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HJ6'A %DI E' *B/E 'D*F8JE 'DB'51 DDE3$HDJ) AJ 'DE,'D 'D%,1'&J EF B(D 'DE419 'D91'BJ (.DH %-C'EG EF F5 9'E J9'D, E3#D) 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-BHB 'D%,1'&J) H#-BJ) 'DE*611 EF 'D.5HE ('D*9HJ6 (F'! 9DI E3$HDJ) .5EG 'DE/FJ) %0 DE J1*( #J) E3$HDJ) 9DI 0DC (D %F 'D-D EB*51L 9DI (96 'D,2'!'* D-'D'* E*F'+1) D' *1BI %DI 'DE3*HI 'D1'/9 'DE'F9 EF 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J  9DI 'D1:E EF #F 'DE419 'D91'BJ B/ 'B1 F81J) 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B AJ 'DE'/) 'D3'(9) EF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ. D0' A'F 'D/1'3) ,'!* (G/A 5J':) F81J) 9'E) DD*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J **D'!E E9 7(J9) 'D-BHB 'D%,1'&J)  D.DH B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) 'D91'BJ EF 'DF5 9DI 0DC EB'1F) E9 *41J9'* 'D/HD 'D#.1I. Abstract Development necessities call for the procedural rules to keep pace with other objective rules after their independent roles in protecting the legal system become confirmed and the tendency of studies to show the principles and special theories characterizing it. However, procedural liability rules have not kept pace with such progress which has been given such a little research that it does not harmonize with its importance in protecting the procedural rules against the frivolity of the litigants and all those which violate it, which constitutes a cornerstone in securing right and freedom. If securing due respect for it is not possible, how would it be the case if it calls for securing other legal rules?. In addition to that, the provisions of the restricted organization of liability in the procedural field on the part of the Iraqi legislator are void of the a general text dealing with the abuse of procedural rights and the right of the injured person to compensation on the basis of the civil liability of his/her litigant if no liability punishments for some dispersed cases which do not amount to prevention form abuse of procedural right, although the Iraqi legislator endorses the theory of right abuse in Article "seven" of the civil law. The study aims at formulating a general theory for procedural abuse of right which goes with the nature of procedural rights, for the Iraqi civil procedural law is void of any text to that effect, compared with the legislations of the other states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'DE(-@@@@@@@+ 'D#HD : #1C'F 'DE3$HDJ) 'DF',E) 9F 'D*93A H%+('*G' . 'DE7D@@@@@@@( 'D'HD : #1C'F 'DE3$HDJ) 'DF',E) 9F 'D*93A . 'DA@@@@@@@@@19 'D'HD : 'D'F-1'A 9F 'D:'J) 'DE41H9) DD-B 'D',1'&J . 'DA@@@@@@@19 'D+'FJ : 1,-'F 'D611 9DI 'DE5D-) EF '3*9E'D 'D-B . 'DA@@@@@@@19 'D+'D+ : 'D9D'B) 'D3((J) (JF 'D'F-1'A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B H'D611 . 'DE7D@@@@@( 'D+'FJ : %+('* 'DE3$HDJ) 'DF',E) 9F 'D*93A . 'DE(-@@@+ 'D+'F@@J : #+'1 'DE3$HDJ) 'DF',E) 9F 'D*93A . 'DE7D@@@@@@@@( 'D#HD : 'D/H1 'DHB'&J D'9E'D F81J) 'D*93A . 'DA@@@@@@@@@@19 'D#HD : EAGHE 'D/H1 'DHB'&J DF81J) 'D*93A . 'DA@@@@@19 'D+'F@@@J : 'DH3'&D 'DHB'&J) 'DE'F9) EF 'D*93A . 'DE7D@@@@@@( 'D+'FJ : 'D/H1 'D9D',J D'9E'D F81J) 'D*93A . 'DA@@@@@@@@@@19 'D#HD : 'D-CE ('D:1'E) CH3JD) D9D', E' JF,E 9F 'D*93A . 'DA@@@@@19 'D+'F@@@J : 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6 CH3JD) D9D', E' JF,E 9F 'D*93A . 'D.'*E) . 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'DFJ) H'6- DD9J'F 9F/ 'D%.A'B AJ '3*9E'DG' 9DI #3'3 E' JE+DG 0DC EF #GEJ) H-*I JB79 'DE419 ('( 'D*93A EE' J3*H,( 'D-CE 9DJG ('D:1'E) 9F/ 'D%.A'B AJ '3*9E'DG'  H*(1J1 0DC #F *DC 'D-BHB EF 'D-BHB 'DE-//) *-/J/' 6JB' () . %D' #F 7(J9) G0G 'D-BHB D' *9FJ '3*BD'DG' (FH9 .'5 EF 'DE3$HDJ) J.*DA 9F 'D-BHB 'D%,1'&J) 'D#.1I ACD E' GF'DC  GH '.*D'A AJ E/I 'DE3$HDJ) AJ CD -'D) D#FG' *G/A AJ 'D#3'3 %DI *-BJB 'DE5D-) 'D9'E) AJ 319) 'D(* AJ 'DB6'J' H%9'/) 'D-BHB %DI #5-'(G'  EE' J*1*( 9DJG ('F 'BD 'F-1'A AJ '3*9E'DG' J$/J %DI FGH6 'DE3$HDJ)  HG0' JA31 '*,'G 'DB'FHF %DI *1*J( 'DE3$HDJ) 9F '3*9E'D G0G 'D-BHB 9DI H'B9) 'DA4D H-/G' CH'B9) EH6H9J)  HGH E' J4CD FH9' EF 'D*93A 'DEH6H9J 'D'3*+F'&J  'D0J D' J*1*( %D' (F'!'K 9DI F5 B'FHFJ  H*3*F/ 'DE3$HDJ) AJ G0G 'D-'D'* %DI H'B9) 'D.3'1) H-/G'  C#3'3 DD-CE ('D:1'E) H'D*9HJ6'* () . HEF .D'D E' *B/E J*6- DF' #F 'D-B 'D%,1'&J D' J*E*9 9F/ '3*9E'DG ('D-5'F) *,'G F81J) 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B HEF 'DE3$HDJ) AGH J.69 C:J1G EF 'D-BHB DF81J) 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B  H'FG D' E3$HDJ) 9F 'D'3*9E'D 'D9'/J #H 'DE#DHA HC0DC 'D%.A'B AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J HDH *1*( 9DJG 611 J5J( 'D:J1 ('3*+F'! (96 'D-'D'* 'D*J 'A*16 'DE419 9F/ 'DA4D AJ '3*9E'DG' 3H! 'DFJ) . 'DE(-+ 'D'HD #1C'F 'DE3$HDJ) 'DF',E) 9F 'D*93A H%+('*G' *3*F/ 'DE3$HDJ) 'DF',E) 9F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J %DI '3*9E'D 'D-B (5H1) *.'DA 'D:'J) EF *B1J1G HG0' GH 'D'F-1'A 9F :'J) 'D-B  A6D' 9F #FG D'(/ 'F JCHF GF'C 611 ('D: B/ #5'( 'D:J1 EF ,1'! G0' 'D'3*9E'D A6D' 9F 'D9D'B) 'D3((J) 'D*J *1(7 (JFGE'  %D' #F *H'A1 G0G 'D#1C'F D' JCAJ DD-CE 9DI 'DE*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B %D' %0' '3*7'9 'DE61H1 #F J+(* 0DC  H9DJG A'F (J'F G0' 'DE7D( JB*6J 916) 9DI 'DF-H 'D#*J :- 'DE7D( 'D#HD : #1C'F 'DE3$HDJ@) 'DF',E) 9@F 'D*93A . 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ : %+('* 'DE3$HDJ) 'DF',E) 9F 'D*93A . 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'DA19 'D'HD 'D'F-1'A 9F 'D:'J) 'DE41H9) DD-B 'D%,1'&J J9/ 'D'F-1'A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B (5A) 9'E) H'D-B 'D%,1'&J 9DI H,G 'D.5H5 EF 'D#1C'F 'D#3'3J) 'DEEJ2) DD*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J 9F AC1) 'D.7# 'D*B5J1J  AD' JCAJ 'D611 DDBHD ('D*93A (D JF(:J #F JCHF GF'C 'F-1'A 9F 'D:'J) 'DE41H9) EF '3*9E'DG  HDB/ B6* E-CE) 'DFB6 'DE51J) (6@1H1) *H'A1 'D'F-1'A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B DD-CE ('DE3$HDJ) 9DI #3'3 'D*93A  %0 B6* ('F : (( E3#D) 'D.5E 9F 'D#61'1 'DF'4&) 9F '3*9E'D -B 'D*B'6J  JB*6J H,H( %J1'/ 'D-CE DD9F'51 'DH'B9J) H'D81HA 'D*@J J5- '3*.D'5 FJ@) 'D'F-1'A H'DCJ/ EFG' '3*.D'5'K 3'&:'K )) () . HJ*-BB 'D'F-1'A 9F '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J AJ 'D9/J/ EF 'D5H1 H'D#4C'D 'D*J *9,2 AC1) 'D.7# 'D*B5J1J (EAGHEG' 'D5-J- 9F '3*J9'(G' ()  H**E+D *DC 'D5H1 AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J 1:E 'F9/'E 'DE5D-) #H *A'G*G' #H '3*9E'DG (B5/ 'D#61'1 ('D:J1 #H (9/E E41H9J) 'DE5D-) 'D*J J1EJ %DI *-BJBG' 'H 'F9/'E 'D*H'2F (JF 'DE5D-) H'D611  H9D@I 'DF-H 'D#*J :- 'HD' : EF -J+ 'F9/'E 'DE5D-) : A'D'F-1'A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J J*-BB HAB'K DEAGHE 'DE'/) (7) EF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'D91'BJ ()  %0' E' *E '3*9E'DG /HF E5D-)  HG0G 'D5H1) **EJ2 (7'(9G' 'D,DJ 'DH'6- H'D*J JECF '3*F*',G' EF .D'D 81HA 'D/9HI HED'(3'*G' (4CD H'6- H'J,'(J  %0 J/D '3*9E'D 'D-B /HF 'DE5D-) 9DI FJ) 'DCJ/ H'D'F-1'A 9F 'D:'J) 'D*J *B11 9DI #3'3G' 'D-B . HAC1) 'F9/'E 'DE5D-) EF '3*9E'D 'D-B *9/ 'D6'(7 'D9'E D*7(JB F81J) 'D*93A  D*6EFG' ,EJ9 5H1 'D'F-1'A 9F 'D:'J) EF '3*9E'D 'D-B  CE' #FG' **EJ2 (7'(9 9EDJ  %0 JECF EF .D'DG' 'D'3*G/'! D-'D'* 'D*93A 'D#.1I 'D*J D' **3E ('DEH6H9J) . +'FJ' : EF -J+ *H'A1 B5/ 'D%61'1 : HJ*-BB 'D'F-1'A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J HAB'K DEAGHE 'DE'/) (7) EF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'D91'BJ  %0 '3*9ED 'D-B 'D%,1'&J (B5/ 'D#61'1 ('D:J1  %D' 'FG JF(:J 'D*EJJ2 (JF 'D%61'1 'D*J **1*( 9DI 'D'3*9E'D 'D9'/J #H 'DE#DHA H*DC 'D*J **1*( 9DI 'D'3*9E'D :J1 'DE#DHA 'DE5-H( (FJ) 'D%61'1 ()  0DC 'F 'D-B 'D',1'&J AJ 'D'5D GH E@F 'D-BHB 'D*@J *D-B AJ 'D:'D( 611' ('-/ 'D.5HE  H9DI 'DF-H 'D#*J :- EF -J+ 'D'3*9E'D 'DE#DHA : CEF JBJE /9HI B6'&J) '3*9E'D' D-BG 'DE41H9 AJ 'D*B'6J  'D#E1 'D0J JC(/ :J1G E5'1JA 'D*B'6J  AG0G 'DE6'1 E#DHA) E'/'E DE J*9E/ 5'-( 'D-B 'D%61'1 (:J1G  AGF' JF9/E 9F51 'D'F-1'A %0 #F 'D4.5 '3*9ED -BG '3*9E'D' 9'/J' . EF -J+ 'D'3*9E'D :J1 'DE#DHA : CEF J1A9 /9HI CJ/J) DE,1/ 'D*4GJ1 (#.1  AGH JF-1A AJ '3*9E'D -BG AJ 'D*B'6J  %0 EF H',( 'D4.5 9/E 'D%61'1 ('D:J1  HGH (G0' 'D'3*9E'D :J1 'DE#DHA J.D (E' *B*6JG F81J) 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B  HEF +E J*-BB 'D'F-1'A 'D0J J9/ 1CF' EF '1C'F DDE3$HDJ) 'DF',E) 9F 'D*93A . H'DE9J'1 'DE3*./E AJ G0G 'D-'D) DDC4A 9F 9F51 'DCJ/ H'D'F-1'A GH 'DE9J'1 'D0'*J #H 'D4.5J  %D' #F '3*.D'5 FJ) 'D#61'1 ('D:J1 EF 'DE3'&D 'D59() D0' JF(:J DDB'6J #F J3*G/J AJ 0DC ('D81HA #H 'DB1'&F 'D.'1,J) 'D*J *3'9/G 9DI 'DC4A 9F B5/ 'D'61'1  C'F9/'E 'DE5D-)  'H 9/E E41H9J*G'  'H ,3'E) 'D%61'1  'H 6'D) 'DEFA9)  'H 9/E ,1J'F 'D91A #H 'D9'/) 9DI G0' 'D'3*9E'D :J1 'DE41H9. +'D+' : EF -J+ 9/E E41H9J) 'DE5D-) : HJ*-BB 'D'F-1'A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J HAB'K DEAGHE 'DE'/) (7) EF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'D91'BJ ('3*9E'DG EF ',D *-BJB E5D-) :J1 E41H9)  A'D-BHB 9F/E' *B11 *41J9J'  JCHF 'DG/A EF 0DC #F J1EJ 5'-(G' %DI 'D'3*A'/) EFG' 9DI F-H E41H9  #E' %0' C'F 'DG/A AJ 0'*G :J1 E41H9  A'F '3*9E'D 'D-B AJ G0G 'D-'D) J9/ EF B(JD 'D'F-1'A 'DE$/J %DI 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B  CEF J1A9 /9HI D%+('* 9D'B) :J1 E41H9) E9 'E1#)  A'DE5D-) 'D*J J1EJ %DI *-BJBG' :J1 E41H9) CHFG' E.'DA) DDF8'E 'D9'E  H'DE9J'1 'DE3*./E AJ G0G 'D-'D) DDC4A 9F 'D'F-1'A GH 'DE9J'1 'DEH6H9J  JF81 AJG %DI E'GJ) 'DE5D-) HJB'3 0DC (E.'DA) 'DE5D-) D#-C'E 'DB'F@HF  H'DF8'E 'D9'E H'D"/'( 'D9'E) AJ -'D) 9/E *H'A1 F@5 51J- AJ 'DB'FHF () . 