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International law classifies them as either war crimes or anti humanity crimes like killing, torture, inhuman treatment, forceful displacement, and sexual rape which is the most dangerous and harful because of the deep and bad psychological effects on the victims and their societies. Examples are the cases practiced by the American soldiers against Iraqi women. The human international law provides a set of legal rules to protect women from such armies by admitting the criminal responsibility of individuals including leaders and states' presidents. It also admits the international responsibility of being such acts as prohibited. 'DEB/E) C+J1'K E' **916 'DF3'! D'.7'1 ('D:) '+F'! 'DF2'9'* 'DE3D-) -JF JF81 'DJGF  C-'ED'* "1E2J'*" DDGHJ) 'D+B'AJ) H'D'+FJ)  HEF,('* 'D',('D 'DEB(D) AJ 'DE,*E9  AAJ E+D *DC 'D'H6'9 *CHF 'DF3'! 916) DDG,HE H'D*G/J/'*  HJ3*G/AGF 'D9/H 39J'K 'DI */EJ1 G0' 'D/H1 H*.1J(G  H*(JF 'DF2'9'* 'D*J J4G/G' 'D9'DE 'DJHE  'F 'DF3'! 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AJ H-/'* BH'* 'D'-*J'7 H'D'3F'/  (E' AJ 0DC 'D9ED AJ E5'F9 'D0.J1)  AJ 'D,J4 'D'DE'FJ H'D'FCDJ2J. AJ -JF 4'1CF AJ 'D'*-'/ 'D3HAJ*J (3'(B'K) E('41) AJ 'DB*'D C'A1'/ AJ ,EJ9 'D'/'1'* H'DH-/'* 'D93C1J)  HCF J4CDF 8% EF ,ED) 'A1'/ 'DBH'* 'DE3D-) 'D1H3J)  HEF0 0DC 'D-JF *9'8E /H1 'DF3'! C+J1'K H'2/'/* '9/'/ EF JD*-BF EFGF 7H9'K 'H C1G'K ('DBH'* 'DE3D-)  DJ$/JF /H1'K AJ 9EDJ'* 'D'3F'/ H'DB*'D 9DI -/ 3H'!  H*4CD 'DF3'! 14% EF ,ED) 'A1'/ 'DBH'* 'D9'ED) AJ ,J4 'DHD'J'* 'DE*-/) 'D'E1JCJ)  HB/ (D: 9// 'DF3'! AJ 'DBH'* 'D'E1JCJ) 'D*J 4'1C* AJ -1( 'D.DJ, AJ 9'E 1990-1991 '1(9JF #DA %E1#)(). H'DF3'! 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H'D0J 2'/ EF *A'BE G0G 'DE#3') AJ 'D91'B  GH 'DB'FHF 1BE (17) D3F) 2003 'D0J H69G (1JE1  H'D0J F5 9DI "'F 9F'51 'DBH) 'DE*9//) 'D,F3J) H'D(9+'* 'D/(DHE'3J) HCD 'DEH8AJF :J1 'D91'BJJF E/FJJF 'H 93C1JJF J*E*9HF ('D-5'F) *,'G #J ',1'! B'FHFJ 91'BJ" AB/ 3'GE G0' 