 'D9'/J)  HD' J*9DB 417 'D*-CJE ('DF8'E 'D9'E 0000 HJ,H2 'DF2HD 9FG 51'-) #H 6EF' HJ3B7 'D-B AJG DH #+J1 (9/ 'DCD'E AJ 'DEH6H9 '0 J9*(1 'D3CH* 9F #(/'&G B(D F81 'DEH6H9 F2HD" 6EFJ' 9F 'D*E3C (G))() . H*#CJ/' DE' 3(B AB/ F5* 'DE'/) ( 203 / 5 ) EF B'FHF 'D%,1'!'* 'DE/FJ) 'D%E'1'*J 9DI 'FG : (( %0' '*AB 'D.5HE 9DI 'D*-CJE AJ F2'9 E' AD' J,H2 1A9 'D/9HI (G #E'E 'DB6'! HE9 0DC %0' D,# #-/ 'D71AJF 'DI 1A9 'D/9HI /HF '9*/'/ (417 'D*-CJE HDE J9*16 'D71A 'D#.1I AJ 'D,D3) 'D#HDI ,'2 F81 'D/9HI H'9*(1 417 'D*-CJE D':J' () . HJ*1*( 9DI 'D#.0 (AC1) 'DF2HD 'D6EFJ 9DI 'DF-H 'D3'(B #E1'F :- 'D#HD :- %F BJ'E '-/ 71AJ 'D'*A'B (1A9 /9H'G #E'E 'DB6'! J9FJ F2HDG 9F 'D*E3C ('D*2'E .5EG ('D'E*F'9 9F 'D'D*,'! 'DI 'DB6'! H'D+'FJ :- %F *CDE .5EG 'DE/9I 9DJG AJ G0G 'D/9HI AJ 'DEH6H9 J9FJ F2HDG GH 'D".1 9F 'D*E3C ('D*2'E 'DE/9J FA3G (9/E 'D'D*,'! 'DI 'DB6'! (). HB/ #H1/ 'DE419 'D91'BJ AJ 'DE'/) (253) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* -CE'K JB6J (9/E ,H'2 1A9 'D/9HI #E'E 'DB6'! AJ F2'9 '*AB 'D.5HE 9DI 'D*-CJE AJG  %D' (9/ '3*FA'0 71JB 'D*-CJE A'0' D,' '-/ 'D71AJF 'DI 1A9 'D/9HI ( /HF '9*/'/ ) (417 'D*-CJE H'9*16 'D71A 'D".1 A'F 9DI 'DE-CE) 'JB'A 'DE1'A9) H9Q/ 'D/9HI E3*#.1) -*I J5/1 B1'1 'DE-CE  #E' %0' DE J9*16 'D71A 'D#.1 (AJ 'D,D3) 'D#HDI) ,'2 DDE-CE) #F *E6J AJ F81 'D/9HI H9Q/ 417 'D*-CJE D':J' , A'0' *:'6I 'D.5E 9F 417 'D*-CJE H('/1 'DI %B'E@) 'D/9@HI  H*:'6I 9F 'D417 'D.5E 'D".1 ADE J(/ '9*1'6'K AJ 'D,D3) 'D#HDI A9F/ 'D'*A'B 9DI 'D*-CJE ED:J'K  HD' JEF9 'D'E1 'D71AJF EF 'D'*A'B E,//'K 9DI 'D9H/) 'DI 'D*-CJE . #E' %0' #(/I 'D.5E '9*1'6G (9/ 'D,D3) 'D#HDI AD' J9*/ ('9*1'6G H'FE' J9Q/ 3CH*G AJ 'D,D3) 'D#HDI 16' (F81 'D/9HI #E'E 'DE-'CE () . HEF 'D,/J@1 ('D0C@1 #F@G %0' C'F 'D*-CJ@E D' J3D( 'DB6@'! HD'J@) 'DA5@D AJ 'DE3'&@D 'DE3*9,D@)  A'F 'D'D*,'! 'DI 'DB6'! 'DE3*9,D 7D(' D#,1'! 9',D D' J9*(@1 (0'*@G F2HD' 6EFJ@' 9F 'D*-CJE (). H'D'*A'B 9DI 'D*-CJE GH 9B/ 4CDJ D' J*E %D' ('DC*'() () HEF +EQN JO+'1 'D*3'$D 9E' %0' C'F 'DF2HD 'DE*('/D 9F 'D*-CJE J*9JF #F J*E C*'()  HD' 59H() ('DF3() 'DI F2HD 1'A9 'D/9HI '0 0'C 'DF2HD E3*A'/ EF *B/JEG 91J6) 'D/9HI 0'*G' HGJ H+JB) EC*H()  HDCF 'D59H() *8D EH,H/) ('DF3() DF2HD 'DE/9J 9DJG  :J1 #F 'D#E1 J*9DB (EHBA EFG #E'E 'DB6'! A-H'G 'D*B/E (/A'9G 'DEH6H9J EE' D' -',) E9G 'DI C*'() EHB9) EFG () . 