1'(9' : EF -J+ 'F9/'E 'D*H'2F (JF 'DE5D-) H'D#61'1 : J*-BB 'D'F-1'A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J ('F9/'E 'D*H'2F (JF 'DE5D-) EF '3*9E'DG H'D611 'D0J J*1*( 9DI 0DC 'D'3*9E'D (4CD A'-4  %0 JF(:J #F JCHF GF'C *H'2F (JF 'DE5D-) 'D*J J(*:JG' 'D4.5 EF '3*9E'DG D-BG H'D611 'D0J J3((G DD:J1 EF ,1'! G0' 'D'3*9E'D  HJ*-BB 'D'F-1'A %0' C'F* 'DE5'D- 'D*J JG/A %DJG' 5'-( 'D-B EF '3*9E'D -BG (3J7) *'AG) D' **F'3( 9DI 'D%7D'B E9 'D611 'D,3JE 'D0J JD-B 'D:J1 (3(( G0' 'D'3*9E'D  H'DE9J'1 'DE3*./E AJ G0G 'D-'D) DC4A 'D'F-1'A GH 'DE9J'1 'DEH6H9J  A9DI 'DB'6J 9F/ *-/J/G DD'F-1'A EF 9/EG #F JD,' %DI 'D4.5 'D9'/J %0' H,/ AJ FA3 'D81HA 'D.'1,J) D5'-( 'D-B  HGD C'F 3J3*9ED -BG #E 'FG 3J-,E *D'AJ' DD#61'1 'D*J *5J( 'D:J1 (). H'D'F-1'A 9F 'D:'J) 'DE41H9) 'D*J B11G' 'DE419 D'3*9E'D 'D-B  B/ JCHF 'J,'(J' HB/ JCHF 3D(J'  A'D'F-1'A 'D'J,'(J J*E+D ('B*1'A 5'-( 'D-B D3DHC E'/J JF-1A (EB*6'G 9F 'D:'J) 'D*J B11 9DI #3'3G' 'DE419 'D-B 'D%,1'&J  CEF J1A9 /9HI #H J(/J /A9'K #H 7D(' #H 79F' CJ/J'K  #H (*51A 'DB'6J #H '-/ #9H'FG (71JB) 'J,'(J) DD%61'1 ('D.5HE #H (#-/GE . H'D'F-1'A 'D3D(J J*-BB ('E*F'9 5'-( 'D-B 'D%,1'&J 9F '3*9E'DG (B5/ 'D'F-1'A 9F 'D:'J) EF 'D-B DD%61'1 ('D:J1  C'E*F'9 'DB'6J 9F 'DA5D AJ /9HI 5'D-) DD-CE  #H 'E*F'9 'D.5E 9F *B/JE 'DE3*F/ 'D0J *-* J/JG DD%61'1 (.5EG  #H 'E*F'9 'DE-'EJ 9F 'D79F AJ 'D-CE 'D5'/1 6/ EHCDG AJ 'DEJ9'/ 'DEB11 B'FHF' DD%61'1 (G  CE' J*5H1 'E*F'9 'D.5HE 9F '3*9E'D -BHBGE 'D%,1'&J)  CE' AJ 'E*F'9 'D.5HE 9F '3*9E'D 'D/A9 ('D(7D'F 'DE*9DB ('DF8'E 'D9'E #H 'D/A9 (9/E 'DB(HD (B5/ *#.J1 'DA5D AJ 'D/9HI () . HAJ CD 'D#-H'D JB'3 'D'F-1'A 9F :'J) 'D-B 'D%,1'&J 9DI #3'3 'D3DHC 'DE#DHA DD4@.5 'D9'/J 3H'! #C'F 'DE9J'1 'DE3*./E 4.5J' 0'*J' #E EH6H9J'  %0 D'(/ E@F 'D'3@*9'F) ('D6H'(7 'DE@H6H9J) DDC4A 9@F 'D6@H'(7 'D4.5J) #H 'DFJ) ()  %0 '3@*B1 B6@'! E-CE@) 'DFB6 'DE51J)  9D@I #FG : (( AJ '3*9E'D 'D-BHB CE' AJ %*J'F 'D1.5 J,( %D' JF-1A 5'-( 'D-B 9@F 'D3DHC 'DE#D@HA DD4.5 'D9'/J )) () . H9DJG A'F E#DHAJ) '3*9E'D 'D%,1'! CH3JD) D*B/J1 'D'F-1'A EF 9/EG **HBA 9DI -3( -'D) CD 4.5 H7(J9) E1C2G 'D',*E'9J  %0 JF(:J *B/J1 0DC -3( 'DH37 'D',*E'9J DE1*C( 'D3DHC 'D*93AJ  AE' J9/ E#DHA'K DD4.5 'D9'/J D' J9/ C0DC ('DF3() %DI 'DB6') #H #96'! 'D'/9'! 'D9'E #H 'D.(1'! #H 'DE-'EJF #H 'DC*() #H :J1GE . HJ*6- EE' *B/E #F 'D'F-1'A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J J*-BB AJ 5H1 H#4C'D E*9//) *9,2 AC1) 'D.7# 'D*B5J1J (EAGHEG' 'D5-J- 9F '3*J9'(G'  A'D'F-1'A JECF #F J*-BB ('F9/'E 'DE5D-) #H 9/E E41H9J*G' #H *A'G*G' #H 9F/ *H'A1 B5/ 'D%61'1 ('D:J1 'H ('F9/'E 'D*H'2F (JF 'DE5D-) H'D611  H'F 'DE9J'1 'DE3*./E DBJ'3 'D'F-1'A GH 'D3DHC 'DE#DHA DD4.5 'D9'/J . 'DA19 'D+'FJ 1,-'F 'D611 9DI 'DE5D-) EF '3*9E'D 'D-B J9/ 'D611 9F51'K #3'3J' EF 9F'51 'DE3$HDJ) 9F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B  %0 D' E3$HDJ) 9F '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J HDH C'F *93AJ'K %0' DE J*1*( 9DI '3*9E'DG 611 J5J( 'D.5E 'D".1 J*,'H2 'DE5'D- 'D*J JB11G' 'DB'FHF D5'-( 'D-B EF '3*9E'DG () . H'D611 GH 'D#0I 'D0J J5J( 'DE61H1 HJ$/J %DI 'DE3'3 (-B #H E5D-) E41H9) DG () . H*D9( AC1) 'D611 /H1'K C(J1 AJ *7(JB F81J) 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B  'D*J *BHE 9DI *-BJB 'D*H'2F (JF E5D-) 5'-( 'D-B AJ '3*9E'D -BG HE' J*1*( 9DI G0' 'D'3*9E'D EF 611  H0DC 9DI 'D9C3 EF AC1) 'D.7# 'D*J *C*AJ (HBH9 'D611 9DI '+1 'D.7#  AAJ 8D F81J) 'D*93A AH,H/ 'D611 DJ3 C'AJ'K DDBHD ('D*93A  (D JF(:J #F J5D G0' 'D611 %DI /1,) J*,'H2 (G' (C+J1 E,EH9 'DE5'D- 'D*J JB11G' 'DB'FHF D5'-( 'D-B . AF81J) 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B *BHE 9DI #3'3 'D*H'2F (JF 'DE5'D- H'D#61'1 H#3'3 AC1) 'D*H'2F (JF 'DEF'A9 H'D#61'1 E3*E/) EF 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) ('9*('1G' 'DE5/1 'D0J '3*BJ* EFG F81J) 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B  %0 ,'! AJ 'DE'/) (7/2) EF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'D91'BJ  9D@I 'FG : (( 2. HJ5(- '3*9E'D 'D-B :J1 ,'&2 AJ 'D#-H'D 'D"*J) : # . ....  (. %0' C'F* 'DE5'D- 'D*J J1EJ G0' 'D'3*9E'D %DI *-BJBG' BDJD) 'D#GEJ) D' **F'3( E7DB' E9 E' J5J( 'D:J1 EF 611 (3((G'  ... )) () . H*7(JB' DE(/# 'D*H'2F (JF 'DEF'A9 H'D#61'1 AB/ B6* E-CE) 'DFB6 'DE51J) (#FG : (( EF 'DEB11 #F E9J'1 'DEH'2F) (JF 'DE5'D-) 'DE(*:') H'D611 'DH'B9 GH E9J'1 E'/J BH'EG 'DEH'2F) 'DE,1/) (JF 'DFA9 H'D611 /HF F81 %DI 'D81HA 'D4.5J) DDEF*A9 #H 'DE61H1 J31'K #H 931'K  AD' *F(9 AC1) %3'!) '3*9E'D 'D-B EF /H'9J 'D4AB) H%FE' E@F '9*('1'* 'D9/'D) 'DB'&E) 9D@I %B1'1 'D*H'2F (JF 'D-@B H'DH',( )) () . H7(B' DDBH'9/ 'D9'E) A'F 'D611 B/ JCHF E'/J' #H #/(J' ()  A'D611 'DE'/J GH 'D0J J5J( -B'K #H E5D-) **E*9 (-E'J) 'DB'FHF  HJCHF EF 4#FG 'D'F*B'5 EF 'DE2'J' 'DE'DJ) 'D*J J.HDG' G0' 'D-B #H 'DE5D-)  HB/ JCHF 'D611 E'/J' HDH #/I %DI 'DE3'3 (-B :J1 E'DJ  C'DE3'3 (3D'E) 'D,3E %0' *1*( 9DJG 611 E'/J  HJ4*17 AJ G0' 'DFH9 EF 'D611 #F JCHF E-BB 'DHBH9 'H JCHF E-/B'K  HJCHF C0DC %0' HB9 A9D' #H C'F E-BB 'DHBH9 AJ 'DE3*B(D  HDG0' D' J5D- 'D611 'DE-*ED :J1 E-BB 'DHBH9  #E' 'D611 'DE*E+D (*AHJ* A15) A'FG H'F C'F* 'DA15) #E1' E-*ED' %D' #F *AHJ*G' J9/ #E1' E-BB' . #E' 'D611 'D#/(J AGH 'D0J D' J$/J %DI 'DE3'3 (E5D-) E'DJ) DDE61H1  C'D611 'DF'4& 9F 'DE3'3 ('D41A H'D'9*('1 #H J5J( 'D9'7A) H'D49H1 HB/ JF4# G0' 'D611 F*J,) 'D#DE 'D0J J5J( 'D%F3'F EF 'DE3'3 (,3EG #H 'DE3'3 (-B +'(* EF -BHBG  HJF4# AJ G0G 'D-'D) 611 #/(J  -*I DH DE J*1*( 9DJG 'DE3'3 (#J EF G0G 'DBJE 611 E'/J  HJ4*17 AJ G0' 'DFH9 EF 'D611 E' J4*17 AJ 'D611 'DE'/J EF -J+ CHFG E-BB 'DHBH9 AJ 'D-'D #H 'D'3*B('D  H'D611 ('9*('1G 1CF' AJ 'DE3$HDJ) A'FG JCHF H',( 'D%+('*  3H'! #C'F 'D611 E'/J' #E #/(J'  HJB9 9(! %+('*G 9DI EF J/9JG  A%0' '/9I 'DE61H1 #F 611' #5'(G EF A9D E9JF  H,( 9DJG %+('* E' #5'(G EF 611 . H%0' C'F 'D611 'DE'/J GH 'D0J JE3 E5D-) #H -B'K DG 7(J9) E'DJ)  A'F CD E' J*1*( AJ 'D/9HI EF FAB'* J/.D AJ %7'1 'D611 'DE'/J  HJ/.D AJG' 'D611 'D0J J5J( 'D.5E EF ,1'! 6J'9 ,G/G HHB*G  HD' **HBA 'D#61'1 'DE'/J) 9F/ G0' 'D-/ H%FE' *4ED A6D' 9F 0DC  'D#61'1 'D*J **1*( 9DI -1E'F 'D.5E EF EH'1/G 'DE'DJ) DA*1) 7HJD)  H'D#61'1 'D*J **1*( 9DI 'D'1*('C 'DE'DJ (3(( 'D/9HI  HB/ JCHF 'D611 'DF'4& EF 1A9 'D/9HI 611' #/(J'  %0' C'F EF 4#FG 'DE3'3 (41A 'D.5E H3E9*G  C'D/9HI 'D*J *1A9 9DI 'DEH8A 'DB6'&J #H 'D7(J( #H 'DE-'EJ (B5/ 'DFJD EF 3E9*G  #H %0' C'F 'DB5/ EF 1A9 /9HI 'D%AD'3 'DE3'3 (3E9) 'D*',1 . HJ*EJ2 'D611 'DF'4& 9F '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J  (#FG 611 EF 'DFH9 'D0J D' JCHF EF 'DEECF *,F(G  H(5A) .'5) 'DFAB'* 'DD'2E) D*3JJ1 'D%,1'!'*  H'D*J *F4# EF CD E1) JD,# AJG' 'D#A1'/ %DI 'D%,1'!'* 'DB6'&J)  H'F C'F EB/'1G' J.*DA EF -'D) %DI #.1I (-3( #GEJ) 'D/9HI HEH6H9G'  HJ1,9 'D3(( AJ 0DC 'DI #F 'D-B 'D%,1'&J EF -BHB 'D%61'1  'D*J J*1*( 9DI '3*9E'DG' 'D9'/J #61'1 D' EA1 EFG'  H'F 'D-CE 9DI 'D.'31 ('DE5'1JA D' J9H6 %D' ,'F(' EF FAB'* 'D/9HI  'D*J *91A ('DE5'1JA HJ(BI 'D,'F( 'D#.1 9DI 9'*B 'D.5E (5A) FG'&J) () . H(F'!'K 9DI E' *B/E A'FG DJ3 CD 611 J*1*( 9DI '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J JE+D 1CF'K EF #1C'F 'DE3$HDJ) 'DF',E) 9F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D',1'&J H%FE' J,( #F JCHF 'D611 A'-4' H:J1 E#DHA H1',-'K 9DI 'DE5'D- 'D*J J1EJ 5'-( 'D-B %DI *-BJBG'  #E' .'1, G0' 'DF7'B AD' J,H2 'D-CE ('DE3$HDJ) -*I D' J4CD 0DC *G/J/' D'3*9E'D 'D-BHB 'D%,1'&J) . 'DA19 'D+'D+ 'D9D'B) 'D3((J) (JF 'D'F-1'A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B H'D611 D'(/ #F **H'A1 9D'B) 3((J) (JF 'F-1'A 5'-( 'D-B 9F 'D:'J) EF '3*9E'D -BG H(JF 'D611 'DH'B9 9DI 'D.5E 'D#.1 (3(( 'D'3*9E'D :J1 'D,'&2 DD-B DCJ *FG6 'DE3$HDJ) 9F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J  #J J,( #F *CHF 'D#61'1 B/ D-B* ('D.5E 'D#.1 (3(( 'D'F-1'A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 9F :'J*G  HGH E' J7DB 9DJG (9D'B) 'D3((J) (JF 'D'F-1'A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B H'D%61'1 'DH'B9) 9DI 'D71A 'D#.1 H'D0J J*,'H2 'DE5'D- 'D*J *9H/ 9DI 5'-( 'D-B () . 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HJ3*E/ 'DB'6J 3D7*G AJ F7'B '3*9E'D 'D-B AJ 'D%+('* A6D' 9E' 3(B  EF 'DE'/) (10) EF B'FHF 'D%+('* 'D91'BJ ()  'D*J *,9D EF B(HD 7D('* 'D%+('* 1GF' ('F *CHF 'DHB'&9 'DE1'/ %+('*G' E*9DB) ('D/9HI HEF*,) AJG' H,'&2) 'DB(HD . 5. EF9 'D'3*13'D AJ 'DE1'A9) : #,'2* 'DAB1) +'FJ' EF 'DE'/) (61) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'D91'BJ DDB'6J EF9 'D.5E EF 'D'3*13'D AJ 'DE1'A9) (F5G' 9DI 'FG : (( J,( 'D'3*E'9 %DI #BH'D 'D.5HE #+F'! 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'D/A9 ('9*('1 'D/9HI C#F DE *CF #H (%(7'D 91J6) 'D/9HI : HDEF9 *93A 'DE/9J AJ 9/E EH'D') 'D3J1 AJ 'D/9HI HEF9 'D*H'&G AJ 'D-6H1 H-+G 9DI 'D,/J)  #,'2 B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE51J DDE/9I 9DJG (EH,( 'DE'/) (70) EFG  'D/A9 ('9*('1 'D/9HI C#F DE *CF  %0' DE J*E *CDJA 'DE/9J 9DJG ('D-6H1 AJ .D'D +D'+) #4G1 EF *'1J. *B/JE 'D5-JA) DBDE 'DC*'( HC'F 0DC 1',9'K DA9D 'DE/9J  H%0' E6* E/) 'DHBA HDE J7D( 'DE/9J 'D3J1 AJ 'D/9HI .D'D 'D.E3) 941 JHE' 'D*'DJ) D'F*G'&G'  #H DE JFA0 E' #E1* (G 'DE-CE) -CE* 'DE-CE) ('9*('1 'D/9HI C#F DE *CF 7(B' DDE'/) (99) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE51J  HJ*1*( 9DI '9*('1 'D/9HI C#F DE *CF 2H'D 'D/9HI HE' *1*( 9DJG' EF #+'1 H9H/) 'D.5HE %DI 'D-'D) 'D*J C'FH' 9DJG' B(D 1A9 'D/9HI  HGJ 0'* 'D"+'1 'DE*1*() 9DI %(7'D 91J6) 'D/9HI AJ 'DB'FHF 'D91'BJ () . 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HEF 'D,/J1 ('D0C1 #F 'DE419 'DJEFJ AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* H'D*FAJ0 .'DA G0G 'DB'9/) H#,'2 DDE-CE) AJ 'DE'/) (170) EFG #F *-CE 9DI 'DE*93A ('D:1'E) (F'! 9DI 7D( 'DE61H1 . 1'(9' : 'D%9A'! EF 'D-CE ('D:1'E) 9F 'D*93A : **HBA 3D7) 'DE-CE) AJ 'D%9A'! EF 'D:1'E) 9DI CHF 'D:1'E) ,H'2JG #E H,H(J)  AAJ -'D'* 'D:1'E) 'D,H'2J) A'F 'D-CE ('D:1'E) J.69 D3D7) 'DE-CE) 'D*B/J1J)  HJCHF DG' (G0G 'D3D7) 'D-CE ('D:1'E) #H 'D%9A'! EFG'  -*I DH 'F*G* AJ -CEG' #F 'D%,1'! C'F *3HJAJ' #H *93AJ'  DCFG' %0' B6* ('D:1'E) A'FG J,( 9DJG' *3(J( -CEG' AJ G0' 'D.5H5 () . DCF AJ -'D'* 'D:1'E) 'DH,H(J) A'FG J*9JF 9DI 'DE-CE) 'D-CE ('D:1'E)  E*I *-BB* 'DH'B9) 'D*J J,9D 'DB'FHF EFG' 3((' DD-CE (G'  H(F'! 9DI 0DC A'F 'DE-CE) D' JCHF DG' 3D7) 'D%9A'! EF 'D-CE ('D:1'E) %0' -CE* (1/ 7D( %9'/) 'DE-'CE) ()  #H 'D-CE (5-) 'DE-11 ()  #H 'D-CE (3BH7 -B E/9J 'D*2HJ1 AJ '/9'&G #H (1A6G ()  A%0' DE **-BB #J EF G0G 'DHB'&9 A'FG D' J,H2 DDE-CE) 'D-CE ('D:1'E)  C'D*F'2D 9F 'D79F ('D*2HJ1 #H *1C 'D.5HE) AJG #H 'F*G'! %,1'!'