'DB'FHF AJ -E'J) 'D,FH/ 'D'E1JC'F  EF 'D,1'&E 'D*J '1*C(HG' 6/ 'DF3'! AJ 'D91'B  HGH FAJ 'DB'FHF 'D0J **(9G 'E1JC' AJ 'A:'F3*'F H'DJ'('F H:J1G' EF 'D/HD  HEF 'DEAJ/ 'F F0C1 'F 'DJ'('F (9/ *916 A*') J'('FJ) 9E1G' (14 3F)) 'DI 'D':*5'( AJ E/JF) 'HCJ'FH AJ EB'79) 4'F*HF  EF B(D BH'* 'DE'1JF2  H(EH,( '*A'BJ) (JF 'DJ'('F H'DBH'* 'D'E1JCJ) J-B DG0G 'DBH'* 'D'.J1) 'D*-A8 9DI *3DJE ,FH/G' 'DE,1EJF 'DI 'D3D7'* 'DJ'('FJ)  :J1 'F 'DJ'('F *9F** AJ EHBAG' (9/ ':*5'( +D'+ EF 'DE'1JF2 *DEJ0) (12 3F)) 9'E (1996)  EE' '3A1 9DI '*A'B JB6J (*3DJE 'D,J4 'D'E1JCJ 'D9F'51 'D*J *H17* (,1'&E C(1I 'DI 'D3D7'* 'DJ'('FJ) DD*-BJB(). HDCF G0' D' J9FJ 'D3CH* 9F CD G0G 'D,1'&E  A'0' DE *5'/B 'DHD'J'* 'DE*-/) 9DI F8'E 1HE'. 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E3$HDJ) 'DHD'J'* 'DE*-/) 'D'E1JCJ) 9F 'D,1'&E 'DE1*C() 6/ 'DF3'! AJ 'D91'B EF 'DH'6- 'F 'DB'FHF 'D/HDJ 'D'F3'FJ  B/ 1*( 'DE3$HDJ) 'D/HDJ) 9F 'A9'D 'DBH'* 'DE3D-) DD/HD) 'D71A AJ 'DF2'9  (:6 'DF81 9F 'DEF*51 'H 'DEFG2E. AGD JECF 'F F3#D 'DHD'J'* 'DE*-/) 'D'E1JCJ) 9F 'D,1'&E 'D*J '1*C(*G' BH'*G' 'D93C1J) AJ 'D91'B  HGD ('D'EC'F *-EJDG' 'DE3$HDJ) 'D/HDJ) 9F 'D'F*G'C'* 'D.7J1) 'D*J '1*C(*G' DJ3* BH'*G' A-3(  (D BH'* 'D/HD 'D-DJA) DG' AJ 4F -1( :J1 E41H9) 9DI 'D91'B H',*J'-G H'-*D'DG  H'1*C'( ,1'&E 9FA E1J9) 6/ 'DF3'!  HGD 'DH'B9 'D/HDJ J4J1 'DI *7(JB AC1) 'DE3$HDJ) 'D,F'&J) 'D/HDJ) 9F 'A9'D :J1 E41H9) *1*C(G' BH'*G' 'DE3D-) 6/ 'DF3'!. 9DI 'D1:E EF 'F GF'C 1#J'K AJ ABG 'DB'FHF 'D/HDJ 'D,F'&J  J4J1 'DI 'F 'DH'B9 'D/HDJ J$C/ 9DI H,H/ AC1) E3$HDJ) 'D/HD) 'D,F'&J) 9F 'D,1'&E 'D*J *1*C(G' BH'*G' 'DE3D-)  -J+ '6AI 'D7(J9) 'D,F'&J) 9DI 'D,2'!'* 'D*J 'HB9G' E,D3 'D'EF 9DI /HD) 'D91'B '+F'! 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"D,F) D'/'1) 'D5F/HB"() D/A9 'D*9HJ6'* DCD E7'D( J/9J HBH9 'D611 9DJG '+F'! /.HD 'D91'B DDCHJ*. HB/ -// E,D3 '/'1) 'D5F/HB AJ EB11G 'DE1BE (1) 22 E7'D('* 'DA&) (,) CD E7'D( 9F 'D'D'E H'DC1H( 'D0GFJ) 'DF',E) 9F 'D'.0 1GJF) 'H 'D'-*,'2 DE/) +D'+) 'J'E 'H 'BD AJ 'D81HA 'D*J */D 9DI H,H/ .71 /'GE -J') 'DE7'D( 'H F*J,) DD'.