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ E@1'C@2 'D*-CJ@E 'D(-@1J 'F 'D*-CJ@E 'D(-1J (H5AG F8'E'K B'FHFJ'K D-D 'DEF'29'* 'D(-1J) #5(- GH 'D3'&/ AJ 'D951 'D-'DJ H'DED,# DD#71'A C'A)  HG0' 'D'2/G'1 AJ 'D9EDJ) 'D*-CJEJ) B/ '1*(7 (#E'C@F E9JF@) E@F 'D9'DE /HF :J1G@' D#3('( C+J@1) EFG' '2/G@'1 'DF4'7 'D(-@1J (*DC 'D#ECF@) H*@HA@1 1$H3 'D#EH'D 'DC(J1) 'DE1*(7) (G' A6D' 9F 'D81HA 'D*'1J.J) 'D*J ,9D* 'D3J'/) 'D(-1J) **1C2 AJ (96 'DEF'7B EF 'D9'DE E9 H,H/ 'D*B/E 'D'B*5'/J H'D*,'1J AJ 'D#E'CF FA3G' EF 'D9'DE . 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HDCF GD GF'C F5'( E9JF D%5/'1 'D-CE  HGD J4*17 '*A'B 'DE-CEJF 9DI 1#J H'-/ HC#FGE E-CE H'-/  'DE419 'DE51J B6I ('F 'D-CE AJ -'D) *9// 'DE-CEJF J5/1 (#:D(J) #1'&GE (9/ #F J*/'HDH' AJ EH6H9 'D*-CJE ('D71JB) 'D*J *-//G' GJ&) 'D*-CJE () A'D#5D H'F C'F ',*E'9G@E AJ EC'F H'-/ %D' 'FG D' E'F9 JEF9 EF H,H/GE AJ #E'CF E*A1B) D#FG D' J4*17 4CDJ) E9JFG HD' BH'9/ E9JF) DG0G 'DE/'HD) 3HI #F *CHF 31J) (). AJCAJ #0F #F J9/ 1&J3 GJ&) 'D*-CJE E41H9 'D-CE H*13D EFG F3.) 'DI CD E-CE AJ 'DEC'F 'D0J JH,/ AJG +E J9J/ 'DE41H9 E9 %(/'! ED'-8'*G H1#JG AJG ()HG0' J*E ('D7(9 AJ 'D*-CJE 'D(-1J 'D-1 . 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'DB'FHFJ) , 'D'3CF/1J) , 2009 0 +'D+'K :- 'D(-@H+ H'DE-'61'* 17 - 9E1 E4GH1 -/J+) 'D,'2J , 'D*-CJE AJ 'DEF'29'* 'D(-1J) E-'61) #DBJ* AJ EB1 FB'() HCD'! 'DED'-) (*'1J. 8 / 10 / 2002 , FBD' 9F 'DEHB9 'D'DC*1HFJ :- www . Jcdr . Com . 18 - / 0 F',J 9(/ 'DE$EF , 'D'*,'G'* 'DC(1I AJ 'E*/'/ 417 'D*-CJE , (-+ EF4H1 AJ E,D) 'D9DHE 'DB'FHFJ) H'D'B*5'/J) , 'D9// 'D+'FJ D3F) 2006 0 1'(9'K :- 'DB@H'FJ@F 19 - B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) 'D91'BJ 1BE ( 83 ) D3F) ( 1969 ) 'DE9/D 0 20 - B'FHF 'D*-CJE 'DE51J 1BE ( 27 ) D3F) ( 1994 ) 'DE9/D 0 21 - B'FHF 'D*-CJE 'D3H1J 1BE ( 4 ) D3F) ( 2008 ) 0 22 - B'FHF 'D%,1'!'