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'DEB/E) 'D-E/ DDG #HD' H#.1' DG 'D-E/ ('D%3D'E 41J9) DD(41 HDG 'D-E/ ('DB1"F (E' AJG EF #E1 H2,1 H'D5D') H'D3D'E 9DI EF #*'G 1(G ,H'E9 'DCDE H,H'G1 'D-CE H,9D #E*G .J1 'E) #.1,* EF (JF 'D#EE 3J/F' E-E/ (() H9DI "DG H5-(G #E' (9/: A'FG HDE' *-*DG 'DBH'9/ H'D6H'(7 'DABGJ) EF #GEJ) AJ 'DABG 'D%3D'EJ /D 9DJG' EF8EH G0' 'D9DE 'D/DJD 9DI #GEJ*G  HEF 0DC E','! 9F '(F 1,( (1-EG 'DDG) AJ 'DEB/E) DBH'9/G H#FG':" BH'9/ EGE) HAH'&/ ,E) *6(7 DDABJG #5HD 'DE0G( H*7D9G EF E#.0 'DABG 9DI E'C'F 9FG B/ *:J( .H*F8E DG EF+H1 'DE3'&D AJ 3DC H'-/ H*BJ/ DG 'D4H'1/ H*B1( 9DJG CD E*('9/ ADJE9F 'DF'81 AJG 'DF81 HDJH39 'D901 %F 'DD(J( EF 901" () EF G0G 'D#GEJ) 'D*J H,/F'G' H'6-)  H'D%4'1) %DI E'JECF #F *-BBG G0G 'DBH'9/ H'D6H'(7 EF A'&/) DD('-+ ,'! 'D/'A9 DDE-'HD'* 'D9/J/) DDC+J1 EF 'D('-+JF AJ G0' 'DE,'D AJ (J'FG' H*F8JEG' HE-'HD) *,EJ9G' H*EJJ2G' 9E' B/ J4*(G (G' EF 9DHE HE' *-BBG /1'3*G' H'D(-+ AJG' H*F8JEG' EF '+1 HC'F 'D/'A9 DF' #J6' DC*'() G0' 'D(-+ AJ E-'HD) (J'F E/I E'JECF #F **E*9 (G G0G 'DBH'9/ H'D6H'(7 'D.'5) ('DE3'&D 'DE*9DB) (-BHB 'D2H,) H'D#HD'/ EF -,J) AJ G0' 'DA19 EF 'DB'FHF #D' HGH B'FHF 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J)  EF .D'D (J'F *#5JD #C+1 'DF5H5 'DB'FHFJ) 'DE*9DB) (G' HE' JF7(B 9DI CD F5 EF B'9/) 'H6'(7 HAB E'J*J31 DF' EFG' EH'AB' DDF5 'DB'FHFJ .'5) #F 'DABG 'D%3D'EJ GH '-/ #GE E5'/1G 'D#3'3J) H'D0J #5DG 'DC*'( H'D3F) HBHD 'D5-'() H#1'! 'DABG'! 'DE3*/D) (G0G 'D#/D) HGJ CDG' *9/ 'DE5'/1 'D#5DJ) D#C+1J) 'DBH'9/ H'D6H'(7 CE' 3FH6- AJ G0' 'D(-+ . ACD EFGE' E1*(7' ('D".1 %0 *1*(7 G0G 'DBH'9/ 'D*J *E+D 'D*B9J/ H('DDA8 'DEH,2 H'DE.*51 #C+1J) 'D#-C'E 'DE3*/D) EF G0G 'D#/D) (G0G 'DE5'/1 ('9*('1G' #5D' DG' HC0' 'D#E1 ('DF3() DD9/J/ EF 'D6H'(7 'D'.1I. 'D/'A9 D'.*J'1 'DC*'() AJ G0' 'D(-+: A6D' 9F 'D/'A9 'D0J (JF'G AJ G0' 'DEH6H9 FH1/ 'D"*J: 1-(J'F 'DB'9/) 'DABGJ) H'D6'(7 'DABGJ 'D0J JB'(D CD F5 H'5DG' /HF %:A'D D(J'F #5D G0' 'DF5 'H0'C HE' DG EF /H1 AJ %EC'FJ) %9'F) 'DB6'! 