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bstract: Distinguished from the rest of the oil contracts, other contracts, whether those transactions concluded in the framework of the Interior or or those concluded In the framework of international transactions . In the shop or subject focus of such contracts. The oil contract is not standard contracts that focus on a single process and expire once implemented a process to purchase cotton, grain or building a vessel, for example, but includes oil contract resource extraction and exploitation of important natural resources for long periods of time. The investor in the oil sector, like other foreign investors do not venture to invest capital funds in any state, even if he was sure that this state is showing potential huge oil as possible to reap from behind huge profits as it does not risk investing in this state only after to make sure that the State intends to which capital investment funds he has had a favorable investment climate of any provision of an appropriate environment for him to invest and means the obligation of the host country for oil investment to the implementation of the commitments made to him about the foreign investors to provide safeguards and adequate legal And take these contracts and the various forms which vary the rights of obligations of parties to the contract , which is one of the parties the host country for foreign investment while the second party of the foreign company invested oil and this contract is one of the international contracts which are subject to rules and principles of international law and the provisions of the Financial . Embodied in the bilateral investment agreements or collective agreements between the States, which contributed to improvement and development of the investment climate in developing countries as well as being played a key role in the development of the financial rules of international law in general and foreign investment rules in particular 'DEB/E) : J9/ 'DFA7 EF 'DE9'/F 'D'3*1'*J,J) 'DEGE)  H**1*( 9DI G0GP 'D#GEJ) AJ -'D'* C+J1) 3J'3) 'D/HD HE,'D -J'*G'  (D AJ #-J'F C+J1) '3*BD'DJ*G' HCJFHF*G'  HBH*G' #H 69AG'  H*2/'/ #GEJ) 'DFA7 AJ 'D9'DE JHE'K (9/ JHE *(9'K D*9// '3*9E'D'*GP H*2'J/G' AJ 4*I 'DE,'D'* . H#GEJ) 'DFA7 DJ3* AJ -',) 'DI *#CJ/ . A'DFA7 0H #GEJ) 'B*5'/J) H3J'3J) . HJGE CD 'D/HD 'DEF*,) DG  H'D*J *F*EJ :'D('K 'DI 7'&A) 'D/HD 'DF'EJ) #H /HD 'D9'DE 'D+'D+  H'D/HD 'DE3*GDC) DG  H'D*J *F*EJ :'D('K 'DI 7'&A) 'D/HD 'D5F'9J) 'DE*B/E) A'DFA7 ('DF3() D:'D(J) 'D/HD 'DEF*,) DG J9/  %F DE JCF 'DE5/1 'DH-J/  'DE5/1 'D1&J3J DD/.D 'DBHEJ . -J+ *4CD 'D9H'&/ 'DFA7J) ('DF3() DD/HD 'DEF*,) B1'() 96% EF 'D/.D 'DBHEJ DG0GP 'D/HD  *DC 'D9H'&/ 'D*J *9*E/ 9DJG' 'D/HD 'DEF*,) AJ 'DFGH6 (*FEJ*G' 'D'B*5'/J) H'D',*E'9J) . H*2/'/ #GEJ) 'DFA7 H**9'8E ('DF3() DD/HD 'DE*B/E) H0DC D'9*E'/G' 9DI 'DFA7 AJ *B/EG' H*7H1G' 'D5F'9J . A'DFA7 DE J9/ '3*./'EG B'51'K 9DI 'D%F'1) H'D*(1J/ H'D*/A&) CE' C'F 9DJG 'D-'D AJ 'DE'6J  (D DB/ #/I 'D*B/E 'D9DEJ 'DD'-B 'DI 'D*H39 AJ '3*9E'D'*G  A#5(- 'DFA7 E5/1'K DD7'B) H'D-1'1) H'D%6'!) H'D*4-JE H*HDJ/ E1C('* CJE'HJ) H7(J) H5F'9J) D' -51 DG' . HEF GF' #5(- DDFA7 /H1G 'DC(J1 AJ '3*9E'D'*F' 'DEF2DJ) H'D'3*GD'CJ) 'D#.1I HAJ 'DFBD H'D5F'9)  H3E- DD(41J)  9F 71JB G0GP 'D'3*9E'D'* 'D9/J/) #F *2J/ EF 1A'GJ*G' 'D'B*5'/J). A'DFA7 J/.D CE'/) #HDJ) AJ C+J1 EF 'D5F'9'* . %0 J3*./E AJ %F*', 'DEA1B9'* H'DF'('DE . HAJ %F*', 'DEF3H,'* H'D#BE4)  HAJ E3*-61'* 'D*,EJD  HAJ EH'/ 'D(F'!  CE' #FG J9/ E5/1'K DD(1H*JF C:0'! (41J . HE,ED 'DBHD #F GF'C E' J2J/ 9DI +D'+) 'D"A EF*, EF 'DEF*,'* 'DE4*B) EF 'DFA7 . H'0' C'F G0' GH /H1 'DFA7 AJ HB* 'D3DE  A'F /H1G AJ HB* 'D-1( #.71 H#98E  AB/ B'D CDJEF5H AJ E7D9 'DB1F 'D-'DJ " %F B71) EF 'DFA7 *3'HJ B71) EF 'D/E " HB'D 'J2FG'H1 (#F " 'D-DA'! B/ 3(-H' F-H 'DF51 AJ 'D-1(JF 'D9'DEJ*JF 9DI (-J1) EF 'DFA7 " AB/ D9( 'DFA7 /H1'K -'3E'K AJ 'D-1(JF 'D9'DEJ*JF A'0' 1,9F' 'DI 'D-1( 'D9'DEJ) 'D#HDI H,/F' #F 'DE'FJ' B/ '-*D* 1HE'FJ' AJ 1916 DD'3*A'/) EF "('1G' 'DFA7J)  (J/ 'FG DE JE6 HB* 7HJD -*I *ECF 'D-DA'! EF */EJ1 #:D(J) "('1 H#F'(J( 'DFA7 HE9'ED 'D*C1J1 'DEH,H/) (G' -*I J-1EH' 'DE'FJ' EF 'D'F*A'9 (*DC 'DEH'1/ 'DFA7J)  EE' #671 'DE'FJ' ('DA9D 'DI 7D( 'DG/F) AJ *41JF 'D+'FJ 9'E 1918 . HAJ G0' 'D5//  B'D 'DE'14'D 'D#DE'FJ " DH/F/H1A " #F 9/E CA'J) 'DEH'1/ 'DFA7J) B/ #1:E 'DBJ'/) 'D#DE'FJ) 9DI 7D( 'DG/F) . HAJ 'D-1( 'D9'DEJ) 'D+'FJ) D9( 'DFA7 /H1'K -JHJ'K DJ3 DCHFG HBH/'K DD3AF H'D7'&1'* H'D/('('* A-3( HDCF D'3*./'EG AJ %F*', 'DEA1B9'* 'DB'*D) E+D E'/) " 'D*HDJF " . HAJ -1( 'D3'/3 EF *41JF 'D#HD 9'E 1973  '3*./E 'DFA7 C3D'- A9'D HE$+1 AJ G0GP 'D-1( . AB/ %,*E9* 'D/HD 'D91(J) 'DE5/1) DDFA7 AJ /HD) 'DCHJ* H#5/1* B1'1G' 'D*'1J.J AJ 18 *41JF 'D#HD 3F) 1973 ('B*1'- H6:7 EF 'D91'B H'D0J B6I (*.AJ6 %F*', 'DFA7 (F3() 4G1J) D' *BD 9F .E3) AJ 'DE'&) (5%) . +E 2J/* G0GP 'DF3() 'DI .E3 H941JF ('DE'&) (25%) AJ 9 *41JF 'D+'FJ 9'E 1973 . CE' #C/H' #J6' 9DI -81 H5HD 'DFA7 'DI 'DHD'J'* 'DE*-/) 'D#E1JCJ) HGHDF/' (3(( *#JJ/ GE' H*B/JE E3'9/*GE' D%31'&JD . HAJ G0' 'D5// 'F*GI *B1J1 E9G/ 'D/1'3'* 'D3*1'*J,J) AJ DF/F 'DI 'F 9'E 1973 'D0J 3'/GO 'DF2'9 AJ 'D41B 'DH37  %F '3*./'E 3D'- 'DFA7  B/ 4G/ EJD'/ BH) 3'/3) AJ 'D9'DE GJ E,EH9) 'D/HD 'DE5/1) DDFA7 H'D*J #6JA* 'DI 'DBH) 'D93C1J) DCD EF 'DHD'J'* 'DE*-/) 'D#E1JCJ) H'D'*-'/ 'D3HAJ*J (3'(B'K) H'D5JF H'DJ'('F H/HD 'D3HB 'D#H1(J) 'DE4*1C) . H'F G0GP 'DBH) 'D3'/3) B/ BD(* (96 'DEH'2JF H'DEA'GJE  H#6A* 9DI EF7B) 'D41B 'D#H37 (5A) 9'E)  H'DEF7B) 'D91(J) (5A) .'5)  /H1'K D' 9G/ DD9'DE (GP. HB/ #5/1 'D91'B HGH 71A (E0C1) 'D*A'GE B1'1' (HBA 5'/1'*G 'DFA7J) DE/) 30 JHE 9DI '+1 'D*FCJD 'D5GJHFJ (#(F'! AD37JF 'DE-*D) .D'D 9'E 2001 AJ E-'HD) DE JC*( DG' 'DF,'- DD6:7 9DI 'D/HD 'DC(1I EF #,D EF9 'D5G'JF) EF 'D'3*E1'1 AJ G0' 'D9ED . H%0' C'F* #GEJ) 'DFA7 HE-'HD) 'D3J71) 9DI E5'/1G B/ /A9* 'D/HD 'D'3*9E'1J) 'DC(1I 'DI 'D*F'-1 H'D51'9 AJE' (JFG'  A'F #GEJ) 'DFA7 /A9* 'D/HD 'D'3*9E'1J) 'DC(1I DEE'13) 4*I 'DH3'&D DD6:7 9DI -CHE'* 'D/HD 'DEF*,) DDFA7 DDEH'AB) 9DI EF- 41C'*G' 'DFA7J) 'E*J'2'* '3*:D'D 'DFA7 H('D41H7 'D*J *D'&E E5D-) G0GP 'D41C'* . H#H6- E+'D D0DC 'D6:7 'D0J ('41*G 'D-CHE) 'D%FCDJ2J) 9DI -CHE) 'D91'B H'D*G/J/ 'D0J DH-* (G DA5D DH'! 'DEH5D 9F 'D91'B AJ 3(JD EF- 'D41C) 'D*1CJ) ( 41C) FA7 'D91'B (9/&0) 'E*J'2 '3*:D'D FA7 'D91'B . H#.J1'K A%FG EF 'D,'&2 'DBHD (#F 'DFA7 C'F EF (JF 'D#3('( 'D1&J3) 'D*J /A9* 'D,J4 'D91'BJ 'DI /.HD 'DCHJ* AJ 'D+'FJ EF "( 9'E 1990 . CE' #FG EF 'D,'&2 #J6'K 'DBHD (#F 'DFA7 C'F GH 'D/'A9 'D1&J3J DDHD'J'* 'DE*-/) 'D#E1JCJ) 'DI 'D*/.D 93C1J'K H4F 'D-1( 6/ 'D91'B EF #,D '.1', 'D,J4 'D91'BJ EF /HD) 'DCHJ* . HB/ C'F 'D3(( 'D1&J3J AJ :2H 'D91'B H'-*D'DGP .D'D "0'1 HFJ3'F EF 9'E 2003 (9J/'K 9F B1'1'* E,D3 'D#EF 'D/HDJ . HJ91A 9B/ 'D'3*+E'1 'DFA7J (CHFGO : '*A'B J(1E (JF 'D/HD 'DEF*,) DDFA7 #H %-/I 'D41C'* #H 'DE$33'* #H 'DGJ&'* 'D9'E) 'D*'(9) DG' EF F'-J) H(JF 41C) FA7 #,F(J) D:16 'D(-+ 9F 'DFA7 H'3*C4'AG H'D*FBJ( 9FG EF +E %F*',GP AJ EF7B) E9JF) EF 'BDJE 'D/HD) 'DE*9'B/) HDE/) 2EFJ) E9JF) DB'! EB'(D */A9G 'D/HD) 'DEF*,) DDFA7 (). H*9/ 9BH/ 'D'3*+E'1'* -/J+) 'DF4#) F3(J'K %0' E' BH1F* ('D9BH/ 'D#.1I 'DE*9'1A 9DJG' AJ 'DEH'/ 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J) 3H'! AJ E,'D 'DE9'ED'* 'D/'.DJ) #H AJ E,'D 'DE9'ED'* 'D/HDJ) 'D.'5) %0 *E+D G0GP 'D9BH/ 'D#/') 'DB'FHFJ) D'3*:D'D 'D+1H'* 'DFA7J) 'D*J DE *8G1 'DI -J2 'DH,H/ 'D' (9/ 'C*4'A 'DFA7 H*7H1 5F'9*GP  #J EF0 #H'.1 'DB1F 'D*'39 941 H(/'J) 'DB1F 'D941JF () . HJD2E D*E'E 9BH/ 'D'3*+E'1'* 'DFA7J) AJ 'D9'/) #F *.69 DEH'AB) #H *5/JB 'D,G) 'DE.*5) DD*5/JB 9DI 'DE9'G/'*  HGJ 9'/) 'D3D7) 'D*41J9J) . H'D%,1'! 'DE9*'/ AJ /HD 'D41B 'D#H37 GH 'DEH'AB) 9DI 9BH/ '3*:D'D 'DEH'1/ 'D7(J9J) (B'FHF . AAJ E98E 'D/HD 'DEF*,) DDFA7 HD'3JE' AJ EF7B) 'D41B 'D#H37 *3*D2E 'D#F8E) 'DB'FHFJ) #F J*E 'D*5/JB 9DI 9BH/ 'D'3*+E'1 EF B(D 'D3D7) 'D*41J9J) HEF +E %5/'1 B'FHF .'5 (G' . HJ#*J H,H( *5/JB 9BH/ 'D'3*+E'1'* 'DFA7J) F81'K DD#GEJ) 'DC(J1) 'D*J *-*DG' 'D+1H) 'DFA7J) AJ 'B*5'/J'* 'D(D/'F 'DEF*,) DDFA7 '0' J9/ 'D9B/ H3JD) D'3*+E'1G' CE' %F G0GP 'D+1H) GJ EDC 'D49( (-3( F5H5 #:D( 'D/3'*J1() H'DBH'FJF 'DH7FJ) DG0GP 'D(D/'F() AD' J,H2 'D*51A AJG' 'D' (EH'AB) EE+DJ 'D49( A6D'K 9F 0DC A'F 9BH/ 'D'3*+E'1'* 'DFA7J) *(1E E9 #4.'5 #,'F( HDE/) 7HJD) EF 'D2EF D' *BD 9F 941JF 9'E'K AJ #:D( 'D#-H'D  HDG0G 'D#3('( *6EF* #:D( 9BH/ 'D'3*+E'1'* 'DFA7J) F5'K () J4*17 DFA'0G' #F *5/B (B'FHF 5'/1 9F 'D3D7) 'D*41J9J) AJ 'D(D/ 'DE6JA 3H'! #C'F* -CHE) G0' 'D(D/ 71A'K E('41'K AJ G0GP 'D9BH/  #E C'F* 'DE$33) 'DH7FJ) . CE' #H,(* 0DC C+J1 EF 'D/3'*J1() H'DBH'FJF 'DH7FJ) ()  5/H1 B'FHF .'5 ('DEH'AB) 'D*41J9J) 9DI 9BH/ '3*:D'D 'DEH'1/ 'D7(J9J) (). JE+D 'D*5/JB 9DI 'D9B/ EF B(D 'D3D7) 'D*41J9J) FH9'K EF 'D1B'() 'D*J *E'13G' 'D3D7) 'D*41J9J) 9DI (96 #9E'D 'D3D7) 'D*FAJ0J) 'D*J *CHF 0'* #GEJ) -JHJ) DDE,*E9 (#31GP. HB/ /.D 'D*F8JE 'D/HDJ 'DE'DJ E,'D -E'J) G0GP 'D'3*+E'1'* H*4,J9G' EF .D'D E' (0D EF ,GH/ 4CD* 'B*1'-'* HE4'1J9 '*A'BJ'* ,E'9J) E*9//) 'D#71'A D'F4'! GJ&) /HDJ) D6E'F 'D'3*+E'1'* 'F*G* 'DI *H5D 'D(FC 'D/HDJ D9'E 1985 (BJ'E '*A'BJ) /HDJ) D%F4'! 