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H.55 'D+'FJ D"+1 'D*-HD 9DI 'D/'&FJF . Abstract Family company suffered from many difficulties which might impede its activity and development as well . thus, its Transformation in to joint stock company is one of the strategic choices to assure its development and the continuity of its activity. and this Transformation would have effect an the interests of creditors of the company and family company its self . For that we can divided our study into two part, the first part discuss Transformation effect on family company into three chapter, the first deal with corporate body, the second to the application of the administrative system of the joint stock company, the third to get shares. And the second chapter, the first part discuss Transformation effect on partners and the second part deal with Transformation effect an the interests of creditors . 'DEB/E) 'D41C'* 'D9'&DJ) GJ *DC 'D41C'* 'D*J *CHF EEDHC) D9'&D) H'-/)  #H D#4.'5 *1(7GE 5D) 'DB1'() 9DI 'DF-H 'D0J J$/J AJG 'DCJ'F 'D9'&DJ /H1'K %/'1J'K HE'DJ'K H1B'(J'K AJ *3JJ1 F4'7 'D41C) H*-BJB #G/'AG' . H(E' #F G0G 'D41C'* **CHF E' (JF #A1'/ *1(7GE 5D) 'DB1'() A#F EF 'D7(J9J #F J*.0 'D41C'! #-/ #FH'9 'D41C'* 'DB'&E) 9DI E(/# 'D'9*('1 'D4.5J (H5AG' 4CD'K B'FHFJ'K DEE'13) F4'7GE 'D*,'1J C'D41C) 'D*6'EFJ) #H 'D*H5J) 'D(3J7) #H 'D(3J7) #H 'DE41H9 'DA1/J A6D' 9F 'D41C) 'DE-/H/) DCHFG' *,E9 E' (JF .5'&5 41C'* 'D#4.'5 H41C'* 'D#EH'D . H*H',G G0G 'D41C'* 'D9/J/ EF 'DE9HB'* 'D*J *9*16 F4'7G' H*-HD /HF *-BJB 'D#G/'A 'D*J J39I E$33J 'D41C) %DI *-BJBJG'  %0 *9'FJ G0G 'D41C'* EF %4C'DJ'* /'.DJ) **9DB ('F9/'E 'D*.7J7 'DE3*B(DJ D#9E'D 'D41C) H'D,E9 (JF EDCJ) 'D41C) H%/'1*G' A6D' 9F 'D*#+J1'* 'D*J **1CFG' 'D5A) 'D9'&DJ) 9DI F7'B F4'7G'  HEF ,'F( #.1 A'F 'D*7H1'* 'D*J 71#* AJ EJ/'F 'D*,'1) 'D/HDJ) 3'GE* (4CD #.1 AJ 'D*#+J1 9DI 'D41C'* 'D9'&DJ) %0 #F 'F*4'1 'D41C'* 'DE*9//) 'D,F3J) H*G'A* 'D/HD 9DI 'D'F6E'E %DI EF8E) 'D*,'1) 'D9'DEJ) H*4,J9G' DD'3*+E'1'* 'D#,F(J) HE' .DA*G 'D+H1) 'D*CFHDH,J) EF #3'DJ( 9ED ,/J/) #/* (E,EDG' %DI 'F-3'1 /H1 G0G 'D41C'* H'D*6JJB EF F7'B F4'7G' F81'K DD%EC'FJ'* 