9DI '9*E'/G AJ *3(J( E' J5/1G EF B1'1'* %0 #F E91A) G0G 'DBH'9/ H'D6H'(7 H'D%DE'E (GE' DG /H1 ('D: AJ 'D%9'F) 9DI *CHJF EDC) ABGJ) JECF #F *3GE AJ 'D*91A 9DI #-C'E 'DE3'&D 'DE91H6) #E'EG CE3'&D 419J) H*9/JD E'J-*', EFG' %DI *9/JD. 2-(J'F E'**E*9 (G 'DBH'9/ H'D6H'(7 'D*J 3FH1/G' EF -,J) '3*E/*G' AJ 'D:'D( CE' 3FH6- _EF F7'B 'D*7(JB DG0G 'DBH'9/ H'D6H'(7 H'D*J -8J (J'FG' H*1*J(G' ('D#GEJ) 'D*J (/#* **2'J/ AJ 'D"HF) 'D#.J1) HAJ 4*I 'DE,'D'*  ADE *9/ *B*51 AJ F7'BG' 9DI 'D/1'3'* 'D419J) (H5AG' '-/ E4*ED'* 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) %DI ,'F( #5HD 'DABG %FE' *9/'G %DI E,'D'* 4*I CE,'D 'D7( H'D'B*5'/...  HD#,D *F8JE E'J*9DB (G' (/#* *9B/ 'D9/J/ EF 'DF/H'* -J+ 'B*1-* AJ 'D9/J/ EF 'DE4'1J9 D,E9 H*F8JE ':D( E'J*9DB (4*I 'DE,'D'* HA1H9G' EF #-C'E EF .D'D E'JB'(DG' EF BH'9/ H6H'(7 ()EE' J/A9 %DI (-+ (J'F CJAJ) E9'D,) E'*.55F' (/1'3*G EF A19 AJ 'DB'FHF 'D.'5 #D' HGH B'FHF 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) EF .D'D (-+F' 'D0J '.*1F' DG 9FH'F :('DBH'9/ H'D6H'(7 'DABGJ) H-,J*G' AJ F5H5 B'FHF 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J)) AJ #GE 'DE3'&D 'DE*9DB) (('D-BHB 'D2H,J) H#-C'EG' H'DHD'/) HF*'&,G'). 3-%9'F) 'DE419 9DI 'D(/! AJ 'D'9*/'/ ('DBH'9/ H'D6H'(7 'DABGJ) H'D'3*A'/) EFG' HEF *A19'*G' (9/ AGEG' D%CE'D 'DFH'B5 AJ 'D9/J/ EF 'DE3'&D 'DE3CH* 9FG' HGJ 9/J/) EF .D'D E'JB/E EF /1'3'* AJ 0DC.. 4-%9'F) 'DB'6J AJ #C+1 'DE3'&D 'D*J #97'G 'DE419 AJG' 3D7) *B/J1J) .'5) 'D*J J3*F/ 'D-CE AJG' %DI 'D91A C'DE3'&D 'DE*9DB) ('DFAB) H'DEG1 H#,1) 'D-6'F) H'D16'9 H'D%D2'E (G H0DC %9E'D' DDB'9/) 'DABGJ):(D'JFC1 *:J1 'D#-C'E (*:J1 'D2E'F)() A6D' 9E' 51- (G E,D3 'DE,E9 'DABGJ 'D%3D'EJ AJ #-/ B1'1'*G 'D5'/1) 9FG HE'AJG EF /DJD 9DI H,H( E1'9') 'DB'9/) #9D'G HGJ #C+1 E'J*9DB (E3'&D G0' 'D(-+ #D' HGJ E3'D) 'D%-'D) DD91A ,'! AJG : (DJ3 DDABJG EA*J' C'F #H B'6J' 'D,EH/ 9DI 'DEFBHD AJ C*( 'DABG EF :J1 E1'9') *(/D 'D#91'A)() . 5-%F DD6'(7 'DABGJ /H1' D'JBD 9F 'DB'9/) 'DABGJ) AJ %EC'FJ) 5J':) 'DEDC) 'DABGJ) DD('-+ %F DE JCF #C+1 *-/J/' H*.5J5' DDE3'D) 'D*J J9'D,G' 'DF5 .