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AD' JCAJ F3() 'DF*J,) 'D%,1'EJ) E'/J' %DI A'9DG', (D JF(:J #F JB*1F G0' 'D%3F'/ (%3F'/ ".1 GH 'D%3F'/ 'DE9FHJ, HG0' JB*6J #F JCHF G0' 'D4.5 HB* 5/H1 3DHCG 'D%,1'EJ E*E*9' ('D%/1'C H'D%1'/), H'F *CHF G0G 'D%1'/) -1) HE.*'1). Abstract An attribution within the zone of criminal law is considered as one of the criminal responsibility's hypotheses, or it may be prior to it considering that penal responsibility is the definite result of attributing a criminal act to it's doer materialistically and morally. In a more accurate phrase; a responsibility of a person for an act can not be discussed or talked about unless this act is attributed to him materialistically. This form of criminal attribution needs attributing a criminal result to a certain act, then attributing this act to a certain doer. But the materialistic attribution alone is not quite enough to decide and restrict a person's responsibility but it must be associated with the moral attribution, and such situation needs that a person or a doer of a criminal behavior commits it with a free and chosen will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imputabilite", H*9JJF 'D4.5 'DE3$HD ,F'&J' J*6EF *7(JB BH'9/ 'D#GDJ) HBH'9/ 'D%3F'/(). A'D%F3'F - HGH 'DE.'7( #5D' ('DB'9/) 'DB'FHFJ) - D' J9/ #GD' D*DBJ 'D"+'1 'DB'FHFJ) 9F E.'DA*G DDB'9/) 'DEH6H9J), %D' E*I #ECF F3() G0G 'DE.'DA) %DJG, #J %/1',G' AJ -3'(G *EGJ/' DE3'!D*G 9FG', HG0' J9FJ CHF 'DA9D E3F/' Imputable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elogu " %DI 'DBHD ('F 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J ( GH -'D) AJ 'D4.5 *9FJ *E*9G ('DB/1) 9DI 'D%/1'C H'D%1'/) AGH J*7'(B *E'E' E9 #GDJ) 'D*51A)(), J$.0 9DI G0' 'D*91JA FA3 'DE#.0 'D3'(B. CE' 'FG EF ,G) #.1I B51 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J 9DI 'D%3F'/ 'DE9FHJ H-/G /HF 'D%3F'/ 'DE'/J. H91A 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J #J6' (#FG ( *-/J/ D#GDJ) 'D4.5 HB/1*G 9DI 'D*7'(B E9 'DB'9/) 'DEH6H9J) )(), JD'-8 %F G0' 'D*91JA '9*(1 'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J) E6EHF' DD%3F'/, 9F/E' '9*(1 'D%3F'/ 9('1) 9F *-/J/ DG0G 'D#GDJ), HG0' D' JECF B(HDG ('9*('1 #F 'D#GDJ) EA*16 DD%3F'/ 'D,F'&J HDJ3* E6EHF' DG CE' 3F1I D'-B'. HEF ,G) #.1I JD'-8 #F 'D(96 J9*(1 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J 1CF' AJ 'D/9HI 'D,F'&J), HEF +E JB51G  'D%3F'/- 9DI B'FHF 'D%,1'!'* 'D,F'&J) /HF B'FHF 'D9BH('* H0DC (BHDG: " %F B'FHF 'D9BH('* 9F/E' *CDE 9F 'D,1JE) *CDE 9FG' (4EHDJ) E7DB) /HF *-/J/ EF GH A'9D 'D,1JE), A*CDE 9F ,1'&E 'DFA3 H'DE'D H.D'AG (%8G'1 E' GJ 'D,1JE) HCJA *1*C( H9F'51G' H#1C'FG', #E' %3F'/ G0G 'D,1JE) %DI AD'F AG0' 'D#E1 JF8EG B'FHF 'D%,1'!'* #J6' (4EHDJ) E7DB) "(). HD' FEJD %DI G0' 'DBHD, ('9*('1 #F 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J D' JB*51 9DI B'FHF 'D%,1'!'* 'D,F'&J), AGF'DC 'D%3F'/ 'DEH6H9J HGH %E' #F JCHF E'/J' #H JCHF E9FHJ', HJ*-// F7'BG AJ B'FHF 'D9BH('*, CE' 3F1I D'-B'. H9DI G0' JECFF' #F F91A 'D%3F'/ AJ F7'B B'FHF 'D9BH('* (#FG F3() 'DF*J,) 'D%,1'EJ) %DI A9D E9JF HEF +E F3() G0' 'DA9D 'DI %1'/) A'9D E9JF DB/1*G 9DI 'D'.*J'1. AG0' 'D*91JA J,E9 (JF 5H1*J 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J. 'DA19 'D1'(9 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J AJ 'D'57D'- 'DB6'&J DE J91A 'DB6'! 