* 'DE/FJ) 'D%E'1'*J 1BE ( 11 ) D3F) ( 1992 ) 'DE9/D 0 23 - 'DB'FHF 'DFEH0,J DD*-CJE 'D*,'1J 'D/HDJ DD,F) 'D#EE 'DE*-/) DDB'FHF 'D*,'1J 'D/HDJ 1985 0 (*) #3*DE 'D(-+ AJ 18/2/2010 *** B(D DDF41 AJ 22/3/2010 . (1) #B1* 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) 'D*-CJE 3(JD'K DDA5D #D*HAJBJ (JF 'D2H,JF AJ E3'&D 'D2H', H'D7D'B ((HN%PFR .PAR*OER 4PBN'BN (NJRFPGPEN' AN'(R9N+OH'R -NCNE'K EQPFR #NGRDPGP HN-NCNE'K EQPFR #NGRDPGN')) ( 3H1) 'DF3'! , 'D"J) 35 )  CE' #B1*G AJ 3'&1 'DE9'ED'* 'DE'DJ) 0'* 'D5D) ('D#-H'D 'D4.5J) HAJ 'D-BHB 'D.'5) C'A) 'D*J *B(D 'D%3B'7 , FBD'K 9F F(JD 9(/ 'D1-EF 'D-J'HJ  E('/& 'D*-CJE , 72 , 'DEC*() 'DB'FHFJ) , (:/'/ , 2004 , 520 (1) 3H1) ( 'D#F9'E ) 'D"J) ( 114 ). (2) 'F81 AJ 0DC '(F EF8H1  D3'F 'D91(  ,2 , /'1 D3'F 'D91(  (J1H*  5688 (3) E-E/ (F #(J (C1 (F 9(/ 'DB'/1 'D1'2J  E.*'1 'D5-'-  /'1 'DC*'( 'D91(J  (J1H*  5 41 . (1) 'F81/. 9('3 'D9(H/J  41- #-C'E B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ)  /'1 'DC*( DD7('9) H'DF41  'DEH5D  2000  5350. (2) F81 'DE'/) ( 251 ) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/JF) 1BE ( 83 ) D3FG ( 1969 ) 'D91'BJ 'DE9/D. (3) 'F81 'DE'/) (1) EF B'FHF 'D*-CJE AJ 'DEF'29'* 'DE/FJ) H'D'B*5'/J) H'D*,'1J) 1BE (4) D3FG ( 2008 ) 'D3H1J . (4) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 203 ) EF B'FHF 'D%,1'!'* 'DE/FJ) 'D%E'1'*J 1BE ( 11 ) D3F)( 199). (1) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 7 ) EF 'DB'FHF 'DFEH0,J DD*-CJE 'D*,'1J 'D/HDJ 'D0J '9*E/*G D,F) 'D#EE 'DE*-/) DDB'FHF 'D*,'1J 'D/HDJAJ 21 / -2J1'F / 1985 . (2) 'F81/. A$'/ 'D9DH'FJ  5J: 'D*-CJE AJ 3F/'* 'D4-F HE4'17) 'D%J,'1  'D+B'A) 'DB'FHFJ)  (:/'/  1992  512 . (3) 'F81/. F',J 9(/ 'DE$EF  'D'*,'G'* 'DC(1I AJ 'E*/'/ 417 'D*-CJE  (-+ EF4H1 AJ E,D) 'D9DHE 'DB'FHFJ) H'D'B*5'/J)  'D9// 'D+'FJ D3FG 2006  533. (4) 'F81/. 9DJ 7'G1 #D(J'*J  'D*-CJE 'D*,'1J 'D(-1J  71  /'1 'D+B'A) DDF41 H'D*H2J9  9E'F  2005  558 . (1) 'F81/. A$'/ 'D9DH'FJ , E5/1 3'(B , 544. (*) 'DB'FHF 'D(-1J , GH ( E,EH9) 'DBH'9/ 'DB'FHFJ) 'D*J *F8E 'DED'-) 'D(-1J) ). (2) 'F81/. E,J/ -EJ/ 'D9F(CJ , 'DB'FHF 'D(-1J 'D91'BJ , 71 , (J* 'D-CE) , (:/'/ , 2002 , 55 . (3) 'F81/. 