%0 #FF' EF .D'DG FH1/ 'DE0G( 'D0J '9*/ (G 'DE419 *-/J/' HE' J9*/ (G #H E'JECF #F F5J:G EF 6'(7 JE+D E'*E '9*E'/G EF 1#J. EFG,J) 'D(-+: 1- '*(9F' AJ (-+F' G0' 'DEFG, 'D*-DJDJ H0DC (%J1'/ 'DF5 'DB'FHFJ H(J'F E' JB'(DG EF B'9/) ABGJ) HE' JF7(B 9DJG EF 6'(7 ABGJ JE+D #5D' DG E9 (J'F #5D 'DB'9/) H'D6'(7 H%J1'/ 'DBH'9/ 'DABGJ) H'D6H'(7 'DH'1/) AJ 'DE0G( 'D-FAJ_ HG0' AJ 'D:'D(_ CE' ,'! AJ 'D#4('G H'DF8'&1 D'(F F,JE H#J6' E' H1/ EF BH'9/ H6H'(7 AJ 'D#4('G H'DF8'&1 DD3JH7J H'D*J *E+D *H,G 'DE0G( 'D4'A9J H'D%4'1) %DI 'DBH'9/ D'(F 1,((1-EG 'DDG) AJ 'DG'E4  H'F DE F,/ 'DF5 9DJG' 6EF C*( 'DBH'9/ 'D3'(B) F1,9 %DI #5D 'D1#J 'DABGJ 'DH'1/ AJ F5 'DB'FHF HF/1,G C6'(7 HEF 0DC: 6'(7 'D#E #HDI (-6'F) HD/G' 'D5:J1 H'F *2H,* H:J1G' EF 'D6H'(7. 2- '.*1F' #F JCHF EFG', 'DC*'() 9DI 'DF3B 'D0J #H1/G 'DE419 'D91'BJ AJ *1*J( 'DE3'&D 'DE*9DB) ('D#-H'D 'D4.5J) AJ E*F 'DB'FHF H-//F'G' ('DE3'&D 'DE*9DB) ('D-BHB 'D2H,J) H'DHD'/) HF*'&,G' . 3--51F' 'D(J'F 9DI B'FHF 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) 'D91'BJ %0 '.*1F' 'D(-+ AJ F7'BG AB7 E9 'D%4'1) %DI 'D#-C'E 'D419J) DDE0G( 'D-FAJ DE' JE+DG EF *BFJF DDE0G( J-*HJ ':D( 6H'(7G H'DE41H9 'DEH-/ DD%BDJEJF 'D3H1J H'DE51J(AJ 9G/ 'DH-/) (JFGE') DE' J*5A (G EF *7H1 J1,9 'D('-+ DG HDD%-C'E 'D419J) :'D('.HC0' E,D) 'D#-C'E 'D9/DJ) H41-G' D9DJ -J/1(1-EG 'DDG) H41-G' D3DJE 13*E ('2 #J6' EF .D'D (J'F 'DB'9/) HE' JB'(DG' ('DF5 AJ G0G 'DE,D) 'D*J *9/ .J1 /'A9 DD(-+ EF F'-J) H.J1 /DJD 9DI #GEJ) G0G 'DBH'9/ H5H1*G' 'DEBFF) (EH'/ G0G 'DE,D) 'D*J DHD' #GEJ*G' DE' *H'D* 'D41H- 9DI E'H1/ AJG' HD' 'D%4'1) %DJG' AJ #C+1 'D(-H+ %F DE FBD ,EJ9G' E9 (J'F E'B/ JB'(D 'DF5 EF 6'(7 ABGJ H0DC EF .D'D *B3JE G0' 'D(-+ %DI 'D"*J : 'D*EGJ/: EAGHE 'DB'9/) 'DABGJ) H'D6'(7 'DABGJ . 'DE(-+ 'D#HD: 'DBH'9/ H'D6H'(7 'DABGJ) 'D*J *-CE 'D-BHB 'D2H,J) H#-C'EG'. 'DE(-+ 'D+'FJ: 'DBH'9/ H'D6H'(7 'DABGJ) 'D*J *-CE E3'&D 'DHD'/) HF*'&,G'. 'DE(-+ 'D+'D+: -,J) 'DBH'9/ H'D6H'(7 'DABGJ) HE/I %9E'DG' AJ E3'&D 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J). *EGJ/ EAGHE 'DABGJ) H'D6'(7 'DABGJ #HD':*91JA 'DB'9/) 'DABGJ) H'D6'(7 'DABGJ D:) H'57D'-'. 'DBH'9/ AJ 'DD:) ,E9 B'9/) H'DB'9/) E$F+ 'DB'9/ HGJ EF B9/  JB9/  B9H/' BN9N/ EF ('( /.D H ENBR9N/'K #J6' ('DA*- #J ,D3 H 'DBN9R/)O ('DA*- 'DE1) H('DC31 FH9 EFG H'DBN'9P/O EF 'DF3'! 