*('! 'DB31J  (3(( H,H/ .HA DG E(11'*G 'DH'6-) 9DI -J') 'DE7'D(. EF 'F J$.0 1GJF)  'H J-,2 (5H1) :J1 E4H19)  'H 'D4.5 'D0J 9'FI EF '9*/'! ,F3J  'H '9*/'! H*90J( ,3/J 'H EF -1E EF 'DEH'1/ 'D'B*5'/J) 'D'E1 'D0J G// -J'*G 9DI F-H .71 'H -J') 2H,*G 'H 'HD'/G. HDDA*1) EF 2 "( 1990 -*I 2 "0'1 1991  JCHF E3*-B'K DD*9HJ6  EF 19'J' (D/'F EF8E) 'D*9'HF H'D*FEJ) 'D'B*5'/J) 'H EF /HD) 'DCHJ*. CE' *E 'B1'1 'D*9HJ6 9F 'DE4'CD 'D5-J) 'D*J *916 DG' 'D,G'2 'D*FA3J H9/G' '5'('* ,3/J) ,3JE) F'*,) 9F /.HD 'D91'B 'DI 'DCHJ* (D 'F 'D*9HJ6'* 4ED* 9F 'D'5'('* 'D,3/J) 'DF'*,) 9F -H'/+ 'D3J1 'DE1H1J 9DI '9*('1 'FG' (A9D /.HD 'D91'B 'DI 'DCHJ*(). H*7(JB'K 9DI 0DC  'D' *3*-B 'D91'BJ'* 'D*9HJ6 9F CD 'D,1'&E 'D*J HB9* 6/G' ,1'! 'D:2H 'D'E1JCJ  'DE *D-B (GF .3'1) E('41) E'/J) E9FHJ). 'DE J-DB (GF 611 ,3/J HFA3J  9DI 'J/J 'DBH'* 'DE3D-) 'D'E1JCJ)  H-DJA'*G' HGJ *F*GC CD 'DBH'FJF 'D/HDJ) H'91'A HBH'FJF 'D-1(  F*J,) D:2HG' H('9*1'A 9// EF B'/*G' H'-*D'DG' :J1 'DE41H9JF DD91'B EF0 9'E 2003. 'D.'*E) EF .D'D (-+F' AJ EH6H9 'D,1'&E 'D*J **916 DG' 'DF3'! '+F'! 'DF2'9'* 'DE3D-)  *H5DF' 'DI 'D*H5J'* 'D"*J): 'F 'C+1 'DE/FJJF *916'K DDG,HE H'D'9*/'! '+F'! 'DF2'9 'DE3D- GE 'DF3'!  HEF .D'D (-+F' G0'  H,/F' 9EHEJ) 'DF5H5 'DE*9DB) ('DE1#) AJ 'DB'FHF 'D/HDJ 'D'F3'FJ  AG0' 'DB'FHF DE JHA1 DDF3'! F5H5'K B'FHFJ) .'5) (G'  H'FE' '3*A'/* EF 'DF5H5 'DE*HA1) D-E'J) 'D3C'F 'DE/FJJF  H-*I 'DF3'! 'DEB'*D'* *3*A'/ EF 'DF5H5 'D.'5) (A&) 'DEB'*DJF  E9 'D'4'1) 'DI (96 'D'E*J'2'* (3(( "'-*J','*G' 'D.'5)". H1:E 'F 'DF3'! **916 'DI 'D'F*G'C'* H'D'9*/'!'* 'C+1 EF #J A&) '.1I EF A&'* 'D3C'F 'DE/FJJF  (3(( 9'ED 'D69A 'D0J **3E (G 'DE1#)  A'FG' :'D('K E' **916 DD*GEJ4. CE' H*3*./E 'DF3'! H3D) DD*7GJ1 'D91AJ EF .D'D ',('1G' 9DI 'D-ED 'DB31J. D0' F,/ EF 'D61H1J 'JD'! G0G 'DE3#D) 'D'GEJ) 'DC(1I  EF .D'D H69 BH'9/ B'FHFJ) .'5) ('DF3'! *6EF 'D-E'J) DDF3'! 