9E1 E4GH1 -/J+) 'D,'2J , 'D*-CJE AJ 'DEF'29'* 'D(-1J) , E-'61) #DBJ* (*'1J. 8/10 /2002 AJ EB1 FB'() HCD'! 'DED'-) 'D(-1J) , FBD'K 9F 'DEHB9 'D'DC*1HFJ :- www . jcdr . com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http : // bcoc  Iraq . net / objectives . htm . (2) FBD' 9F 'DEHB9 'D'DC*1HFJ D:1A) *,'1) 'D(51) :- http : // bcoc  Iraq . net / objectives . htm . (1) F(JD 'D-J'HJ , E5/1 3'(B , 5128. (2) 'F81 F(JD 'D-J'HJ , 'DE5/1 FA3G #9D'G 5129 HC0DC '/GE HGJ( 'DF/'HJ , E5/1 3'(B , 5382 HC0DC / 09('3 'D9(H/J , E5/1 3'(B , 5356 . (1) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 265  +'FJ" ) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) 'D91'BJ H'DE'/) ( 834 ) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE51J 'D3'(B #E' AJ 'DB'FHF 'D,/J/ 'DF'A0 A'F 'DE'/) ( 506 ) EFG #9A* 'DE-CEJF EF 'D*BJ/ (%,1'!'* 'DE1'A9'* . (2) 'F81 'DEH'/ ( 265 , 266 , 267 , 270 ) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'D91'BJ . (3) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 33  +'FJ" ) EF B'FHF 'D*-CJE 'DE51J . (4) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 266 ) ( E1'A9'* 91'BJ ) H(EB'1F*G' ('DE'/) ( 23- 9 ) EF F8'E 'D:1A 'D91(J) H'D#H1(J) -J+ *B6J ('F '-/ 'D#71'A %0' DE J-61 HDE J/D AJ EGD) E9BHD) ('!J6'-'* 9F #3('( :J'(G A'F G0' D' JEF9 EF '9*('1 %,1'!'* 'D*-CJE -6H1J) HJ,H2 #F *3*E1 AJ :J'( 'D71A 'D#.1 . (1) 'F81/. 9DJ #D(J'*J , E5/1 3'(B , 5149 . (2) 'F81/. 9('3 'D9(H/J , E5/1 3'(B , 5357 . (3) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 265 ) ( E1'A9'* 91'BJ ) . (4) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 30  1 ) EF B'FHF 'D*-CJE 'DE51J 1BE ( 27 ) D3F) ( 1994)'DE9/D . (5) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 34  1 ) EF B'FHF 'D*-CJE 'DE51J . (6) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 30  2 ) EF B'FHF 'D*-CJE 'DE51J . (1) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 34  2 ) EF B'FHF 'D*-CJE 'DE51J . (2) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 30  3 ) EF B'FHF 'D*-CJE 'DE51J. (3) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 