* 'D'/9'! ('D*2HJ1 (3(( *F'2D 'DE/9I 9DJG AJG' 9F 'D*E3C ('DH1B) #H (,2! EFG'  #H 9F/ *F'2D E/9J 'D*2HJ1 9F /9HI 'D*2HJ1 EF *DB'! FA3G B(D 5/H1 -CE AJ 'D/9HI  #H 'D-CE (9/E B(HD /9HI 'D*2HJ1 ()  #H 9F/ 1,H9 'DEFC1 9F %FC'1G ()  HB/ **-BB 'DH'B9) 'D*J *H,( 'D-CE ('D:1'E)  HE9 0DC  A'FG JCHF DDE-CE) 'D%9A'! EFG' %0' 3E-* DG' 'DF5H5 (0DC  AB/ #,'2* 'DE'/) (93/+'FJ') EF B'FHF 'D%+('* 'D91'BJ DDE-CE) %9A'! 'D4'G/ 'D0J *.DA 9F 'D-6H1 EF 'D-CE ('D:1'E) %0' #(/I 901' E41H9'  CE' #,'2* 'DE'/) (99) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE51J DDE-CE) %B'D) 'D.5E 'D0J *.DA 9F %J/'9 'DE3*F/'* #H 'DBJ'E ('D%,1'! 'D0J CDA*G (G EF 'D-CE ('D:1'E) %0' #(/I 901' EB(HD' . H9DI 'D1:E EF 'D'G*E'E 'D*41J9J 'D3'(B EF 'DE419 D-ED 'D.5HE 9D@I 'D,/J) HE-'1() 'D*93A  A%F BJE) 'D:1'E) 'DEF5H5 9DJG' D' *-BB #J 1/9 DDE*93AJF .'5) E9 6.'E) BJE) 'D/9'HI  H'F9/'E ,/HI *HBJ9G' EF 'DE-CE)  (D ('* 'D.5E J*9E/ 'D%3'!) AJ 'DE,'D 'D%,1'&J H9/E 9F'J*G ('D,2'! D6"D*G . D0' AEF 'D#,/1  D*9EJE 'DA'&/) EF F8'E 'D:1'E) DE-'1() 'D*93A  61H1) 1(7 BJE) 'D:1'E) (F3() EF 'DF2'9 H%97'! 'DE-CE) 3D7) *B/J1J) AJ 'DB6'! ('D:1'E) AJ G0G 'D-'D) . H'D:1'E) 'D*J *HB9 (3(( 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D %,1'!'* 'D*B'6J HAB'K DD-'D'* 'D3'(B)  D' *9*(1 *9HJ6'K #H -B'K E'DJ'K DDE61H1JF EF 'D3DHC 'D*93AJ (D #FG' ,2'! E/FJ J-5D DE5D-) 'D.2'F) 'D9'E) 9F 71JB 'DE-CE) 'D*J #5/1* 'D-CE  HG@J E@F 'D9BH('* 'D*92J2J) 'D*J *,J2G' 'D41J9) 'D%3D'EJ) () . 'DA19 'D+'FJ 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6 CH3JD) D9D', E' JF,E 9F 'D*93A 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6 J,3/ 'D:'J) 'D*J *39I 'DE3$HDJ) 9F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J %DI %/1'CG'  HGJ ,(1 'D#61'1 'D*J #5'(* 'D6-J)  HDCF 0DC J-*', %DI *H'A1 #1C'F 'DE3$HDJ)  H%0' C'F* (96 'D*41J9'* B/ #,'2* 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6 9F/ 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J  %D' #FG' DE *G*E (*F8JE 'D9/J/ EF ,H'F(G  D0' *.69 E3#D) 'D*9HJ6 D-CE 'DBH'9/ 'D9'E) AJ 'DE3$HDJ) 'DE/FJ)  H'F C'F 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6 9F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J J.*DA AJ (96 ,H'F(G 9F F8E 'DE3$HDJ) 'D#.1I . %F 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6 9F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J JB*6J *-/J/ G0' 'DE(/# HE/'G HCJAJ) *B/J1G H71B 'B*6'&G H*-/J/ 'D'.*5'5 AJG HCJAJ) 'DE7'D() (G H'FB6'! /9HI 'D*9HJ6 ('D*B'/E  H9DI 'DF-H 'D"*J :- #HD' : E(/# 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6 9F 'D*93A : E(/# 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6 9F %3'!) '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J EF 'DE('/& 'DE3*B1)  %0 '*.0* 'DC+J1 EF 'D*41J9'* EHBA' 51J-' EF 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6'* AJ -'D) 'D'3*9E'D 'D*93AJ DD-B 'D%,1'&J  %0 B6* 'DE'/) (10) EF B'FHF #5HD 'DE-'CE'* 'DE/FJ) 'DD(F'FJ ('D-CE ('D*9HJ6'* AJ -'D) '3*9E'D 'D7D( #H 'D/A9 #H 'D/A'9 (5H1) *93AJ)  CE' #,'2* 'DE'/) (289) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DDJ(J 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6'* #H 'D*6EJF'* AJ EB'(D 'DFAB'* 'DF'4&) 9F /9HI #H /A'9 B5/ (GE' 'DECJ/) () . HDB/ *(FI 'DE419 'DE51J AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* B'9/) 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6'* 9F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J  HBJ/ 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6'* AJ -/H/ 'DFAB'* 'DF'4&) 9F 'D/9HI #H 'D/A'9 'D*J B5/ (G 'DCJ/  HGH E' F5* 9DJG 'DE'/) (188)  H'D*9HJ6 AJ G0G 'D-'D) D' JB*51 9DI 'DE51HA'* %FE' JCHF 9DI #3'3 E' HB9 9DI 'D.5E EF #61'1()  CE' #,'2 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6'* /HF BJH/ AJ 9// EF 'D-'D'* EFG' F5 'DE'/) (235/4) 'DE*9DB) ('D-CE ('D*9HJ6'* %0' *(JF DDE-CE) #F 'D'3*&F'A #1J/ (G 'DCJ/  HGH FA3 E' F5* 9DJG 'DE'/) (270) EF 'DB'FHF 0'*G ('DF3() %DI 'D79F ('DFB6 'DCJ/J  HB/ #,J2 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6'* /HF BJH/ (F'! 9DI H'B9) 'D.3'1) AJ 9// #.1 EF 'D-'D'* () . HDB/ #,'2 'DE419 'DA1F3J 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6'* 51'-) 9F/ 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J  HGH E' F5* 9DJG 'DE'/) (32/1) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* (*B1J1G' -B 'DE61H1 AJ 'DE7'D() ('D*9HJ6'* #F C'F DG' H,G H'D*J **1*( 9DI '3*9E'D 'D-B AJ 'D'D*,'! DDB6'! (71JB) *93AJ) #H *3HJAJ)  CE' #,J2 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6'* AJ 9// #.1 EF F5H5 B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DA1F3J C'DE'/*JF (118  123) 'DD*JF *9'D,'F E3#D) 'D'E*F'9 9F %+'1) 'D/AH9 AJ HB* E(C1 H%+'1*G' AJ HB* E*#.1 (B5/ 'D*3HJA  H'DE'/) (560) 'D.'5) ('D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B AJ 'D-6H1  H'DE'/*JF (599  581) 'D.'5*JF ('D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 71B 'D79F  H'DE'/) (628) 'D.'5) (E9'D,) 'D*9HJ6 9F 'DFB6 'D*93AJ  HB/ '*,G AJ 9// #.1 EF 'D-'D'* %DI *1*J( 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6'* 9DI H'B9) 'D.3'1) () . H9DI 'D1:E EF .DH B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'D91'BJ EF F81J) 9'E) DD*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J CE' AJ 'DBH'FJF "FA) 'D0C1  A%FG #,'2 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6 9F/ 'D'3*9E'D 'D*93AJ D(96 'D%,1'!'*  CE' AJ 'DE'/) (244) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  'D.'5) (-B 'DE-,H2 9DJG ('DE7'D() (*9HJ6 'D611 'D0J D-BG EF *HBJ9 'D-,2 AJ -'D) 1A9G #H %(7'DG  H'DE'/) (291) H'D.'5) (-B 'DB'6J  'DE4CH EFG  AJ 'D*9HJ6 9E' D-BG EF 611 9F/E' *B11 'DE-CE) 9/E B(HD 'D4CHI #H 9F/ 9,2 'DE4*CJ 9F %+('* E' F3(G %DI 'DE4CH EFG  H'DE'/) (25/2) EF B'FHF 'D%+('* 'D*J *,J2 DDE*611 #F J7'D( ('D*9HJ6 9F 'D611 'D0J J5J(G AJ -'D) 'D%FC'1 'DCJ/J DD3F/ AJ FA3 'D/9HI #H AJ /9HI E3*BD) (). +'FJ' : E/I 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6 9F 'D*93A : EF 'D*41J9'* EF '*,G %DI *BJJ/ 'D*9HJ6 9F/ 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J (FAB'* 'D.5HE)  HDB/ *(FI G0' 'D'*,'G 'DE419 'DE51J AJ 'DE'/) (188) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'D*J *F5 51'-) 9DI *-/J/ 'D*9HJ6 (-/H/ 'DFAB'*  (BHDG' : (( J,H2 DDE-CE) #F *-CE ('D*9HJ6'* EB'(D 'DFAB'* 'DF'4&) 9F /9HI #H /A'9 B5/ (GE' 'DCJ/ ))  HDB/ *(FI G0' 'D'*,'G B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DDJ(J AJ 'DE'/) (289) H'D*J *,J2 'D-CE ('D*6EJF'* AJ EB'(D 'DFAB'* 'DF'4&) 9F /9HI #H /A'9 B5/ (GE' 'DECJ/) . %D' #F G0' 'D*BJJ/ DJ3 E7DB' HJ*6- 0DC EF EHBA 'DB'FHF EF 'DE3$HDJ) AJ (96 'D-'D'* 'D.'5)  EFG' E' H1/ AJ 'DE'/) (235/4) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE51J 'D.'5) ('D'3*&F'A 'DCJ/J  H'D*J *F5 9DI 'FG : (( HJ,H2 DDE-CE) #F *-CE ('D*9HJ6'* %0' C'F 'D'3*&F'A B/ B5/ (G 'DCJ/ ))  H'DE'/) (270/2) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE51J  'D*J *F5 9DI 'FG : (( H%0' 1#* #F 'D79F #1J/ (G 'DCJ/ DG' #F *-CE ('D*9HJ6 DDE/9I 9DJG AJ 'D79F ))  HJ(/H #F 'D9D) AJ 0DC 'D*BJ/ H'D%7D'B #F 'DE419 'DE51J #1'/ #F J*.0 EHBA 'D-J7) AJ G0' 'D4#F  ADE J4# %7D'B 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6'* %DI 'DE/I 'D0J J3E- ('D-CE (CD 'D#61'1 'D*J *F4# 9F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J  CE' DE J4# B51 'D*9HJ6 9DI E5'1JA 'D.5HE) H-/G'  H%FE' '*.0 EHBA' H37' (JF G0' H0'C () . HJ3DE 'DABG () (61H1) *,'H2 'DE/I 'DE-/H/ DD*9HJ6'* AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  %0 DE J,/ EA1' EF 'D'D*,'! %DI 'DE'/*JF (151  212) EF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'DE51J  EF ',D 'D*9HJ6 9F 'D#61'1 'DE'/J) H'D#/(J) 'D*J *F4# 9F 'D/9'HI 'DCJ/J)  *7(JB' D-CE 'DBH'9/ 'D9'E) AJ 'DE3$HDJ) 'DE/FJ)  D'F 'DE'/) (188) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE51J *,J2 DDB6'! #F JB6J ('D*9HJ6'* 'D*J D' **6EFG' E5'1JA 'D.5HE) AJ -'D) 'D/9HI 'DCJ/J)  #E' E' 9/'G' EF 'D#61'1  C'D611 'D0J J5J( 'D.5E AJ E'DG #H 3E9*G  A'F 'D*9HJ6 J*E 7(B' DDBH'9/ 'D9'E) AJ 'DE3$HDJ) . H(F'! 9DI 0DC  A'FG JF(:J 9/E 'D*BJ/ ('DE/I 'DE-/H/ DD*9HJ6  H%FE' J4ED 'D*9HJ6 CD 'D#61'1 'DE'/J) H'D#/(J) 'D*J D-B* ('DE61H1 H7(B' DDBH'9/ 'D9'E) AJ 'D*9HJ6  HD' JH,/ AJ 'DB'FHF 'D91'BJ E' J/9H %DI 'D#.0 (.D'AG . +'D+' : CJAJ) *B/J1 'D*9HJ6 9F 'D*93A : J,1J *-/J/ 'D*9HJ6 AJ 'DE3'&D :J1 'D*9'B/J) (H'37) 'DB'6J  DCF B/ J*HDI 'DB'FHF *B/J1 'D*9HJ6 AJ (96 'D-'D'*  H3F916 0DC 9DI 'DF-H 'D"*J :- 'D*B/J1 'DB'FHFJ DD*9HJ6 9F 'D*93A : B/ J*HDI 'DB'FHF AJ (96 'D-'D'* *B/J1 'D*9HJ6 (4CD %,E'DJ C'DAH'&/ 'DB'FHFJ) 'D*J *3*-B DE,1/ 'D*#.J1 AJ 'DHA'!  /HF -',) %DI %+('* 'D611 'DF'4& 9F 'D*#.J1  (-J+ JA*16 *-BBG (E,1/ 'D*#.J1 F*J,) DD-1E'F EF 'D/JF  HB/ *F'HD* (96 'DBH'9/ 'D%,1'&J) *-/J/ 'D*9HJ6 AJ (96 'D-'D'* AJ 5H1) 'D-CE ('DE5'1JA  A'DE'/) (166) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'D91'BJ () *-ED 'D.'31 E5'1JA 'D/9HI HGJ 'DFAB'* 'DD'2E) B'FHF' D1A9 'D/9HI H3J1G' -*I 5/H1 'D-CE  3H'! #C'F* .3'1*G *1,9 %DI 'D-CE AJ EH6H9 'D/9HI #E C'F* .3'1*G %,1'&J)  H(F'! 9DI 0DC A'F 'DB'FHF J-// F7'B 'D*9HJ6 AJ -'D'* 'D.3'1) ('DFAB'* 'DD'2E) B'FHF' D3J1 'D/9HI -*I 'D-CE AJG'. C0DC A'FG AJ 'D-'D'* 'D*J **-BB AJG' E3$HDJ) 'DE-CHE DG 9F 'DE5'1JA  7(B' DDE'/) (166) EF 'DB'FHF #9D'G ()  %0' C'F 'D-B E3DE' (G EF 'DE-CHE 9DJG  #H %0' C'F 'DE-CHE DG B/ *3(( AJ %FA'B E5'1JA D' A'&/) AJG'  #H C'F B/ *1C .5EG 9DI ,GD (E' C'F AJ J/G EF 'DE3*F/'* 'DB'79) AJ 'D/9HI #H (E6EHF *DC 'DE3*F/'*  A'F 'D*9HJ6 J4ED 0DC 'DB/1 EF 'DFAB'* 'DD'2E) B'FHF' D%,1'!'* 'D/9HI  A6D' 9F ,H'2 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6'* 'D*CEJDJ) (F'! 9DI 7D( 'DE61H1  417 %+('* E' #5'(G EF #61'1 *,'H2 F7'B 'D-CE ('DE5'1JA (). 