'D,F'&J 'D91'BJ E57D- "'D%3F'/ ", HDCF G0' D' J9FJ #F 'D%3F'/ GH E57D- /.JD 9DI B6'&F' 'D,F'&J . 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mododi esser , #H -'D) status , #H H5A 4.5J(). HF-F D' FEJD %DI G0' 'D1#J #J6', -J+ 'FG J,9D 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J -'D) 4.5J) E3*BD) 9F 'D,1JE) HE1*(7) (4.5 'DE,1E, HAJ G0' .D7 (JF 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J H'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J). 'D1#J 'D1'(9: ( 'D%3F'/ 9F51 AJ 'D,1JE) ) J9*(1 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J HAB' DG0' 'D1#J 9F51' J/.D AJ *CHJF 'D,1JE), HJ0G( #F5'1 G0' 'D1#J %DI 'DBHD ('F G0' 'D*CJJA DD%3F'/ 'D,F'&J J*AB *E'E' E9 .7) 'DE419 'DE51J , 'D0J F5 AJ 'DE'/) (62) EF B'FHF 'D9BH('* 9DI #FG (( D' 9B'( 9DI EF JCHF A'B/ 'D49H1 #H 'D'.*J'1 AJ 9EDG HB* '1*C'( 'DA9D )), AG0G 'DE'/) B/ ,9D* EF '-*,'( 'D49H1 #H :J'( 'D'.*J'1 - HGE' EF 9F'51 'D%3F'/ 'DE9FHJ - 3((' JH,( 'E*F'9 'D9BH()(). HF-F FEJD %DI G0' 'DM1#J, -J+ 'FG '9*(1 'D%3F'/ 'DE9FHJ 9F51' J/.D AJ *CHJF 'D1CF 'DE9FHJ DD,1JE), H(0DC *,F( 'D.D7 (JF 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J H'D%+E #H 'D%0F'(. 9DI 'D1:E EF 'FG DE J41 %DI 'D*CJJA 'DB'FHFJ DD%3F'/ 'DE'/J, 'D0J J9*(1 9F51' J/.D AJ *CHJF 'D1CF 'DE'/J , -J+ J1(7 (JF 9F51J G0' 'D1CF HJ-BB H-/*G. A'D*CJJA 'D0J F1,-G DD%3F'/ 'D,F'&J, GH #F 'D%3F'/ J9*(1 9F51'K J/.D AJ *CHJF 1CFJ 'D,1JE), 'DE'/J H'DE9FHJ ( 'D%3F'/ 'DE'/J 9F51 AJ 'D1CF 'DE'/J, H'D%3F'/ 'DE9FHJ 9F51 AJ 'D1CF 'DE9FHJ ). 'DE(-+ 'D+'FJ 0'*J) 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J B/ J-/+ 'D.D7 (JF EAGHE 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J H(JF :J1G EF 'DEA'GJE AJ F7'B BH'9/ 'DB'FHF 'D,F'&J  AGF'DC (96 'DEA'GJE 'D*J J(/H DDHGD) 'D#HDI #FG' *9(1 9F FA3 'DE9FI 'D0J J9(1 9FG 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J, EF G0G 'DEA'GJE 'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J), H'DE3$HDJ) 'D,F'&J), H'D*CJJA, H#.J1' 'D%+E 'D,F'&J. D0' D'(/ EF 'DHBHA 9DI E9FI CD EF G0G 'DEA'GJE H*EJJ2 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J 9FG', HD%/1'C G0G 'D:'J) '1*#JF' *B3JE G0' 'DE(-+ %DI #1(9 E7'D(, CE' J#*J: 'DE7D( 'D#HD *EJJ2 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J EF 'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J) 'D(96 EF 'DABG'! J.D7 (JF AC1) 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J HAC1) 'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J), -J+ J1HF #F G0G 'D'2/H',J) AJ 'DE57D-'* D' JB'(DG' '2/H',J) AJ 'DEA'GJE ('9*('1 #F 'D4.5 0' 'D#GDJ) JCHF #GD' DD%3F'/, H'D9C3 5-J-, H9/JE 'D#GDJ) GH /'&E' 4.5 :J1 #GD DD%3F'/(). H'(9/ EF 0DC F,/ #F (96 'DABG'! J7DB 9DI 'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J) '57D'- " #GDJ) 'D%3F'/ "(). HJ0G( 'D(96 %DI 'DBHD: " %F 'D,1JE) D' *BHE %D' (FH9JF EF 'D%3F'/ %3F'/ E'/J GH 9D'B) 'D3((J), H %3F'/ E9FHJ GH 'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J)"(). HAJ G0' 'DBHD .D7 H'6- (JF 'D%3F'/ H'D#GDJ). H'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J) CE' J91AG' 'D(96 GJ '3*9/'/ 'D4.5 #H B/1*G 9DI AGE E'GJ) #A9'DG H*B/J1 F*'&,G' H9H'B(G' EE' J3*D2E #F *CHF EDC'*G 'D9BDJ) H'D0GFJ) 7(J9J) HB* '1*C'( 'D,1JE)(), HJ91AG' 'D(96 'D".1 (#FG' CF'J) 9F *E*9 'DE*GE (,1JE) ('D9BD H'D(DH: DD%/1'C #H 'D*EJJ2 HD'.