31 ) EF B'FHF 'D*-CJE 'DE51J. (4) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 32 ) EF B'FHF 'D*-CJE 'DE51J . (5) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 33- 1 ) EF B'FHF 'D*-CJE 'DE51J. (6) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 33- 2 ) EF B'FHF 'D*-CJE 'DE51J. (7) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 33- 3 ) EF B'FHF 'D*-CJE 'DE51J. (8) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 35 ) E@F B'F@HF 'D*-CJ@E 'DE51J. (1) /. 9DJ 8'G1 #D(J'*J , E5/1 3'(B , 5 151 . (2) 'F81 'DE'/) (4) EF B'FHF 'D*-CJE 'DE51J . (3) HB/ F5 9DI 0DC 51'-) 'D*41J9 'DA1F3J AJ 'DE'/) 1469 . (4) 'F81/. AH2J E-E/ 3'EJ , 'D*-CJE 'D*,'1J 'D/HDJ , ,'E9) (:/'/ , 1992 , 5315. (1) 'F81/. A@H2J E-E@/ 3'EJ , E5@/1 3'(@B , 5 316 , HC0DC /. E57AI E-E/ H9C'4G 9(/ #D9'D , E5@/13'(@B 5240. (2) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 40 ) EF B'FHF 'D*-CJE 'DE51J . (3) 'F81 H'&D #FH1 (F/B , E5/1 3'(B , 5118 , HC0DC / 0 9DJ 7'G1 #D(J'*J , E5/1 3'(B , 5152 , HC0DC F(JD 'D-J'HJ , E5/1 3'(B , 5142. (4) 'F81 'DE'/) ( 270  1 ) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'D91'BJ . (5) /. 9DJ #D(J'*J , E5/1 3'(B , 5153.     PAGE 166 E,D) 'D1'A/JF DD-BHB  'DE,D/ (14)  'D9// (50)  'D3F) (16) PAGE 165 'D*-CJE AJ 'DEF'29'* 'D(-1J) Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (14), No. (50), Year (16) Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (14), No. (50), Year (16) x,..f/h/j/l/n/p/r//|1~1111~22"3$3ݻr]ݻJ%hrh.CJH*Z^J_HaJo((hYh9!5CJZ\^J_HaJo("h9!hYCJZ^J_HaJo(hYCJZ^J_HaJo("hrhHCJZ^J_HaJo(+jhrhHCJH*UZ^J_HaJ%hrhHCJH*Z^J_HaJo(h;CJZ^J_HaJo("hrh9!CJZ^J_HaJo(Uh@CJZ^J_HaJo($3&3(3,3.32333485556688d9f9h9j9l9p9r9t99999:IJ|mmmIJXI|h.CJZ^J_HaJo((h.h9!5CJZ\^J_HaJo(h;CJZ^J_HaJo(h@CJZ^J_HaJo((hYh9!5CJZ\^J_HaJo("h9!h9!CJZ^J_HaJo("hrh9!CJZ^J_HaJo("hrh.CJZ^J_HaJo(%hrh.CJH*Z^J_HaJo(+jhrh.CJH*UZ^J_HaJ:8<x<>> > >>>F>>????