'DE-/H/) %0' E' BH1F* E9 E+JD'*G' EF 'D41C'* 'D#,F(J)  H'2'! G0' 'DH'B9 'D0J #6-* *E1 (G G0G 'D41C'* A%F *-HDG' %DI 41C'* E3'GE) 3J3'GE H'DI -/ C(J1 AJ *,'H2 'D9/J/ EF *DC 'DE9HB'* F81'K DCHF 'D41C'* 'DE3'GE) *E+D E-H1'K G'E'K D*,E9 1#3 'DE'D H*E*9G' (E,EH9) EF 'D.5'&5 'D#.1I 'D*J *ECFG' EF *,'H2 *DC 'DE9HB'* . H**,DI #GEJ) 'D(-+ (*-/J/ 'D"+'1 'DB'FHFJ) D*-HD 'D41C'* 'D9'&DJ) ('.*D'A %4C'DG' %DI 41C'* E3'GE) 3H'! AJE' J*9DB ('D41C) 'D9'&DJ) EF ,G)  -J+ 'D"+'1 9DI 'D41C) 'D9'&DJ) _E-D 'D*-HD_ C*DC 'DE1*(7) (E5J1 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) DD41C) HE' J1*(7 (G' EF F*'&, B'FHFJ) #H 9DI 59J/ *:JJ1 'DGJCD 'D%/'1J DD41C) A6D' 9F -B 'D41C'! ('D-5HD 9DI EB'(D DD*-HD . C0DC A'F DG0' 'D*-HD '+#1 **9DB ('D41C'! H(/'&FJ 'D41C) EF ,G) #.1I  %0 +E) F*'&, 3*1*( 9DI 0DC 3H'! *DC 'DE*9DB) ('D41C'! C2H'D 5A) 'D*',1 A6D' 9F -BGE AJ 'D*51A (-55GE %DJ 3*$HD %DI #3GE H6E'F 'F*B'DG' %DI H1+*GE  #H *DC 'DE*9DB) (/'&FJ 'D41C) H'DE*E+D) (E/I *#+1 -BHBGE (G0' 'D*-HD D'3JE' #F E3$HDJ) 'D41C'! 3*CHF E-/H/) (EB/'1 'D#3GE 'D*J JE*DCHFG' (9/ #F C'F* E3$HDJ) 4.5J) 9F 'D*2'E'* 'D41C) C'A) . #E' 9F GJCDJ) 'D(-+ AB/ C'F* 9DI 'DF-H 'D#*J : 'DE(-+ 'D#HD: '+1 'D*-HD 9DI 'D41C) 'D9'&DJ) 'DE7D( 'D#HD: 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) DD41C) 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ: *7(JB BH'9/ %/'1) 'D41C) 'DE3'GE) 'DE7D( 'D+'D+: -B 'D41C'! ('D-5HD 9DI EB'(D DD*-HD 'DE(-+ 'D+'FJ : '+1 'D*-HD 9DI 'D41C'! H/'&FJ 'D41C) 'DE7D( 'D#HD: '+1 'D*-HD 9DI 'D41C'! 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ: '+1 'D*-HD 9DI 'D/'&FJF 'DE(-+ 'D#HD #+1 'D*-HD 9DI 'D41C) 'D9'&DJ) J*1*( 9DI *-HD 'D41C'* 'D9'&DJ) (#FH'9G' 'DE.*DA) %DI 41C'* E3'GE) #+'1 **9DB ('DE1C2 'DB'FHFJ DD41C) EF ,G) H'D41C'! EF ,G) #.1I  H*E+D G0G 'D"+'1 F*J,) EF7BJ) DD*9/JD 'D0J '/.D 9DI 9B/ 'D41C) HE' #3**(9 EF *9/JD DDF8'E 'DB'FHFJ 'D0J J-CEG'  H**,DI G0G 'D"+'1 (E5J1 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) DD41C) - E-D 'D*-HD - H'DF*'&, 'DE1*(7) (G'  HC0DC E' J*9DB (H,H( *7(JB 'DF8'E 'D%/'1J DD41C) 'DE3'GE) EF -J+ *4CJD GJ&) 9'E) H*9JJF E,D3 %/'1) HE/J1 EAH6 