'D*B/J1 'DB6'&J DD*9HJ6 9F 'D*93A : J,1J *B/J1 'D*9HJ6 B6'&J' AJ :J1 'D-'D'* 'D*J JF5 AJG' 'DB'FHF 9DI B/1 'D*9HJ6 'D0J J*-EDG 'D.5E  H'F E/I 'D*9HJ6 'D0J D-B 'DE61H1 JB/1G 'DB'6J E1'9J' AJ 0DC 'D81HA 'DED'(3)  A'F DE J*J31 DG HB* 'D-CE #F J9JF E/I 'D*9HJ6 *9JF'K FG'&J' ADG #F J-*A8 DDE61H1 ('D-B AJ #F J7'D( .D'D E/) E9JF) (%9'/) 'DF81 AJ 'D*B/J1 (). H7(B' DDE'/) (207/1) EF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'D91'BJ  'D*J *B6J (#FG : (( *B/1 'DE-CE) 'D*9HJ6 AJ ,EJ9 'D#-H'D (B/1 E' D-B 'DE*611 EF 611 HE' A'*G EF C3( (417 #F JCHF F*J,) 7(J9J) DD9ED :J1 'DE41H9 ))  H7(B' DDE'/) (205) EF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'D91'BJ  'D*J *F5 9DI 'FG : (( J*F'HD -B 'D*9HJ6 'D611 'D#/(J C0DC .....  HD' JF*BD 'D*9HJ6 9F 'D611 'D#/(J %DI 'D:J1 %D' %0' *-// (EB*6I '*A'B #H -CE FG'&J )) () . 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HDB/ #,'2 'DABG () G0' 'DFH9 EF 'D*9HJ6 9F/ 'D'3*9E'D 'D*93AJ DD-BHB  A%0' C'F 'D*9HJ6 'DFB/J J*AB E9 CD 'D-BHB  HJB/E *16J) *9J/ 'D*H'2F DD-BHB 'D*J '61 (G' 'D*93A  A'F 'D*9HJ6 'D9JFJ JCHF E41H9' HED'&E' %0' C'F EECF'  D'F 'D,2'!'* 'D*J *F4# 9F 'D*93A D' *.*DA 9F 'D,2'!'* 'D*J *F4# 9F 'D#9E'D :J1 'DE41H9)  HAJ F7'B 'D-BHB 'D%,1'&J) A'F 'D-CE (9/E B(HD 'D/9HI #H 'D/A'9 #H 'D79F #H F41 -CE 'D%/'F) #H 47( 'D9('1'* 'D,'1-) B/ J4CD *9HJ6' 9JFJ' C'AJ' . %D' 'FG J,( 9/E %7D'B G0' 'D-CE  D#FG J,( 'D*EJJ2 (JF 'D,2'!'* 'D*J *4CD AJ -/ 0'*G' *9HJ6' 9JFJ' C'AJ'  H(JF 'D,2'!'* 'D*J D' *CAJ H-/G' H%FE' *CHF E5-H() (*9HJ6 FB/J  HJ1,9 'D3(( AJ 0DC  %DI 'D7'(9 'D6'1 DD-BHB 'D%,1'&J) ('9*('1G' EF -BHB 'D%61'1  (-J+ J*1*( 9DI '3*9E'DG' #61'1' D' JECF *,F(G' CFAB'* 'D%,1'!'* H(96 'D#61'1 'D#/(J) . AE' JA16 9DI 'D.5E EF ,2'!'* #+F'! 3J1 'D%,1'!'* HD' J*1*( 9DJG' 'FB6'! 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'DH-J/ 'D0J J*-EDG 'D.5E 9F/ 'D'3*9E'D 'D*93AJ DD-BHB 'D%,1'&J)  AB/ JCHF E5-H(' (,2'! #.1 C'D:1'E)  HB/ JCHF 'D*9HJ6 (EB'(D AJ 5H1) :J1 E'DJ)  C'D#E1 (F41 'D-CE 9DI FAB) 'DE-CHE 9DJG #H 'D*FHJG AJ 'D-CE ('F E' HB9 EF 'DE-CHE 9DJG J9*(1 'A*1'!K EF ',D *9HJ6 'DE61H1 9F 'D611 'D#/(J () . .'E3' : 'D'.*5'5 ('D*9HJ6 9F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J : J.*DA *-/J/ 'D'.*5'5 (7D( 'D*9HJ6 EF *41J9 %DI #.1 AEF 'D*41J9'* EF '*.0 EHBA' E-//' EF 'D'.*5'5 (7D( 'D*9HJ6  HEFG' EF C'F */.DG B'51' AJ G0' 'DE,'D HGH E' A*- 'D('( #E'E ',*G'/ 'DABG D*-/J/G :- 'D*-/J/ 'D51J- DD'.*5'5 ('D*9HJ6 9F 'D*93A : '*,G 'DE419 'DCHJ*J AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J) 'DE1BE 38 D3F) 1980  %DI *(FJ AC1) 'D'.*5'5 'D*(9J DDE-'CE  9F 71JB %97'! 'D'.*5'5 (7D( 'D*9HJ6 9F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J %DI 'DE-CE) 'D#5DJ) 'D*J F81* 'D/9HI #H 'D/A'9 'DCJ/J  HB/ H1/ G0' 'D-CE AJ 'DE'/) (122) 'D*J *B6J (#FG : (( %0' B5/ EF 'D/9HI #H 'D/A'9 AJG' 'DCJ/ ,'2 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6 9DI EF B5/ 0DC  H*.*5 (F81 G0' 'D7D( 'DE-CE) 'D*J F81* 'D/9HI #H 'D/A'9 'DCJ/J HJ1A9 %DJG' (7D( 9'16 #H (/9HI #5DJ) ))  H0DC D'F G0G 'DE-CE) B/ 9'J4* 'D81HA 'D*J #-'7* ('D/9HI #H 'D/A'9 'D0J *1*( 9DJG 'D*9HJ6  *CHF 'B/1 EF :J1G' 9DI 'D(* AJE' 'F7H* 9DJG 'D/9HI #H 'D/A'9 'DCJ/J () . H'D'.*5'5 'D*(9J DDE-CE) (7D( 'D*9HJ6 EF 'DFH9 'DE7DB  'D0J J.HD 'DE-CE) 'D*J *F81 'D/9HI #H 'D/A'9 'DCJ/J 'D'.*5'5 (7D( 'D*9HJ6 'D0J JB/EG #J EF 'D.5HE AJ 5H1) 7D( 9'16  /9HI -'/+) - #+F'! 'D/9HI  #H AJ 5H1) /9HI #5DJ) *1A9 (9/ 5/H1 'D-CE  HD' JB*51 G0' 'D'.*5'5 9DI E-'CE 'D/1,) 'D#HDI  H%FE' JE*/ %DI 7D('* 'D*9HJ6 #E'E E-CE) 'D79F  'D*J *.*5 H-/G' (7D('* 'D*9HJ6 9F 'D%,1'!'* 'DCJ/J) 'D*J *E #E'EG'  HB/ H1/ G0' 'D-CE AJ 'DE'/) (135) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DCHJ*J  'D*J *B6J (#FG : (( J,H2 DD7'9F #H 'DE79HF 6/G #F J7D( EF 'DE-CE) 'D*J *F81 'D79F 'D-CE DG ('D*9HJ6'* %0' C'F 'D79F #H 71JB 'D3DHC AJ@G B/ B5/ (G 'DCJ/ ))  HD' H,H/ DG0' 'D-CE AJ 'DB'FHF 'D91'BJ %0 'FG JAH* 9DI 'D.5E /1,) EF /1,'* 'D*B'6J %D' %0' C'F* 'D/9HI 5'D-) DDA5D AJG' . HD' *$+1 BJE) 'D*9HJ6 'DE7DH( AJ '.*5'5 'DE-CE) 'D*J *F81 'D/9HI #H 'D/A'9 'DCJ/J  D#FG' *8D E.*5) (7D( 'D*9HJ6 9F 'D%,1'!'* 'DCJ/J)  HDH *,'H2* BJE) 'D7D( F5'( '.*5'5G' 'D#5DJ  HG0' E' F5* 9DJG 'DE'/) (30/3) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DCHJ*J 51'-)  (BHDG' : (( %0' C'F EH6H9 'D7D( 'D9'16 *9HJ6' 9F 1A9 'D/9HI 'D#5DJ) #H 71JB 'D3DHC AJG'  '.*5* 'DE-CE) 'D,2&J) #J' C'F EB/'1 'D*9HJ6 'DE7DH( ))  HD' J.*DA 'D-D %0' C'F EB/'1 'D*9HJ6 'BD EF F5'( 'DE-CE) () . 'D*-/J/ :J1 'D51J- DD'.*5'5 ('D*9HJ6 9F 'D*93A : DE J*.0 'DB'FHF 'D91'BJ  D.DHG EF F81J) 9'E) *9'D, 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J  H'DE51J H'DA1F3J EHBA' E-//' EF E3#D) 'D'.*5'5 (7D( 'D*9HJ6 9F 'D%,1'!'* 'D*93AJ)  HGH E@' #+'1 'D.D'A AJ 'D1#J  HJECF -51 G0' 'D.D'A AJ '*,'GJF :- %.6'9 'D'.*5'5 ('D*9HJ6 9F 'D*93A D-CE 'DBH'9/ 'D9'E) : %0 J0G( #F5'1 G0' 'D'*,'G () %DI #F *-/J/ 'D'.*5'5 AJ 7D( 'D*9HJ6 9F 'D%,1'!'* 'D*93AJ) J.69 D-CE 'DBH'9/ 'D9'E) AJ *-/J/ 'D'.*5'5 'DFH9J H'DE-DJ 'H 'DEC'FJ  0DC #F 'DBH'9/ 'D*J *F8E G0' 'DEH6H9 D' *-// 'D'.*5'5 (7D( 'D*9HJ6  H%FE' *.HD 'D.5E 1.5) 7D( 'D*9HJ6 (7D( A19J EF 'DE-CE) 'D*J *F81 'D/9HI 'D#5DJ) D*A5D DG AJG E9 'DA5D AJ 'D/9HI 'D#5DJ) HE51HA'*G' (E' *B/1G EF *9HJ6 9F 'D/9HI #H 'D/A'9 'DCJ/J 'D0J '(/J AJG'  H'D.5E ('D.J'1 %F 4'! D,# %DI 'D71JB 'DA19J  H'F *1'.I AJ 7D( 'D*9HJ6 #+F'! F81 'D/9HI 'D#5DJ)  ADG %B'E) /9HI #5DJ) (7D( 'D*9HJ6 9F 'D/9HI #H 'D/A'9 'DCJ/J E*(9' AJ *-/J/ 'D'.*5'5 -CE 'DBH'9/ 'D9'E) AJ 'D'.*5'5 'DFH9J H'DE-DJ 'H 'DEC'FJ . %.6'9 'D'.*5'5 ('D*9HJ6 9F 'D*93A DDE-CE) 'D#5DJ) : J1I #F5'1 G0' 'D'*,'G () ('F 'DBH'9/ 'D*J *F8E G0G 'DE3#D) *-// 'D'.*5'5 (7D( 'D*9HJ6  %0 JCHF 'D'.*5'5 DDE-CE) 'D*J B6* AJ 'D/9HI 'D#5DJ)  D'F G0G 'DE-CE) H-/G' GJ 'DE.*5) ('DA5D AJ E5'1JA 'D/9HI 'D*J *F81G' 'DB6'&J) EFG' H:J1 'DB6'&J)  H'F DG0G 'DE-CE) 3D7) 'DA5D AJ 'D*9HJ6'* (E' DG' EF HD'J) *CEJDJ) 4#FG' AJ 0DC 4#F 'D'.*5'5 AJ *A3J1 'D#-C'E  AG0G 'DE-CE) 'B/1 EF #J) E-CE) #.1I 9DI *B/J1 E' JF4# 9FG' EF E5'1JA H*9HJ6'*  3H'! #C'F* 'D*9HJ6'* 9F 611 E'/J #E #/(J -*I DH C'F* E-CE) 'D'3*&F'A  /HF -',) %DI 'D1,H9 %DI 'DBH'9/ 'D9'E)  A-3F 3J1 'D9/'D) JB*6J #F D' *F4:D (F81 /9HI 'D*9HJ6 E-CE) #.1I  D'F 0DC J$/J %DI 6J'9 'DHB* H'D,G/ AJ 3(JD AGE 'DEH6H9 EF ,/J/ H'DE4'CD 'DF'4&) (EF'3(*G . H%0' C'F 'DB'FHF DE J*.0 EHBA' 51J-' EF E3#D) 'D'.*5'5 (7D( 'D*9HJ6 9F 'D%,1'!'* 'DCJ/J)  A'F 0DC D' J9FJ 'FG *1C 'DE3#D) D-CE 'DBH'9/ 'D9'E) AJ 'D'.*5'5  H%FE' J,( *#ED .7) 'DE419 AJ 'DBH'9/ 'DE*9DB) (G0' 'DEH6H9  'D*J *A5- 9F B5/G AJ 'D.1H, 9DI -CE 'DBH'9/ 'D9'E) AJ 'D'.*5'5  H*(FJ AC1) 'D'.*5'5 'D*(9J AJ 7D( 'D*9HJ6 9F 'D%,1'!'* 'DCJ/J)  HG0' 'DFH9 EF 'D'.*5'5 J,9D EF 'DE-CE) 'D*J ('41* 'D%,1'!'* *.*5 H-/G' /HF :J1G' (7D( 'D*9HJ6 9FG'  HD' J,H2 D:J1G' EF 'DE-'CE F81 /9HI 'D*9HJ6 () . H(F'! 9DI 0DC  A'F E' 0G( %DJG 'D'*,'G 'D#HD D' J*AB E9 'D1H- 'D9'E) DB'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  'D*J *B6J (%3F'/ 'D-CE AJ 'DE3'&D 'DE*A19) 9F 'D/9HI 'D#5DJ) %DI 'DE-CE) 'DE.*5) ('D/9HI 'D#5DJ)  9DI '9*('1 #FG' 'B/1 EF :J1G' 9DI 'DA5D AJ G0G 'DE3'&D 3H'! B/E DG' G0' 'D7D( AJ 5H1) 7D( 9'16 #H /9HI #5DJ)  CE' #F G0' 'D-D J-HD /HF *F'B6 'D#-C'E  HJ*AB E9 E(/# 'D'B*5'/ AJ 'D%,1'!'* H'DFAB'* () . 3'/3' : 'DE7'D() ('D*9HJ6 9F 'D*93A : J*HBA 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6 9F %3'!) '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J 9DI E('/1) EF 'D.5E 'DE61H1 D'F 'DE-CE) D' *D*2E ('D-CE ('D*9HJ6'* EF *DB'! FA3G'  3H'! C'F 0DC (/9HI #5DJ) #H C'F 0DC 9F 71JB %(/'! /9HI -'/+) #+F'! F81 'D/9HI 'D#5DJ) 'DE71H-) 9DI 'DE-CE)  HJ*5H1 0DC EF 'DE/9J HEF 'DE/9I 9DJG  CE' JCHF 0DC #J6' 9F 71JB 'D/A9 () . 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'3*9E'D -B 'D79F  3H'! #C'F* E-CE) '3*&F'A #E FB6  HD' H,@H/ DE+D G@0' 'D-CE AJ 'DB'FHF 'D91'BJ  HGH E' 3F(JFG 9DI 'DF-H 'D"*J : - E-CE) 'D'3*&F'A E-CE) *9HJ6 9F 'D*93A : HAB' DF5 'DE'/) (235) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE51J H'DE'/) (559) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DA1F3J  A'FG J-B DE-CE) 'D'3*&F'A #F *-CE ('D*9HJ6 %0' *(JF DG' #F 'D79F #1J/ (G 'DCJ/  AJCHF DDE61H1 EF 'D*93A #F J7D( EF E-CE) 'D'3*&F'A 'D*9HJ6 9F 'D%,1'!'* 'D*93AJ) 'D*J 3DCG' 'D.5E AJ 1A9 'D'3*&F'A  HD' J*9DB 'D*9HJ6 ('D#61'1 'D*J D-B* 'DE-CHE 9DJG EF *FAJ0 -CE 5'/1 EF E-'CE 'D/1,) 'D#HDI E9,D'K #H EF 'D-,2 'DCJ/J()  HF81 7D( 'D*9HJ6 AJ G0G 'D-'D) DJ3 '3*+F'! 9DI E(/# 'D*B'6J 9DI /1,*JF  %0 GH *5H1 (/JGJ AGH 7D( 9'16 F*, 9F .5HE) 'D'3*&F'A HD' 9D'B) DG ('DF2'9 #E'E E-CE) 'D/1,) 'D#HDI  HJCHF DDE61H1 'D-B AJ 1A9 /9HI E3*BD) DDE7'D() ('D*9HJ6 9F 'D*93A () . HEF 'D,/J1 ('D0C1 #F 'DE419 'D91'BJ DE J#.0 (E+D G0' 'D-CE  %0 D' J,H2 7(B' DB'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'D91'BJ 1A9 /9HI E(*/#) #E'E E-CE) 'D'3*&F'A D'F 0DC 3HA J-1E 'D.5E 'D#.1 EF /1,) EF /1,'* 'D*B'6J  D0' EF 'D#A6D 'DF5 9DI %,'2) 1A9 /9HI E3*BD) DDE7'D() ('D*9HJ6 9F 'D#61'1 'DF',E) 9F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D -B 'D79F #E'E E-'CE 'D/1,) 'D#HDI . E-CE) 'DFB6 ('D*EJJ2) E-CE) *9HJ6 9F 'D*93A : 1.5 CD EF 'DE419 'DE51J H'DA1F3J DD.5E #F J7'D( ('D*9HJ6 9F 'D#61'1 'DF',E) 9F 3DHC -B 'D79F ('DFB6 (71JB) *93AJ) #E'E E-CE) 'DFB6 HAB'K DF5 'DE'/) (270) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE51J H'DE'/) (628) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DA1F3J  HAJ G0G 'D-'D) *F81 E-CE) 'DFB6 7D( 'D*9HJ6 CE-CE) EH6H9  HJ4ED 'D*9HJ6 'DFAB'* 'DA9DJ) HE' #5'( 'D.5E #/(J'  H'FG %0' *9// 'DE*93AHF AJ,H2 %D2'EGE E*6'EFJF 9F 'D#61'1 9F 'D%,1'!'* 'DCJ/J)() . H7D( 'D*9HJ6 9F 'D79F 'DCJ/J #E'E E-CE) 'DFB6 JB51 /H1G' AJ G0G 'D-'D) 9DI 'D%,1'!'* 'DCJ/J) DD79F ('DFB6  AD' J,H2 1A9 /9HI *9HJ6 '(*/'!K #E'E E-CE) 'DFB6 9F 'D%,1'!'* 'DCJ/J) #E'E E-CE) 'D/1,) 'D#HDI #H #E'E E-CE) 'D'3*&F'A #H 9F %,1'!'* 'D*FAJ0 'DCJ/J)  %0 JCHF 0DC HAB'K DDBH'9/ 'D9'E)  H'D1.5) 'D3'(B) (%,'2) F81 E-CE) 'DFB6 ('D*9HJ6 9F %,1'!'