@A AJAAABBFBHBBBCCCCCCCD:DD@DDDFD̶̤tttt̶̤h;CJZ^J_HaJo(h@CJZ^J_HaJo("hrhYCJZ^J_HaJo("hrh.CJZ^J_HaJo(+jhrh.CJH*UZ^J_HaJ%hrh.CJH*Z^J_HaJo(hrCJZ^J_HaJo("hrh9!CJZ^J_HaJo((9z<>AFDHDfDDDD JL8O:OOTQVQRR $a$gdBve $a$gdSE; $a$gd. $a$gd'/x $a$gd9! $a$gd; $a$gdr $a$gdrFDHD^DDDDDDEEEtEvEEEzF|FFFF G[B[T[f[\\\\\\]]]]^^^^^8_:_<_>_@_B_____ `bbbbbbc c"cȹڑڑȂssdshk:CJZ^J_HaJo(hRCJZ^J_HaJo(h,CJZ^J_HaJo("hrhX%CJZ^J_HaJo(+jhrh.CJH*UZ^J_HaJhbCJZ^J_HaJo("hrh9!CJZ^J_HaJo("hrh.CJZ^J_HaJo(%hrh.CJH*Z^J_HaJo('"c$ceeeeLff:gg@gggghh"h`hhhViXiZi\i^iivjxjڵڵڵڵڦړ}kYJh-CJZ^J_HaJo("h9!h9!CJZ^J_HaJo("hrhFICJZ^J_HaJo(+jh-hFICJH*UZ^J_HaJ%h-hFICJH*Z^J_HaJo(hjCJZ^J_HaJo(hRCJZ^J_HaJo(+jhrh.CJH*UZ^J_HaJ"hrh9!CJZ^J_HaJo(%hrh.CJH*Z^J_HaJo(xjjjjjjj.l0l2l4l6l8l@BDFH`߽߽y߽ih'/xh9!CJZ^JaJo(h9!h9!CJZ^J_HaJhYCJZ^J_HaJo(hFICJZ^J_HaJo(+jhFIhFICJH*UZ^J_HaJ%hFIhFICJH*Z^J_HaJo(h27CJZ^J_HaJo("h9!h9!CJZ^J_HaJo(hW5QCJZ^J_HaJo(&:>4rtv<ʌ^,ȑʑV<VX̔Δ46tƖʖԖؖ$߬ߗ(hYh9!5CJZ\^J_HaJo((h%WDh9!5CJZ\^J_HaJo(hYCJZ^J_HaJo(hW5QCJZ^J_HaJo("h9!h9!CJZ^J_HaJo(h$CJZ^J_HaJo(6Ќ,\(Ęnp$^`a$gd1v $a$gd$^`a$gd1v $a$gdY $a$gd9!$^`a$gd$$&җԗB˜Ę,.JLln|~<>LPjlpܚޚ|mhzmCJZ^J_HaJo("hY5CJZ\^J_HaJo((hYh9!5CJZ\^J_HaJo(hh9!CJZ^JaJo(hWCJZ^JaJo(h'/xh9!CJZ^JaJo(hW5QCJZ^J_HaJo("h9!h9!CJZ^J_HaJo(h1vCJZ^J_HaJo(*ޚRTdftv68df؜ڜ&(nprt,.dܨȫʫ̫ʵ#h%WDh'CJOJQJZ^JaJ"h9!hG`CJZ^J_HaJo(h9!h9!CJ^J_HaJ(hh9!5CJZ\^J_HaJo((hYh9!5CJZ\^J_HaJo(hzmCJZ^J_HaJo("h9!h9!CJZ^J_HaJo(*|<̝8hH*.d$^`a$gd$^`a$gd $a$gd $a$gd9!$Z^`Za$gd$Z^`Za$gdzmܨvjȫʫ@$L^L`a$gdCd$L^L`a$gd9-$L^L`a$gd1T2 $a$gdTp$Z^Z`a$gd $a$gd $a$gd9!$^`a$gd̫Ϋҫ(06:>@BԮ֮ʽʽʭʽʭح|j||ZKh'CJZ^J_HaJo(h%WDh'CJ^J_HaJo("hNh'CJZ^J_HaJo(h'CJZ^J_HaJo(hNh'CJZ^J_HaJ"h%WDh'CJZ^J_HaJo(h%WDh'CJZ^JaJo(h'CJZ^JaJo(h%WDh'CJZ^JaJ#h%WDh'CJOJQJZ^JaJ*h%WDh'0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJ24^`np԰ְ*,:<>BTnp $βвҲڲVXZ^ŶŶŶh'CJZ^J_HaJo(h'CJZ^JaJo(h'CJZ^J_HaJo(h%WDh'CJ^J_HaJo(h(n:CJZ^J_HaJo("h%WDh'CJZ^J_HaJo(h'CJ^JaJ<>Ҳ`flĸd"rZl$$L^L`a$gd$L^L`a$gd$L^L`a$gd1T2$L^L`a$gd1T2$L^L`a$gd$L^L`a$gdCd^`dh~68FHTV`bdf|LNPRȷʷ>@LNZ\hjlprt¸`bdx "ݿݿݿݿݿݿݿݭݿݿݿݿݿݿݿݿΣh'CJ^JaJ"h%WDh'CJZ^J_HaJo(h'CJZ^J_HaJo(h'CJZ^J_HaJo("h%WDh'CJZ^J_HaJo(h%WDh'CJ^J_HaJo(@"8r>VXZ\b"&jlp"$&88:<>@TTVZ\bdr߱߱߱߱߱߱ߗhKeh'CJ^J_HaJo(h'CJ^JaJh(n:CJZ^J_HaJo(h%WDh'CJ^J_HaJo(h%WDh'CJ^J_HaJ"h%WDh'CJZ^J_HaJo(h'CJZ^J_HaJo(;$>\:B4$L^L`a$gdb$L^L`a$gdF$L^L`a$gdD$L^L`a$gdKe$L^L`a$gdW$L^L`a$gd1T2$L^L`a$gd| ,.68:BJNln>@BV.0246H߶߶߶Ϥ"h9!h'CJZ^J_HaJo(h(n:CJZ^J_HaJo(h'CJ^JaJh%WDh'CJ^J_HaJo("h%WDh'CJZ^J_HaJo(h'CJZ^J_HaJo(<JN,z:P0$L^L`a$gd4O$L^L`a$gdb$L^L`a$gdR3$L^L`a$gd9!