HE1'B( -3'('* DD41C)  A6D' 9F -B 'DE3'GEJF AJ 'D-5HD 9DI EB'(D DD*-HD . H9DI G0' 'D#3'3 A%FF' 3FB3E G0' 'DE(-+ %DI +D'+) E7'D(  *F'HD 'DE7D( 'D#HD #+1 'D*-HD 9DI 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) DD41C) #E' 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ A3JCHF D(J'F *7(JB 'DF8'E 'D%/'1J DD41C) 'DE3'GE) #E' 'DE7D( 'D+'D+ AB/ .55 D-B 'D41C'! ('D-5HD 9DI EB'(D DD*-HD . 'DE7D( 'D#HD 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) DD41C) J*EJ2 9B/ 'D41C) 9F :J1G EF 'D9BH/ (#FG JF*, 9FG %F4'! 4.5 E9FHJ E3*BD 9F 'D4.5J) 'D*J J*E*9 (G' CD 41JC  H*(/H 'D-CE) EF %3(': 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) DD41C) D*ECJFG' EF 'DBJ'E ('D*51A'* 'DB'FHFJ) ('3EG' HDJ3 ('3E #96'&G' H,9DG' CJ'F'K E3*BD'K HB'&E'K (0'*G() . HE*I E' 'C*3(* 'D41C) 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) A%FG' *(BI E-*A8) (G' D-JF 'F*G'! 'D#,D 'DE-// AJ 'D9B/ #H D:'J) 'FB6'&G' (#J 3(( EF #3('( 'D'FB6'!  -*I AJ 'D#-H'D 'D*J *FB6J AJG' 'D41C) A%FG' *(BI E-*A8) (4.5J*G' 'DE9FHJ) 7JD) A*1) 'D*5AJ) D'3*CE'D %,1'!'* *5AJ) 'D41C)  (J/ #F 'D'-*A'8 (G0G 'D4.5J) JCHF ('DB/1 'D61H1J D%*E'E #9E'D 'D*5AJ)(). H'D3$'D 'D0J J+'1 (G0' 'D5// GD J$/J 'D*-HD %DI 2H'D 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) DD41C) #E *(BI 'D41C) E-*A8) (4.5J*G' 'DE9FHJ) (9/ 'D*-HD  HB(D #F F,J( 9DI G0' 'D*3'$D D'(/ EF #F F4J1 %DI 'D#GEJ) 'D*J **1*( 9DI 'DBHD ('FB6'! *DC 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) #H 9/E 'FB6'&G' F*J,) 'D*-HD %0 J*1*( 9DI 0DC 9/) F*'&, 9DI 'DF-H 'D"*J : #HD'_ J*1*( 9DI 'DBHD (#F 'D41C) *FB6J F*J,) 'D*-HD H*2HD *(9'K D0DC 4.5J*G' 'DE9FHJ) .1H, #EH'D 'D41C@) 9F /'&1) EDCJ*G' A*CHF EDC'K E4'9'K (JF 'D41C'! HJC@HF DCD 41JC F5J( J3'HJ E' C'F JEDCG AJ 'D41C) B(D 'D*-HD HEF +E JCHF EF -B /'&F@J 'D41C) 'D*FAJ0 9DI *DC 'D#EH'D 'D*J "D* %DI 'D41C'! D'3*JA'! -BHBGE H J+(* 'D-B 0'*G D/'&FJ 'D41C'! 'D4.5JJF %0 JCHF (EB/H1GE 'DE7'D() ('D*FAJ0 9DI *DC 'D#E@H'D()  (.D'A 'DBHD ('3*E1'1 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) DD41C) %0 *(B@I 'D#EH'D 'D*J B/EG' 'D41C'! .'1,) 9F EDCJ*GE H*(BI 6EF EDCJ) 'D41C) HD' JCHF (EB/H1 /'&FJ 'D41C) 'D*FAJ0 9DJG' (H5AG' .1,* 9F EDCJ) 'D41C) F*J,) 'D*-HD CE' D' JCHF (EB/H1 /'&FJ 'D41C'! 