'DHC'D) 'D/HDJ) D6E'F 'D'3*+E'1 (H5AG' GJ&) /HDJ) E3*BD) **E*9 ('D4.5J) 'DB'FHFJ) EGE*G' *4,J9 */AB 'D'3*+E'1'* D#:1'6 'F*',J) AJE' (JF 'D/HD 'D#96'!(). HB/ 4G/* 'D9D'B) (JF 'D/HD 'DEF*,) DDFA7 H'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) 'D9'ED) AJ G0' 'DE,'D 9/) *7H1'* E*D'-B) . AB/ '*.0* AJ 'D(/'J) 4CD 9BH/ 'D'E*J'2 Contrats de concession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illiam Knox Darcy H'D0J J9/ #HD 9B/ 'E*J'2 FA7J *E '(1'EG AJ EF7B) 'D41B 'D#H37 . 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un Veritable Statut exterritorialite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oyalty E9JF) *-5D 9DJG' 'D/HD 'DEF*,) 'DE*9'B/) () . HD9D 0DC CDG C'F 1',9'K DD81HA 'D3J'3J) H'D'B*5'/J) H'D',*E'9J) 'D*J '(1E* AJ 8DG' G0GP 'D9BH/ . AEF 'DE91HA #F E98E 'D/HD 'DEF*,) DDFA7 _ .5H5'K 'D/HD 'D91(J) _ C'F* H'B9) *-* 'D'-*D'D EF ,'F( 'D/HD 'D'3*9E'1J) 'DC(1I 'D*J *F*EJ 'DJG' 'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) 'DC(1I 'D9'ED) AJ E,'D 'DFA7 H0DC AJ 'DA*1) 'D*J '(1E* AJG' G0GP 'D9BH/ . HC'F* -CHE'* 'D/HD 'D'3*9E'1J) 'D*J *F*EJ 'DJG' 41C'* 'DFA7 'DC(1I /'&E'K E' **/.D DE3'F/) G0GP 'D41C'* E3*./E) %EC'FJ'*G' 'D3J'3J) H'D/(DHE'3J) DD6:7 9DI -CHE'* 'D/HD 'DEF*,) DDFA7 DDEH'AB) 9DI EF- 9BH/ 'E*J'2 'DFA7 ('D41H7 'D*J **AB HE5D-) G0GP 'D41C'*  HD9D EF #H6- 'D#E+D) 9DI 0DC  'D6:7 'D0J E'13*G 'D-CHE) 'D(1J7'FJ) 9DI -CHE) 'D91'B H'D*G/J/ 'D0J DH-* (G DA5D DH'! 'DEH5D 9F 'D91'B AJ 3(JD EF- 'D41C) 'D*1CJ) ( 41C) 'DFA7 'D91'BJ) AJE' (9/ ) 'E*J'2 ('3*:D'D 'DFA7 AJ 'D91'B () . HEF 'D9H'ED 'D*J 3'GE* 'J6'K AJ '(1'E 9BH/ 'D'E*J'2 'D*BDJ/J) ('D4CD 'D0J C'F* 9DJG 9/E H,H/ #F8E) B'FHFJ) AJ 'D/HD 'DEF*,) DDFA7 5'D-) D*F8JE 'DFH'-J 'DE.*DA) H'DE9B/) 'DE*9DB) (%B'E) 5F'9) E+D 5F'9) 'DFA7 . HEF #,D *CED) G0' 'DFB5 A'F 9BH/ 'D'E*J'2 *E 5J':*G' 9DI 'DF-H 'D0J #5(-* E9G EH'+JB -BJBJ) C'AJ) (0'*G' DE2'HD) 9EDJ'* '3*+E'1 'DFA7  H0DC AJ 8D :J'( CDJ *B1J('K DDEBHE'* 'D#3'3J) 'DD'2E)  H#J) 1B'() -CHEJ) EECF) () . AG0GP 'D(D/'F DE JCF D/JG' #F8E) B'FHFJ) *-BB DG' 'D3J71) H'D3J'/) 9DI +1H'*G' 'DFA7J)  H*-// 'D%7'1 'DB'FHFJ 'D0J *E'13 AJGP 'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) F4'7G' AJ E,'D 'D(-+ 9F 'DFA7 H'3*:D'DG () . G0' ('D%6'A) 'DI -'D) 'D69A 'D'B*5'/J 'D*J C'F* 9DJG' 'D(D/'F 'DEF*,) DDFA7 EB'1F) ('D41C'* 'D#,F(J) 'DC(1I 'D9'ED) AJ G0' 'DE,'D  H9/E *B/J1 -CHE'* G0GP 'D/HD D#GEJ) +1H'*G' 'DFA7J)  H9/E H,H/ #J /1'J) DG' (4$HF 'DFA7  AG0GP 'D9BH/ '(1E* (JF 71AJF :J1 E*C'A&JF : #-/GE' 'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) 'D*J *E*DC 'DEH'1/ 'DFA7J) AJ #1'6JG' HD' -HD DG' HD' BH)  %0 -J+ JFB5G' 1#3 'DE'D H'D.(1) 'DAFJ) H'DB'FHFJ) D%(1'E G0GP 'D9BH/ ()  H(F'! 9DJGP '3*7'9* 'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) %(1'E 9BH/ *-BB DG' 'D3J71) 'DC'ED) 9DI *DC 'DEH'1/ HGC0'  ,'!* 9BH/ 'D'E*J'2 'D#HDI E*F'3() E9 'D81HA 'D3J'3J) H'D'B*5'/J) H'D',*E'9J) H'DB'FHFJ) 'D*J C'F* 3'&/) "F0'C AJ 'D/HD 'DEF*,) HD0DC DE' *:J1* G0GP 'D81HA  C'F EF 'D7(J9J 'F J*E %/.'D *9/JD'* 9DI G0GP 'D9BH/ D**E4I E9 'D81HA 'D,/J/)  HGH E' 3F916 DG 'D"F . 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ #GE 'D*9/JD'* 'D*J #/.D* 9DI 9BH/ 'D'E*J'2 'D#HDI C'F* 'D-1( 'D9'DEJ) 'D+'FJ) FB7) *-HD -'3E) AJ *'1J. 5F'9) 'DFA7  -J+ *6'9A '3*./'E 'DFA7  HD9( 'DFA7 /H1'K EGE'K H-'3E'K AJ G0GP 'D-1(  EE' #/I 'DI '4*/'/ 'D7D( 9DI 'DFA7 H'1*A'9 #39'1G H(5A) .'5) FA7 'D41B 'D#H37 () . HD0DC C'F EF 'D7(J9J #F J*E %/.'D *9/JD'* 9DI 9BH/ 'D'E*J'2 'D*J C'F* E(1E) (JF 'D/HD 'DEF*,) DDFA7 H'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) 'D9'ED) AJ G0' 'DE,'D . HJECF -51 '(12 G0GP 'D*9/JD'* H#GEG' AJ #1(9 FB'7 GJ : #HD'K : 'D'.0 (F8'E EF'5A) 'D#1('- +'FJ'K : E3#D) *FAJB 'D1J9 #H 'D%*'H) . +'D+'K : 'D#.0 (F8'E 'D*.DJ 1'(9'K : 'D'.0 (F8'E 'DE4'1C) . #HD'K : F8'E EF'5A) 'D'1('- : J9/Q 'D#.0 (F8'E EF'5A) 'D'1('- EF '(12 H#GE 'D*9/JD'* 'D*J 71#* 9DI 9BH/ 'E*J'2 'DFA7 'DE(1E) (JF 'D(D/'F 'DEF*,) DDFA7 H'D41C'* 'D',F(J)  AAJ 9'E 1948 #5/1* AF2HJD' *41J9'K A16* (EH,(GP 61J() 1(- 9DI 'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) 'D9'ED) AJ '1'6JG' (E9/D .E3JF AJ 'DE'&) (50%) EC13) (0DC HD#HD E1) B'9/) EF'5A) 'D#1('- AJ 'D9D'B) (JF 'D(D/'F 'DEF*,) DDFA7 H41C'* 'DFA7 'D#,F(J) () . EE' /A9 'D/HD 'D#.1I 'DEF*,) DDFA7 'DI 'DE7'D() ('9E'D G0GP 'DB'9/) AJ 9D'B'*G' E9 'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) 'DE*9'B/) E9G' . A#5/1* 'DEEDC) 'D91(J) 'D39H/J) AJ *41JF 'D+'FJ 3F) 1950 'DEH'AB 24 E-1E D3F) 1670 G,1J) 'DE13HE 'DEDCJ 1BE 17/2/28/3321  H'D0J A16 D#HD E1) 61J() 9DI '1('- 'D41C'* 'D9'ED) AJ 'D#1'6J 'D39H/J)  CE' #5/1* AJ 27 C'FHF 'D#HD 3F) 1950 'DEH'AB 17 EF 1(J9 'D#HD 3F) 1370G,1J) 'DE13HE 'DEDCJ 1BE 17/2/28/7634 H'D.'5 (A16 'D61J() 9DI #1('- 'D41C'* 'D9'ED) AJ E,'D 'DFA7  H(F'! 9DI G0JF 'DE13HEJF  *E '(1'E '*A'B EF'5A) #1('- (JF 'D39H/J) H41C) 'D2J* 'D91(J) 'D#E1JCJ) (H'DE3E') #1'ECH) AJ 30 C'FHF 'D#HD 3F) 1950 'DEH'AB 20 EF 1(J9 'D#HD 3F) 1370 G,1J) . HEF 'GE E' ,'! (G0' 'D'*A'B " 1- ('D1:E EE' F5* 9DJG 'DE'/) 21 EF '*A'BJ) 'E*J'2 #1'ECH  A'F '1'ECH *.69 D61J(*J 'D/.D 'DEF5H5 9DJGE' AJ 'DE13HEJF 'DEDCJJF 'DC1JEJF 1BE 17/2/28/3321 H1BE 17/2/28/7634 'DE1ABJF (G0GP 'D'*A'BJ) DD1,H9 'DJGE'  9DI #FG EF 'DE*AB 9DJG : #- 'D' J*9/I (#J -'D EF 'D#-H'D E,EH9 *DC 'D61'&( H,EJ9 'D61'&( 'D#.1I H'D1JH9 H'D%J,'1'* H'3*-B'B'* 'D-CHE) 9F 'J) 3F) EF 'D3FH'* 9F .E3JF AJ 'DE'&) (50%) EF %,E'DJ /.D '1'ECH .... 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HDCF 9DI 'D1:E EF 'DE2'J' 'DE'DJ) 'D*J -BBG' F8'E EF'5A) 'D'1('- DD/HD 'DEF*,) DDFA7  -J+ #5(-* G0GP 'D/HD *-5D (EH,(G 9DI .E3JF AJ 'DE'&) 50% EF 'D'1('- 'D*J *-BBG' 'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) 'DE*9'B/) E9G'  HE' *1*( 9DI 0DC EF '2/J'/ 'G*E'E G0GP 'D/HD (CEJ'* 'DFA7 'DE3*.1,) EF #1'6JG'  H(#39'1 (J9 'DFA7 H'D#1('- 'D*J *-5D 9DJG' G0GP 'D41C'* ()  (J/ 'F F8'E EF'5A) 'D#1('- C'F EF*B/'K EF F'-J*JF : AEF 'DF'-J) 'D#HDI  A'F -CHE'* 'D/HD 'DEF*,) C'F* *-5D 9DI F5A 'D#1('- (9/ '3*B7'9 'D61'&( 'D*J C'F* */A9G' 'D41C'* 'DE3*+E1) DD-CHE'* 'D*'(9) DG'  HG0' E' C'F J-1E 'D/HD 'DEF*,) EF F3() C(J1) EF 'D/.D HJ,9D EF'5A) AJ 'D'1('- #E1'K :J1 H'B9J () . HEF F'-J) +'FJ)  A'F F8'E EF'5A) 'D#1('- DE J/.D 6EF 'D#1('- 'D*J C'F* *-BBG' 'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) 'DE*9'B/) 3HI 'D#1('- 'DF',E) 9F 9EDJ'* 'D'F*', 'D*J **E /'.D #B'DJE 'D(D/'F 'DEF*,)  /HF *DC 'DF',E) 9F 'D9EDJ'* 'D#.1I 'D*J **E .'1, #B'DJE G0GP 'D(D/'F  CFBD 'DFA7 H*3HJBG H*C1J1G  H'D*J C'F* *3*#+1 (G' 'D41C'* 'DE*9'B/)  HDE' C'F* B'9/) EF'5A) 'D#1('- DE *CF *4ED 3HI 'D'1('- 'DF',E) 9F 9EDJ'* 'D'F*', AB/ 9E/* 'D41C'* 'DI *.AJ6 #39'1 'DFA7 'D.'E  HFBD ,2! 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ne Societe Mixte **E*9 ('D4.5J) 'DB'FHFJ) *BHE (*#3J3G' 'D41C) 'DH7FJ) 'D'J1'FJ) H'D41C) 'D#,F(J) 'DE*9'B/) E9G'  #H EF .D'D %F4'! E41H9 E4*1C Entreprise Commune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an American)  (EH,( G0' 'D9B/ JBHE 'D71A'F ('F4'! E41H9 E4*1C Entreprise Commune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apphir " 3F) 1958 () . HEF0 G0' 'D*'1J. H*H'D* 9BH/ 'DE4'1C) 'DE(1E) (JF 'D/HD 'DEF*,) DDFA7 H'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) 'D9'ED) AJ G0' 'DE,'D  AAJ 'D39H/J)  #(1E* 'D-CHE) 'D39H/J) E9 'D41C) 'DJ'('FJ) AJ 10 C'FHF 'D#HD 3F) 1957 9B/'K F5* 'DE'/) 28 EFG 9DI #FG : " (9/ 'C*4'A 'D2J* (CEJ'* *,'1J)  **9G/ 'D41C) 'DE*9'B/) (#F 'J) 41C) JCHF B/ -HD 'DJG' G0' 'D'E*J'2 #H 3J-HD 'DJG' 3HA *916 9DI 'D-CHE) 'DE3'GE) D41'! #3GE 1#3E'DG' ('DFB/ AJ -/H/ 941) ('DE'&) (10%) EF 1'3 'DE'D 'DE/AH9 " (). H'0' C'F G0' 'D9B/ 'DE0CH1 B/ 'C*AI ('D3E'- DD-CHE) 'D39H/J) ('DE4'1C) AJ 1#3 E'D 'D41C) 'DE*9'B/) H(F3() 6&JD) D' **,'H2 941) ('DE'&) (10%) EF 1#3E'DG'  A'F GF'C 9BH/'K #.1I '(1E*G' 'D39H/J) H-BB* DG' E4'1C) A9DJ) AJ ,EJ9 E1'-D 5F'9) 'DFA7 . HJECF #F F0C1 EF 0DC 'D9B/ 'D0J '(1E*G -CHE) 'D39H/J) E9 'D41C) 'DA1F3J) "#HC3J1'(" AJ 4 FJ3'F 3F) 1965 . AEH,( G0' 'D9B/  J*E *#3J3 41C) 91(J) 39H/J)  ( .D'D 'D3*) 4GH1 'D*J *DJ EF- 'D'E*J'2 'D'3*:D'D )  H'F J916 9DI 'D-CHE) DD'C**'( AJG' (F3() 40% ('DE'/) 9 ) . 9F/E' *$33 *DC 'D41C) A'F 'E*J'2 'D'3*:D'D JF*BD "DJ' 'DI *DC 'D41C) ( 'DE'/) 10) HJ-*A8 'D,'F( 'D39H/J H'D,'F( 'DA1F3J (-B *5HJ* E*3'H AJ E,D3 %/'1) G0GP 'D41C)  HJF(:J #F J4*1C' AJ '/'1*G' 9DI #F JE+D 'D,'F( 'D39H/J 'DE$33) 'D39H/J) 'D9'E) DDFA7 " (*1HEJF" ( 'DE'/) 11) . H**HDI G0GP 'D41C) 'DBJ'E (E.