$L^L`a$gd1T2 HJLR@HJLNPV "$*,04(bprxzξξξίίξΟξξίξίίίξh%WDh'CJZ^J_HaJh(n:CJZ^J_HaJo(h%WDh'CJ^J_HaJo("h%WDh'CJZ^J_HaJo(h'CJZ^J_HaJo(h9!h'CJ^J_HaJo(>68:<BHJNPRX,.028"$(*,2"$&(0xz$&(,.h'CJZ^J_HaJo(h%WDh'CJ^J_HaJo(h(n:CJZ^J_HaJo("h%WDh'CJZ^J_HaJo(L0*((l .x$~$L^L`a$gd.{1$L^L`a$gdc$L^L`a$gdr$L^L`a$gd1T2$L^L`a$gd1T2l "(,.06\^tvxz "$&:xz|~68:<>Dhj߱бߡߡ߱߱߱߱ߡh%WDh'CJZ^J_HaJh%WDh'CJ^J_HaJo(h(n:CJZ^J_HaJo(h'CJZ^J_HaJo("h%WDh'CJZ^J_HaJo(h%WDh'CJ^J_HaJ?~<X:xR6j Pf$L^L`a$gd ?$L^L`a$gdeE$L^L`a$gd1T2$L^L`a$gd.{1PRVXZ`028:<Bfh rtvxHJPRTZ(*߿߿߿߿߰hzCJZ^J_HaJo(h%WDh'CJZ^J_HaJh%WDh'CJ^J_HaJo("h%WDh'CJZ^J_HaJo(h'CJZ^J_HaJo(E*468Dbdhjl~  0nHJLNPRXbdfhn$&*,.046:ޮh'jh'UZ^Jh5h%WDh'CJZ^J_HaJh'CJZ^J_HaJh'CJZ^J_HaJo(h%WDh'CJ^J_HaJo("h%WDh'CJZ^J_HaJo(>,.248:>@DF`2$&`#$gdS&$&dPa$gd" $gd4$h&dP]h`a$gdS&$k&#$gdS&$$L^L`a$gdeE:<@BFHTV\^`ԾԤԾwwk_F0jh^h'0JCJOJQJUZ^JaJh"h'Z_H o(h'h'CJZ_H h'5CJZ\^Jo(h'5CJZ\^J_Ho(h=h'5CJZ\^J2hz0J5CJOJQJZ\^JaJmHnHu*h'h'0J5CJOJQJ\^JaJ6jh'h'0J5CJOJQJUZ\^JaJh'jh'UZ^J024rv "Z\Խ}md}XTPh\Ah5h`3h'5\^Jh'5\_Hh`3h'5CJ\^JaJh`3h'5<\ h'5\h`3h'5\h'"hS&h'CJOJQJZ^Jo(h/!h'CJZ^Jo(,hz0JCJOJQJZ^JaJmHnHu0jh^h'0JCJOJQJUZ^JaJ$h^h'0JCJOJQJ^JaJ24 "$&(*,.02468:<>$h$dA$N]ha$gdG`$$h$dA$N]ha$gd9!$&dP`a$gd'>@BDFHJLNPRTVXZ\^`bd $a$gdTp$\`bd"h9!hG`CJZ^J_HaJo(h\Ah'C0&P P:pS&<0BP' (5!"#$% (2~$$If!vh5#v:V l V0  54F@F 9'/J$A$_HhmH sH tH<@< 9FH'F 1$@& CJ^JaJ<@< 9FH'F 2$@& CJ^JaJB@B 9FH'F 3$@&5CJ \^JaJ H@H 9FH'F 4$$@&a$5CJ \^JaJ N@N 9FH'F 5$$ & F@& CJ^JaJB@B 9FH'F 6$@&5CJ\^JaJN@N 9FH'F 7$$d@&a$5CJ\^JaJ>A@> .7 'DAB1) 'D'A*1'6JPi@P  ,/HD 9'/J :V 44 la ,k, (D' B'&E) 8B@8 F5 #3'3J CJ^JaJ8@8 F5 -'4J) 3ADJ)@&@@ E1,9 -'4J) 3ADJ)H*^JRC@"R F5 #3'3J (E3'A) ('/&) CJ^JaJ@ @2@ *0JJD 5A-)  9r aJ,)@A, 1BE 5A-)^J<@R< 1#3 5A-)  9r aJBP@bB F5 #3'3J 2$a$ CJ^JaJzsz v 4(C) ,/HD7:V0$A$^JdR@d =F5 #3'3J (E3'A) ('/&) 2$dx^DD s Char Char^J_HhmH sH tH4U@4 # 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