'D4.5JJF 'D*FAJ0 9DI *DC 'D#EH'D 9DI #3'3 %FG' D' 2'D* EEDHC) DD41C) . +'FJ'_ J*1*( 9DI 'DBHD ('FB6'! 'D41C@) H2H'D 4.5J*G' 'DE9FHJ) (7D'F 'D41C) 'D*J *$33 AJ 'D#-H'D 'D*J J*.DA AJG' #-/ 41H7 #H #1C'F *#3J3G' 'D*J JF5 9DJG' 'DB'FHF  #E' %0' C'F* 'D41C) D' *FB6J H*(BI E-*A8) (4.5J*G' 'DE9FHJ@) A%F 'D#+1 'D0J J*1*( 9DI 9/E E1'9') %,1'!'* 'D*-HD GH 9/E FA'0G (-B 'D:J1() . +'D+'_ J*1*( 9DI 'DBHD ('FB6'! 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ@) H,H( BJ'E 'D41C) 'D*J *$33 EF ,/J/ (/A9 H'D61'&( H'D13HE C'A@) 'D*J *A16G' 'DBH'FJF 9DI 'D41C'* 'D*J *$33 '(*/'!K  (.D'A E' GH EB11 AJ -'D '3*E1'1 'D4.5J@) 'DE9FHJ) %0 D' *D*2E 'D41C@) (/A9 'D61'&( #H #/'! 'D13HE 9DI #3'3 #F 'D#E1 D' J*6EF %F4'! 41C) ,/J/) %FE' JB*51 9DI *:JJ1 FH9G'() . 1'(9'_ HDG0G 'DE3#D) #GEJ) AJ %7'1 *-/J/ EH9/ 31J'F (96 'DEH'9J/ %0 #FG' *.*DA (-3( %0' E' C'F 'D4.5 'DE9FHJ J3*F/ %DI *'1J. *CHJF 'D41C) AJ 4CDG' 'D#5DJ #H %DI *'1J@. 'D*-HD  A%0' '3*E1* 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ@) DD41C) H*916* DD%A@D'3 A%F 'D*HBA 9F 'D/A9 EF 'DEECF #F J59/ %DI *'1J. 3'(B DD*-HD 9DI .D'A 'D-CE AJE' DH *1*( 9DI 'D*-HD %F4'! 41C) ,/J/)() . HEF .D'D 0DC J*(JF DF' E/I #GEJ) 'DF*'&, 'D*J **1*( 9DI *-/J/ #+1 'D*-HD HAJE' %0' C'F J$/J %DI 'FB6'! 'D41C) H 2H'D 4.5J*G' 'DE9FHJ) #E D'  HJECF #F F4J1 AJ G0G 'DE,'D %DI 'DEHBA 'DABGJ H'DB'FHFJ EF *-/J/ #+1 'D*-HD 9DI 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) 9DI 'DF-H 'D"*J : #HD' / EHBA 'DABG : 'FB3E 'DABG'! AJ G0' 'DE,'D 9DI '*,'GJF  #-/GE' J0G( %DI 'DBHD ('FB6'! 'D41C) H 2H'D 4.5J*G' 'DE9FHJ)  AJ -JF J0G( 'D'*,'G 'D+'FJ %DI 'DFBJ6 EFG HJ$C/ '3*E1'1 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) DD41C) H9/E 'FB6'&G' (3(( 'D*-HD . 1. 'D'*,'G 'D#HD : J0G( #F5'1 G0' 'D'*,'G %DI 'DBHD (#F *-HD 'D41C) EF FH9 D".1 J*1*( 9DJG 'FB6'! 'D41C) E-D 'D*-HD H 2H'D 4.5J*G' 'DE9FHJ) *(9'K D0DC %0 3*F4# 41C) ,/J/) (4.5J) E9FHJ) ,/J/) DJ3 DG' #/FI 5D) ('D41C) 'DEFB6J) . HB@/ 9DD ,'F( EFGE G0' 'D'FB6'! 