* 'D79F 'DCJ/J) D' *EF9 'D.5E EF 7D( 'D*9HJ6 (/9HI #5DJ) . HEF 'D,/J1 ('D0C1 #F 'DE419 'D91'BJ DE J#.0 (E+D G0' 'D-CE #J6'  %0 D' J,H2 7(B' DB'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'D91'BJ 1A9 /9HI E(*/#) #E'E E-CE) 'D*EJJ2 D#FG' E-CE) 1B'() HDJ3* E-CE) EH6H9 '3*F'/' %DI F5 'DE'/) (214) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'D91'BJ  HD'F 7D( 'D*9HJ6 #E'E E-CE) 'D*EJJ2 3HA J-1E 'D.5E 'D#.1 EF /1,*JF EF /1,'* 'D*B'6J EE' J.D (-B 'D/A'9 'DEB/3 H-B 'DEH',G) (JF 'D.5HE 'D0J J*1*( 9DI 9/E E1'9'*G (7D'F 'D#-C'E  D0' EF 'D#A6D 'DF5 9DI %,'2) 1A9 /9HI E3*BD) DDE7'D() ('D*9HJ6 9F 'D#61'1 'DF',E) 9F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D -B 'D79F #E'E E-'CE 'D/1,) 'D#HDI . 3'(9' : *B'/E /9HI 'D*9HJ6 9F 'D*93A : HAB'K DDBH'9/ 'D9'E) *3B7 'D/9HI (E1H1 +D'+ 3FH'* EF 'DJHE 'D0J 9DE AJG 'DE61H1 ('D611 H'D4.5 'D0J #-/+G  H('DF81 D9/E H,H/ F5 J*9DB (*B'/E 'DE3$HDJ) 'DF',E) 9F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D',1'&J AJ 'D/9HI 'DE/FJ)  A'FF' F/9H 'DI 'J1'/ F5 EE'+D AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* . 'D.'*E) (9/ 'D'F*G'! 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'FG D' E3$HDJ) 9DI 'D%.A'B AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J 3HI AJ 'D'D*2'E (/A@9 'DE5'1JA HAB'K DBH'9/ 'D9'E) AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  H#F 'DE3$HDJ) AJ -'D) 'D%.A'B #H 'DA4D D' **-BB %D' AJ -'D) 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B. %F 'D-B 'D%,1'&J EF -BHB 'D%61'1 'D*J J*1*( 9DI '3*9E'DG' 'D9'/J H'DE#DHA #61'1 *5J( 'D:J1  H'FG D' -5'FG EF 'DE3$HDJ) 9F/ 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'DG . *BHE 'DE3$HDJ) 9F 'D*93A 9DI #1C'F **E+D AJ 'D'F-1'A 9F :'J) 'D-B H1,-'F 'D611 9DI 'DE5D-) 1,-'F' C(J1' H9D'B) 3((J) (JFGE'  H'FG J*9JF 9DI B'6J 'DEH6H9 9F/ '3*.D'5G DD*93A EF H'B9 'D/9HI HED'(3'*G' #F J(JF 'D9F'51 'D*J JBHE 9DJG' 'D'F-1'A #H 'D*93A H%D' *916 -CE 'DE-CE) DDFB6 EF B(D E-CE) 'D79F . #F 'D611 1CF EF #1C'F 'DE3$HDJ) 9F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B  H'F 'DE5D-) H-/G' CE9J'1 DD*93A D' *CAJ DBJ'E 'DE3$HDJ) 9F 'D3DHC 'D*93AJ  AJ,( #F J*,'H2 'D611 E,EH9) 'DE5'D- 'DE#DHA) D5'-( 'D-B  H'F JCHF 611'K 1',-'K . J.69 %+('* 'D*93A D-CE 'DBH'9/ 'D9'E) AJ 'D%+('* EF #F 'D(JF) 9DI 'DE/9J  H(CD 71B 'D%+('* 'D,'&2) B'FHF'  H'F %+('* 'DE9'JJ1 'DE'/J) #3GD EF %+('* 'DE9'JJ1 'DFA3J) #H 'D4.5J)  E9 %EC'FJ) 'D'9*E'/ 9DI 'DB1'&F 'DEH6H9J) D%+('* 'DE9'JJ1 'D4.5J)  E9 %EC'FJ) /A9 'DE3$HDJ) (%+('* 'D9C3 HAB' D#-C'E 'DBH'9/ 'D9'E) AJ 'D%+('* . 'FG 9DI 'D1:E EF 69A 'D,2'!'* 9F 'D'F-1'A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-BHB 'D%,1'&J)  A'F *7(JB F81J) 'D*93A EF 4#FG' *A9JD 'D/H1 'D'J,'(J DDB'6J AJ 'D/9HI 'DE/FJ) . J*1*( 9DI %9E'D F81J) 'D*93A (1H2 'D/H1 'DHB'&J H'D9D',J 'D0J *E'13G AJ F7'B 'D-BHB . %F DD/H1 'DHB'&J DF81J) 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B H3'&D *+'1 %E' EF B(D 'DE-CE) EF *DB'! FA3G' #H (F'! 9DI 7D( 'D.5HE  H'D*J *E'13 /H1G' AJ EF9 HBH9 'D9ED 'D*93AJ #H *HBJ 'D9ED 'D*93AJ B(D HBH9G . J*,3/ 'D/H1 'D9D',J DF81J) 'D*93A ('D-CE ('D:1'E) 9DI 'DE*93A H'D0J *HB9G 'DE-CE) EF *DB'! 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FB*1- 9DI 'DE419 'D91'BJ 'D#.0 ('DF5H5 'D"*J) D*CHF (E+'() F81J) 9'E) *-CE 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J AJ 'D/9HI 'DE/FJ) 9DI #F *H69 6EF 'D#-C'E 'D9'E@) DB'FHF 'DE1'A9'* : (( J*BJ/ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J (9/E 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'DG H%D' B6* 'DE-CE) (9/E B(HDG H916 'DE.'DA FA3G DD-CE 9DJG ('D:1'E) H/HF 'D%.D'D ('D*9HJ6 %F C'F DG EB*6I )) . (( J*-BB 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J %0' C'F* 'DE5'D- 'D*J J1EJ G0' 'D'3*9E'D %DI *-BJBG' :J1 E41H9) #H C'F* :J1 E*H'A1) '5D'K )) . (( %0' *(JF DDE-CE) 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D -B'K EF 'D-BHB 'D%,1'&J)  A9DJG' #F *-CE 9DI 'DE*93A (:1'E) D' *BD 9F .E3) ('DE'&) HD' *2J/ 9DI 941) ('DE'&) EF BJE) 'D/9HI /HF 'D%.D'D (-B 'DE61H1 ('D*9HJ6 9F 'D%61'1 'DE'/J) H'D#/(J) 'D*J D-B*G EF ,1'! 0DC 'D'3*9E'D )) . (( *.*5 'DE-CE) 'D*J B6* AJ #3'3 'D/9HI (F81 /9HI 'DE7'D() ('D*9HJ6 9F 'D#61'1 'DF'4&) 9F %3'!) '3*9E'D 'D-BHB 'D%,1'&J) HJ3*+FI EF 0DC E-'CE 'D,F'J'* H'D,F- H'D'3*&F'A H'D*EJJ2 )) . H('DF81 D9/E H,H/ F5 J*9DB (*B'/E 'DE3$HDJ) 'DF',E) 9F 'D*93A  FB*1- 9DI 'DE419 'D91'BJ 'D#.0 ('DF5 'D"*J : (( D' *3E9 /9HI 'D*9HJ6 'DF'4&) 9F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B #J' C'F (9/ 'FB6'! +D'+ 3FH'* EF 'DJHE 'D0J 9DE AJG 'DE*611 (-/H+ 'D611 H('D4.5 'D0J #-/+G  HD' *3E9 'D/9HI AJ ,EJ9 'D#-H'D (9/ 'FB6'! .E3 941) 3F) EF JHE HBH9 'D3DHC 'D*93AJ )) . 'DE5@'/1 'HD' : 'DC*( 'DB'FHFJ) /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  'D*93A AJ 'D*B'6J  'D7(9) 'D'HDI  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G@1) 2006. /. %(1'GJE 'DFAJ'HJ  'F9C'3'* 'DBH'9/ 'D%,1'&J) 9DI #/D) 'D9/'D)  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1) 2000. /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  E3$HDJ) 'D.5E 9F 'D%,1'!'*  /1'3) EB'1FG AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  'D7(9) 'D#HDI  E51  1991 . /. %(1'GJE F,J( 39/  'DB'FHF 'DB6'&J 'D.'5  'D,2! 'D'HD  EF4') 'DE9'1A  'D%3CF/1J)  1974 . /. %(1'GJE F,J( 39/  'DB'FHF 'DB6'&J 'D.'5  ,2  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D%3CF/1J)  1980 . /. '-E/ %(1'GJE 9(/ 'D*H'(  'DF81J) 'D9'E) DD*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J  71  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  2005-2006 . ',J'/ +'E1 F'JA 'D/DJEJ  #-C'E 'D*F'2D H%(7'D 91J6) 'D/9HI 'DE/FJ) H#+'1G 'DB'FHFJ)  /1'3) EB'1F)  EC*() 'D,JD 'D91(J  'DEH5D  2005 . ',J'/ +'E1 F'JA 'D/DJEJ  #-C'E HBA 'D3J1 AJ 'D/9HI H#+'1G 'DB'FHFJ)  /1'3) EB'1F)  EC*() 'D,JD 'D91(J  'DEH5D  2005 . ',J'/ +'E1 F'JA  'D'9*1'6 9DI 'D-CE 'D:J'(J  /1'3) *-DJDJ) E922) ('D*7(JB'* 'DB6'&J)  EC*() 'D,JD 'D91(J  'DEH5D  2007 . /. '-E/ #(H 'DHA'  'D%+('* AJ 'DEH'/ 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J)  (D' /'1 F41  (J1H*  1987 . /. '-E/ #(H 'DHA'  F81J) 'D#-C'E AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  75  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D%3CF/1J)  1985. /. '-E/ #(H 'DHA'  F81J) 'D/AH9  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D%3CF/1J)  1989 . /. '-E/ 'D3J/ 5'HJ  'DH,J2 AJ 'D*FAJ0 'D,(1J  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  2003 . /. '-E/ 'D3J/ 5'HJ  'DH3J7 AJ 41- B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J)  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  2004 . /. '-E/ 3D'E)  E@5'/1 'D'D*2'E  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  (D' 3F) F41 . /. '-E/ 5/BJ E-EH/  'DB6'! ('DJEJF 'D-'3E)  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  1997 . /. '-E/ B7@( 9('3  %3'!) '3*9E'D 'D-B AJ 'D*B'6J (JF 'DF8'E 'D%3D'EJ H'D#F8E) 'DB'FHFJ)  /'1 'D,'E9) 'D,/J/) DDF41  'D%3CF/1J)  2006 . /. '/E HGJ( 'DF/'HJ  41- B'FHF 'D%+('* 'D91'BJ  71  E7(9) 'DE9'1A  (:/'/  1984 . /. #3'E) '-E/ 4HBJ 'DEDJ,J  '3*BD'D .5HE) 'D916 'D-BJBJ H'D%J/'9  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  (D' 3F) F41 . /. #3'E) '-E/ 4HBJ 'DEDJ,J  'D%,1'!'* 'DE/FJ) DD*FAJ0 'D,(1J  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G@1)  2002. %3E'9JD 'D9E1J  'D-B HF81J) 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'DG  71  E7(9) 'D2G1'! 'D-/J+)  'DEH5D  1984 . #EJF /H'3 1,' 14J/  E9'JJ1 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B AJ 'DB'FHF 'D#1/FJ  /1'3) EB'1F) AJ 'DABG 'D%3D'EJ H'DB'FHF 'DH69J  'D,'E9) 'D#1/FJ)  9E'F  1991 . /. #FH1 3D7'F  BH'9/ 'D%+('* AJ 'DEH'/ 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J) AJ 'DB'FHFJF 'DE51J H'DD(F'FJ  (@D' /'1 F41  (J1H*  1986 . /. #JEF 39/ 3DJE   F81J) 'D-B  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  2000 . /. ,D'D 9DJ 'D9/HJ H/. 1E6'F #(H 39H/ HE-E/ -3F B'3E  'D-BHB H:J1G' EF 'DE1'C2 'DB'FHFJ)  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D%3CF/1J)  1996 . /. ,D'D 9DJ 'D9/HJ  /. 95'E #FH1 3DJE  AJ 'DE1'C2 'DB'FHFJ)  F81J) 'D-B  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1994 . /. -3F CJ1G  #5HD 'DB'FHF  72  /'1 'DE9'1A  E51  1959-1960 . /. -3JF H9(/ 'D1-JE 9'E1  'DE3$HDJ) 'DE/FJ)  72  E7(9) E51  'DB'G1)  1979 . /. 1E2J 3JA  'DH3J7 AJ 41- B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J)  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1961 . /. 'D3J/ 9(/ 'D9'D *E'E  CA'D) -B 'D*B'6J  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  2000 . /. 3J/ '-E/ E-EH/  #5HD 'D*FAJ0 'D,(1J AJ 'DB'FHF 'DCHJ*J  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  2001 . /. 3J/ '-@E/ E-EH/  'D:4 'D%,1'&J AJ 'D*B'6J H'D*FAJ0  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1995 . /. 9'4H1 E(1HC  'D,/J/ AJ 'D%9D'F 'DB6'&J  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  2003 . /. 9('3 2(HF 9(J/ 'D9(H/J  41- #-C'E B'FHF 'D%+('* 'D91'BJ  72  /'1 'DC*( DD7('9) H'DF41  ,'E9) 'DEH5D  1997 . /. 9('3 2(HF 9(J/ 'D9(H/J  41- #-C'E B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ)  /'1 'DC*( DD7('9) H'DF41  'DEH5D  2000 . /. 9(/ 'D-CE AH/G  'D.7# AJ F7'B 'DE3$HDJ) 'D*B5J1J)  /'1 'D#DAJ D*H2J9 'DC*( 'DB'FHFJ)  'DEJF'  1995 . /. 9(/ 'D-CJE 9C'4)  'D5A) AJ 'D9ED 'D%,1'&J AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  ,'E9) 'DB'G1)  1995 . /. 9(/ 'D-EJ/ #(H GJA  'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J) H'DF8'E 'DB6'&J AJ E51  ,1  E7(9) 'D'9*E'/  E51  1921 . /. 9(/ 'D12'B 'D3FGH1J  'DH3J7 AJ 41- 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ  ,2  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1963. /. 9(/ 'DEF9E 'D41B'HJ  F81J) 'DE5D-) AJ 'D/9HI  EC*() 9(/ 'DDG HG()  'DB'G1)  1949 . /. 9(/ 'DH/H/ J-JI  'DF81J) 'D9'E) DD'D*2'E'*  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1994 /. 9/DJ #EJ1 .'D/  *EDC 'D9B'1'* (H69 'DJ/ AJ 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'DE51J  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D%3CF/1J)  1992 . 