*DA E1'-D 5F'9) 'DFA7  (E' AJ 0DC 'F*', HFBD H*C1J1 H*3HJB ( 'DE'/)26) (). CE' '(1E* ,EGH1J) E51 'D91(J) 9//'K EF 9BH/ 'DE4'1C) 'DFA7J) *C'/ *CHF E*4'(G) *B1J('K AJE' *6EF*G EF #-C'E . A(EH,( G0GP 'D9BH/  *EF- 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) 'D71A 'DH7FJ ( 'DE$33) 'DE51J) 'D9'E) DDFA7 ) H'D71A 'D#,F(J ('D41C) 'D#,F(J) 'DE*9'B/) E9G' ) 'E*J'2' EB5H1'K 9DJGE' H-/GE'  EB3E'K (JFGE' 9DI 'DE4'9 (F3() .E3JF AJ 'DE'&) (50%) DCD EFGE' 9DI #F JBHE 'D71A'F ('DH7FJ H'D#,F(J) (*#3J3 41C) HCJD) 9FGE' **HDI 9EDJ) '3*:D'D 'DFA7 (9/ 'C*4'AG (CEJ'* *,'1J) . HJ*CHF F5A #96'! E,D3 '/'1) 'D41C) 'DB'&E) ('D9EDJ'* EF 'D,'F( 'DH7FJ H'DF5A 'D".1 EF 'D,'F( 'D#,F(J F 9DI #F J*HDI 1&'3) E,D3 'D%/'1) #-/ 'D#96'! 'DE9FJJF EF B(D 'D71A 'DH7FJ  HJ*HDI EF5( 'DE/J1 'D9'E DD41C)  H'D0J J9/Q 'DE/J1 'D*FAJ0J DG'  #-/ 'D#96'! 'DE9FJJF EF B(D 'D71A 'D#,F(J (). 'D' #F B'FHF 'DFA7 H'D:'2 'D91'BJ 'D5'/1 9'E 2007 DE JH6- 7(J9) 'D9BH/ 'D#,F(J) 'D*J JECF DH2'1) 'DFA7 A6D'K 9F 'DE,D3 'D'*-'/J DDFA7 H'D:'2 '(1'EG'  H'J 4CD J,( #F **.0GO G0GP 'D9BH/ . H'FE' #97I DDE,D3 HDH2'1) 'DFA7 '.*J'1 4CD 'D9B/ 'D0J *1J/G (F'!K 9DI 'DE'/) 'D.'E3) /* .'E3'K (J*HDI 'DE,D3 'D'*-'/J DDFA7 H'D:'2 'B1'1 FE'0, 9BH/ 'D*7HJ1 H'D%F*', H'.*J'1 FEH0, 'D9B/ 'DED'&E D7(J9) 'D-BD #H EF7B) 'D'3*C4'A #H'DA15) 'D*J J*E 916G') A6D'K 9F #F H2'1) 'DFA7 ECDA) ('9/'/ 'D.77 'D3FHJ) #H CDE' /9* 'D-',) EF #,D 'D'3*C4'A #H 'D*7HJ1 #H'D'F*', DDFA7 HDCF 0DC E41H7 ('D*4'H1 E9 'DGJ&'* 'D'BDJEJ) H'DE-'A8'* 'DEF*,) HG0' E' F5* 9DJG 'DE'/) 'D.'E3) / + / 1'(9'K H('D'7D'9 9DI F5H5 'D9/J/ EF G0GP 'D9BH/  .5H5'K 9BH/ 'DE4'1C) 'DE(1E) E9 'J1'F H'D39H/J) HE51 _ JECFF' #F FH,2 'D.7H7 'D1&J3) D9BH/ 'DE4'1C) AJE' JDJ() : #HD'K : **.0 9BH/ 'DE4'1C) EF -J+ #71'AG'  #-/I 5H1 +D'+ : A#E' #F J(1E 'D9B/ (JF 'D/HD) 'DEF*,) 0'*G' H'D41C) 'D#,F(J) 9DI #F J*E *#3J3 41C) *3'GE AJG' 'D/HD) #H %-/I E$33'*G' (-5) AJ 1#3E'DG' H0DC (9/ 'C*4'A 'DFA7 (CEJ'* *,'1J) CE' GH 'D-'D ('DF3() D9B/ 'DE4'1C) 'DE(1E (JF -CHE) 'D39H/J) H'D41C) 'DA1F3J) #HC3J1'( 9'E 1965 . #E' #F J(1E 'D9B/ (JF 'D/HD) EF F'-J) H(JF %-/I E$33'*G' 'DH7FJ) H'D41C) 'D#,F(J) EF F'-J) #.1I  CE' GH 'D4#F ('DF3() D9BH/ 'DE4'1C) 'D*J '(1E*G' ,EGH1J) E51 'D91(J) E9 'DE$33) 'DE51J) 'D9'E) DD(*1HD H41C*J ('F 'E1JC'F HAJD(3 9'EJ 63/1964 H#.J1'K B/ (1E 9B/ 'DE4'1C) (JF %-/I 'D41C'* 'DH7FJ) 'D*'(9) DD/HD) 'DEF*,) H'D41C) 'D#,F(J) H0DC AJ 'D#-H'D 'D*J *.HD AJG' (96 'D/HD 'DEF*,) 'D41C'* 'DH7FJ) 'D*'(9) DG' 'D-B AJ 'D*9'B/ E9 'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) EF #,D '3*:D'D +1H'*G' 'D(*1HDJ) CE' GH 'D-'D AJ %J1'F . AB/ .HD 'DB'FHF 'D%J1'FJ DDFA7 'D5'/1 9'E 1957 'D41C) 'DH7FJ) 'D'J1'FJ) DDFA7 'D-B AJ 'D*9'B/ E9 'D#4.'5 'D#,F(J) D'3*+E'1 +1H'*G' 'DFA7J) . +'FJ'K :*F5 9BH/ 'DE4'1C) 9DI #F JBHE 71A' 'D9B/ (*#3J3 41C) AJ 'D/HD) 'DEF*,) **E*9 (,F3J*G' H*.69 DDBH'FJF H'DDH'&- 'DF'A0) AJG' 'DI 'DE/I 'D0J D' **9'16 AJG E9 'D#-C'E 'DH'1/) AJ 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JFGE' . 9DI #F D' **E*9 G0GP 'D41C) (4.5J) B'FHFJ) E3*BD) 9F 'D71AJF  H'D' JCHF DG' #J -B 3H'! 9DI 'DFA7 'DEF*, #E 9DI 'J) EE*DC'* *3*./E (:16 *FAJ0 'D9EDJ'* 'DE*AB 9DJG' AJ 'D9B/ . HJCHF 'D:16 'DH-J/ DG0GP 'D41C) GH 'DBJ'E (CD 'D9EDJ'* 'DE*AB 9DJG' AJ 'D9B/ FJ'() 9F 'D71AJF HDJ3 DG' E2'HD) #J 9ED #H 'DBJ'E (#J F4'7 J*,'H2 *DC 'D9EDJ'* () . +'D+'K : *F5 9BH/ 'DE4'1C) 9DI 'F J4'1C 'D,'F( 'DH7FJ (-5) AJ 1#3 E'D 'D41C) 'DB'&E) ('D9EDJ'*  (J/ #F G0G 'D9BH/ **('JF AJE' (JFG' AJE' J*9DB (EB/'1 G0G 'D-5)  AAJ (96 'D9BH/ C'F* F3() E4'1C) 'D71A 'DH7FJ #BD EF F3() E4'1C) 'D71A 'D#,F(J () HAJ 'D(96 'D".1 C'F* F3() E4'1C) 'D71A 'DH7FJ H'D71A 'D#,F(J E*3'HJ)  #J .E3JF AJ 'DE'&) (50%) DCD EFGE' () HAJ FH9 +'D+ EF 'D9BH/ C'F* F3() E4'1C) 'D71A 'DH7FJ *E+D 'D#:D(J) AJ 1'3 E'D 'D41C) () . H9DI 'J) -'D A(9/ #F C'F* 'D#:D(J) AJ (/'J) 'D#E1 EF F5J( 'D41JC 'D#,F(J H'DE4'1C) ('D#BDJ) EF F5J( 'D41JC 'DH7FJ  A'F 'D'*,'G 'D0J 3'/ AJE' (9/ F-H EF- 'DE4'1C) ('D#:D(J) DD41J7 'DH7FJ (). 1'(9'K : **.0 9BH/ 'DE4'1C) EF -J+ F7'B 'D9EDJ'* 'D*J *.69 DDE4'1C) %-/I 5H1*JF : A'E' #F J4'1C 'D,'F( 'DH7FJ AJ 'D9EDJ'* 'D*J **E AB7 9DI 'BDJE 'D/HD) HGJ 9EDJ'* 'C*4'A 'DFA7 H*FEJ*G H'F*',G CE' GH 'D4#F ('DF3() DD9BH/ 'DE(1E) E9 ,EGH1J) E51 'D91(J)  H#E' #F J*39 F7'B E4'1C) 'D,'F( 'DH7FJ DJ4ED 'DI ,'F( 'D9EDJ'* 'D*J **E 9DI 'BDJE 'D/HD) 'DE*9'B/)  9EDJ'* FBD 'DFA7 H*C1J1G H*3HJBG CE' GH 'D-'D ('DF3() DD9BH/ 'DE(1E) E9 -CHE) 'DEEDC) 'D91(J) 'D39H/J) . .'E3'K : *CHF EDCJ) 'DFA7 'DEF*, H'D*51A AJG EF -B CD EF 'D41JCJF 'DH7FJ H'D#,F(J CD -3( -5*G AJ 'DE4'1C) 'DE*AB 9DJG' AJ 'D9B/ HJECF #F F0C1 9DI 3(JD 'DE+'D E' F5* 9DJG 'DE'/) (17)EF 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) H'DE$33) 'DE51J) 'D9'E) DDFA7 H41C) AJD(3 9'E 1963 EF #FG JCHF DCD EF 'DE$33) HAJD(3 CE'DCJF 9DI 'DE4'9 -B 'DEDCJ) H'D-J'2) H'D*51A  -3(E' *1'G CD EFGE' EF'3('K AJ 'D.E3JF AJ 'DE'&) (50%) EF ,EJ9 'D2J* 'D.'E 'DEF*, (H'37) 'D71AJF . HAJ 'D-'D) 'D*J *CHF AJG' 'DE4'1C) E*C'ED)  #J *4ED 'DI ,'F( 'F*', 'DFA7 FBDG H*C1J1G H*5/J1G H*3HJBG  A'F 'D41C) 'DB'&E) ('D9EDJ'* 'D*J J*HDI *#3J3G' 'D71AJF GJ 'D*J **HDI 'DBJ'E (CD G0GP 'D9EDJ'* H(F'! 9DJG JECF 'DBHD (#F 'D41C) 'D#,F(J) DE J9/ DG' 'D-B 'DEFA1/ AJ 'F*', H*C1J1 HFBD H*5/J1 'DFA7 'DEF*, CE' C'F 9DJG 'D-'D AJ 8D 9BH/ 'D'E*J'2. H('D%6'A) 'DI 0DC *6EF* 9BH/ 'DE4'1C) _ CE' GH 'D4#F ('DF3() D9BH/ 'D#E*J'2 _ 41H7'K *9'B/J) *9/ (E+'() BJH/ -BJBJ) 9DI -B 'D71AJF 'DH7FJ H'D#,F(J AJ EDCJ) 'DFA7 'DEF*, H'D*51A AJG ('D(J9 #H 'D*5/J1 EF 0DC 'D41H7 'D*9'B/J) 'D*J *F5 9DI /A9 %*'H) DD/HD) 'DEF*,) **E+D AJ F3() E9JF) EF 'DFA7 'DEF*, () H*DC 'D*J *F5 9DI -B 'D/HD) AJ 41'! F3() E9JF) EF 'DFA7 'DEF*, D#,D 'D'3*9E'D 'DE-DJ () . G0' 'DI ,'F( 'D41H7 'D*J *-81 9DI 'D41C) 9/E (J9 #H *5/J1 'DFA7 'DEF*, D#J) 3D7) #,F(J) E9'/J) () . 3'/3'K : **6EF 9BH/ 'DE4'1C) 'DF5 9DI #F J*-ED 'D41JC 'D#,F(J H-/G E5'1JA 'D(-+ H'D*FBJ( 9F 'DFA7  E9 H69 -/ #/FI DBJE) G0GP 'DE51HA'* H*H2J9G' 9DI A*1'* 2EFJ) E*9'B()  H0DC 'DI #F J*E 'C*4'A 'D(*1HD (CEJ'* *,'1J) . HAJ -'D) 'C*4'A 'DFA7 (CEJ'* *,'1J) *FBD C'A) 'D9EDJ'* 'DE*AB 9DJG' AJ 'D9B/ 'DI 'D41C) 'D*J J*HDI 'D71A'F *#3J3G' HJ*-ED CD EF 'D71AJF ,EJ9 'DE51HA'* 'D*J *FAB 9DI 9EDJ'* *FEJ) -BHD 'DFA7 'DEC*4A) H'3*:D'DG' CD -3( -5*G AJ 'DE4'1C) . 3'(9'K : J*6EF ,'F( EF G0GP 'D9BH/ F5'K JD2E 'D41C) 'DB'&E) ('D'3*:D'D ('F4'! E9ED #H #C+1 D*C1J1 'DFA7 AJ 'BDJE 'D/HD) 'DEF*,) (J/ #F G0' 'D'D*2'E C'F E41H7'K (H5HD 'D'F*', 9F/ E3*HI E9JF H+(H* 'DA'&/) 'D'B*5'/J) H'D*,'1J) DBJ'E E+D G0GP 'DE9'ED. HJECF #F F0C1 9DI 3(JD 'DE+'D E' F5* 9DJG 'DE'/) (27) EF 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF -CHE) 'D39H/J) H'D41C) 'DJ'('FJ) 9'E 1957 EF #FG 9F/E' J(D: 'F*', 'D2J* 'D.'E 'DE3*.1, +D'+JF 'DA (1EJD JHEJ'K DE/) *39JF JHE'K  A9DI (F'! E9ED D*C1J1 'DFA7 AJ 'D39H/J) H0DC AJ E/) D' **,'H2 3F*JF H9F/E' J(D: E*H37 EB/'1 'D2J* .E3) H3(9HF 'DA (1EJD JHEJ'K DE/) *39JF JHE'K A9DI 'D41C) (F'! E9ED #H E9'ED DD*C1J1 D' JBD 'D-/ 'D#/FI D%F*',G' 9F +D'+JF ('DE'&) EF 'F*', 'D41C) (). +'EF'K : **EJ2 9BH/ 'DE4'1C) (#FG' C'F* B5J1) 'DE/) ('DEB'1F) (9BH/ 'D'E*J'2 ADE **,'H2 E// G0GP 'D9BH/ _ AJ EF7B) 'D41B 'D#H37 _ #C+1 EF .E3) H#1(9JF 9'E'K () . CE' **EJ2 (#F EF'7B 'D(-+ H'D*FBJ( 9F 'DFA7 'D*J C'F* *4EDG' #BD (C+J1 EF *DC 'D*J C'F* *:7JG' 9BH/ 'D'E*J'2 (D H#C+1 EF 0DC A'F G0GP 'D9BH/ B/ *6EF* F5H5'K *D2E 'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) ('D*.DJ 9F 'DEF'7B :J1 'DE3*:D) HAB'K DE9/D'* HA*1'* 2EFJ) E9JF) () (JFE' DE *CF 9BH/ 'D'E*J'2 **6EF E+D G0GP 'DF5H5 HEE' *,/1 'D'4'1) 'DJG #F E98E 9BH/ 'DE4'1C) () *6EF* F5'K JB6J (*3HJ) 'DEF'29'* 'D*J JECF #F *F4# 9F 'D9B/ (71JB 'D*-CJE () . HEF .D'D G0' 'D916 'DEH,2 DD.7H7 'D9'E) H'D.5'&5 'D1&J3) 'D*J **EJ2 (G' 9BH/ 'DE4'1C)  JECF 'DBHD (#F G0GP 'D9BH/ *-BB 'D9/J/ EF 'DE2'J' DD/HD 'DEF*,) ()  ('DEB'1F) (9BH/ 'D'E*J'2  H'D*J EF #GEG' : 1- **J- G0GP 'D9BH/ DD/HD 'DEF*,) (#F *E'13 1B'() A9DJ) 9DI #9E'D 'D41C) 'D#,F(J) 'DB'&E) ('3*:D'D +1H'*G' 'DFA7J)  H0DC (E' DG' EF *E+JD AJ E,D3 %/'1) 'D41C) 'DB'&E) ('D9EDJ'* . 2- *DBI G0GP 'D9BH/ 9DI 9'*B 'D41C) 'D#,F(J) 'DE*9'B/) (E3$HDJ) *EHJD 9EDJ'* 'D(-+ H'D*FBJ( 9F 'DFA7 H'C*4'AG AD' JD2E 'D71A 'DH7FJ ('DE4'1C) AJ G0GP 'DFAB'* 'D' (9/ 'C*4'A 'DFA7 H(CEJ'* *,'1J) . A'0' DE JC*4A 'DFA7 (CEJ'* *,'1J)  #9AI 'D71A 'DH7FJ EF 'DE4'1C) AJ 'DFAB'*  H(0DC A'FG (EH,( G0GP 'D9BH/ **,F( 'D/HD 'DEF*,) 'D.3'1) 'DF',E) 9F 'DFAB'* 'D6'&9) AJ 'DHB* 'D0J *-BB AJG A'&/) '3*+E'1 1#3 E'D #,F(J 9DI 'BDJEG' AJ '9E'D 'D(-+ H'DC4A 9F 'DFA7 . 3- *A3- G0GP 'D9BH/ 'DE,'D #E'E 'D/HD 'DEF*,) AJ #F *4*1C HD#HD E1) 3H'! (FA3G' #H 9F 71JB 'DE$33'* #H 'D41C'* 'D*'(9) DG' AJ 9EDJ'* *3HJB 'DFA7 H'D*J *9*(1 (-B EF #/B H#GE E1'-D 5F'9) 'DFA7 H'C+1G' *9BJ/'K . EF .D'D 0DC **J- 'DA15) DG0GP 'D/HD EF 'C*3'( .(1'* 'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) 'DC(1I AJ G0' 'DE,'D . 4- **J- G0GP 'D9BH/ _ .5H5'K 9F/E' *4ED E4'1C) 'D,'F( 'DH7FJ CD 9EDJ'* '3*:D'D 'DFA7 EF 'F*', HFBD H*C1J1 H*3HJB 'DA15) #E'E 'D/HD 'DEF*,) D*CHJF ,JD EF 'D.