9DI #3'3 #F CD *:JJ1 AJ 'D4CD 'DB'FHFJ DD41C) J3**(9 (7(J9) 'D-'D 'FB6'! *DC 'D41C) H2H'D 4.5J*G' 'DE9FHJ) %0 J*6EF *:JJ1 'D4CD 'DB'FHFJ %F4'! D41C) ,/J/) *-D E-D 'D41C) 'DEF-D)() . HJ0G( #-/ 'DABG'!() %DI 'DBHD (#FG EF :J1 'DEF7BJ 'D*3DJE ('3*E1'1 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) DD41C) AJ -'D *-HDG' EF FH9 D".1 EF #FH'9 'D41C'*  %0 +E) F*'&, B'FHFJ) D' JECF *,'GDG' 3**1*( 9DI G0' 'D*-HD 3H'! 9DI 59J/ *:JJ1 'D7(J9) 'DB'FHFJ) DD41C) H4CDG' 'DB'FHFJ H#3EG' 'D*,'1J H *A16 G0G 'DF*'&, -*E'K 'FB6'! 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) DD41C) E-D 'D*-HD %0 3*F4# 41C) ,/J/) (4.5J) E9FHJ) ,/J/) . AJE' J1I ".1() (#F 'D*-HD 'D0J J*1*( 9DJG #-/'+ *9/JD ,HG1J AJ 9B/ 'D41C) #H E1C2 'D41C'! J$/J %DI 2H'D 'D41C) H'FB6'! 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) C'D*-HD %DI 41C) 'DE3'GE) %0 JA16 G0' 'D*-HD 'FB6'! 'D41C) H2H'D 4.5J*G' 'DE9FHJ) *(9'K D0DC . 2. 'D'*,'G 'D+'FJ : (JFE' J0G( #F5'1 G0' 'D'*,'G %DI 'DBHD (#F *-HD 'D41C) D' J*1*( 9DJG 'FB6'! 'D41C) H 2H'D 4.5J*G' 'DE9FHJ)  (D *(BI 'D41C) B'&E) HE-*A8) (4.5J*G' 'DE9FHJ) (417 #F J3*F/ 'D*-HD %DI F5 AJ 9B/ 'D41C) #H AJ 'DB'FHF  HD0' A%F 'D*-HD 'D0J D' J3*F/ %DI F5 AJ 9B/ 'D41C) #H 'DB'FHF J$/J %DI 'FB6'! 'D41C) H 2H'D 4.5J*G' 'DE9FHJ)()  HD*H6J- AC1) G0' 'D'*,'G D'(/ #F FA1B (JF 'D*-HD 'DEF5H5 9DJG B'FHF' #H '*A'B' H'D*-HD :J1 'DEF5H5 9DJG B'FHF' #H '*A'B' 9DI 'DF-H 'D#*J : #_ 'D*-HD 'DEF5H5 9DJG B'FHF' #H '*A'B' : *,J2 'DBH'FJF 'DEB'1F) DD41C) #F **-HD EF FH9 D".1  HEF +E A%F G0G 'D%,'2) *-A8 DD41C) 4.5J*G' 'DE9FHJ) AJ -'D *-HDG'  HG0' 'D'3*E1'1 AJ 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) DD41C) J3*F/ %DI %1'/) 'DE419 HEF +E J*9JF '-*1'EG' AD' E3': DD',*G'/ AJE' H1/ AJG F5 51J- %0 '3**(9 0DC 'D'9*1'A 'DB'FHFJ ('D*-HD '3*E1'1 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) DD41C)() . HEF F'-J) #.1I  AB/ JCHF 'DF5 'D0J J,J2 DD41C) 'D*-HD D' J3*F/ %DI %1'/) 'DE419 (D %DI %1'/) 'D41C'! 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'D41C) H#4'1* %DI 'D*-HD (H5AG 3(( EF #3('( 'FB6'! 'D41C)  HAJ 'DH'B9 #F 'D*-HD D' J9/ EF B(JD 'FB6'! 