'DE3*4'1 : 92 'D/JF 'D/F'5H1J H'DE3*4'1 -'E/ 9C'2  'D*9DJB 9DI B'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  ,1  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1994 /. 92EJ 9(/ 'DA*'- 97J)  F-H F81J) 9'E) DAC1) 'D/9HI  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1990 . /. 9J/ 'DB5'5  'DE3$HDJ) 9F 'D*FAJ0 'D,(1J  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  2001 . /. A*-J 'D/1JFJ  'D-B HE/I 3D7'F 'D/HD) AJ *BJJ/G HF81J) 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B (JF 'D41J9) H'DB'FHF  E7(9) ,'E9) /E4B  71  1967 . /. A*-J %3E'9JD H'DJ  'DH3J7 AJ B'FHF 'DB6'! 'DE/FJ  72  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J) 1975 . /. E-E/ -3JF 9DJ 'D4'EJ  1CF 'D.7# AJ 'DE3$HDJ) 'DE/FJ)  /1'3) EB'1F) (JF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'DE51J H'DJEFJ H'DABG 'D%3D'EJ  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1990 . /. E-E/ 39J/ 9(/ 'D1-EF  'D-CE 'DB6'&J  71  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  2001 . /. E-E/ 9(/ 'D8'G1 -3JF  'DE3$HDJ) 'DE/FJ) DDE-'EJ '*,'G 'D9EJD  'DB'G1)  1990 . E-E/ 'D94E'HJ  H/. 9(/ 'DHG'( 'D94E'HJ  BH'9/ 'DE1'A9'* AJ 'D*41J9 'DE51J H'DEB'1F  'DE7(9) 'DFEH0,J)  'DB'G1)  ,2  1958 . 'DE1-HE E-E/ B/1J ('4'  E14/ 'D-J1'F %DI E91A) #-H'D 'D%F3'F  'DE7(9) 'D#EJ1J) 'DC(1I  1308 G@ . /. E57AI 'D21B'  'DE/.D 'DABGJ 'D9'E  /'1 'DBDE  /E4B  ,2  (D' 3F) F41 . 'DE3*4'1 E57AI E,/J G1,G  #-C'E 'D*B'6J 'DCJ/J  %3'!) '3*9E'D -B 'D*B'6J  /'1 E-EH/ DD7('9) H'DF41  'DB'G1)  2006 . /. F(JD %3E'9JD 9E1  'D/A9 (9/E 'DB(HD  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D%3CF/1J)  1980 . /. F(JD %3E'9JD 9E1  3D7) 'DB'6J 'D*B/J1J) AJ 'DEH'/ 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J)  71  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D%3CF/1J)  1984 . /. F(JD %3E'9JD 9E1  'D79F ('D'3*&F'A H%,1'!'*G  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D%3CF/1J)  1980 . /. F(JD %3E'9JD 9E1  'DH3J7 AJ 'D79F ('DFB6 AJ 'DEH'/ 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J)  /'1 'D,'E9) 'D,/J/) DDF41  'D%3CF/1J)  2001 . /. F,J( '-E/ 9(/ 'DDG +'(* 'D,(DJ  'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J  'DEC*@( 'D,'E9J 'D-/J+  'D%3CF/1J)  2006 . /. H,/J 1':( AGEJ  E('/& 'D.5HE) 'DE/FJ)  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1978 . /. H,/J 1':(  E('/& 'DB6'! 'DE/FJ  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  2001 . /. H,/J 1':( AGEJ H/. 92EJ 9(/ 'DA*'-  E('/& 'DB6'! 'DE/FJ 'DCHJ*J  71  E$33) /'1 'DC*'(  'DCHJ*  1984 . +'FJ' : 'D13'&D 'D9DEJ) 9DJ 9(J/ 9HJ/ 'D-/J/J  'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D',1'&J AJ 'D/9HI 'DE/FJ)  /1'3) EB'1F)  13'D) E',3*J1  CDJ) 'DB'FHF  ,'E9) 'DEH5D  2007. H'&D E$J/ ,D'D 'D/JF 'D,DJDJ  %,1'!'* 'D%+('* 'DE/FJ  /1'3) EB'1F)  13'D) E',3*J1  CDJ) 'DB'FHF  ,'E9) 'DEH5D  2006 . +'D+' : 'D(-H+ 'DB'FHFJ) 'DB'6J 14J/ 92H 14J/  'D,H'2 'D419J JF'AJ 'D6E'F  (-+ EB/E %DI E,D3 'DB6'! 'D#9DI  2007  (:J1 EF4H1) . /. 9(/ 'D('37 ,EJ9J  'D%3'!) AJ 'DE,'D 'D%,1'&J  %3'!) '3*9E'D 'D-B AJ 'D*B'6J H'D*FAJ0  E,D) 'DB'FHF H'D'B*5'/  9// .'5  1983 . /. H,/J 1':(  /1'3'* AJ 'DE1C2 'DB'FHFJ DD.5E #E'E 'DB6'! 'DE/FJ  (-+ EF4H1 AJ E,D) 'DB'FHF H'D'B*5'/  'D9//'F JF'J1 HA(1'J1  1976 . 1'(9' : EH'B9 'D'F*1FJ* 5D'- 'D/JF 9(/ 'DHG'(  'D/9'HI 'DCJ/J)  E,D) 'DE-'E')  'D3F)34  'D9//6  A(1'J1  1954  EF4H1 9DI 4(C) 'D'F*1FJ* 9DI 'DEHB9 'D'DC*1HFJ :  HYPERLINK "http://www.smsma4law.com" www.smsma4law.com EHB9 B'9/) *41J9'* H',*G'/'* 'DE-'CE 'DE51J) : www.arablegalportal.org .'E3' : 'DE,D'* E,D) 'D9/'D)  *5/1G' H2'1) 'D9/D  'D9// 'D'HD  'D3F) 'D+'FJ)  (:/'/  2000 . E,D) 'D9/'D)  *5/1G' H2'1) 'D9/D  'D9// 'D1'(9  (:/'/  2001 . 3'/3' : 'DBH'FJF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'D91'BJ 'DE1BE 40 D3F) 1951 'DE9/D . B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) 'D91'BJ 1BE (83) D3F) 1969 'DE9/D . B'FHF 'D*FAJ0 'D91'BJ 'DE1BE (45) D3F) 1980 . B'FHF 'D%+('* 'D91'BJ 'DE1BE (107) D3F) 1979 'DE9/D . B'FHF %J,'1 'D9B'1 'D91'BJ 'DE1BE (56) D3F) 2000 . 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'DE51J 1BE (131) D3F) 1948 . B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J) 'DE51J 1BE (13) D3F) 1968 'DE9/D . B'FHF 'D%+('* 'DE51J 'DE1BE (25) D3F) 1968 'DE9/D . 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'DA1F3J D9'E 1804  7 2005 . B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) 'DA1F3J 'D5'/1 9'E 1975 . B'FHF #5HD 'DE-'CE'* 'DE/FJ) 'D#1/FJ 1BE (24) D3F) 1988 'DE9/D . B'FHF #5HD 'DE-'CE'* 'DE/FJ) 'DD(F'FJ 1BE (90) D3F) 1983 'DE9/D . B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J) 'DCHJ*J 'DE1BE (38) D3F) 1980 . B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* H'D*FAJ0 'DJEFJ 1BE (28) D3F) 1992 . 3'(9' : 'DE5'/1 'D',F(J) Jaques Mesnard , L,abus du dorit en matiere de dorit judiciaire prive ,These Paris , 1952 . Jean Vincent et gunchard , procedure civile , 25 edition, Dalloz, Paris, 1999. Jean Viatte , L,amende Civile pour abus du droit de plaider , gaz.1978. Monique bandrac , les veirfications a operer , dalloz action .1998. Pierre Julien et Natalie Fricero , droit judiciaire prive , L.g.d.j.1999. Yvon Desdevises , L abus du dorit d,agit en justice avce success, Dalloz Sirey, 1979. (*) #3*DE 'D(-+ AJ 18/10/2009 *** B(D DDF41 AJ 19/10/2009 . () JF81 : /. 92EJ 9(/ 'DA*'- 97J)  F-H F81J) 9'E) DAC1) 'D/9HI  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1990  5244-245  /. F(JD %3E'9JD 9E1  'D79F ('D'3*&F'A H%,1'!'*G  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D%3CF/1J)  1980  5222-223  /. %(1'GJE F,J( 39/  'DB'FHF 'DB6'&J 'D.'5  'D,2! 'D'HD  EF4') 'DE9'1A  'D%3CF/1J)  1974  5138-139 . () JF81 : /. 92EJ 9(/ 'DA*'-  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5256 () JF81 : /. 1E2J 3JA  'DH3J7 AJ 41- B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J)  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1961  5124-125 . () JF81 : B1'1 E-CE) 'D*EJJ2 'D91'BJ) 'DE1BE 3564 / 'DGJ&) 'D*EJJ2J) 'D'3*&F'AJ) / 1998 AJ 26/11/1998  EF4H1 AJ E,D) 'D9/'D)  'D9// 'D'HD  'D3F) 'D+'FJ)  (:/'/  2000  5143 HE' (9/G' . () JF81 : /. '-E/ 'D3J/ 5'HJ  'DH3J7 AJ 41- B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J)  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  2004  5190-191  'DE3*4'1 . E57AI E,/J G1,G  #-C'E 'D*B'6J 'DCJ/J  %3'!) '3*9E'D -B 'D*B'6J  /'1 E-EH/ DD7('9) H'DF41  'DB'G1)  2006  529 HE' (9/G' . Yvon Desdevises , L abus du dorit d,agit en justice avce success, Dalloz Sirey, 1979, p.21. () JF81 : B1'1 E-CE) 'D*EJJ2 'D91'BJ) 'DE1BE 263 / E/FJ) #HDI / 2005 AJ 14/3/2005  FBD' 9F : 'DB'6J 14J/ 92H 14J/  'D,H'2 'D419J JF'AJ 'D6E'F  (-+ EB/E %DI E,D3 'DB6'! 'D#9DI  2007  (:J1 EF4H1)  519-21 . () JF81 : B1'1 E-CE) 'D*EJ2 'D91'BJ) 'DE1BE 116 / E/FJ) +'D+) / 2001 AJ 20/1/2001  EF4H1 AJ E,D) 'D9/'D)  'D9// 'D1'(9  (:/'/  2001  555 HE' (9/G' . () JF81 : /. '-E/ 'D3J/ 5'HJ  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5179  /. %(1'GJE F,J( 39/  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5138H143  /. 'D3J/ 9(/ 'D9'D *E'E  CA'D) -B 'D*B'6J  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  2000  529 . Yvon Desdevises , op,cit.p.21. HEF 'D,/J1 ('D0C1 #F 'DEB5H/ ('D%.A'B AJ '3*9E'D -B 'D'D*,'! DDB6'! GH 9/E B(HD 'D'/9'! #E'E 'DB6'!  HDJ3 1A6 'D-CE DE5D-) 4.5 E9JF CE' GH 'D-'D AJ -'D) 'D%.A'B 'H 'DA4D AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B AJ 'D/9HI  %0 D' J*1*( 9DI 'D-CE (9/E B(HD 'D'/9'! E3$HDJ) 5'-( 'D-B AJ 'D'D*,'! %DI 'DB6'!  %D' %0' *(JF DDE-CE) 'FG #3'! '3*9E'D -B 'D'D*,'! %DI 'DB6'! #H -B 'D*B'6J  H0DC (9C3 'D%.A'B 'H 'DA4D AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B AJ 'D/9HI 'D0J J*E+D (9/E -5HD 'D4.5 9DI -CE AJ EH6H9 'DF2'9 'DE71H- 9DI 'DB'6J  H'D*EJJ2 'D3'(B (JF FH9J 'D%.A'B AJ -B 'D'D*,'! %DI 'DB6'! H'D-B AJ 'D/9HI  J$C/ 'D*EJJ2 'DH'6- F81' H9ED' (JF -B 'D'D*,'! DDB6'! H'D-B AJ 'D/9HI  JF81 : /. '-E/ %(1'GJE 9(/ 'D*H'(  'DF81J) 'D9'E) DD*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J  71  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  2005-2006  5294. () JF81 : /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  E3$HDJ) 'D.5E 9F 'D%,1'!'*  /1'3) EB'1FG AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  'D7(9) 'D#HDI  E51  1991  5175-176 H 353  HC0DC *F81 : 'DE'/) (166) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'D91'BJ . () JF81 : /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5151 HE' (9/G' . () JF81 : /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5178 HE' (9/G' . () JF81 : /. '-E/ 'D3J/ 5'HJ  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5128 HE@' (9/G' . () JF81 : /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5161  H'D-BHB 'DE-//) *-/J/' 6JB' GJ 'D-BHB 'D*J J*9JF '3*9E'DG' HAB 'D#3('( 'D*J -//G' 'DE419 H(BJH/ 5'1E) HAJ '6JB 'D-/H/  H%D' *1*( 9DI 9/E E1'9') *DC 'D#3('( '3*-B'B 5'-(G' DD,2'! 'DEB11 AJ 'DB'9/) 'DB'FHFJ)  'DE5/1 FA3G . () JF81 : /. %(1'GJ@E #EJF 'DFAJ@'HJ  'D*93A A@J 'D*B'6@J  'D7(9) 'D'HD@I  /'1 'DFG6@) 'D9@1(J)  'DB'G@1)  2006  5 351-352 . () FB6 E/FJ 'D79F 1BE 11865 D3F) 65 B ,D3) 29 JHFJH 1997  FBD' 9F : /. '-E/ %(1'GJE 9(/ 'D*H'(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5800 . () 0G( ,'F( EF 'DABG  %DI 'F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B .7' JH,( 'DE3$HDJ) 7(B' DDBH'9/ 'D9'E) AJ 'DE3$HDJ) 'DE/FJ)  H9DI 'D.5E #F J*-ED F*J,) .7&G H19HF*G %0' '61 ('D.5E 'D#.1  H'J/* G0' 'D'*,'G (96 '-C'E E-CE) 'DFB6 'DE51J) H'DA1F3J)  'D' 'FG H9DI 'D1:E EF (3'7) E' J/9H %DJG G0' 'D'*,'G HE' JG/A %DJG EF *H-J/ DBH'9/ 'DE3$HDJ) 'DE/FJ) AJ E,'D '3*9E'D 'D-BHB #H %*J'F :J1G' EF 'D#A9'D  A%FG '*,'G EF*B/  %0 D' J3*F/ %DI #3'3 B'FHFJ 3DJE  H0DC D'F E-D CD EF 'D*93A H'D.7# E.