(1'! 'DE*.55JF AJ 4*I E1'-D 5F'9) 'DFA7 . 5- *-BB 9BH/ 'DE4'1C) 'D*J J4*1C AJG' 'D,'F( 'DH7FJ (.E3JF AJ 'DE'&) (50%) 9DI 'D#BD EF 1#3 E'D 'D41C) 'DB'&E) ('D9EDJ'* DD/HD 'DEF*,) F5J('K EF 'D'1('- D' JBD 9F .E3) H3(9JF AJ 'DE'&) (75%) EF 'D#1('- 'D5'AJ)  EFG' .E3HF AJ 'DE'&) (50%) EB'(D 'D61'&( H'D1JH9 H'D'J,'1'* *7(JB'K DE(/# EF'5A) 'D'1('-  H.E3) H941HF AJ 'DE'&) (25%) EB'(D 'DEF'5A) C41JC AJ 'D'1('- 'D5'AJ) . HAJ 'DEB'(D  A'F G0GP 'D9BH/ *-BB DD41C'* 'D#,F(J) FH9'K EF 'D'3*B1'1 H'D'7E&F'F AJ 9D'B'*G' E9 'D/HD 'DEF*,) H0DC ('9*('1 #FG' #5(-* 41JC'K DG' HDJ3* E,1/ 5'-( 'E*J'2 9DI 'DF-H 'D0J C'F 3'&/'K AJ 8D 9BH/ 'D'E*J'2() . H#.J1'K '0' C'F* 'D/HD 'DEF*,) B/ '3*7'9* 'D*H5D 'DI 5J':) *9'B/J) ,/J/)  F(0* (G' F8'E 'D'E*J'2 'D*BDJ/J  A'FG' DE *BA 9F/ -/ 'DE7'D() ('DE4'1C) AJ '3*:D'D +1H'*G' 'DFA7J)  (D *H5D* 'DI 5J':) *9'B/J) ,/J/) #.1I  91A* ('3E 9B/ 'DEB'HD) 'DFA7J  HGH 'D4CD 'D*9'B/J 'D0J F*F'HDG 9(1 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ . 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ 9BH/ 'DEB'HD) (9/ 'F 916F' DF8'E 9BH/ 'D'E*J'2 +E 9BH/ 'DE4'1C)  F916 'D"F DF8'E 9BH/ 'DEB'HD) (5A*G EF #GE 'D'4C'D 'D*9'B/J) H#-/+G' 'D*J 3'/* AJ 'D9D'B) (JF 'D/HD 'DEF*,) DDFA7 H'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) 'D9'ED) AJ G0' 'DE,'D EF #,D 'C*4'A 'DFA7 H'3*:D'DGP . HD' J9/Q 9B/ 'DEB'HD) F8'E'K ,/J/'K AJ E,'D 5F'9) 'DFA7 'D9'DEJ)  AB/ 8G1 G0' 'DFH9 EF 'D9BH/  D'HD E1) AJ 'DEC3JC 9'E 1950  H'D*J B'E* (*#EJE 5F'9) 'DFA7 9'E 1938 H#33* 'D41C) 'DH7FJ) DDFA7 'DE91HA) ('3E (JEC3 "Pemexe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CE' #FG' D' *D*2E ('/'! #J FH9 EF 'D61'&( #H 'D13HE  H0DC 9DI .D'A E' C'F E*(9'K AJ 8D 9BH/ 'D'E*J'2 H9BH/ 'DE4'1C) . HD9D 0DC J1,9 'DI CHF 'D41C) 'D#,F(J) 'DE*9'B/) E,1/ EB'HD J9ED D-3'( 'D71A 'DH7FJ . HAJ 0DC **4'(G 9BH/ 'B*3'E 'D'F*', E9 9BH/ 'DEB'HD) . CE' **EJ2 9BH/ 'B*3'E 'D'F*', (B51 E/*G' ('DEB'1F) (9BH/ 'D'E*J'2 H9BH/ 'DE4'1C)  %0 DE **,'H2 E/) 'D(-+ H'D*FBJ( 9F 'DFA7 AJ CD 9BH/ 'B*3'E 'D'F*', 'D*J '(1E*G' E51  9DI 3(JD 'DE+'D  E9 'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) +E'F 3FH'* () CE' DE **,'H2 E/) 'D*FEJ) H'D'3*:D'D .E3) H941JF 9'E'K HEF G0GP 'DF'-J) **4'(G 9BH/ 'B*3'E 'D'F*', E9 9BH/ 'DEB'HD) 9DI 'DF-H 'D3'(B (J'FG . CE' #F 'DE3'-'* 'D*J *:7JG' G0GP 'D9BH/ E-/H/) DD:'J) ('DEB'1F) ('DE3'-'* 'D*J C'F* *:7JG' 9BH/ 'D'E*J'2  CE' #F F8'E 'D*.DJ 9F 'DEF'7B :J1 'DE3*:D) 'DEF5H5 9DJG AJ G0GP 'D9BH/ #4/ 51'E) ('DEB'1F) (F8'E 'D*.DJ 'D0J C'F EF5H5 9DJG AJ 9BH/ 'D'E*J'2 H9BH/ 'DE4'1C) A9DI 3(JD 'DE+'D  7(B'K DD9B/ 'DE(1E (JF -CHE) B71 HE,EH9) 'D41C'* 'D'DE'FJ) H'D#E1JCJ) 9'E 1976  J*.DI 'DEB'HD ( #J 'D41C'* 'DE*9'B/) ) 9F .E3JF AJ 'DE'&) (50%) EF 'DEF7B) 'D*J J4EDG' 'D9B/ .D'D 'D.E3 3FH'* 'D#HDI  +E J*.DI 9F 941JF AJ 'DE'&) (20%) #.1I AJ 'DEF7B) .D'D 'D+E'F 3FH'* 'D#HDI  HD' J3*(BI :J1 EF'7B 'D9ED 'DA9DJ (9/ 'D'+FJ 941 9'E'K 'D#HDI . HAJ 0DC **4'(G 'J6'K 9BH/ 'B*3'E 'D'F*', E9 9BH/ 'DEB'HD) . 'D.'*E) (9/ #F 'F*GJF' EF (-+ EH6H9 /1'3*F' 'D0J *F'HDF' AJG ('FE'7 9BH/ DD'3*+E'1'* 'DFA7J)AJ 8D 'DB'FHF 'D/HDJ 'DE'DJ ) AB/ *H5DF' 'DI 9/) F*'&, H.1,F' (,ED) EF 'D*H5J'* JECF %J,'2G' (E' JDJ : #HD'K _ 'D'3*F*','* 1- *(1E 9BH/ 'D'3*+E'1'* 'DFA7J) (JF 'D/HD 'DEF*,) DDFA7 0'*G' #H %-/I 'D41C'* #H 'DE$33'* #H 'DGJ&'* 'D9'E) 'D*'(9) DG' EF F'-J)  H(JF 71A ".1 JBHE ('D*FBJ( H'D%F*', H'D*3HJB EF F'-J) #.1I  *CHF AJ 'D:'D( EF 'D41C'* 'DC(1I 'DE*.55) 'DB'/E) EF 'D/HD 'D5F'9J) E3*GDC) 'D7'B)  H'D*J *EDC EF 'D#EH'D H'D.(1) 'D*CFDH,J) E' JECFG' EF 'D/.HD AJ G0' 'DEJ/'F 0J 'DE.'71 'D9'DEJ) 'D*J D' *3*7J9 EH',G*G' 'D' 41C'* *9ED 9DI E3*HI 'D9'DE  #H AJ #C+1 EF /HD)  (-J+ *H'2F #1('-G' EF '3*:D'D (96 'DEF'7B  H.3'&1G' EF 'D9ED AJ EF'7B #.1I B/ *FAB AJG' 1$H3 'D#EH'D 'D7'&D) /HF +E1) E' HG0G 'D9BH/ GJ 9BH/ /HDJ) *.69 DBH'9/ 'DB'FHF 'D/HDJ 'DE'DJ . 2- *9//* 'D'FE'7 'D*9'B/J) 'D*J '*.0*G' 9BH/ 'D'3*+E'1'* 'DFA7J) AB/ '*.0* AJ (/'J) 'D#E1 FE7 9BH/ 'D'E*J'2 HB/ '*3E* G0GP 'D9BH/ ('.*D'D 'D*H'2F DE5D-) 41C'* 'D*FBJ( +E 8G1* 'DI 'DH,H/ (9/ 0DC #FE'7 *9'B/J) ,/J/) *E+D* (9BH/ 'DE4'1C)  H'DEB'HD)  H'B*3'E 'F*', 'DFA7 HB/ '3*G/A* G0GP 'D9BH/ *-BJB FH9 EF 'D*H'2F (JF E5'D- 'D/HD 'DEF*,) DDFA7 H'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) 'DE*9'B/) E9G'  AJ 6H! E(/# 3J'/) 'D/HD) 9DI +1H'*G' 'D7(J9J) H'D0J #/I 'DI '3*B1'1 'DE(/# 'DB'FHFJ 'D0J J9*1A (EDCJ) 'D/HD) D+1H'*G' 'D7(J9J) 'DC'EF) AJ '1'6JG'  (-J+ D' *C*3( 41C'* 'DFA7 -B'K 9DI #J ,2! EF G0GP 'D+1H) 'D' 9DI E' *3*.1,G EFG' ('DA9D H9F/ 1#3 'D(&1 AB7 . HEF +E D' *CHF DD41C'* 'D' -BHB 4.5J) AJ 'D'3*.1',  D' -BHB 9JFJ) 9DI 'DFA7 *-* 'D#16  HGH E' 0G(* 'DJG 'DC+J1 EF 'D/HD 'DEF*,) DDFA7 EF .D'D BH'FJFG' 'DH7FJ) H'D*J '9*(1* 'D+1H'* 'D7(J9) 'DEH,H/) AJ '1'6JG' HEJ'GG' 'D%BDJEJ) EF 'D#ED'C 'D9'E)  HEF +E A'F 'D/HD) H-/G' 5'-() 'D-B AJ '3*+E'1 G0GP 'DEH'1/  H'0' E' 1.5* DD:J1 ('3*:D'D 'DEH'1/ 'D7(J9J)  A'F G0' 'D*1.J5 J,( #F J.69 D%41'A 'D3D7) 'D*41J9J)  HJ5/1 (0DC B'FHF  '0 #F 'D3D7) 'D*41J9J) *9(19F "1'&G' (BH'FJF . HEE' 3(B A'F 'D*CJJA 'DB'FHFJ D/H1 'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) AJ 9BH/ 'B*3'E 'F*', 'DFA7 D' J.*DA 9F 'D*CJJA 'DB'FHFJ D/H1 'D41C) 'D#,F(J) AJ 9BH/ 'DEB'HD)  A'D41C) 'D#,F(J) AJ 9BH/ 'B*3'E 'F*', 'DFA7 DJ3* 5'-() 'E*J'2 CE' 'FG' DJ3* 41JC) -BJBJ) CE' GJ 'D-'D AJ 9BH/ 'DE4'1C) H'FE' GJ E,1/ EB'HD J9ED D-3'( 'D41C) 'DH7FJ) 'D*J 9G/* 'DJG' (*B/JE ./E'* E'DJ) HAFJ) H*,'1J) E-/H/) F5 9DJG' 'D9B/ AJ EB'(D 9H6 E9JF *D*2E 'D/HD) 'DE6JA) DD'3*+E'1 'DFA7J ('/'&G HJ*E+D G0' 'D9H6 (-B 'D41C) 'D#,F(J) 'DEB'HD) AJ 'D-5HD 9DI -5) EF 'D'F*', (-3( 'DF3() 'DE*AB 9DJG' AJ 'D9B/ . A'D/HD) 'DEF*,) DDFA7 EE+D) (41C'*G' 'DH7FJ) AJ 9BH/ 'B*3'E 'F*', 'DFA7 *(BI B'FHF'K GJ 'DE'DC) 'D-BJBJ) DD+1H) 'DFA7J) AJ ('7F 'D#16 H9F/ AHG) 'D(&1 . HGJ 'DE'DC) 'J6'K DD#1'6J HCD 'DEH,H/'* 'DE.55) DD9EDJ'* 'DFA7J) . +'FJ'K : 'DEB*1-'* 1- -(0' DH -'HD* 'D/HD 'DE6JA) DD%3*+E'1 'DFA7J *F3JB 3J'3*G' *,'G 'D'3*+E'1 'DFA7J 'D#,F(J H0DC AJ '7'1 'DEF8E'* 'D'B*5'/J) 'D%BDJEJ) 'D*J *9/ #96'! AJG' CEF8E) 'D@ #H(C %0 JECF #F *69 G0G 'DEF8E'* 'DE('/& 'D9'E) 'D*J J,( #F **(9G' G0GP 'D/HD AJ E9'ED*G' DD'3*+E'1'* 'D#,F(J)  H'D*J JECF *6EJFG' AJ 'DE9'G/'* 'D/HDJ) 'D*J J(1EG' E9 'D/HD 'D#.1I . 2- 9DI 'D/HD) 'DE*9'B/) H'D#,G2) 'D*'(9) DG' #F *-*1E *9G/'*G' H'D*2'E'*G' 'D*9'B/J) *,'G 41C'* 'DFA7 'D#,F(J) 'DE*9'B/) E9G'  HD'3JE' AJE' J*9DB ('-*1'EG' D41H7 'D+('* H9/E 'DE3'3  H'D' **(9 #3'DJ( 'D*3HJA H'DEE'7D) (#F */9J 9/E 5-) G0GP 'D41H7 #H #F B'FHFG' 'DH7FJ J-81 G0GP 'D41H7 HJ9/G' ('7D) . '0 #F '*('9 'D/HD) DE+D G0GP 'D#3'DJ( JAB/G' E5/'BJ*G' AJ *9'EDG' E9 'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) 'DE3*+E1) . H9DI 'DE9FJJF (%(1'E G0GP 'D9BH/ E1'9') 'D%,1'!'* H'D#4C'D 'D*J JH,( 'DB'FHF 'D/'.DJ '*('9G' 9F/ '(1'E G0G 'D9BH/  H'F JCHF A1JB 'DEA'H6JF 9DI B/1 C(J1 EF 'D.(1) H'DCA'!) AJ ,EJ9 'DE,'D'* 'DE*9DB) ('D5F'9) 'DFA7J) 9F/ '(1'EG' HD'3JE' 61H1) 'D'3*9'F) (1,'D 'DB'FHF 'DE*.55JF AJ G0' 'DE,'D  DE' AJ 0DC EF #GEJ) *CEF AJ %97'! 'DF5H5 'D*9'B/J) 'D5J:) 'DB'FHFJ) 'D3DJE) . 3- 61H1) *9/JD B'FHF 'DFA7 H'D:'2 'D91'BJ 'D5'/1 9'E 2007 (E' J*E'4I E9 E' H5D* 'DJG 9BH/ 'D'3*+E'1'* 'DFA7J) 'DE(1E) AJ 'DHB* 'D-'DJ AJ C+J1 EF 'D/HD 'DEF*,) DDFA7 H9DI 'DE419 'D91'BJ #F J69 F5( 9JFJG 9B/ 'DEB'HD) 'DF',- 'DE(1E E9 41C) 'J1'( 'DA1F3J) 9'E 1967 H'D9B/ 'D+'FJ 'DF',- 'DE(1E E9 41C) (*1H(1'3 'D(1'2JDJ) 9'E 1972 (-J+ JF8E G0' 'D*41J9 HJ6E ,EJ9 'DE3'&D 'DE*9DB) ('D5F'9) 'DFA7J) HEF 0DC EDCJ) 'D/HD) DDEH'1/ 'DFA7J)  HCJAJ) '5/'1 9BH/ 'D'3*+E'1'* 'DFA7J)  H4CD G0GP 'D9BH/  H(J'F 'D,G) 'DEFH7 DG' 'D%9D'F 9F 'DEF'7B 'DE7DH( *FEJ*G'  HH69 *F8JE C'ED DD9EDJ'* 'DFA7J) (/!'K EF E1-D) 'D(-+ H'D'C*4'A  'DI E1-D) 'D*FEJ) H'D'3*+E'1  E9 *-/J/ 'DE// AJ CD EF G'*JF 'DE1-D*JF . CE' J,( 'D*916 DD41H7 'DE7DH() EF 'D41C'* 'DFA7J) 'D*J *B/E DD9ED AJ G0GP 'D5F'9) 'DEGE) AJ 'D91'B  H*-// 'D*2'E'*G' H-BHBG' AJ -'D) EF-G' -B 'D*1.J5 ('3*:D'D *DC 'DEH'1/ AJ 'D91'B DCHF B'FHF 'DFA7 H'D:'2 'D5'/1 9'E 2007 B/ #F'7 G0GP 'DEGE'* ,EJ9G' ('DE,D3 'D'*-'/J DDFA7 H'D:'2 'D0J (JF* *4CJDGO H3D7'*GP H5D'-J'*G H9D'B*GP (GJ'CD 'D/HD) 'D#.1I 'DE'/) 'D.'E3) 'DAB1) (*) /HF #F *14- 9F G0' 'DE,D3 'J) *9DJE'* #H '5/'1'* #H .77 DDFGH6 (H'B9 'D5F'9) 'DFA7J) AJ 'D91'B . %0 'F ,HD) 'D*1'.J5 'D*J EF-*G' H2'1) 'DFA7 DD41C'* 'D#,F(J) -3( G/JQ 'DE,D3 'D'*-'/J DDFA7 H'D:'2  DE */.D -J2 'D*FAJ0 D9/E E5'/B) E,D3 'DFH'( 9DJG' DCHF 'DE'/) 'D.'E3) #/ +'EF'K EF B'FHF 'DFA7 H'D:'2 'D91'BJ JF5 9DI #F E,D3 'DFH'( J5'/B 9DI ,EJ9 'D'*A'BJ'* 'DFA7J) 'D/HDJ) 'DE9/) H0'* 'D'*5'D H('D9EDJ'* AJ B7'9 'DFA7 H'D:'2 'D*J *(1EG' ,EGH1J) 'D91'B E9 'D/HD 'D#.1I. 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http://www.bb.couk/arabic/lg/wordnews" www.bb.co.uk/arabic/lg/worldnews +'FJ'_ ('DD:) 'D#,F(J) 1- Aitchaalal (Mohamed said.) :-pays producters de petrole et companies internationals these lau sane 1977 . 