'DE/FJ'*  HEF 'HDI 'D'HDHJ'*  'F *4J1 G0G 'DBH'9/  9DI F-H E-// HE71/ 'DI 61H1) -E'J) 'DF3'! H(4CD .'5 'D-E'J) EF 'D,1'&E 'D,F3J)  9DI 'F *CHF G0G 'DBH'9/ AJ '*A'BJ'* /HDJ)  *D-B ((1H*HCHD ".'5 ('DF3'!" AJ '*A'BJ'* ,FJA  AB/ E6I 9DI 'D(1H*HCHDJF 'DED-BJF 'C+1 EF +D'+JF 9'E'K  HDG0' A'F 'D*7H1'* 'D*J 4G/*G' '3'DJ( 'DB*'D .D'D G0G 'DA*1)  (-',) 'DI *7H1'* EE'+D) AJ 'DB'FHF 'D/HDJ 'D'F3'FJ. *9/JD 'DBH'9/ 'DE*9DB) (-E'J) 'DF3'! (JF '71'A 'DF2'9'* 'DE3D-)  H*7HJ1G' H,9DG' 'C+1 H'B9J)  .5H5'K 'DEF5H5 9DJG' AJ 'DB'FHF 'D/HDJ 'D'F3'FJ  EF ',D *-3JF G0G 'DBH'9/  HF41G' D2J'/) H9J 'D'71'A 'DE*F'29)  EF 'F 'D'F*G'C'* 'D*J **916 DG' 'DF3'! AJ A*1) 'DF2'9 H(9/G  3*4CD ,1'&E /HDJ). D'EC'F -E'J) 'DF3'! EF 'D*916 D'J 5H1) EF 5H1 ,1'&E 'D9FA  E9 'D*#CJ/ 9DI 'F G0G 'D'A9'D E-8H1) AJ ,EJ9 'D'HB'*. 'F 'D'9*/'!'* 'D,F3J) (CD '4C'DG'  6/ 'DF3'!  *3*./E CH3JD) -1(J) 'H '3DH( DD-1( HDE J*E ',1'! *-DJD 4'ED D'+1 G0G 'D'F*G'C'*  9DI 'DD'*J *916F DG '+F'! F2'9 E3D-  HDE J*E *B/JE 'D3(D 'DB'FHFJ) 'DCAJD) D-E'J) 'DF3'! EF G0G 'D,1'&E  EE' J/DD 9DI B5H1 E*9E/ AJ H69 "DJ) B'FHFJ) D*-BJB 'D'F*5'A DDF3'! EF 6-'J' 'D'9*/'!'* 'D,F3J) AJ *DC 'DA*1)  HGF'C 'A*B'1 'DI (J'F'* H/1'3'* 4'ED) D'-*J','* 'D6-'J' EF 'DF3'!  'DD'*J *916F DD'9*/'!'*  'H 'D'9*B'D'* :J1 'DE(11) H'D*J *F*, 9FG' G0G 'D,1'&E. H9DI G0' *B*6J 'D-',) 'DI (0D E2J/ EF 'D,GH/ 9DI 'D59J/ 'DH7FJ H'D/HDJ DD-/ EF G0G 'D,1'&E. AJE' J*9DB ('D91'B H'D,1'&E 'D*J *916* DG' 'DF3'! 'D91'BJ'* FH5J (E' J#*J: *9/JD B'FHF (1JE1 'DE1BE (17) D3F) 2003  'DE*6EF EF- 'D,FH/ 'D'E1JC'F 'D-5'F) EF 'DED'-B) 'DB6'&J) AJ 'D91'B. H'D:'&G (#+1 1,9J  DJ*3FI D0HJ 'D6-'J'  EF E-'3() 'HD&C 'D0JF '1*C(H' ,1'&E 9FA H'9*B'D'* :J1 E(11) (-B 'DF3'!. /9H) 'G'DJ 'D6-'J' EF 'DF3'!  'DI 1A9 /9'HJ 6/ 'D,FH/ 'D'E1JC'F 'D0JF '1*C(H' ,1'&E 9FA 6/ 'DF3'! AJ 'DE9*BD'*  'E'E 'DE-'CE 'D'E1JCJ)  7'DE' 'FG' *6EF "E-'CE) 9'/D)" D,FH/G' E1*C(J 'D,1'&E 9DI '1'6J 'D/HD 'D*J J*H',/HF AJG'  (3(( 'DB'FHF 'D0J H69*G 'DHD'J'* 'DE*-/) 'D'E1JCJ) (9/E E+HD 19'J'G' 'DE*H',/JF AJ '1'6J /HD'K '.1I 'E'E 'DE-'CE 'DH7FJ) D*DC 'D/HD  H9/E .6H9GE D#J B'FHF 'D' 'DB'FHF 'DH7FJ 