*DA'F  AE-D 'D.7# GH 'D%.D'D ('D*2'E B'FHFJ  #E' E-D 'D*93A AGH 'D'F-1'A 9F 'D:'J) 'D*J JB11 9DI #3'3G' 'DB'FHF 'D-B #H 'DE1C2 'DB'FHFJ /HF *,'H2 -/H/G  D0' A'D'*,'G 'D0J F$J/G GH 'F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 0' 7(J9) E3*BD) 9F AC1) 'D.7# 'D*B51J H'FG F81J) B'&E) (0'*G' '3'3G' F5 'DB'FHF H'FG' E1*(7) (0'* 'D-B H:'J*G  HD0DC A'F 'D*93A J*-BB %0' E' 'F-1A 5'-( 'D-B AJ '3*9E'DG 9F :'J*G  -*I DH DE JCF B/ '.D (H',( 'D-J7) H'DJB8) 'D9'/J)  0DC 'D%.D'D 'D0J JCHF AC1) 'D.7# (E9F'G 'D/BJB  HGH E' J69 A'5D' B'FHFJ' HEF7BJ'K (JF AC1) 'D*93A HAC1) 'D.7#  HE' J*1*( 9DJG EF %.1', F81J) 'D*93A EF /'&1) 'DE3$HDJ) 'D*B5J1J)  HJ,9D EFG' AC1) *E+D E@(/#K 9'E' AJ 9DE 'DB'FHF  HF81J) #3'3J) ED2E) H/'.D) AJ 'DF81J) 'D9'E) DD-B (5A) 9'E)  JF81 AJ *A5JD 0DC : 9DJ 9(J/ 9HJ/ 'D-/J/J  'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D',1'&J AJ 'D/9HI 'DE/FJ)  /1'3) EB'1F)  13'D) E',3*J1  CDJ) 'DB'FHF  ,'E9) 'DEH5D  2007  579 HE' (9/G' . () *F81 : 'DE'/) (5) EF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'DE51J 1BE 131 D3F) 1948. () JF81 : /. 9(/ 'D-CE AH/G  'D.7# AJ F7'B 'DE3$HDJ) 'D*B5J1J)  /'1 'D#DAJ D*H2J9 'DC*( 'DB'FHFJ)  'DEJF'  1995  5120-121 . () JF81 : /. 9(/ 'D-CE AH/G  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5124 . () JF81 : 'DE5/1 FA3G  5122-123 . () JF81 : /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  E3$HDJ) 'D.5E 9F 'D%,1'!'*  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  582 . () JF81 : /. 9(/ 'D('37 ,EJ9J  'D%3'!) AJ 'DE,'D 'D%,1'&J  %3'!) '3*9E'D 'D-B AJ 'D*B'6J H'D*FAJ0  E,D) 'DB'FHF H'D'B*5'/  9// .'5  1983  5 99. () FB6 E/FJ 'D79F 1BE 8569 D3F) 66 B ,D3) 8 JHDJG 1997  FBD' 9F : /. '-E/ %(1'GJE 9(/ 'D*H'(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5802 . () FB6 E/FJ 'D79F 1BE 2803 D3F) 71 B ,D3) 10/3/2003  EF4H1 9DI 4(C) 'D'F*1FJ* 9DI 'DEHB9 'D'DC*1HFJ :  HYPERLINK "http://www.arablegalportal.org" www.arablegalportal.org () JF81 : /. 9(/ 'D12'B 'D3FGH1J  'DH3J7 AJ 41- 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ  ,2  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1963  51195  /. -3JF H9(/ 'D1-JE 9'E1  'DE3$HDJ) 'DE/FJ)  72  E7(9) E51  'DB'G1)  1979  5332  /. '-E/ 3D'E)  E@5'/1 'D'D*2'E  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  (D' 3F) F41  5278 . () *F81 : 'DE'/) (5/() EF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'DE51J . () FB6 E/FJ 'D79F 1BE 2845 D3F) 59 ,D3) 23 FHAE(1 1995  EF4H1 9DI 4(C) 'D'F*1FJ* 9DI 'DEHB9 'D'DC*1HFJ :  HYPERLINK "http://www.arablegalportal.org" www.arablegalportal.org () JF81 : /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  'D*93A AJ 'D*B'6J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5371-372 . () JF81 : /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  'D*93A AJ 'D*B'6J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5372-373 . () JF81 : /. E-E/ 9(/ 'D8'G1 -3JF  'DE3$HDJ) 'DE/FJ) DDE-'EJ '*,'G 'D9EJD  'DB'G1)  1990  5 412 HE' (9/G' . () *F81 : 'DE'/) (163) EF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'DE51J . () FB6 E/FJ 'D79F 1BE 392 D3F) 35 B ,D3) 27 FHAE(1 1969  FBD' 9F : /. '-E/ %(1'GJE 9(/ 'D*H'(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5805 . () JF81 : 'DE3*4'1 . E57AI E,/J G1,G  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  529 . () *F81 : 'DE'/) (1) EF B'FHF 'D%+('* 'DE51J . () JF81 : /. ,D'D 9DJ 'D9/HJ  /. 95'E #FH1 3DJE  AJ 'DE1'C2 'DB'FHFJ)  F81J) 'D-B  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1994  5309 . () JF81 : /. 9/DJ #EJ1 .'D/  *EDC 'D9B'1'* (H69 'DJ/ AJ 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'DE51J  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D%3CF/1J)  1992  5336 . () JF81 : /. E-E/ -3JF 9DJ 'D4'EJ  1CF 'D.7# AJ 'DE3$HDJ) 'DE/FJ)  /1'3) EB'1F) (JF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'DE51J H'DJEFJ H'DABG 'D%3D'EJ  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1990  5268 . () JF81 : /. F(JD %3E'9JD 9E1  3D7) 'DB'6J 'D*B/J1J) AJ 'DEH'/ 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J)  71  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D%3CF/1J)  1984  5199 . () JF81 : #EJF /H'3 1,' 14J/  E9'JJ1 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B AJ 'DB'FHF 'D#1/FJ  /1'3) EB'1F) AJ 'DABG 'D%3D'EJ H'DB'FHF 'DH69J  'D,'E9) 'D#1/FJ)  9E'F  1991  5119-120 . () B1'1 E-CE) 'DFB6 'DE51J) AJ 'D79F 'DE1BE 1331 D3F) 48 B ,D3) 6/6/1983  FBD' 9F : 'DE3*4'1  E57AI E,/J G1,G  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  537-38 . () JF81 : #EJF /H'3 1,' 14J/  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5119-120 . () JF81 : /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  'D*93A AJ 'D*B'6J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5268 . () JF81 : /. 9(/ 'DH/H/ J-JI  'DF81J) 'D9'E) DD'D*2'E'*  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1994  5246 . () JF81 : /. A*-J 'D/1JFJ  'D-B HE/I 3D7'F 'D/HD) AJ *BJJ/G HF81J) 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B (JF 'D41J9) H'DB'FHF  E7(9) ,'E9) /E4B  71  1967  5448 . () JF81 : /. 9(/ 'D12'B 'D3FGH1J  'DH3J7 AJ 41- 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'D,/J/  ,1  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5844  %3E'9JD 'D9E1J  'D-B HF81J) 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'DG  71  E7(9) 'D2G1'! 'D-/J+)  'DEH5D  1984  5207 . () JF81 : /. -3F CJ1G  #5HD 'DB'FHF  72  /'1 'DE9'1A  E51  1959-1960  51102-1104 H 51161  /. A*-J 'D/1JFJ  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  531 HE' (9/G'  /. 9(/ 'D('37 ,EJ9J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5243  /. ,D'D 9DJ 'D9/HJ H/. 1E6'F #(H 39H/ HE-E/ -3F B'3E  'D-BHB H:J1G' EF 'DE1'C2 'DB'FHFJ)  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D%3CF/1J)  1996  5478  /. #JEF 39/ 3DJE   F81J) 'D-B  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  2000  5238 . () JF81 : /. '-E/ 'D3J/ 5'HJ  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5190 . () JF81 : /. 9(/ 'D('37 ,EJ9J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 212 HE' (9/G' . () -CE E-CE) '3*&F'A E51  ,D3) 17/1/1921  FBD'K 9F : /. '-E/ B7@( 9('3  %3'!) '3*9E'D 'D-B AJ 'D*B'6J (JF 'DF8'E 'D%3D'EJ H'D#F8E) 'DB'FHFJ)  /'1 'D,'E9) 'D,/J/) DDF41  'D%3CF/1J)  2006  5341 . () JF81: /. H,/J 1':(  /1'3'* AJ 'DE1C2 'DB'FHFJ DD.5E #E'E 'DB6'! 'DE/FJ  (-+ EF4H1 AJ E,D) 'DB'FHF H'D'B*5'/  'D9//'F JF'J1 HA(1'J1  1976  5 169 H 171 . () JF81 : /. -3F CJ1G  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  51104 . () JF81 : /. %(1'GJE 'DFAJ'HJ  'F9C'3'* 'DBH'9/ 'D%,1'&J) 9DI #/D) 'D9/'D)  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  2000  G'E4 5 6 HE' (9/G' . () JF81 : /. '-E/ 'D3J/ 5'HJ  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5210 HE' (9/G'  /. H,/J 1':(  E('/& 'DB6'! 'DE/FJ  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  2001  5 105 . () Monique bandrac , les veirfications a operer , dalloz action .1998, p.11-14. () JF81 : /. '-E/ %(1'GJE 9(/ 'D*H'(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5818 . () *F81 : 'DE'/) (3) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE51J  H'DEH'/ (125-2  32-1  559  581  628) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DA1F3J  () *F81 : 'DE'/) (3) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE51J  H'DEH'/ (123  125-2) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DA1F3J . ()Yvon Desdevises , op, cit .p. 21. () *F81 : 'DE'/*'F ( 105  106) EF B'FHF 'D%+('* 'D91'BJ  H'DE'/) (101) EF B'FHF 'D%+('* 'DE51J  H'DE'/) (555) EF B'FHF #5HD 'DE-'CE'* 'DE/FJ) 'DD(F'FJ  H'DE'/) (41) EF B'FHF #5HD 'DE-'CE'* 'DE/FJ) 'D#1/FJ 1BE (24) D3F) 1988 'DE9/D . () JF81 : /. 9('3 2(HF 9(J/ 'D9(H/J  41- #-C'E B'FHF 'D%+('* 'D91'BJ  72  /'1 'DC*( DD7('9) H'DF41  ,'E9) 'DEH5D  1997  5247 . () JF81 : /. '-E/ #(H 'DHA'  'D%+('* AJ 'DEH'/ 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J)  (D' /'1 F41  (J1H*  1987  276  /. #FH1 3D7'F  BH'9/ 'D%+('* AJ 'DEH'/ 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J) AJ 'DB'FHFJF 'DE51J H'DD(F'FJ  (@D' /'1 F41  (J1H*  1986  5156 . () JF81 : /. 3J/ '-E/ E-EH/  'D:4 'D%,1'&J AJ 'D*B'6J H'D*FAJ0  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1995  5257 . () JF81 : /. 9(/ 'DEF9E 'D41B'HJ  F81J) 'DE5D-) AJ 'D/9HI  EC*() 9(/ 'DDG HG()  'DB'G1)  1949  551 . () JF81 : /. F(JD %3E'9JD 9E1  'D/A9 (9/E 'DB(HD  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D%3CF/1J)  1980  5149  /. '-E/ #(H 'DHA'  F81J) 'D/AH9  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D%3CF/1J)  1989  5852  /. F,J( '-E/ 9(/ 'DDG +'(* 'D,(DJ  'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J  'DEC*@( 'D,'E9J 'D-/J+  'D%3CF/1J)  2006  581 . () JF81 : /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  'D*93A AJ 'D*B'6J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5356 . () DDE2J/ -HD 41- G0G 'DE'/)  JF81 : /. 