2- Behems (Denis) Les contruts entre et personnes privees enrangeres, Droit applicable et respon sa bilitl international , these , Lausanne, 1988 3- Benchikh (M), les instruments juridiques de la politique 4- Deraux- charbohnel ( J) Laccord de New York sur la participation des Etats producteurs de petrole dans le Capital des societes co 5- EL.Kosheri(A.s),regime juridique cree par Les accords de participation dans Le domaine Petrolier , Recueil des cours, 1975 6- HANDJANT(A) Les arbitrages enter les Etats et les societes petrolieres , Memoire pour le diplome d Etudes superieures de droit public paris l. 1975 . 7- Leboulage ( philippe) : - Les contrats entre et enterprises etrang eres economica.1985. 8- LOGIE (J), Les contrats petroliers iraniens , R.B.D.I. , 1965 9- Mustupha ( Mohamed) :- Les aspects des rapports entre Etats prodacteurs de petrole et companies petrolieres entrangeres , these , paris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eboulanger ( philippe ) : - Les contrats entre et enterprises etrang eres economica.1985, No.34 -J+ J0C1 #F 9B/ %E*J'2 'DFA7 GH: "Un acte par lequel un Etat accorde a une entereprise etangere le droit exclusif de rechercher et d exploiter des Hydrocarbures sur un territoire et pendant une duree determine " (2) 'F81 AJ FA3 'DE9FI : /. 9(/'D('1J #-E/ 9(/'D('1J  'DF8'E 'DB'FHFJ D9EDJ'* 'D(*1HD  71  1408 G@  (/HF F'41  5 12 . /. 9(/ 'D1-JE E-E/ 39J/  'DF8'E 'DB'FHFJ D9BH/ 'D(*1HD  13'D) /C*H1'G  ,'E9) 'DB'G1)  5 58 . HDDE2J/ EF 'D*A'5JD -HD -B 'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) AJ 'D(-+ 9F 'DFA7 H'C*4'AG H'F*',G  'F81 : /. #-E/ 9(/ 'D-EJ/ 94H4  'DF8'E 'DB'FHFJ DD'*A'BJ'* 'D(*1HDJ) AJ 'D(D'/ 'D91(J)  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  1975  5 31 HE' (9/G' . (3) Leboulanger ( ph) : Op. Cit ., P.14 , No.34 HDDE2J/ EF 'D*A'5JD -HD -B 'D41C'* 'D#,F(J) AJ EDCJ) 'DFA7 'DEF*, H'D*51A AJGP  1',9 : /. #-E/ 9(/ 'D-EJ/ 94H4  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 74 HE' (9/G' . (1) 'F81 : Ait Chaalal (Mohamed said.) :-pays producters de petrole et companies internationals these lau sane 1977,P.78 HC#E+D) DG0G 'D9BH/ JECF #F F0C1 'J6'K : 9B/ 'D'E*J'2 'DE(1E (JF -CHE) 'D39H/J) H41C) '3*'F/1/ 'HJD C'DJAH1FJ' 9'E 1933 (E1)  9B/ 'D'E*J'2 'DE(1E (JF FA3 'D-CHE) H41C) 'D('3AJC AJ 204('7 9'E 1949 (E1)  H9BH/ 'D'E*J'2 'D+D'+) 'D*J '(1E*G' -CHE) 'D91'B E9 41C) 'DFA7 'D*1CJ) 9'E 1925 H41C) FA7 'DEH5D 9'E 1932  H41C) FA7 'D(51) 9'E 1938 . 1',9 AJ G0GP 'D9BH/ ,EJ9'K : /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  '*A'BJ'* H9BH/ 'D(*1HD AJ 'D(D'/ 'D91(J)  'D,2! 'D#HD  'DE7(9) 'D9'DEJ)  72  1969  5 19 HE' (9/G'  5 90 HE' (9/G'  5 223 HE' (9/G'  5 272 HE' (9/G'  5 306 HE' (9/G' 9DI 'D*H'DJ (2) 'F81 AJ FA3 'DE9FI : /. '-E/ 9(/'D-EJ/ 94H4  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 75  577 . (3) C#E+D) D0DC 1',9 : 'DE'/) (19) EF 9B/ 'D'E*J'2 'DE(1E (JF -CHE) 'D39H/J) H41C) '3*'F/1/ 'HJD C'DJAH1FJ' 9'E 1933  'DE'/) (12) EF 9B/ 'D'E*J'2 'DE(1E (JF -CHE) 'D91'B H41C) FA7 'D(51) 9'E 1938 . (4)1',9 9DI 3(JD 'DE+'D : 'D(F/ (4) EF 9B/ '3*:D'D EF7B) 1#3 :'1( (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) H'D41C) 'D'FCDJ2J) 'DE51J) D"('1 'D2JH* 'DE(1E AJ 19 C'FHF 'D#HD 1938 H'D(F/ (4) AJ 9B/ '3*:D'D EF7B) 3/1 DDFA7 'DE(1E AJ 10 *41JF 'D+'FJ 9'E 1948 (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J)= =H41C) CHFH1'/' 'D#E1JCJ) AJ 3 4('7 9'E 1954  H'D(F/ (4) EF 9B/ '3*:D'D EF7B) (*1HD 1#3 E7'1E) 'DE(1E AJ 6 #JDHD 9'E 1954 (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) H41C) 'D'F,DH ',(4J'F  1',9 AJ G0GP 'D9BH/ ,EJ9'K /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G( : 'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 412  5434  5490  5 525  9DI 'D*H'DJ . (1) 1',9 9DI 3(JD 'DE+'D : 'DE'/) (9) EF 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF -CHE) 'D39H/J) H41C) 'D('3AJC 9'E 1949  H'DE'/*JF (14-15) EF 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D91'B H41C) 'DFA7 'D*1CJ) 9'E 1925  H'D(F/ (7) EF 9B/ '3*:D'D EF7B) 1#3 :'1( (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) H'D41C) 'D'FCDH E51J) D"('1 'D2JH* 9'E 1938  H'D(F/ (9) EF 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF E51 H41C) CHFH1'/' 9'E 1954 . (2) 'F81 9DI 3(JD 'DE+'D : 'DE'/) (29) EF 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D39H/J) H41C) 'D('3AJC 9'E 1949 (3) 'F81 AJ FA3 'DE9FI : Ait Chaalal (M.S.) :Op.Cit.,P.76 , Bettems (Denis) Les contruts entre et personnes privees enrangeres, Droit applicable et respon sa bilitl international , these , Lausanne, 1988 ,P.36. H'F81 'J6'K : /. 9(/ 'D('1J #-E/ 9(/ 'D('1J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 14  /. 9(/ 'D1-JE E-E/ 39J/  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 58 HE' (9/G' . (4) 'F81 :Ait Chaalal (M.S.) :Op.Cit.,P.76 = =HC'E+D) DG0GP 'D9BH/ 1',9 : 9B/ 'E*J'2 41C) 'EJFHJD E9 -CHE) 'DCHJ* 'DE(1E AJ 28-2J1'F 9'E 1948 ( /. 39/ 9D'E  EH3H9) 'D*41J9'* 'D(*1HDJ) DD/HD 'D91(J)  EF7B) 'D.DJ,  'D/H-) _ B71  'D7(9) 'D#HDI  1978  5 259 ) . 9B/ 'D'E*J'2 'DE(1E (JF 'D39H/J) H41C) '3*'F/1/ #HJD C'DJAH1FJ'  9'E 1933 . (1) 1',9 AJ G0' 'D9B/ : /. 39/ 9D'E  EH3H9) 'D*41J9'* 'D(*1HDJ) DD/HD 'D91(J)  EF8E) 'D.DJ, 'D91(J  'D/H-)  B71  71  1978  5 439 . HEF 'E+D) G0GP 'D9BH/ 1',9 : 9B/ 'E*J'2 41C) 4D E9 B71 'DE(1E AJ 29 A(1'J1 9'E 1952  9B/ 'E*J'2 41C) FA7 #(H 8(J E9 '(H 8(J 'DE(1E AJ 11 C'FHF 'D+'FJ 9'E 1939  'F81 AJ G0GP 'D9BH/  /. 39/ 9D'E  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 444  5 509 9DI 'D*H'DJ . (2) HEF #E+D) 0DC : 9B/ '3*:D'D EF7B) 1#3 :'1( 'DE(1E AJ 19 C'FHF 'D#HD 9'E 1938 (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) H'D41C) 'D'F,DH E51J)  -J+ C'F* E/) 'D'3*:D'D 309'E ( 'D(F/ 'D#HD) B'(D) DD*,/J/ E1) H'-/) DE/) .E3 941 3F) #.1I ( 'D(F/ 28) . C0DC 9B/ '3*:D'D EF7B) 1#3 3/1 (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) H41C) 'D'F,DH ',(4J'F AJ 10 *41JF 'D+'FJ 1948 . 1',9 AJ G0JF 'D9B/JF : /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 412  5 434 9DI 'D*H'DJ. (1)Bettems (D.) : Op.Cit.,P.37 (2) 'F81 AJ FA3 'DE9FI : /. 9(/ 'D('1J #-E/ 9(/ 'D('1J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 14  /. 9(/ 'D1-JE E-E/ 39J/  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 60 . (3) 1',9 AJ 0DC : /. #-E/ 9(/ 'D-EJ/ 94H4  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 56 . HEF #E+D) 0DC 'J6'K : 'D9BH/ 'D+D'+ 'D*J '(1EG' 'D91'B E9 41C) FA7 'D*1CJ) 9'E 1925 (E3) H41C) FA7 'DEH5D 9'E 1932 F H41C) FA7 'D(51) 9'E 1938  1',9 AJ G0GP 'D9BH/ : /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 223  5 272  307 9DI 'D*H'DJ . (4) EF 0DC 9DI 3(JD 'DE+D 'DE'/) 'D*'39) EF 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF -CHE) 'D39H/J) H41C) 3*'F/1 'HJD C'DJAH1FJ' 9'E 1933 %0 F5* 9DI #F " ... **.DI 'D41C) DD-CHE) 9F= =(B9 EF 'DEF7B) 'DE4EHD) JCHF B/ *B11 D/JG' '0 0'C 9/E 'DE+'(1) 9DI '1*J'/G' #H 9/E '3*9E'DG' (4CD ".1 DG 9D'B) (G0' 'DE41H9  HC0DC **.DI 'D41C) DD-CHE) EF "F D".1 .D'D E/) G0GP 'D'*A'BJ) 9F (B9 '.1I EF 'DEF7B) 'DE4EHD) 'D*J B/ *CHF B11* 'D41C) "F0'C 9/E 'DE6J AJ '3*C4'AG' #H *FBJ(G' #H 9/E '3*9E'DG' ...." (1)Ait Chaalal (M.S.) :Op.Cit.,P.78 (2) 1',9 : /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 31 (3) 1',9 AJ 'DA1'&6 'DE'DJ) 'D*J C'F* *-5D 9DJG' 'D/HD 'DEF*,)  /. '-E/ 9(/ 'D-EJ/ 94H4  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 258 HE' (9/G' . (1) EF 0DC 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF -CHE) 'D39H/J) H41C) '1'ECH 9'E 1933 (E14)  H'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D91'B H41C) FA7 'D91'B 9'E 1925 ( E10)  'F81 /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  526  5 228 9DI 'D*H'DJ . (2)EF 0DC 'D9B/ 'DE(1E E9 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) H'D41C) 'D'FCDJ2J) 'DE51J) D"('1 'D2JH* 9'E 1938 (4#F '3*:D'D EF7B) 1#3 :'1( ( 'D(F/ 'D1'(9 ) . #F81 /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  'DE1,9 'D3'(B  5 414  5 436 9DI 'D*H'DJ . (3) EF 0DC 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF -CHE) 'D39H/J) H41C) '1'ECH 9'E 1933 (E5)  1',9 /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 21 . (4) EF 0DC 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D91'B H41C) FA7 'DEH5D 9'E 1932 (E10)  'F81 'DE5/1 'DE0CH1 #9D'G  5 275 . (5) 1',9 9DI 3(JD 'DE+'D 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) H41C) CHFH'1/' 9'E 1954 ( 'D(F/ 218 )  /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 502 . (6) EF 0DC 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D39H/J) H41C) ,J*I 9'E 1949(E4)  /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 95 (1)Ait Chaalal (M.S.) :Op.Cit.,P.84 (2) 'F81 : /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5248 . (3) 1',9 : Ait Chaalal (M.S.) :Op.Cit.,P.201. (1) HEF 'D,/J1 ('D0C1 'FG DE' 7'D(* 'D-CHE) 'D91'BJ) (*7(JB G0' 'DF5  1/* 'D41C) 9DI 7D(G' (E' JAJ/ 'D'3*.A'A H'D3.1J)  H0DC (BHDG' " (E' 'FF' D3F' 41C) 9'E) A'FF' ((3'7) D' F5/1 HD' F3*7J9 #F F5/1 #3GE'K DD,EGH1 " 'F81: /. 