'D*J B9/* 9F 'DHD/ H'D-J6 'D,E9 'DBNH'9P/O H BHN'9P/O 'D(J* #3'3G .HGJ EF 'D(J* #3'3G AGJ:#3'3 'D4J! H#5HDG() HEFG' BHDG *9'DI:(( HN%P0R JN1RAN9O %P(R1N'GPJEO 'DRBNHN'9P/N EPFN 'DR(NJR*P HN%P3REN'9PJDO 1N(QNFN' *NBN(QNDR EPFQN' %PFQNCN #NFR*N 'D3QNEPJ9O 'DR9NDPJEO ))[3H1) 'D(B1):127] HBHDG *9'DI :(( AN#N*NI 'DDQNGO (OFRJN'FNGOER EPFN 'DRBNHN'9P/P ))[3H1) 'DF-D:26] #J EF 'D#3'3 .G0' AJ 'DEB5H/ EFG' D:) . #E' '57D'-' AB/ *9//* 'D*9'1JA 'D.'5) ('DB'9/) HEFG' *91JA 'D,1,'FJ DG' %FG':)B6J) CDJ) EF7(B) 9DI ,EJ9 ,2&J'*G')()  HG0' 'D'F7('B DDB'9/) 9DI ,EJ9 'D,2&J'*_ #H #C+1G'_'DH'1/ AJ G0' 'D*91JA 'D'57D'-J DDB'9/) F1'G J*AB H'DEB5H/ EF 'DBH'9/ 'DABGJ) C9DE A6D' 9F (BJ) 'D9DHE ACE' #F GF'C BH'9/ B'FHFJ) HBH'9/ #5HDJ) HF-HJ) GF'C #J6' BH'9/ ABGJ) *E+D #5D' ABGJ' CDJ'_#H ':D(J_ C+J1' E'**6EF #-C'E' *41J9J) 9'E) EF #(H'( E*9//) AJ 'DB6'J' 'D*J */.D *-* EH6H9G' () HGH E'J*AB H%9E'D 'DBH'9/ 'DABGJ) H*7(JBG' 9DI E'JF/1, *-*G' EF E3'&D *6EF*G' F5H5 B'FHF 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) H'D*J JE+D CD' EFG' ('(' EF #(H'( 'DABG C'DEG1 H'DFAB) H'D-6'F)..H:J1G' .H'F C'F E'*B/E GH 'DEB5H/ ('DB'9/) 'DABGJ) C9DE A'F E'JB5/ (E57D- 'D6'(7 D:) :EF 6N(N7N 'D4J!: "-A8G ('D-2E H('(G 61( H1,D 6N'(P7L #J -'2E "().#E' AJ 'DEB5H/ (G C9DE AEF 6EF E'91A (G 'FG:" E' J(-+ AJ 'DA1H9 'DABGJ) 'DE*4'(G) AJ 'D5H1) H'D-CE  AJ ('( H'-/ EF #(H'( 'DABG."() HEF 0DC E+D' 6'(7 :'D#E #-B ('D7AD E'DE JH,/ EFG' 'DFC'-  AGH E-5H1 (('( 'D-6'F) /HF :J1G EF #(H'( 'DABG. 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'DB'6J 'D3D7) 'D*B/J1J) EF B(D 'DE419 HAJ 'D9/J/ EF 'DE3'&D *9/ 'D3(JD #J6' D%EC'FJ) 'D'9*/'/ ('DBH'9/ H'D6H'(7 'DABGJ) 'D*J **AB E9 EH6H9 *DC 'DE3'D) .'5) %0' E' C'F #5D G0G 'DBH'9/ H'D6H'(7 EF 'DC*'( #H 'D3F) #H 'D%,E'9 . H %D2'E 'DE419 'D91'BJ AJ 'DE'/) (1/2) 'DB'6J ('D-CE H%5/'1 'DB1'1'* AJ 'DE3'&D 'D*J DE JH1/ F5' DE9'D,*G' HHAB E' J*AB HEB*6I E('/& 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) 'D#C+1 ED'&E) DF5H5 G0' 'DB'FHF HGJ E'*/D 'D/D'D) 'DH'6-) 9DI %EC'FJ) 'D'3*9'F) ('DBH'9/ 'DABGJ) (D H'DF5 9DI '9*E'/G' HE'DG EF /H1 AJ %97'&G' 'D-,J) 'DD'2E) D'9*E'/ *(FJ %9E'DG' GH E' ,'! AJ 'DE'/) (1/ 3)_H'D*J 0C1F' E' J*9DB (G' #9D'G_HE' D0DC EF /H1 AJ */9JE 'D/9HI %DI 'D%4'1) AJ 'DB1'1'* 'DB6'&J) %DI 'D'9*/'/ (G0G 'DBH'9/ CE('/& B6'&J) 9DI :1'1 'D*F8JE D(J'F 'DB1'1'* 'DB6'&J) 'D5'/1) AJ 'DE-'CE 'D419J) DE51 H3H1J' H'D#1/F . 