9('3 2(HF 9(J/ 'D9(H/J  41- #-C'E B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ)  /'1 'DC*( DD7('9) H'DF41  'DEH5D  2000  5308 . ()Yvon Desdevises , op, cit .p. 21 ets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ean Viatte , op, cit , p.305. () *F81 : 'DE'/) (96/4  5) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'D.'5) (1/ 7D( 1/ 'DB'6J  H'DE'/) (291) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* H'D.'5) (9/E B(HD 'D4CHI EF 'DB'6J #H 9,2 'DE4*CJ 9F %+('* E' F3(G %DI 'DE4CH EFG  H'DE'/) (288) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* H'DE*9DB) (A16 'D:1'E) 9F/ *6EF 91J6) 'DE4*CJ 9('1'* :J1 D'&B) AJ -B 'DE4CH EFG AJ /9HI 'D4CHI EF 'DB6')  H'DE'/) (37) EF B'FHF 'D%+('* H'D.'5) (A16 'D:1'E) 9F/ +(H* 5-) 'D3F/ 'D0J 79F AJG ('D*2HJ1  H'DE'/) (51) EF B'FHF 'D%+('* H'D.'5) (A16 'D:1'E) 9F/ +(H* 5-) 'D3F/ 'D0J 79F (G ('D%FC'1  H'DE'/) (93/1) EF B'FHF 'D%+('* H'DE*9DB) ('D-CE ('D:1'E) 9DI 'D4'G/ %0' *.DA 9F 'D-6H1 ('D1:E EF *(DJ:G /HF 901 E41H9 . () *F81 : 'DE'/) (246) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 9F/ 'D-CE (1A6 'D*E'3 %9'/) 'DF81  H'DE'/) (449) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 9F/ 'D-CE (9/E ,H'2 'DE.'5E) #H (1A6G'  H'DE'/) (270) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 9F/ 'D-CE (9/E B(HD 'D79F #H (1A6G #H (9/E ,H'2 F81G  H'DE'/) (43) EF B'FHF 'D%+('* 9F/E' *-CE 'DE-CE) (5-) E-11 AJ EH',G) EF #FC1G  H'DE'/) (56) EF B'FHF 'D%+('* 9F/ 'D-CE (3BH7 -B E/9J 'D*2HJ1 AJ '/9'&G #H (1A6G  HJ/H1 'D-CE ('D:1'E) AJ G0G 'D-'D'* -HD 'D-CE (1A6 'D/9HI #H 'D79F #H 'D-CE (9/E 'DB(HD #H 9/E ,H'2 F81G  H'F C'F* 'DE'/*'F (270  246) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE51J B@/ 1*(* 'D-CE (E5'/1) 'DCA'D) CDG' #H (96G'  HJ#.0 G@0' 'D,2'! -CE 'D:1'E)  JF81 : /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  'D*93A AJ 'D*B'6J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5453-454 . () *F81 : 'DE'/) (305) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'D.'5) (/9HI 'D*2HJ1  H'DE'/) (295) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'D.'5) ('D%FC'1 AJ 'DE-11'*  H'D-CE ('D:1'E) AJ G0G 'D-'D'* JC@HF H,H(J' D' J.69 D3D7) 'DE-CE) 'D*B/J1J)  9/' *-/J/ BJE) 'D:1'E) (JF 'D-/ 'D#/FI H'D-/ 'D#9DI  HGH E' '.0 (G 'DE419 'DD(F'FJ AJ 'DE'/) (11) EF B'FHF '5HD 'DE-'CE'* 'DE/FJ) . () JF81 : /. '-E/ #(H 'DHA'  F81J) 'D#-C'E AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  75  EF4#) 'DE9'1A  'D%3CF/1J)  1985  5151  /. '-E/ 'D3J/ 5'HJ  'DH3J7 AJ 41- B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J)  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  527 HE' (9/G' . () %0 F5* 'DAB1) 'D+'FJ) EF 'DE'/) (188) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE51J (9/ *B1J1 'DE419 DD-B AJ 'D*9HJ6 9F #J) /9HI #H /A'9 B5/ (G 'DCJ/  9DI 'FG : (( ... HE9 9/E 'D%.D'D (-CE 'DAB1) 'D3'(B) J,H2 DDE-CE) 9F/ %5/'1 'D-CE 'DA'5D AJ 'DEH6H9 #F *-CE (:1'E) D' *BD 9F #1(9JF ,FJG'K HD' *,'H2 #1(9E'&) ,FJG 9DI 'D.5E 'D0J J*.0 %,1'! #H J(/J 7D('K #H /A9'K #H /A'9'K (3@H! FJ) ))  H'DEB5H/ (3H! FJ) AJ G0G 'D-'D) #F JCHF 'D.5E HGH J*.0 'D%,1'! #H 'D7D( #H 'D/A9 #H 'D/A'9 9'DE'K ('D' -B DG AJG H%FE' B5/ EF %(/'&G E,1/ *97JD 'DA5D AJ 'D/9HI #H 'D#61'1 ('D.5E 'D#.1  JF81 : /. '-E/ #(H 'DHA'  F81J) 'D#-C'E AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5151  'DE3*4'1 : 92 'D/JF 'D/F'5H1J H'DE3*4'1 -'E/ 9C'2  'D*9DJB 9DI B'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  ,1  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1994  5963 . () JF81 : /. '-E/ 'D3J/ 5'HJ  'DH3J7 AJ 41- B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J)  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5190 HE@' (9/G'. () *F81 : 'DE'/) (315) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 9F/ .3'1) 'DE3*4CD D/9H'G  H'DE'/) (324) EF 'DB'FHF FA3G  9F/ 'D-CE ((7D'F 'D-,2 'D*-A8J #H %D:'&G D'F9/'E #3'3G  H'DE'/) (397) EF 'DB'FHF FA3G  9F/ .3'1) 'DE3*1/ D/9H'G AJ /9HI '3*1/'/ 'DEFBHD'* 'DE-,H2) . () JF81 : /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  'D*93A AJ 'D*B'6J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5453 . () Jean Viatte , L,amende Civile pour abus du droit de plaider , gaz.1978 .p.305. () Jean Vincent et Serge Guinchard , op. cit , p.995. () JF81 : /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  'D*93A AJ 'D*B'6J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5454 . () JF81 : /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  'D*93A AJ 'D*B'6J  'DE5/1 FA3G  5455 . () *F81 : 'DE'/) (200) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'D91'BJ  H'DE'/) (246) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE51J . () *F81 : 'DE'/) (51) EF B'FHF 'D%+('* 'D91'BJ  H'DE'/) (43) EF B'FHF 'D%+('* 'DE51J . () *F81 : 'DE'/) (37) EF B'FHF 'D%+('* 'D91'BJ  H'DE'/) (56) EF B'FHF 'D%+('* 'DE51J . () *F81 : 'DE'/) (38) EF B'FHF 'D%+('* 'D91'BJ . () *F81 : 'DE'/) (52) EF B'FHF 'D%+('* 'D91'BJ . () JF81: /. E57AI 'D21B'  'DE/.D 'DABGJ 'D9'E  /'1 'DBDE  /E4B  ,2  (D' 3F) F41  5690 . () FBD' 9F : /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  'D*93A AJ 'D*B'6J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5374 . () JF81: /. '-E/ #(H 'DHA'  F81J) 'D#-C'E AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5150  /. 9(/ 'DEF9E 'D41B'HJ  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5200 . () *F81 : 'DE'/) (246) 'D*J *,J2 'D-CE ('D*9HJ6'* 9F/ 1A6 'D*E'3 %9'/) 'DF81  H'DE'/) (122) 9F/ 1A6 7D( 'D6E'F  H'DE'/) (324) 9F/ %D:'! 'D-,2 'D*-A8J D'F9/'E #3'3G  H'DE'/) (397) AJ -'D) .3'1) /9HI 'D'3*1/'/  H'DE'/) (499) AJ -'D) 'D-CE (9/E ,H'2 /9HI 'DE.'5E) . () *F81 : 'DE'/) (353) AJ -'D) 1A6 7D( 'D1/  H'DE'/) (608/2) AJ -'D) .3'1) /9HI 'D'3*1/'/  H'DE'/) (295) AJ -'D) 'D%FC'1 AJ 'DE-11'*  H'DE'/) (305) AJ -'D) 'D79F ('D*2HJ1 . Jean Vincent et Serge Guinchard , op. cit, p.1046,1047 , Pierre Julien et Natalie Fricero , droit judiciaire prive , L.g.d.j.1999.p.21. () *F81 C0DC : 'DEH'/ ( 37  51 ) EF B'FHF 'D%+('* 'D91'BJ . () JF81 : /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  'D*93A AJ 'D*B'6J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5377 . () JF81 : /. 9(/ 'D-EJ/ #(H GJA  'DE1'A9'* 'DE/FJ) H'D*,'1J) H'DF8'E 'DB6'&J AJ E51  ,1  E7(9) 'D'9*E'/  E51  1921  5321  /. '-E/ #(H 'DHA'  F81J) 'D#-C'E AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5165  5D'- 'D/JF 9(/ 'DHG'(  'D/9'HI 'DCJ/J)  E,D) 'DE-'E')  'D3F)34  'D9//6  A(1'J1  1954  5918  EF4H1 9DI 4(C) 'D'F*1FJ* 9DI 'DEHB9 'D'DC*1HFJ :  HYPERLINK "http://www.smsma4law.com" www.smsma4law.com () *F81 : 'DE'/) (184) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE51J . () *F81 : 'DE'/) (185) EF B'FHF 'DE1'A9'* 'DE51J . () JF81 : /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  'D*93A AJ 'D*B'6J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5 381 . () *F81 : 'DE'/) (208) EF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'D91'BJ  H'DE'/) (170) EF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'DE51J . () JF81 : 'DE'/) (222) EF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'DE51J . () JF81 : /. 9(/ 'D12'B 'D3FGH1J  'DH3J7 AJ 41- 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ  ,2  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  51270 . () JF81 : -3JF H9(/ 'D1-JE 9'E1  'DE3$HDJ) 'DE/FJ)  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5420 . () JF81 : 'DE'/) (171) EF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'DE51J . () JF81 : /. 9(/ 'D12'B 'D3FGH1J  'DH3J7 AJ 41- 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ  ,2  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  51352  -3JF H9(/ 'D1-JE 9'E1  'DE3$HDJ) 'DE/FJ)  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5527  /. '-E/ 3D'E)  E5'/1 'D'D*2'E  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  (D' 3F) F41  5306 . () JF81 /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  'D*93A AJ 'D*B'6J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5383 . () JF81 : /. %(1'GJE #EJF 'DFAJ'HJ  'D*93A AJ 'D*B'6J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5384 . () JF81 : /. 9(/ 'D12'B 'D3FGH1J  'DH3J7 AJ 41- 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ  ,2  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  51355  -3JF H9(/ 'D1-JE 9'E1  'DE3$HDJ) 'DE/FJ)  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5530 . () *F81 : 'DE'/) (171/2) EF 'DB'FHF 'DE/FJ 'DE51J . () JF81 : /. '-E/ 3D'E)  E5'/1 'D'D*2'E  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5306 . () JF81 : /. H,/J 1':( AGEJ H/. 92EJ 9(/ 'DA*'-  E('/& 'DB6'! 'DE/FJ 'DCHJ*J  71  E$33) /'1 'DC*'(  'DCHJ*  1984  5138 . () JF81 : /. H,/J 1':( AGEJ  H/. 92EJ 9(/ 'DA*'-  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5138 . () JF81 : E-E/ 'D94E'HJ  H/. 9(/ 'DHG'( 'D94E'HJ  BH'9/ 'DE1'A9'* AJ 'D*41J9 'DE51J H'DEB'1F  'DE7(9) 'DFEH0,J)  'DB'G1)  ,2  1958  5709  5D'- 'D/JF 9(/ 'DHG'(  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5918 . () JF81 : /. '-E/ #(H 'DHA'  F81J) 'D#-C'E AJ B'FHF 'DE1'A9'*  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5166 . () JF81 : /. 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PAGE 98 E,D) 'D1'A/JF DD-BHB  'DE,D/ (12)  'D9// (44)  'D3F) (2010) PAGE 99 'DE3$HDJ) 'DE/FJ) 'DF',E) 9F 'D*93A AJ '3*9E'D 'D-B 'D%,1'&J AJ 'D/9HI 'DE/FJ) Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (12), No. (44), Year (2010) Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (12), No. (44), Year (2010) TܪR4prtvxz| $a$gd$+ $a$gdQev $a$gd$">D @F~JP̴δдҴԴִ*02<nz8@4:зԷͽͽͬͽͽͽͽͽͬͽͽͽͽۛͽͽͽͽͽͽͽͽ!h$h$CJH*Z^JaJo(!h$h$5CJZ\^JaJh$h$CJZ^JaJo(h$h$CJZ^JaJ(jh$h$0JCJUZ^JaJh$h$CJH*Z^JaJ=ԷNTĹйҹBJVXBJ^p.<blz~:@2ѼѼ!h$h$5CJZ\^JaJh$h$CJ^JaJ(jh$h$0JCJUZ^JaJh$h$CJH*Z^JaJh$h$CJZ^JaJo(h$h$CJZ^JaJ>2<@BHJXb$&lnr>BDRlp >Jftҽ⬙ҽ$h$h$5CJZ\^JaJo(!h$h$5CJZ\^JaJ(jh$h$0JCJUZ^JaJh$h$CJH*Z^JaJh$h$CJZ^JaJh$h$CJZ^JaJo(8 nrNRtx48"&NZ\^`bJLR\*0ǹؙؙؙؙh$h$CJH*Z^JaJh$h$CJZ^JaJo(h$h$CJZ^JaJ!h$h$5CJZ\^JaJ(jh$h$0JCJUZ^JaJ$h$h$5CJH*Z\^JaJ<02:`j.>,.bh04bfhlnp|ថhQevh$CJZ^JaJo(hQevh$CJZ^JaJh$+CJZ^JaJo((jh$h$0JCJUZ^JaJh$h$CJH*Z^JaJ!h$h$5CJZ\^JaJh$h$CJZ^JaJo(h$h$CJZ^JaJ2 .8RZ:J 68DF&^`vz Ὺ(jh$h$0JCJUZ^JaJ!h$h$CJH*Z^JaJo(!h$h$5CJZ\^JaJh$h$CJZ^JaJo(h$h$CJZ^JaJC8x2R| p8`.*p"$(n, /1|6^<?*BG $a$gd$NR|~V\x|$&(.`h$,^dFVfp,22Bdx~Ѽ񫼫Ѽ!h$h$5CJZ\^JaJ!h$h$CJH*Z^JaJo((jh$h$0JCJUZ^JaJh$h$CJH*Z^JaJh$h$CJZ^JaJo(h$h$CJZ^JaJ<~ $6<T ^nBFx~ $FL "(*.<D`d$,.2dnѼ!h$h$5CJZ\^JaJ(jh$h$0JCJUZ^JaJ!h$h$CJH*Z^JaJo(h$h$CJZ^JaJh$h$CJZ^JaJo(CHX  ,.02jxBHTVbp 26@JPRXҽҽ!h$h$5CJZ\^JaJ"h$h$CJZ^J_HaJo((jh$h$0JCJUZ^JaJh$h$CJH*Z^JaJh$h$CJZ^JaJh$h$CJZ^JaJo(jn*2:<>ͽͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭ͜!h$h$5CJZ\^JaJh$h$CJZ^JaJo(h$h$5CJ\^JaJh$h$CJZ^JaJ(jh$h$0JCJUZ^JaJh$h$CJH*Z^JaJ=>@jprv"(*lv,8Xddfhjnpz      !!P!T!d!h$h$CJ^JaJ(jh$h$0JCJUZ^JaJh$h$CJZ^JaJo(h$h$CJZ^JaJh$h$CJH*Z^JaJEd!h!v!z!!!!!" 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