'D'E1JCJ. F81'K D9/E 'F6E'E 'DHD'J'* 'DE*-/) 'D'E1JCJ) 'DI '*A'BJ) 1HE' 'DE$33) DDE-CE) 'D,F'&J) 'D/HDJ)  HD'F 'D91'B DJ3 71A AJ 'D'*A'BJ)  HF81'K D'F 'DF8'E 'D'3'3J DDE-CE) D' J31J 'D' 9DI 'D/HD) 'D71A AJ 'D'*A'BJ)  HD9/E H,H/ -CHE) E3*B1) AJ 'D91'B DD'/9'! (CD 'D,1'&E 'D*J '1*C(* 6/ 'DF3'!. *(BI 'DE3'!D) 9F G0G 'D,1'&E  H(9/ FA'0 F8'E 'DE-CE)  EECF'K 9(1 (1J7'FJ'  D'FG' 4'1C* AJ 'D:2H H'D'-*D'D  HGJ /HD) 71A AJ 'DF8'E  HB'E ,FH/G' ('1*C'( ,1'&E EE'+D) 6/ 'DF3'! 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'D91'BJ'*   HYPERLINK "http://www.yahoo.com" www.yahoo.com 2.'D'F ,'F 1H(J1  E,21) -/J+) *9J/ 0C1J'* E,21) EJ D'J AJ AJ*F'E   HYPERLINK "http://www.yahoo.com" www.yahoo.com 3.*,'1) 'D1BJB 'D'1(J  *G1J( F3'! 91'BJ'* ('JG'EGF ('D9ED AJ /HD 'D.DJ, H9F 71JB 'D2H',  18-8-2005   HYPERLINK "http://www.yahoo.com" www.yahoo.com 4.-BHB 'DE1#) AJ 8D 'D'-*D'D 'D(1(1J   HYPERLINK "http://www.c-we.org" www.c-we.org. 5..HA H'0D'D H':*5'( 91'BJ'*   HYPERLINK "http://www.m7shsh.com" www.m7shsh.com. 6.5'&( .DJD  'D-H'1 'D3'.F  'D9// 1571  4-6-2006   HYPERLINK "http://www.yahoo.com" www.yahoo.com  7-9DJ 9(/'DDG -E'/)  E-'CE) HE9'B() E1*C(J 'D,1'&E 'D/HDJ) 'E'E 'DB6'! 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EF8E) 'D9AH 'D/HDJ)  'D91'B  '-*1'E 'DB'FHF 'D/HDJ 'D'F3'FJ  1BE 'DH+JB) 14/4/2003  *'1J. 25 E'13/ '0'1 2003. 3'(9'K- 'DEH'+JB 'D/HDJ) 1.'*A'BJ) D'G'J 'D.'5) ('-*1'E BH'FJF 'D-1( 'D(1J) D3F) 1907. 2.'*A'BJ) '(7'D 'D1B H*,'1) 'D9(J/ H'DF8E 'DEE'13) 'D4(JG) ('D1B D3F) 1945. 3.'DF8'E 'D'3'3J DE-CE) FHE(1: 'DEF4# (EH,( '*A'BJ) DF/F AJ 8 "( 1945. 4.'*A'BJ) EF9 ,1JE) 'D'('/) 'D,E'9J) H'DE9'B( 9DJG' D9'E 1948. 5.'*A'BJ'* ,FJA 'D'1(9) D3F) 1949. 6.'D(1H*HCHDJF 'D'6'AJJF 'DED-BJF ('*A'BJ'* ,FJA 'D'1(9) D3F) 1977. 7.E,D3 'D'EF , 'DB1'1 687 (1991) 'DE*.0 AJ 'D,D3) ( 2981 ) 'DE9BH/) AJ 3FJ3'F /'(1JD 1991. 8.'DF8'E 'D'3'3J DDE-CE) 'D,F'&J) 'D/HDJ) 'D.'5) (JH:3D'AJ' 1993. 9.'*A'BJ) 'DB6'! 9DI ,EJ9 '4C'D 'D*EJJ2 6/ 'DE1#) D3F) 1994. 