'D41C) D'F 'D41C) *3*E1 H*(BI E-*A8) (4.5J*G' 'DE9FHJ)  D0' F/9H 'DE419 %DI *9/JD 'DF5 'DB'FHFJ EF .D'D B51 'DAB1) 'D1'(9) 9DI /E, 'D41C) 9DI HAB #-C'E 'DB'FHF EF /HF *-HDG' . HDE' C'F 'D*-HD D' J*1*( 9DJG 'FB6'! 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) DD41C) (D *(BI B'&E) HE*E*9) (4.5J*G' 'DE9FHJ) (9/ 'D*-HD H (51A 'DF81 9F 'D4CD 'DB'FHFJ 'D0J "D* %DJG (9/ 'D*-HD  AG0' J9FJ '3*E1'1 'DF*'&, 'DE*1*() 9DI 'C*3'( 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) CB'9/) 9'E) HEF ',D 'D%-'7) (G0G 'DF*'&, H(J'F #+1 'D*-HD 9DI CDM EFG'  A%FF' 3FB3E G0' 'DE7D( %DI #1(9) EB'5/ H 9DI 'DF-H 'D"*J : 'DEB5/ 'D#HD 'D0E) 'DE'DJ) DD41C) *91A 'D0E) 'DE'DJ) 9DI #FG' E,EH9 E' DD4.5 EF -BHB HE' 9DJG EF 'D*2'E'* E'DJ) #J **CHF EF 9F51JF 'J,'(J J*E+D (E,EH9 'D-BHB H 3D(J J*E+D (E,EH9 'D'D*2'E'*() . 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HB/ #+'1 'DE1C2 'DB'FHFJ DDE/J1 'DEAH6 AJ 'D41C) 'DE3'GE) .D'A 'DABG'!  %0 J0G( ,'F( EF 'DABG() ('DBHD %DI H,H( 'B*5'1 %/'1) 'D41C) 9DI E,D3 'D%/'1) D#F 'D*9//J) 'D%/'1J) B/ *$/J %DI */'.D 'D'.*5'5'*  A6D' 9F *901 %B'E) 'DE3$HDJ) (-CE *H29G' 9DI ,G'* E*9//)  A6D' 9F #F 51A 'D#,H1 DDE/J1 'DEAH6 J9FJ *-EJD 'D41C) FAB'* GJ AJ :FI 9FG' C'F EF 'DEECF #F *CHF ,2!K EF 'D#1('- 'D*J *-5D 9DJG' . HB/ 1/ 9DI 0DC 'DBHD() (#F %D:'! EF5( 'DE/J1 'DEAH6 D' J,/J FA9'K EF 'DF'-J) 'D9EDJ) D#F %F'7) '.*5'5'* 'DE/J1 'DEAH6 %DI E,D3 'D%/'1) JB*6J *H',/ #96'! E,D3 'D%/'1) (5H1) JHEJ) D*51JA 4$HF 'D41C) HB/ D' JCHF DGE 'DHB* 'DC'AJ DDBJ'E (G0' 'DEG'E 'D#E1 'D0J B/ J$/J %DI *AHJ6 96H #H #C+1 DDBJ'E (EG'E 'DE/J1 'DEAH6 'D#E1 'D0J JCHF #3H# EE' DH #(BJF' 9DI EF5( 'DE/J1 'DEAH6  A6D' 9F 2J'/) #9('! #96'! E,D3 'D%/'1) EE' J/A9GE %DI 'DE7'D() (2J'/) ('D#,H1 'DEB11) DGE . HJECF 'DBHD (#F 'D'*,'G 'D#HD #B1( %DI 'D5H'( #E' E' BJD (4'F 9/E %EC'FJ) *A1: #96'! 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H9DI G0' 'D#3'3 A%F *-HD 41C) 'D*6'EF H41C) 'D*H5J) CDJGE' %DI 41C) E3'GE) JA16 9DI GJ&*G' 'D9'E) *9JJF EA*4 -3'('* DD41C)  HD' E,'D DDBHD ('3*E1'1 9ED EA*4 'D-3'('* AJ %7'1 'D41C) 'D3'(B) 9DI 'D*-HD AJ 'D41C) 'DE3'GE) 'D*J F*,* 9F 'D*-HD 9DI #3'3 #F 'D41C) E-D 'D*-HD DJ3 D/JG' EA*4 -3'('* DDBHD ('3*E1'1 9EDG AJ 'D41C) 'DE3'GE)  #E' %0' C'F* 'D41C) E-D 'D*-HD E-/H/) 'DE3$HDJ) A%F 9ED EA*4 'D-3'('* J3*E1 (9/ 'D*-HD D'3*E1'1 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) DD41C) . #E' B'FHF 'D41C'* 'DA1F3J  A#FG JH,( 9DI 'D41C) 'DE3'GE) H'D41C) 0'* 'DE3$HDJ) 'DE-/H/) 'D*J J*,'H2 1#3 E'DG' F3() E'DJ) E9JF) *9JJF E1'B( -3'('*()  'E' AJ %7'1 'D41C'* 'D#.1I ( *6'EF  *H5J) (3J7)  41C) 0'* 'DE3$HDJ) E-/H/) H'D*J JBD 1#3 E'DG' 9F 'DF3() 'DE-//) ) AD' 'D*2'E 9DJG' (*9JJF E1'B( -3'('*  (J/ #F G0' 'D#E1 JA16 9DJG' AJ -'D 'D*-HD %DI 41C) 'DE3'GE) %0 J*H,( 9DJG' *9JJF E1'B( -3'('* .'5 (G' HJ3*+FI EF G0' 'D*9JJF 'D41C) 'DE-/H/) 'DE3$HDJ) 'D*J J*,'H2 1#3 E'DG' 'DF3() 'DE-//) EF G0' 'D*9JJF %0 #F D/JG' E1'B( -3'('* AJ3*E1 (9EDG (9/ 'D*-HD *#3J3'K 9DI '3*E1'1 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) DD41C) AJ -'D) 'D*-HD . F3*F*, EF 0DC  #F 'DBH'FJF 'DEB'1F) **AB 9DI H,H( *9JJF EF J*HDI */BJB -3'('* 'D41C) HE1'B(*G' AJ %7'1 'D41C) 'DE3'GE)  #E' AJ %7'1 'D41C'* 'D#.1I AF,/ #F 'DBH'FJF *('JF* AJ 0DC  AAJ 'DHB* 'D0J #H,( B'FHF 'D41C'* 'D91'BJ 'DE9/D #F JCHF GF'C E1'B( -3'('* D#FH'9 'D41C'* C'A)  F,/ #F 'DBH'FJF 'DEB'1F) B51* *9JJF E1'B( 'D-3'('* 9DI 41C'* E9JF) ('D0'* C'D41C) 'DE3'GE) 'D.'5) AJ 'DB'FHF 'D%E'1'*J H'D41C) 'DE-/H/) 'DE3$HDJ) AJ %7'1 B'FHF 'D41C'* 'DA1F3J H'D3H1J  HEF F'-J) #.1I A%F AJ -'D CHF 'D41C) E-D 'D*-HD D/JG' E1'B( -3'('* AAJ -'D *-HDG' %DI 41C) 'DE3'GE) A%F 9ED E1'B( 'D-3'('* J3*E1 EF /HF #F J9/ 0DC (E+'() *9JJF ,/J/ DG  HJ#*J G0' 'D'3*E1'1 *7(JBK' DB'9/) 9/E 'FB6'! 'D4.5J) 'DE9FHJ) DD41C) AJ -'D) 'D*-HD . 'DE7D( 'D+'D+ -B 'D41C'! AJ 'D-5HD 9DI EB'(D DD*-HD J*1*( 9DI *-HD 'D41C) EF FH9 D".1 #F J3*E1 #96'! 'D41C) 'D3'(B) 9DI 'D*-HD C#96'! AJ 'D41C) 'DF'*,) 9F 'D*-HD E*E*9JF ('DHB* 0'*G ('D-BHB HE3$HDJF 9F 'D'D*2'E'* 'D*J *1*(7 (5A*GE 41C'! #H E3'GEJF AJ 'D41C)  HJB*6J G0' 'D'3*E1'1 AJ 'D41C) #F J-5D CD 41JC 9DI EB'(D DD*-HD  H(E' #F 'D*-HD %DI 4CD 'D41C) 'DE3'GE) A%F CD 41JC 3JCHF DG #3GE 9JFJ) *E+D E' C'F JE*DCG EF -5) AJ %7'1 'D41C) 'D3'(B) 9DI 'D*-HD  HAJ 'DHB* 0'*G A%F (96 'D41C'! B/ D' J1:(HF ('D'3*E1'1 ('D41C) 'DF'*,) 9F 'D*-HD EA6DJF 'D.1H, EFG' H'3*JA'! -BHBGE A*,J2 (96 'DBH'FJF DGE -B 'D.1H, EF 'D41C) . HEF G0' 'DEF7DB AB/ B3EF' G0' 'DE7D( %DI EB5/JF F*F'HD AJ 'D#HD -B 'D41C'! ('D-5HD 9DI #3GE 9JFJ) #E' 'D+'FJ AB/ .55 D-B 'D41C'! AJ 'D.1H, EF 'D41C) . 