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'D%E'E 'D9'DE 'D9'ED 'D2'G/ #(J 9E1 E-E/ (F #-E/ (F B/'EG 'DEB/3J 'D41- 'DC(J1 9DI E*F 'DEBF9 CD'GE' 9DI E0G( %E'E 'D#&E) HE-J 'D3F) 'D%E'E (#(J 9(/ 'DDG #-E/ (F E-E/ (F -F(D 'D4J('FJ ) ,8 /'1 'DC*'( 'D91(J DDF41 H'D*H2J9. 9(/ 'DDG (F E-EH/ (F EH/H/ 'DEH5DJ 'D-FAJ 'D'.*J'1 D*9DJD 'DE.*'1 73 ,3 /'1 'DE91A) (J1H* D(F'F 2004. 9D'! 'D/JF #(J (C1 (F E39H/ 'DC'3'FJ (/'&9 'D5F'&9 AJ *1*J( 'D41'&9 , 2 72 /'1 'DC*'( 'D91(J (J1H* D(F'F 1982. 9(/ 'DDG (F B/'EG 'DEB/3J #(H E-E/  'DC'AJ AJ ABG 'D%E'E 'DE(,D #-E/ (F -F(D  ,3  'DEC*( 'D%3D'EJ 9(/ 'DDG (F #-E/ (F B/'EG 'DEB/3J #(H E-E/  'DE:FJ AJ ABG 'D%E'E #-E/ (F -F(D 'D4J('FJ ,8 71 /'1 'DAC1  (J1H* 1405 9(/ 'D1-EF 'D5'(HFJ 41- B'FHF 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) 'D3H1J 'D2H', H"+'1G ,1 'DE7(9) 'D,/J/) /E4B 1985. 9DJ E-E/ %(1'GJE 'DC1('3J 41- B'FHF 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) 1BE 188D3F) 1959'DE9/D /'1 'D-1J) DD7('9) . 9('3 2J'/ 'D39/J HE-E/ -3F C4CHD 41- B'FHF 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) 1BE (188) D3F) 1959H*9/JD'*G /HF 3F) 7(9. A1J/ A*J'F 41- B'FHF 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) 9DI 'DE0'G( 'D.E3) E7(9) 'D49( (:/'/ 1982. A'1HB 9(/ 'DDG C1JE 'DH3J7 AJ 41- B'FHF 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) 'D91'BJ 1BE 188D3F) 1959H*9/JD'*G(9B/ 'D2H', H#+'1G H'DA1B) H#+'1G') 2003.. E-E/ 'D.7J( 'D41 (JFJ  E:FJ 'DE-*', %DI E91A) E9'FJ #DA'8 'DEFG', ,3 DF'41 /'1 'DAC1  (J1H*.. EF5H1 (F JHF3 (F %/1J3 'D(GH*J 'D1H6 'DE1(9 41- 2'/ 'DE3*BF9 , 3 'DF'41 EC*() 'D1J'6 'D-/J+)  'D1J'6 1390. E57AI '-E/ 'D21B' E41H9 B'FHF 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) 'DEH-/ DD%BDJEJF 'DE51J H'D3H1J AJ 9G/ 'DH-/) (JFGE' 71 /'1 'DBDE /E4B 'D/'1 'D4'EJ) (J1H* 1996 . E-E/ (F '-E/ (F E-E/('(F 14/) (/'J) 'DE,*G/ FG'J) 'DEB*5/ ,2 EC*() 'DCDJ'* 'D#2G1J) 'DB'G1). E-E/ 'D41 (JFJ 'D.7J( E:FJ 'DE-*', %DI E91A) E9'FJ #DA'8 'DEFG', 9DI E*F 'DEFG', D#(J 2C1J' (F 41A 'DFHHJ ,2 E7(9) E57AI E-E/ E51 (D' 3F) 7(9 . E-EH/ 'D31 7'HJ 41- B'FHF 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) 'D#1/FJ 'DB3E 'D#HD 9B/ 'D2H', H"+'1G 71 /'1 #D9/HJ DD7('9) H'DF41 H'D*H2J9 9E'F 'D#1/F 1981 E-EH/ 9DJ 'D317'HJ 41- B'FHF 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) 'D#1/FJ 'DB3E 'D+'FJ ('F-D'D 'D2H',)H'DB3E 'D+'D+('D"+'1 'DE*1*() 9DJG)E7(9) 'D,'E9) 'D#1/FJ) 9E'F 'D#1/F 1995. E-E/ B/1J ('4' 'D#-C'E 'D419J) AJ 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) 9DI E0G( #(J -FJA) 'DF9E'F 71 'D,A'F H'D,'(J DD7('9) H'DF41 /'1 '(F -2E DD7('9) H'DF41 (J1H* D(F'F 2007. HG() 'D2-JDJ 'DABG 'D%3D'EJ H#/D*G ,9 74E9/D) /'1 'DAC1 /E4B 3H1J' /'1 'DAC1 'DE9'51 (J1H* D(F'F. 3'/3': 'D(-H+ H'D/H1J'* 9(/ 'D1-EF %(1'GJE 'DCJD'FJ (-+ (9FH'F:(-,J) 'DB'9/) 'DABGJ)) EF4H1 AJ E,D) E$*) DD(-H+ H'D/1'3'*,'DE,D/ 'D1'(9 941 'D9// 'D#HD 1999. 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afidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (12), No. (44), Year (2010) Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (12), No. (44), Year (2010) jlnp*,.0&(*,ؗJLNP\^vxɶɍɶxxɟɍfT"ht*bhCJOJZ^JaJo("ht*bhCJOJZ^JaJo((ht*bh5CJZ\^J_HaJo("ht*bhCJZ^J_HaJo(,jht*bh0JCJUZ^J_HaJ%ht*bhCJH*Z^J_HaJo("ht*bhCJZ^J_HaJo((jht*bh0JCJUZ^JaJht*bhCJH*Z^JaJ,.24>@DFTV^`jlrt|~Ɵȟҟ؟ "&(46@BRTZ^hjnpvx"ht*bhCJOJZ^JaJo(ht*bhCJOJZ^JaJWĠƠԠ֠ܠޠ *,:<FHZ\hjtvz|¡̡Ρޡ (.8:@BHJNPXZ`bpr""ht*bhCJZ^J_HaJo(ht*bhCJOJZ^JaJ"ht*bhCJOJZ^JaJo(M"$&(z|ֺ޺^ɷɷɤ~lWEW"h5CJ Z\^J_HaJ o((hWh5CJ Z\^J_HaJ o("hWhCJZ^J_HaJo(hCJZ^J_HaJo(,jht*bh0JCJUZ^J_HaJ%ht*bhCJH*Z^J_HaJo("ht*bhCJZ^J_HaJo("ht*bhCJZ^J_HaJo((jht*bh0JCJUZ^JaJht*bhCJH*Z^JaJ &lnprtʸo\E\o,jht*bh0JCJUZ^J_HaJ%ht*bhCJH*Z^J_HaJo((jht*bh0JCJUZ^JaJht*bhCJH*Z^JaJ"ht*bhCJZ^J_HaJo("ht*bhCJZ^J_HaJo("h5CJZ\^J_HaJo(hCJZ^J_HaJo("hWhCJZ^J_HaJo((hWh5CJZ\^J_HaJo( vxdfFRjlnprtvxz| $^a$gd $a$gdt*b $ ^ 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