10- 'DF8'E 'D'3'3J DDE-CE) 'D,F'&J) 'D/HDJ) 'D.'5) (1H'F/' 9'E 1994. 11_E41H9 E/HF) 'D,1'&E 'DE.D) (3DE 'D'F3'FJ) H'EFG' D9'E 1996. 12_'DF8'E 'D'3'3J DDE-CE) 'D,F'&J) 'D/HDJ) 'DEF4') (EH,( '*A'BJ) 1HE' D9'E 1998. 13_E41H9 'DE3$HDJ) 'D/HDJ) 9F 'D'9E'D :J1 'DE41H9) /HDJ'K D3F) 2001. 14_(1H*HCHD EF9 HBE9 HE9'B() 'D'*,'1 ('D'4.'5 H(.'5) 'DF3'! 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'DEF'29'* 'DE3D-) Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (12), No. (45), Year (2010) Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (12), No. (45), Year (2010) ¨ֲز.\j\^RTZ\^`>@zjh9hUCJZ^JaJo("hIu]hUCJZ^J_HaJo(hUCJZ^J_HaJo(hUCJZ^J_HaJo(hIu]hUCJ^J_HaJhIu]hUCJZ^J_HaJ$jhIu]hUCJUZ^JaJ"hIu]hUCJZ^J_HaJo("hIu]hUCJZ^J_HaJo()d޲d\^`|.F` 8dd $a$gdU $a$gdU $a$gder, HJ02\^d$&DF(*~  " $ FH##&&((22t7v78hIu]hUCJZ^J_HaJh9hUCJZ^JaJo($jhIu]hUCJUZ^JaJhIu]hUCJ^J_HaJ"hIu]hUCJZ^J_HaJo(=L2 * H@`!&(h-j/j1239@ $a$gder,$dha$gder,88899N9P9R9T9^9@@CLCLLTTZZ]] `"`ccggghhxiziijjj&k(kkkDlFllܹܙܙܙܙܙܙܙrܙܙܙܙܙܙ(h9hU5CJZ\^J_HaJo("hIu]hUCJZ^J_HaJo(hIu]hUCJ^J_HaJo(h9hUCJZ^JaJo(hIu]hUCJZ^J_HaJ$jhIu]hUCJUZ^JaJ"hIu]hUCJZ^J_HaJo("hIu]hUCJZ^J_HaJo(,@@"&(*,.lnprt  8:<>@\^`bdٰٰٰٰٰٰٰٰٰٰٰٜ'h9hUCJOJQJZ^J_HaJ#h9hUCJOJQJZ^JaJ-jh9hU0JCJOJQJU^JaJ&h9hUCJH*OJQJZ^JaJ$h9hUCJOJQJ^J_HaJ=:<>@BD$&(*,.0246 "$׮׮׮׮׮׮׮׮׮׮׮׮׮#h9hUCJOJQJZ^JaJ-jh9hU0JCJOJQJU^JaJ&h9hUCJH*OJQJZ^JaJ'h9hUCJOJQJZ^J_HaJD<$.Zbn.8 $a$gdU$2^`2a$gdU>\Z\^`bbdfhj,4Jlnprtv,.024ƜƜƜƜ$h9hUCJOJQJ^J_HaJ-jh9hU0JCJOJQJU^JaJ'h9hUCJOJQJZ^J_HaJ#h9hUCJOJQJZ^JaJ&h9hUCJH*OJQJZ^JaJ=8:<>@nprtv|~\`bdf,.024,.024-jh9hU0JCJOJQJU^JaJ'h9hUCJOJQJZ^J_HaJ#h9hUCJOJQJZ^JaJ&h9hUCJH*OJQJZ^JaJE8n|`,,L>>nptvz$ $gdU$2^`2a$gdULNPRT>@BDL>@BDFnprvx|~ŮŮŮŮŮŮŮŮ٪6jh'h@0J5CJOJQJUZ\^JaJjhK UZ^JhK -jh9hU0JCJOJQJU^JaJ&h9hUCJH*OJQJZ^JaJ'h9hUCJOJQJZ^J_HaJ#h9hUCJOJQJZ^JaJ3z| "<$&$h$dA$N]ha$gdXl)$&dP`a$gd'$&dPa$gd$h&dP]h`a$gd$&`#$gd$ "$028:<δ꣐{w^K^4^K,her,0JCJOJQJZ^JaJmHnHu$h^h0JCJOJQJ^JaJ0jh^h0JCJOJQJUZ^JaJh;-g)hh"5CJOJQJZ\^J_H %hh5OJQJZ\^J_H!hh5OJQJZ\^J2her,0J5CJOJQJZ\^JaJmHnHu6jh'h@0J5CJOJQJUZ\^JaJ*h'h@0J5CJOJQJ\^JaJ<"$&dfhxz|зРЗз~zvrnzn\"hIu]h`uGCJZ^J_HaJo(h\AhK?hk;h)qohK h`3h;-g5\^JhXl)5\_Hh;-g5\_H hZ\5\h`3h;-g5CJ\^JaJh`3h;-g5<\ hXl)5\ h;-g5\h`3h;-g5\h;-g,hh;-g5CJOJQJZ\_HaJo(hVhZ_H# $a$gdIu]$C0&P P:p<0BP' (5!"