9(/ 'D1-JE E-E/ 39J/  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 119-120 . (2) 'F81 9DI 3(JD 'DE+'D : 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D39H/J) H#1'ECH 9'E 1933 ( E31)  H'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D39H/J) H41C) 'D('3AJC 9'E 1949 (E45)  H'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D91'B H41C) FA7 'D91'B 9'E 1925 (E40)  'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D91'B H41C) FA7 'DEH5D 9'E 1932 (E39)  H 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D91'B H41C) FA7 'D(51) 9'E 1938 (E41) . H'F81 'J6'K : 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 4J. B71 H41C) FA7 B71 AJ 17 #J'1 1935(E16)  H'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 4J. #(H 8(J H41C) 'D*FEJ) 'DE-/H/) DD(*1HD AJ 11C'FHF 'D+'FJ 9'E 1939 (E17)  1',9 AJ G0GP 'D9BH/ : HANDJANT (A)Les arbitrages enter les Etats et les societes petrolieres,Memoire pour le diplome d Etudes superieures de droit public paris l. 1975 . p. 57 et SS (3) ('3*+F'! 9BH/ 'D'E*J'2 'D*J '(1E*G' E51 E9 'D41C'* 'D#,F(J)  -J+ C'F* **6EF F5'K JB6J (#F CD F2'9 JBHE (JF 'D-CHE) H'D41C) 'DE*9'B/) AJE' J*9DB ('-C'E G0' 'D9B/ JCHF EF '.*5'5 'DE-'CE 'DE51J) . 'F81 9DI 3(JD 'DE+'D : 9B/ '3*:D'D EF7B) 3/1 'DE(1E 9'E 1948 (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) H41C) CHFH1'/' 'D#E1JCJ) 9'E 1954 ('D(F/ 41)  H9B/ '3*:D'D 1#3 E7'1E) (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) H41C) 'D'F,DH %,(4J'F 9'E 1954 ( 'D(F/ 45) . (1) 'F81 : /. 39/ 9D'E  417 'D*-CJE AJ '*A'BJ'* 'D(*1HD ('D(D'/ 'D91(J) (JF 'D%(B'! H'D%D:'! (-+ EB/E DDE$*E1 'D3'(9 D'*-'/ 'DE-'EJF 'D91(  (:/'/  C'FHF 'D#HD 9'E 1964 . (2) 'F81 : /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  58 (3) 'F81 : /. 9(/ 'DG'/J #-E/ 9(/ 'D('1J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 9 . (4) 1',9 AJ 0DC E9 'DE2J/ EF 'D*A'5JD -HD *#+J1 'D9H'ED 'D3J'3J) 9DI '(1'E 9BH/ 'D'E*J'2 'D(*1HDJ) : / . #-E/ 9(/ 'D-EJ/ 94H4  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 16 HE' (9/G' . (1) #F81 : EL. Kosheri (A.S.) :LE regime juridique cree par (2) 'F81 E9 'DE2J/ EF 'D*A'5JD : /. 9(/'D1-JE E-E/ 39J/  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 54 -55 . (3) 1',9 E9 'DE2J/ EF 'D*A'5JD : /. 9(/'D1-JE E-E/ 39J/  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 55 HE' (9/G' . HJ0C1 #FG AJ 9'E 1969 #,1I '+F'F EF 'D.(1'! 'DE51JJF AJ E,'D 'DFA7 EB'(D) E9 E/J1 'DFA7 ( (E+'() H2J1 'DFA7 ) AJ /(J -/J+'K 5-AJ'K AB'D AJG " DJ3 D/JF' .(J1 AJ 'D'*A'BJ'* 'DFA7J) ... H9F/E' 0G(F' 'DI 'FCD*1' H,/F' 'D,'F( 'D'FCDJ2J AJ 'D'*A'BJ) 'DFA7J) E3*9/'K (9// C(J1 EF 'D.(1'! 'DE*.55JF " +E '6'A E/J1 'DFA7 " ('F G$D'! 'D.(1'! C*(H' 'D'*A'BJ) HDE #/.D AJ ,/D HEF'B4'* #H #*/.D ... AGE 9F/GE 'D9DE " FA3 'DE5/1 'DE0CH1 5 56 . (1) 'F81 : /. 9(/ 'D('1J #-E/ 9(/ 'D('1J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 21 . (2) 1',9 : Bettems (D.) : Op.Cit.,P.38,No.22 (1) 1',9 AJ 0DC : /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5140 HE' (9/G' . (2) 1',9 AJ G0' 'D'*A'B : /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5346 HE' (9/G' . (3) 'F81 : /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5107 . (1) HEE' *,/1 'D%4'1) 'DJG AJ G0' 'DEB'E 'F 1A6 'D41C) 'D'F,DH %J1'FJ) %9E'D B'9/) EF'5A) 'D'1('- (JFG' H(JF 'J1'F C'F '-/ 'D#3('( 'D*J #/* 'DI BJ'E -CHE) 'D/C*H1 E5/B (*'EJE EE*DC'* 'D41C) 9'E 1951 HFBDG' 'DI 'D41C) 'DH7FJ) 'D'J1'FJ) DDFA7 HDB/ H',G* 'J1'F #2E) -BJBJ) F*J,) '*A'B 41C) 'DFA7 9DI 9/E 'D*9'ED E9 'DFA7 'D%J1'FJ EE' #/I 'DI 'D'F.A'6 'D-'/ AJ 'F*',G  (D DB/ H5D 'D#E1 'DI -/ E5'/1) 'DFA7 'D%J1'FJ AJ E$'FJ (96 'D/HD H*HBJ9 'D-,2 9DJG HDE J*E *3HJ) G0G 'D#2E) 'D' (9/ '3B'7 -CHE) E5/B  -J+ *E AJ 19 'JDHD 1954 '(1'E 9B/ (JF 'J1'F H'D41C) 'DH7FJ) 'D'J1'FJ) EF F'-J) HE,EH9) 'D41C'* 'DECHFG DDCHF31*JHE EF F'-J) #.1I  HDB/ *(FI 'D#71'A AJ G0' 'D9B/ B'9/) EF'5A) 'D'1('-  1',9 AJ 0DC : Bettems (D.) : Op.Cit.,P.39,No.23 (2) 'F81 : /. 9(/ 'D1-JE E-E/ 39J/  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5111-112 . (3) 'F81 : /. 9(/ 'D('1J '-E/ 9(/ 'D('1J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 29 . (1) 1',9 : /. 9(/ 'D1-JE E-E/ 39J/  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 109 (1) *#33* EF8E) 'D/HD 'DE5/1) DDFA7 9'E 1960 E H*6E 'D/HD 'DE5/1) DDFA7 HGJ +D'+ 941) /HD) GJ : 'D91'B  'DEEDC) 'D91(J) 'D39H/J)  'D,2'&1  'D'CH'/H1  'D,'(HF  #F/HFH3J'  'J1'F  DJ(J'  F,J1J'  B71  /HD) 'D%E'1'* 'D91(J) 'DE*-/)  AF2HJD'  HJ7DB 9DI G0GP 'DEF8E) DA8 'D#H(C (OPEC) HGJ 'D#-1A 'D#HDI EF '3E 'DEF8E) ('DD:) 'D'FCDJ2J) Organization of petroleum Exproting Countries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enchikh (M.), les instruments juridiques de la politique (1) 'F81 E9 'DE2J/ EF 'D*A'5JD -HD G0GP 'D'*A'BJ) : Devaux  Charbonnel (J.) , Laccord de New York sur la participation des Etats producteurs de petrole dans le Capital des societes co H'F81 'J6'K : /. .D'A 9(/ 'D,'(1 .D'A  '-*C'1 #,G2) 'DFA7 'D*F8JEJ) H'D#2E) 'D1'GF)  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  1985  5 154 HE' (9/G'  /. #-E/ 9(/ 'D-EJ/ 94H4  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 310 HE' (9/G'  /. 9(/ 'D-EJ/ 'D#-/(  'DF8'E 'DB'FHFJ DD(*1HD AJ 'DEEDC) 'D91(J) 'D39H/J)  E$33) FHAD  71  1982  5 195 HE' (9/G' . (2) 1',9 'DE2J/ EF 'D*A'5JD -HD G0' 'D'*A'B : EI-Kosheri (Ahmed Sadek),regime juridique cree par Les accords de participation dans Le domaine Petrolier , Recueil des cours, 1975 .Op.Cit.,p. 259 H'F81 AJ G0' 'D'*A'B 'J6'K : /. 39/ 9D'E  EH3H9) 'D*41J9'* 'D(*1HDJ) DD/HD 'D91(J)  EF8E) 'D.DJ,  'D/H-)  B71  'D7(9) 'D#HDI  1978  5 161 HE' (9/G' . (1) 1',9 E9 'DE2J/ EF 'D*A'5JD : EI-Kosheri (A.S.) , Le regime juridique cree par& .Op.Cit.,p. 262 etss , No 40 (2)) EI-Kosheri (A.S.) , Le regime juridique cree par& .Op.Cit.,p. 263 ets ., No. 41 . (3 )  HYPERLINK "http://www.bb.couk/arabic/lg/wordnews" www.bb.co.uk/arabic/lg/worldnews (1) HEF B(JD G0GP 'D41C'* : 'D41C) 'DH7FJ) 'D'J7'DJ) " 'JFJ" : H'D41C) 'DA1F3J) " 'J1'( " : H'D41C) 'D#3('FJ) DD(*1HD : Hispanoil . 'F81 E9 'DE2J/ EF 'D*A'5JD -HD 'D41C'* : /. .D'A 9(/ 'D,'(1 .D'A : 'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 63 HE' (9/G' . (2) H'D41C'* 'DC(1I 'D*J C'F* *-*C1 5F'9) 'D(*1HD AJ 'D9'DE  H'D*J 91A* ('3E " 'D4BJB'* 'D3(9" GJ : 41C) '3*'F/1/ #HJD #HA FJH,13J H*C3'3 'HJD  3CHFJ A'CJHE EH(JD #HJD : '3*'F/1/ #HJD #HA C'DJAH1FJ' H41C) 'DCHDA  1HJ'D /*4 _ 4D  H'D(1*4 (*1HDJE : 'F81 -HD G0GP 'D41C'* : /. .D'A 9(/ 'D,'(1 .D'A : 'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 60 HE' (9/G' (3) HDB/ 9(1 1,D 'D#9E'D 'D'J7'DJ 'DE4GH1 " E'*JG " H'D0J C'F 1&J3'K D41C) " 'JFJ" 'D'J7'DJ) 9F E4'1C) 'D/HD 'DEF*,) AJ '3*:D'D 'D+1H'* 'D(*1HDJ) (BHDG : " %F 9EDJ'* 'D'3*:D'D 'D#,F(J *+J1 -01 HJB8) 'D49H( 'D'3D'EJ) HD'(/ D41C'* 'D(*1HD EF #F *97JGE F3() #C(1 EE' J-5DHF 9DJG EB'(D (*1HDGE ... A'F' D' 'FHJ '97'!GE B37'K 'C(1 EF 'D#1('- A-3(  (D #FHJ 'J6'K ,9DGE 41C'! 9ED E9J AJ 'D(-+ 9F 'D(*1HD H'3*+E'1G " . 1',9 AJ 0DC : #-E/ 'D.1J,J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 4 . (1) 'F81 : Mustapha (Mohamed ) :- Les aspects des rapports entre Etats prodacteurs de petrole et companies petrolieres entrangeres , these , paris I ,1971 . Op.Cit.,PP.170-171 (2) 1',9 E9 'DE2J/ EF 'D*A'5JD : 172 etss Mustapha (M.) : Op.Cit.,P (1) 'F81 (4#F 'DE41H9 'DE4*1C /. E-E/ JHF3 'D5'&:  'DE1C2 'DB'FHFJ DD'3*+E'1'* 'D#,F(J) 'D.'5) AJ 'D/HD 'DF'EJ) AJ 8D 'DB'FHF 'D/HDJ 'DE'DJ  #71H-) /C*H1'G  CDJ) 'DB'FHF  ,'E9) 'DEH5D  2005  5 32-35 . (2) 1',9 AJ 0DC : Mustapha (M.) : Op.Cit.,PP.171-172 (3) 1',9 AJ G0' 'D9B/: /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 183 HE' (9/G'  .5H5'K 5201 . (1) 1',9 AJ G0' 'D9B/ : /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 1219 HE' (9/G' (2) EF 0DC 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) H'DE$33) 'DE51J) 'D9'E) DD(*1HD H41C) ('F 'E1JC'F AJ 23 #C*H(1 9'E 1963 H'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) H'DE$33) 'DE51J) 'D9'E) DD(*1HD H41C) AJD(3 AJ 25 3(*E(1 9'E 1963  H'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) H'DE$33) 'DE51J) 'D9'E) DD(*1HD H41C) ('F 'E1JC'F AJ 12 A(1'J1 9'E 1964  1',9 AJ G0GP 'D9BH/  /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 688 HE' (9/G'  5 811 HE' (9/G'  5 1026 HE' (9/G'  9DI 'D*H'DJ . (1) 31', -3JF E-E/ #(H 2J/  'D*-CJE AJ 9BH/ 'D(*1HD  '71H-) /C*H1'G  CDJ) 'D-BHB  ,'E9) 9JF 4E3 1998  570-77 . (1) H0DC ('3*+F'! 