'DEB5/ 'D#HD -B 'D41C'! AJ 'D#3G@E 'D9JFJ@) 'D#3GE 'D9JFJ) GJ 'D*J D' */A9 #BJ'EG' FB/'K %FE' J/A9 'DE3'GE EB'(DG' E'D'K EFBHD'K %0 J*E *BHJE *DC 'D#EH'D 'D9JFJ) ('DFBH/ HJ*E 9DI #3'3 0DC EF- EB/EG' 9//'K E9JF'K EF 'D#3GE() . H**E*9 'D#3GE 'D9JFJ) ('D-BHB 0'*G' 'D*J **E*9 (G' 'D#3GE 'DFB/J)  HB/ F5* 9DI 0DC (96 'DBH'FJF (5H1) 51J-) AJ -JF DE J41 B'FHF 'D41C'* 'D91'BJ 'DE9/D %DI 0DC  %D' #F G0' D' J-HD /HF '9*('1 #F G0G 'D#3GE *EF- D#5-'(G' 0'* 'D-BHB 'DEEFH-) D#5-'( 'D#3GE 'DFB/J)() . H'DB'9/) 'D9'E) AJ %7'1 'D41C) 'DE3'GE) #F C'A) #4C'D #3GE 'D41C) *CHF B'(D) DD*/'HD  HD9D G0G 'D3E) GJ 'D*J *EJ2 G0G 'D41C) 9F :J1G' EF 'D41C'* -J+ 'DBJH/ 'D*J *1/ 9DI */'HD 'D-55 AJG'  :J1 #F GF'C (96 #FH'9 'D#3GE *.69 DBJH/ AJ 9EDJ) */'HDG'  CE' GJ 'D-'D ('DF3() DD#3GE 'D9JFJ) %0 D' J,H2 'D*51A (G' %D' (9/ E6J E/) E9JF)  HB/ #4'1* %DI 0DC (96 'DBH'FJF 'DEB'1F) (5H1) 51J-) %0 F5* 9DI 9/E ,H'2 'D*51A ('D#3GE 'D9JFJ) %D' (9/ E6J E/) E9JF) 9DI *#3J3 'D41C)() . 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H%0' C'F* 'DB'9/) 'D9'E) GJ -5HD CD 41JC 9DI E,EH9 EF 'D#3GE *E+D E' C'F JEDCG EF -5) AJ %7'1 'D41C) 'D3'(B) 9DI 'D*-HD  %D' #F 'D*3'$D 'D0J J+'1 (G0' 'D5//  GD #F G0G 'D#3GE 3*.69 DDBJ/ 'D9'E 'DB'&E 9DI #3'3 9/E ,H'2 'D*51A (G' %D' (9/ E6J E/) E9JF)  #E JCHF DDE3'GE -1J) 'D*51A (G' EF /HF 'D*BJ/ (E/) E9JF)  D' F,/ AJ %7'1 B'FHF 'D41C'* 'D91'BJ HD' 'DBH'FJF 'DEB'1F) #J F5 B'FHFJ J,J2 #H JEF9 'DE3'GEJF 'D0JF -5DH' 9DI #3GE 9JFJ) - EB'(D 'D-55 'D*J C'FH' JE*DCHFG' B(D 'D*-HD - EF -B 'D*51A (G' . HDE' C'F* 'D%-C'E 'DB'FHFJ) 'D*J *7(B 9DI 'D41C) 'DE3'GE) *CHF 3'1J) 'D*7(JB 3H'! C'F* 'D41C) 'DE3'GE) B/ #33* '(*/'!K #H F*J,) 'D*-HD  H7'DE' D' JH,/ F5 B'FHFJ J3*+FJ 'D#3GE 'D9JFJ) EF -81 'D*51A 'DEB11 9DI */'HDG'  A%FG J31J 9DI G0G 'D#3GE AJ -'D) 'D*-HD H('DF*J,) D' JECF DDE3'GEJF 'D0JF -5DH' 9DI *DC 'D#3GE EF 'D*51A (G' %D' (9/ E6J 'DE/) 'DE-//) B'FHF'K() . 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