#$% (2~$$If!vh5#v:V l V0  54Dd<P  3 3"((DyK www.yahoo.comyK ,http://www.yahoo.com/DyK www.yahoo.comyK ,http://www.yahoo.com/DyK www.yahoo.comyK ,http://www.yahoo.com/DyK  www.c-we.orgyK *http://www.c-we.org/DyK www.m7shsh.comyK .http://www.m7shsh.com/DyK www.yahoo.comyK ,http://www.yahoo.com/DyK www.birasy.comyK .http://www.birasy.com/DyK  www.c-we.comyK *http://www.c-we.com/DyK www.yahoo,comyK ,http://www.yahoo,com/DyK www.dd.sunnat.netyK 4http://www.dd.sunnat.net/DyK www.dd.sunnat.netyK 4http://www.dd.sunnat.net/DyK www.usaforicc.orgyK 4http://www.usaforicc.org/DyK www.yahoo.comyK ,http://www.yahoo.com/F@F 9'/J$A$_HhmH sH tH<@< 9FH'F 1$@& CJ^JaJ<@< 9FH'F 2$@& CJ^JaJB@B 9FH'F 3$@&5CJ \^JaJ H@H 9FH'F 4$$@&a$5CJ \^JaJ N@N 9FH'F 5$$ & F@& CJ^JaJB@B 9FH'F 6$@&5CJ\^JaJN@N 9FH'F 7$$d@&a$5CJ\^JaJ>A@> .7 'DAB1) 'D'A*1'6JPi@P  ,/HD 9'/J :V 44 la ,k, (D' B'&E) 8B@8 F5 #3'3J CJ^JaJ8@8 F5 -'4J) 3ADJ)@&@@ E1,9 -'4J) 3ADJ)H*^JRC@"R F5 #3'3J (E3'A) ('/&) CJ^JaJ@ @2@ *0JJD 5A-)  9r aJ,)@A, 1BE 5A-)^J<@R< 1#3 5A-)  9r aJBP@bB F5 #3'3J 2$a$ CJ^JaJzsz v 4(C) ,/HD7:V0$A$^JdR@d =F5 #3'3J (E3'A) ('/&) 2$dx^DD s Char Char^J_HhmH sH tH4U@4 # Hyperlink >*ph*O* & long_text>> 1E_ Char Char2_HmH sH tH pOp `uG 31/ 'DAB1'*$d^m$CJOJ PJ QJ ^JaJhtH :c' F "%&()*b+0456788:=F?fARC5HJKdMN^QSR6ST<^`r`scgimonqarsKvQwyb{{*} WʈQk(6̝[B7Wc;6%;^p![L5 n:*Va=| D?{+ |  | &sS*AL)`9 X@1:  8!!0""!#J####$%*%%&'(S),----).s..1/z/;0l000R11112[222[44s7v7 n            nnP=a&h} U t >stuvw8k: BCDRnQMeJ !"#%&*())))*f+:-0$1%131\1"224689:<=J?X?{??@HBIBJBKBLBMBZBfBVCNDFHJhMNN:STUV?X@XNXgXLZ[f]]]@^ `w`awcrfgii>k_klmmmoorqerrlsGuHuVuuvw6zf{.} [ ΈUoĒΔ<J`:E̚8Н,Jר M>~6_Fl[?g?;<=K$)?b&_P-aABB& + 4  kkJ   !!o!! 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