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D41C) 'DH7FJ) 'D'J1'FJ) H'D41C) 'D'J7'DJ) " ',J(" 9'E 1957 -J+ F5 G0' 'D9B/ 9DI 'F4'! 41C) E.*D7) **E*9 ('D4.5J) 'DB'FHFJ) 'DE3*BD) . (2) EF 0DC JECF #F F0C1 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF -CHE) 'D39H/J) H'D41C) 'DJ'('FJ) A7(B'K DDE'/)(28) EF G0' 'D9B/ C'F* F3() 'DE4'1C) 941) AJ 'DE'&) (10%) EF 1'3 E'D 'D41C) . (3) EF 0DC 'D9BH/ 'D*J '(1E*G' 'D41C) 'DH7FJ) 'D'J1'FJ) E9 'D41C) 'D'J7'DJ) " ',J(" 9'E 1957 H'D41C) 'D#E1JCJ) " ('F 'E1JC'F" 9'E 1958  'D9BH/ 'D*J '(1E*G' 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) E9 'DE$33) 'DE51J) 'D9'E) DD(*1HD H41C*J " ('F 'E1JC'F" H " AJD(3" 9'EJ 1963  1964 . (4) EF 0DC 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF -CHE) 'DCHJ* H'D41C) 'DH7FJ) 'DCHJ*J) H'D41C) 'D'3('FJ) "G3('F$JD" AJ 9'E 1968 . -J+ '97I G0' 'D9B/ 'D41C) 'DH7FJ) 'DCHJ*J) F3() E4'1C) *B/1 (H'-/ H.E3JF AJ 'DE'&) (51%) 1',9 AJ G0' 'D9B/ : /. 39/ 9D'E  EH3H9) 'D*41J9'* .... 'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 188 HE' (9/G' . (1) EF 0DC '*A'B 'DCHJ* E9 41C) 'D2J* 'D91(J) 'DE-/H/) 'DE(1E AJ 23 "( 1974 -J+ -5D* 'DCHJ* (EH,(G 9DI 3*JF AJ 'DE'&) (60%) EF CD 9EDJ'* H-BHB 'D41C) HEE*DC'*G'  H'*A'B 'D39H/J) H41C) '1'ECH AJ -2J1'F 1974  H'*A'B 'D(-1JF H41C) FA7 'D(-1JF 'DE(1E AJ 23 *41JF 'D+'FJ 1974  H'*A'B B71 E9 41C) FA7 B71 'DE(1E AJ 20 4('7 1974  1',9 AJ 0DC : /. 39/ 9D'E  EH3H9) 'D*41J9'* ....  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 291  5 347  5 396  5 442 9DI 'D*H'DJ . (1) EF 0DC 9DI 3(JD 'DE+'D: 'DE'/) (14) EF 9B/ 'D39H/J) H'D41C) 'DJ'('FJ) 9'E 1957  H'DE'/) (20) EF 9B/ 'D39H/J) H41C) #HC3J1'( 9'E 1965  H'DE'/) (16) EF 9B/J E51 H('F 'E1JC'F 9'EJ 1963  1964  H'DE'/) (21/1) EF 9B/ E51 HAJDJ(3 9'E 1963 . (2) EF 0DC 9DI 3(JD 'DE+'D : 'DE'/) (17) EF 9B/J E51 H('F #E1JC'F 9'EJ 1963  1964  H'DE'/) (28) EF 9B/ E51 HAJDJ(3 9'E 1963 . (D DB/ 0G(* (96 'D9BH/ 'DI %97'! 'D-B DD/HD) 'DEF*,) AJ 41'! CEJ) EF 'DFA7 'DEF*, D'3*9E'DG' HD'3*9E'D 'D/HD 'D5/JB) . EF 0DC : EF 9B/ 'D39H/J) H'D41C) 'DJ'('FJ) 9'E 1957( E 26 ) EF 9B/ 'D39H/J) H41C) #HC3J1'( 9'E 1965(E30) . (3) EF 0DC E+D'K : 'DE'/) (12) EF 9B/J E51 H('F 'E1JC'F 9'EJ 1963  1964  H'DE'/) (31) EF 9B/ 'D39H/J) H41C) #HC3J1'( 9'E 1965. (1) HEF 0DC 'J6'K : 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D39H/J) H41C) #HC3J1'( 9'E 1965  'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF -CHE) 'DCHJ* H'D41C) 'DH7FJ) 'DCHJ*J) H'D41C) 'D'3('FJ) 9'E 1968 . (2) EF 0DC 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D39H/J) H'D41C) 'DJ'('FJ) 9'E 1957  -J+ F5 9DI 'F *CHF E/) 'D(-+ 3F*JF J,H2 E/G' DA*1) 3F*JF '.1JJF  H9DI #F *CHF E/) 'D'3*:D'D '1(9JF 9'E'K . H'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D39H/J) H41C) 'HC3J1'( 9'E 1965 . AB/ F5 9DI #F *CHF E/) 'D(-+ 3F*JF E9 ,H'2 'E*/'/G' +D'+ 3FH'* '.1I  CE' F5 9DI 'F *CHF E/) 'D'3*:D'D +D'+JF 9'E'K EF *'1J. 'C*4'A 'D2J* (CEJ'* *,'1J) C0DC 'J6'K 'D9BH/ 'DE(1E) (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) H41C*J ('F 'E1JC'F HAJDJ(3 9'EJ 1963  1964 AB/ F5* 'DE'/)(4) EFG' 9DI #F *CHF E/) 'D'3*:D'D +D'+JF 9'E' E9 ,H'2 'E*/'/G' DE/) #.1I B/1G' .E3) 941 9'E'K . HEE' *,/1 'D'4'1) 'DJG #F (96 'D*41J9'* 'DFA7J) B/ F5* 9DI -/ #B5I DDE/) 'D*J JECF #F J3*:1BG' 'D9B/ . HJECF 'F F0C1 EF 0DC B'FHF 'DFA7 'D'J1'FJ D9'E 1957 H'D0J F5 9DI 'F *CHF E/) 'D9B/ .E3) H941JF 9'E'K *(/# EF *'1J. 'F*', 'D(*1HD = =(CEJ'* *,'1J)  E9 ,H'2 *,/J/G' +D'+ E1'* DE/) .E3 3FH'* AJ CD E1) CE' F5 9DI E/) DD(-+ H'D*FBJ( (-/ 'B5I '+F*' 941) 3F) 'F81 AJ 0DC : Ait Chaalal (M.S.) :Op.Cit.,P.171 (1) HEE' *,/1 'D'4'1) 'DJG #F (96 BH'FJF 'DFA7 B/ F5* 9DI 'D*2'E 'D41C) ('D*.DJ 9F 'DEF'7B :J1 'DE3*:D) EF 0DC 'DB'FHF 'D'J1'FJ DDFA7 9'E 1957  -J+ F5* 'DE'/) (7) EFG 9DI #F 'DE3'-) 'D*J J4EDG' 'D(-+ H'D*FBJ( J,( #F **BD5 'DI .E3JF AJ 'DE'&) (50%) .D'D 'D941 3FH'* 'D*'DJ) DD*HBJ9 9DI 'D9B/ H0DC (F3() .E3) H941JF AJ 'DE'&) (25%) CD .E3 3FH'* H'F *F-51 AJ 'DEF7B) 'DE3*:D) ('DA9D 1',9 AJ 0DC Ait Chaalal (M.S.) :Op.Cit.,P.173 (2) EF 0DC : 'D9BH/ 'D*J '(1E*G' 'D41C) 'DH7FJ) 'D'J1'FJ) E9 CD EF 41C) ',J( 9'E 1957 H41C) 3'AJ1 9'E 1958  H41C) ('F 'E1JC'F 9'E 1958 1',9 AJ G0GP 'D9BH/ : LOGIE(J.) , Les contrats petroliers iraniens , R.B.D.I. , 1965 , P.391 , Spec . P. 410 etss . HC0DC 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'DE$33) 'D9'E) 'D39H/J) " (*1HEJF" HCD EF 41C) ',J( 9'E 1967 ( E20 ) H'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF G0GP 'DE$33) H'D41C'* 'D+D'+ :3FCDJ1  HF'*HE'3  H('C3*'F 9'E 1967 (E 25) . 1',9 AJ G0GP 'D9BH/ : /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 1300HE' (9/G'  5 1351 HE' (9/G' . = =HC0DC 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J)  H'DE$33) ... H41C) AJDJ(3 9'E 1963 (E48)  H'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J)  H'D41C) 'D41BJ) DD(*1HD H'D41C) 'D/HDJ) DD2J* 9'E 1963 ( E67) . (1) 9DI #F JD'-8 #F (96 9BH/ 'DE4'1C) 'D*J '(1E*G' 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) B/ A1B* (JF FH9JF EF 'DEF'29'* : 'DEF'29'* 'D*J *F4# (JF 'D-CHE) H71A #H #C+1 EF #71'A 'D9B/  H'DEF'29'* 'D*J *F4# (JF #71'A 'D9B/ 'D#.1I . HF5* 9DI '.6'9 'DFH9 'D+'FJ DD*-CJE EF 0DC JECF #F F0C1 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J)  H'DE$33) ... H41C) ('F 'E1JC'F 9'E 19623 ( E 42)  H'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF FA3 'D'71'A 9'E 1964 ( E 42) DD*A5JD 'F81 31', -3JF E-E/ '(H 2J/  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 111-5 123 . (2) 'F81 AJ E2'J' 9BH/ 'DE4'1C) :/. 39/ 9D'E  F-H '3*+E'1 'D/HD) DFA7G' (FA3G'  (-+ EB/E 'DI E$*E1 'D(*1HD 'D91(J 'D3'/3  (:/'/  1967  5 5  #-E/ 'D.1J,J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5  /. 9(/'D1-JE E-E/ 39J/  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 133 . HE'(9/G' (1) 1',9 : /. 39/ 9D'E  F-H '3*+E'1 'D/HD) DFA7G' (FA3G'  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 5 . (1) 'F81 : /. 9(/ 'D('1J #-E/ 9(/'D('1J  'DF8'E 'DB'FHFJ ...  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 50 . (2) 'F81 : Ait Chaalal (M.S.) :Op.Cit.,P.182 H1',9 AJ G0' 'D9B/ : Devaux- Charbonnal (J.) , Laccord petrolier Francoiranien conclu le 27 Aout 1966 entre la (3) 1',9 AJ G0' 'D9B/ : /. E-E/ D(J( 4BJ1  /. 5'-( 0G(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 1462 HE' (9/G'  H'J6'K /. 39/ 9D'E  EH3H9) 'D*41J9'* ...  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 67 HE' (9/G' (4) 1',9 AJ G0' 'D9B/ : /. 39/ 9D'E  EH3H9) 'D*41J9'* ...  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 81 HE' (9/G' . (1) 'F81 : Ait Chaalal (M.S.) :Op.Cit.,P.183. Mustapha (M.) ,Op.Cit.,p. 177 etSS. H'F81 'J6'K : /. 9(/ 'D1-JE E-E/ 39J/  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 141 (2) AJ FA3 'DE9FI 1',9 : Ait Chaalal (M.S.) :Op.Cit.,P.184. (1) lbid , p.186. (2)lbid , p.187. (3)lbid , p.187. (1) 'F81 AJ FA3 'DE9FI : Ait Chaalal (M.S.) :Op.Cit.,P.184 HJ0C1 'DE*.55JF #F E// 'D(-+ 9F 'D(*1HD H'3*:D'DG HAB'K D9BH/ 'DEB'HD) DE *CF **,'H2 #1(9) H+D'+JF 9'E'K . (2) 1',9 AJ FA3 'DE9FI 'DE5/1 'DE0CH1 #9D'G  FA3 'D5A-) . (3) 'F81 : /. 39/ 9D'E  *7H1 'D*41J9'* H'D'*A'BJ'* 'D(*1HDJ) 'DE51J)  E,D) 'D(*1HD  'DE,D/ 23  'D9// 'D1'(9  '(1JD 1986  5 27 HE' (9/G'  .5H5'K 5 31 . (1) 1',9 AJ G0' 'D9B/ : /. 39/ 9D'E  'DE5/1 'DE0CH1 #9D'G . (2) 1',9 AJ G0' 'D9B/ : /. 39/ 9D'E  EH3H9) 'D*41J9'* ...  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 475 HE' (9/G' (3) 1',9 AJ G0' 'D9B/ : /. 39/ 9D'E  EH3H9) 'D*41J9'* ...  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 621 HE' (9/G' (1) EF 0DC 9DI 3(JD 'DE+'D : 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) H'DGJ&) 'DE51J) 'D9'E) DD(*1HD H41C) AJDJ(3 'DDJ(1J) 'DE(1E AJ 2 "( 9'E 1987 ( 'F81 #-C'E G0' 'D9B/ EF4H1 AJ : 'D,1J/) 'D13EJ) _ 'D9// 27 EC11 (/) _ AJ 6 -2J1'F 1987 )  H'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) H'DGJ&) 'DE51J) 'D9'E) DD(*1HD H41C) #EHCH 'D#E1JCJ) 'DE(1E AJ 29 C'FHF 'D#HD 3F) 1987 ('F81 #-C'E G0' 'D9B/ EF4H1 AJ:'D,1J/) 'D13EJ) _ 'D9// 26 ( *'(9) AJ 30 -2J1'F 1988) (2) 0DC 9DI 3(JD 'DE+'D : 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) H'DGJ&) 'DE51J) 'D9'E) DD(*1HD H41C) CHFHCH 'D#E1JCJ) H41C) *H*'D 'DA1F3J) AJ 22 4('7 9'E 1982('F81 #-C'E G0' 'D9B/ EF4H1 AJ : 'D,1J/) 'D13EJ) _ 'D9// 8 *'(9 (#) AJ 25 4('7 1982 )  H'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF 'D-CHE) 'DE51J) H'DGJ&) ... H41C) (J (J 'D#E1JCJ) AJ 29 C'FHF 'D#HD 9'E 1987 ('F81 #-C'E G0' 'D9B/ EF4H1 AJ : 'D,1J/) 'D13EJ) _ 'D9//29 ( *'(9) AJ 29 C'FHF 'D#HD 1988 ) . (3) H0DC ('3*+F'! 'D9BH/ 'D*J '(1E*G' -CHE) 3D7F) 9E'F AJ 9'E 1975  1976 ('D3'(B 'D'4'1) 'DJG') -J+ F5* 9DI F3() E9JF) H+'(*) EB/'1G' (80%) DD3D7F)  H941JF AJ 'DE'&) ( 20%) DD71A 'D#,F(J . (1) 1',9 #-C'E G0' 'D9B/ EF4H1 AJ : 'D,1J/) 'D13EJ) _ 'D9// 19 ( *'(9 ) AJ #J'1 3F) 1988 . (2) C#E+D) 1',9 'D9BH/ 'DE4'1 'DJG' AJ 'DGH'E4 'D3'(B) . (1) ('3*+F'! 