*J'1 'DE3DC(), H*91A 'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J) C0DC (#FG' H5A #H *C@JJA D-'D) 'D4.5 'D9BDJ) HB* '1*C'( 'DA9D #H 'D'E*F'9 'DECHF DD,1JE)(). EF .D'D G0G 'D*9'1JA DAC1) 'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J) J*6- #F GF'C A1B'K (JF 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J H(JF G0' 'DEAGHE EF 9/) #H,G, AEF ,G) A'F 'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J) EA*16 EF EA*16'* 'D%3F'/ 'DE9FHJ HDJ3 'D%3F'/ 'DE9FHJ 0'*G (D GJ 3'(B) 9DJG HE3*BD) 9FG(), AB(D 'D(-+ AJ BJ'E 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J EF 9/EG AJ -B 'D4.5 JA*16 *H'A1 417 'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J) D/I G0' 'D4.5(). D0' D' JECF #F *F3( 'D,1JE) E9FHJ' %DI E1*C(G' E'DE JCF E*E*9' ('D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J)(). H('D*'DJ A%FG EF 'D(/JGJ 9/E %EC'F 'DCD'E 9F 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J /HF *H'A1 'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J), AJ -JF %F EF 'DEECF *5H1 'D9C3. DG0' A'F 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J DJ3 CE' J0G( 'D(96 %DI #FG D' J9FJ 4J&'K ".1 :J1 'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J)(), HD' J9*(1 #J6' EA*16' DD#GDJ) 'D,F'&J) AGH D' J9/ EF 'D41H7 'DH',() D5D'-J) 'DA1/ D'F JCHF E.'7(' (#-C'E B'FHF 'D9BH('*(), A'D4.5 :J1 'D#GD DD%3F'/ JECF #F JCHF 4.5' E-1HE' EF 'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J) CE' JECF #F JCHF 0' #GDJ) ,F'&J)(). AB/ JCHF E*E*9' ('D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J) HE9 0DC D' JCHF #GD' DD%3F'/ 'D,F'&J, CEF J1*C( 'D,1JE) *-* *#+J1 'D61H1) #H 'D%C1'G 'DE9FHJ, HGH E*E*9 (C'ED EDC'*G 'D9BDJ) HB* '1*C'( 'DA9D 'DECHF DD,1JE), HDCF 'D0J J-/+ #F -1J) 'D'.*J'1 *6JB D/JG AJ G0G 'D-'D) %DI 'D-/ 'D0J *5(- E9G 'D%1'/) E*,1/) EF 'DBJE) 'DB'FHFJ) AD' J9*/ (G' 'DB'FHF, H('D*'DJ D' JECF %3F'/ 'D,1JE) %DJG EF 'DF'-J) 'DE9FHJ). HEF ,G) #.1I A'F #3'3 AC1) 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J E*9DB (B/1) 'D,'FJ 9DI 'D'.*J'1, AJ -JF %F #3'3 AC1) 'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J) E*9DB (E/I 5D'-J) 'D,'FJ DDE.'7() (#-C'E B'FHF 'D9BH('* ,#J D5/H1 'DA9D 9DI H,G J9*/ (G 'DB'FHF(). HEF ,G) #.1I A%F 'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J) GJ -'D) 4.5J) ('9*('1 #FG' **9DB (E/I 5D'-J) 'D4.5 DDE.'7() (#-C'E 'DB'FHF(), AJ -JF %F 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J B/ JCHF 0' 7(J9) EH6H9J), A'D%3F'/ 'DE'/J J*9DB (E'/J'* 'D,1JE), ('9*('1 'FG 9F51 AJ 'D1CF 'DE'/J DD,1JE). HJ1I ,'F( EF 'DABG #F 'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J J.*DA 9F 'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J) EF -J+ %F 'D#HD J.5 #H J9FJ 'D4.5 'D0J JCHF EH69' DDE3'!D) 'D,F'&J) 9F A9D JCHF ,1JE), #E' 'D+'FJ) A*9FJ #H *.5 C@D 'D#4.'5 'D0JF JECF #F JB*1AH' ,1JE@) E', #H (E9FI ".1 '-/ 'DE-8H1'* 'D,F'&J) illecito penale(). J*6- EF CD E' *B/E #F 'D'2/H',J) AJ G0JF 'DE57D-JF "'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J H'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J) " *B'(D ('2/H',J) AJ 'DE9FI H'DEAGHE #J6' , A'D%3F'/ 'D,F'&J 4J! H'D#GDJ) 'D,F'&J) 4J! 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anzini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