'D9BH/ 'D*J '(1E*G' B71 H3D7F) 9E'F AJ 9'EJ 1975  1976 'D3'DA) 'D0C1  -J+ F5* 9DI 'F J/A9 'D71A 'D#,F(J 'J,'1'K 3FHJ'K -*I *'1J. (/! 'D*5/J1 . (2) ('3*+F'! 'D9B/ 'DE(1E (JF E51 H'DGJ&) H41C) '3H AJ 27 #( 3F) 1984 -J+ C'F* E/) 'D(-+ 941 3FH'* C-/ #B5I ( 'D,1J/) 'D13EJ)  'D9// 31 ( *'(9) AJ 2 #(1984 ).     PAGE 200 E,D) 'D1'A/JF DD-BHB  'DE,D/ (12)  'D9// (46)  'D3F) (2010) PAGE 213 #FE'7 9BH/ 'D'3*+E'1'* 'DFA7J) AJ 8D 'DB'FHF 'D/HDJ 'DE'DJ Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (12), No. (46), Year (2010) Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (12), No. (46), Year (2010) 8 < > @     :DķĭęnWnnWnnWnķ-jhVh"c5CJH*UZ\^JaJ'hVh"c5CJH*Z\^JaJo(-jh*1h"c5CJH*UZ\^JaJ'h*1h"c5CJH*Z\^JaJo(h*1CJ^JaJhCJZ^JaJo(h"ch"cCJZ^JaJo(-jh~>.h"c5CJH*UZ\^JaJ'h~>.h"c5CJH*Z\^JaJo(F :!,%.%0%2%D%&&+4:::= $a$gd"c $a$gdX $^a$gdq} $^a$gd"c $^a$gd"c0%@%D%N%&&0+n+1F1n33324p44444b5d5:::ıĤ𥥥zĄzk^QhXCJZ^JaJo(hF 1CJZ^JaJo(hq}CJZ^J_HaJo(hq}CJ^JaJhq}CJZ^JaJo($h&h"c5CJZ\^JaJo(hCJZ^JaJo($hh"c5CJZ\^JaJo(h"ch"cCJZ^JaJo(-jhh"c5CJH*UZ\^JaJ'hh"c5CJH*Z\^JaJo(:<N<CCHHI IdOOnRvRVV__^`>gdfJc$>^`>a$gdfJc$^`a$gdgw$^`a$gdnW $^a$gdnW$^`a$gdfJc $^a$gd4f $^a$gdA "\^`bd4r Jسؤؤǁm[L[hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ#heDxhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ'hfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJo(#hnWhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo(hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ'hfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJo( hnWhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ#hnWhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ)hnWhfW=5CJOJQJZ\^JaJ¥ĥȥĦƦ(*@jLnݷ~ݷmYGYG6Ym6 hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo(#hKhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ&hKhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo( hKhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ*h'ShfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJ#heDxhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJo( hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo(#heDxhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ'hfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJo(#h'ShfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ heDxhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ(NtԬүrܺ|||j$L^L`a$gdlo$L^L`a$gdgw$L^L`a$gdhR $a$gdfW=$L^L`a$gdgw $L^La$gd.] $A$a$gd $L^L`a$gd $a$gdK $a$gd2oJ npr  |tvxz|Ҭ̺xgxVH4'hfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJo(h hfW=0JH*Z^J heDxhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ!hfW=0JCJH*OJQJ^JaJhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ#heDxhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ$hfW=CJOJQJZ^J_HaJo(#h'ShfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ#hKhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJo( hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo( hKhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ $̮ҮԮX\ʯίүtv ںܺҡҡ~jYjYj~~Y h.]hfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ'hfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJo( hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo(#h.]hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ heDxhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ#heDxhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo(hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJh hfW=0JH*Z^J"ܺ޺BDFHJvzHJijijĥij|kY#h!hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo(*heDxhfW=CJOJQJZ^J_HaJo($hfW=CJOJQJZ^J_HaJo(hfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ heDxhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ#heDxhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ-hlohfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJo(#hlohfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJDvHDv$L^L`a$gdm$L^L`a$gdcY $A$a$gdm $L^La$gd!$L^L`a$gd!$L^L`a$gd ?r$L^L`a$gdlo$A$gdgw$L^L`gdlo JLNBDFHJ^NV TVijĤĤsaMaaMaaMaē'hfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJo(#h{bhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ#heDxhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJo( hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo(hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ heDxhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ#heDxhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ#h!hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ-h!hfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJo(VXZ 8:<>@  >νoܗoν+hfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^J_HaJo(#hhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ'hfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJo(#hOShfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ heDxhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo(#heDxhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ+ : >$^`a$gdf{Q $a$gd9 $A$a$gd9 $a$gd!r$L^L`a$gdcY$^`a$gdcY$`a$gdA $A$a$gd2oJ>@BDPDFH|\^`bd"$&ǶǥǶǶLjǶǥLjǶǶǶǶv#h=bhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo( heDxhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ#heDxhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ'hfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJo(#h!rhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ+D`$<JdxxA$a$gd_\ $gd^vY$^`a$gd=b$A$^`gd=b$^`gd=b$^`gdf{Q $a$gdf{Q$^`a$gdf{Q$LA$]L^`a$gdH &(*68<JLNPdfhjvxijijčvčveijS#h *hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo(-h^vYhfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJo(#h^vYhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ&h=bhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo( heDxhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ#heDxhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ#h=bhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ-h=bhfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJo(xJV  PD* $L^La$gd_\$L^L`a$gd|3$L^L`a$gdBb $a$gd $A$a$gd"c$L^L`a$gd$L^L`a$gd * $a$gd_\HJLNP V "$ $V^$BDFHijij֟ĎijĎijĎĎĎĎijijĎijz&hBbhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo( hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo('hfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJo( heDxhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ#heDxhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ#h *hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ-h *hfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJo(*HJ(*,.0           ʸʸʸʒۄr_ShfW=CJ^J_HaJ$hfW=CJOJQJZ^J_HaJo(#h|3hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJhXhfW=OJQJZ^J#hyuhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ'hfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJo(#h9hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ heDxhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ#heDxhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ#hBbhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ  *40nNr$LhA$]L^h`gdN$LhA$]L^hgdN $gd?P$A$gd"c $gd' $L^La$gdv%a$A$gd/[ $gd/[ $A$a$gdX$L^L`a$gdX$L^L`a$gd|3 Dr(*40lмpЄ]L:#hVhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ hVhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ$hfW=CJOJQJZ^J_HaJo(&heDxhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo(#heDxhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ'hfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJo(#hyuhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ&hXhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo( heDxhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ h/[hfW=CJOJQJ^JaJlnprtNPRTVXlز}ll[F)jheDxhfW=CJOJQJU^JaJ h9ehfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo(hfW=5CJ\^JaJhfW=5\^JhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ heDxhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ#heDxhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ'hfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJo(#h-#hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ*hVhfW=CJOJQJZ^J_HaJo(lnpRdf "$& ҿҮtttetTt@t'hfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJo( hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJo(hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ#heDxhfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ*ht7hfW=0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJ#ht7hfW=CJOJQJZ^JaJ heDxhfW=CJOJQJ^JaJ$heDxhfW=0JCJOJQJ^JaJ)jheDxhfW=CJOJQJU^JaJ/jheDxhfW=CJOJQJU^JaJ   "`"#$$%zj$LA$^L`gdt7$L^L`gdy0c$L^L`a$gdy0c $a$gdy $gdy0c $LA$]La$gd9e $a$gd/[$L^L`a$gd/[$L^L`a$gdt7$A$gd"c$A$gd?P     " """$"^"`"""""""### # 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