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Abstract : the additional estimation is considered to be one of the estimation ways followed and resorted to by the tax administration once it found out that the process of estimation imposed on the tax payer's income has not show his actual income either because : 1- the tax imposed on his tax resources was less than its actual value , or 2- the tax has not been actually estimated for one or some of the resources of taxpayer's income. The study presents this subject in detail terms, and puts forward the following hypotheses: - the additional estimation is considered to be exceptional originally in the process of estimation . - It is resorted to when certain conditions are met. The causes and cases of additional estimation may be materialized as the far as the taxpayer and the financial authority are concerned. 'DEB/E) #GEJ) 'D(-+ : J9*(1 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ EF %,1'!'* 'D%/'1) 'D61J(J) 'D*J **916 DDE1C2 'DE'DJ DDECDA ('D*:JJ1 %0 #F 9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 'D#5DJ) J*1*( 9DJG' *-/J/G (4CD FG'&J H'DHBHA 9DI -BJB) /.D 'DECDA 'D0J *A16 9DI #3'3G 'D61J() HJ*-// EF .D'DG E(D:G'  HDG0' A%FG' *9/ 9EDJ) FG'&J) D' J,H2 'D1,H9 (G' H%D' #/I 0DC %DI 'D%61'1 ('DECDA HDCF B/ J+(* DD3D7) 'DE'DJ) #F G0G 'D9EDJ) 'D*J *E* DE *9(1 9F /.D 'DECDA (5H1) 5-J-) 'D#E1 'D0J J(J- DG' 'D*916 DE1C2G 'DE'DJ (9EDJ) %6'AJ) *D-B *DC 'D#5DJ) 'D*J *E* HGF' JCHF 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ 'D0J B/ J$0J 'DECDA %0' DE J3*F/ %DI E(11 5-J- HEF GF' ,'!* #GEJ) '.*J'1G EH6H9' DD(-+ . E4CD) 'D(-+ : *CEF E4CD) 'D(-+ AJ #F *F8JE 'DE419 'D91'BJ DEH6H9 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ JA*B1 %DI (96 'DE3'&D 'D#3'3J) 'D*J **7D(G' 9EDJ) *7(JBG HEFG' *-/J/G D(96 'D41H7 E+D 417 'D*(DJ:  A6D' 9F .D7G (96 'D-'D'* EE' D' J/.D AJ EAGHE 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ HGJ *DC 'D-'D'* 'D*J *CHF AJG' 9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 #5DJ) H#HDJ) E+D -'D) 9/E *3,JD 'DECDA D/I 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) H:J1G' EE' 3J916 DG 'D(-+ . A16J'* 'D(-+ : JF'B4 'D(-+ 'DA16J'* 'D"*J) :- -%F 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ GH %,1'! %/'1J *,1JG 'D%/'1) 'D61J(J) (E' DG' EF 3D7) *B/J1J) (4CD '3*+F'&J 9DI 9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 'D#5DJ) HEF E(/# 3FHJ) 'D61J()  H'FG B'(D DD79F (G H%D:'&G . -%F %,1'! 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ EF B(D 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) DJ3 #E1' E7DB' (D 'FG J*BJ/ (*HA1 41H7 E9JF) . -%F DD*B/J1 'D%6'AJ #3('(' HE(11'* *1*(7 (CD 5H1) EF 5H1G HGJ CE' **-BB D/I 'DECDA JECF 'F **-BB EF ,'F( 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) . -%F 'D*41J9'* F8E* DEH6H9 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ (5H1) */H1 (JF 'DF5H5 'D51J-) H'D6EFJ)  DCFG' C#5D 9'E **AB 9DI ':D( 'DE3'&D 'DE*9DB) (G 9/' (96 'D'.*D'A'* AJ *7(JBG' D41H7G . EFG,J) 'D(-+ : '9*E/ 'D(-+ 'D#3DH( 'D*-DJDJ 'DEB'1F %0 9E/ %DI 916 'DEH6H9 H*A5JDG H*-DJD E' *9DB (G EF AB1'*  +E (J'F EHBA 'DE419 'D91'BJ EFG' HEB'1F*G' E9 EH'BA 'D*41J9'* 'D#.1I C'D*41J9 'DE51J H'D*41J9 'D#1/FJ . .7) 'D(-+ : *E *B3JE 'D(-+ 9DI +D'+) E('-+ C'D"*J : 'DE(-+ 'D#HD :- E'GJ) 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ . 'DE(-+ 'D+'FJ :- #3('( 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ . 'DE(-+ 'D+'D+ :- EH'BA 'D*41J9'* EF EH6H9 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ . 'DE(-+ 'D#HD E'GJ) 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ %F 'D(-+ AJ EH6H9 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ J*7D( EF' 'DHBHA 9DI E9F'G H*-/J/ 'D5A'* 'D9'E) 'D*J J*3E (G' (H5AG #3DH(' EF #3'DJ( 'D*B/J1 D61J() 'D/.D  #0 'FG J#*J EF 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) FA3G' H(4CD '3*+F'&J ('DF3() D9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 'D#5DJ)  H('DF3() DE(/# 3FHJ) 'D61J()  CE' 'FG B'(D DD79F (G H'D%D:'! . HGH J*EJ2 EF (96 'D-'D'* 'D*J B/ J4(GG' 'D(96 (G E+D -'D'* *5-J- 'D*B/J1 H%9'/*G H-'D) 'D*B/J1 'D*CEJDJ H'F C'F* G0G 'D#.J1) DJ3* %D' 5H1) E1'/A) DG EF -J+ 'DH'B9 HGH J-*', D*7(JBG %DI 41H7 E-//) JF*AJ E9 'F9/'EG' -B 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) AJ 'DBJ'E (G H*E'EG AD' %EC'FJ) DH,H/G E9 9/E *H'A1 #/D) C'AJ) D*-BBG #H E9 'FB6'! 'DE/) 'DE-//) DDBJ'E (G #H E9 9/E 'D*(D: (G (4CD 5-J- #H 9/E 'D*(D: (G %7D'B' . G0G 'DEH'6J9 EE' J*9DB ('D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ 3J*F'HDG' G0' 'DE(-+ 6EF E7'D( +D'+) C'D"*J : 'DE7D( 'D#HD : *91JA 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ . 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ : *EJJ2 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ EE' J4*(G (G EF -'D'* . 'DE7D( 'D+'D+ : 41H7 %,1'! 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ . 'DE7D( 'D#HD J*F'HD G0' 'DE7D( (J'F EAGHE 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ H'D#3'3 'D0J *3*F/ %DJG 'D%/'1) 'D61J(J) AJ %,1'&G HE' JECF #F **F'HDG 9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ EF 9F'51  CE' J916 D5H1G H'D3E'* 'D#3'3J) 'D*J J*EJ2 (G'  HJCHF 0DC AJ A19JF C'D"*J : - 'DA19 'D#HD : *91JA 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ . 'DA19 'D+'FJ : *EJJ2 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ EE' J4*(G (G EF -'D'* . 'DA19 'D#HD *91JA 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ D' *9/ 9('1'* 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ EF 'D59H() (-J+ D' JAGE EB5H/ 'DE419 EFG %0 J*6- EF *3EJ*G 'FG J9FJ *B/J1' D'-B' J6'A %DI 'D*B/J1 'D#5DJ 'D0J J*E 9DI /.D 'DECDA '(*/'!  H*AJ/ 9('1) 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ #JFE' H1/* -B 'D/HD) AJ #,1'! 'D*B/J1 9DI /.D 'DECDA E1) +'FJ) AJ -'D *(JF DG' #F 9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 'D#5DJ) DE **F'HD /.D) 'D-BJBJ CDG "H ,2!' EFG(). HJ*B11 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ -E'J) D#EH'D 'D.2'F) 'D*J JECF #F *AH* 9DJG' ,1'! *51A'* 'DECDA #H *51A'*G' GJ HGH JE+D 'DH,G 'DEB'(D D-B 'D#4.'5 AJ 'D1,H9 9DI 'D/HD) %0 J*9DB ('D3D7) 'DE'DJ) H-/G' H J/.D 6EF 'D-BHB 'D%,1'&J) 'D.'5) *-/J/' (9EDJ'* *5-J- 'D*B/J1 'DFG'&J DD/.D 'D61J(J  AE*I +(* DD%/'1) 'D61J(J) #F 'D*B/J1 'D0J *E 'D*H5D %DJG :J1 /BJB ,'2 DG' #F *9J/ 'D*B/J1 9F 71JB 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ ()  HGH J,/ #3'3G 'DB'FHFJ EF 'D-B 'D0J JEF-G 'DB'FHF DD/HD) EE+D) ('D3D7) 'DE'DJ) AJ %,1'! 'D*B/J1 9DI /.D 'DECDA 9DI #3'3 'D/.D 'D-BJBJ HAJ -'D DE J*E 9DI G0' 'D#3'3 C'F DG' #F *BHE (%,1'! 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ(). HJA*16 AJ -'D) 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ %F *CHF GF'C 9F'51 EABH/) 6EF F4'7 'DECDA  #H F4'7 .AJ EF #F47*G EE' JECF #F JCHF E-D' DD*B/J1  %0 #F 'D%/'1) 'D61J(J) *-// /JF 'D61J() (9EDJ) *B/J1 #5DJ) (#J 71JB EF 71B 'D*B/J1 'D'9*J'/J) H'D*J *9*E/ 9DI 'D%B1'1 'D0J JB/EG 'DECDA #H /A'*1G #H -3'('*G #H :J1G' /HF %F *F*(G %DI #F 0DC 'D%B1'1 #H *DC 'D/A'*1 :J1 5'D-) DD'9*E'/ 9DJG' D9/E 4EHDG' ,EJ9 9F'51 'D/.D #H D#FG' E2H1) #H :J1 5-J-)  %E' (B5/ EF 'DECDA (:J) 'D*G1( EF /A9 'D61J() #H (/HF B5/ EFG %GE'D' EFG  HB/ *CHF 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) FA3G' B/ HB9* AJ .7' #H :AD) #/* %DI AB/'F *DC 'D9F'51 EF /.D 'DECDA #H '.*A'!G' FG'&J'  AE*I *F(G* G0G 'D#.J1) %DI G0' 'D.7# #H *DC 'D:AD) #H *(JF* *9E/ 'DECDA '.*A'!G' #H %GE'DG %/1',G' 6EF %B1'1G FG6 -BG' AJ 'D1,H9 9DJG H'DBJ'E (9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ  HDCF J+'1 'D*3'$D GD #F *DC 'D9F'51 'D*J *C*4AG' 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) D'-B' J,( #F *CHF ,/J/) 9DI F4'7 'DECDA #E #FG' 0'*G' 'D*J 3(B #F ',1J 'D*B/J1 9FG' '(*/'!K  H'D,H'( 9F 0DC GH #F G0G 'D9F'51 J,( #F *CHF ,/J/) 9DI F4'7 'DECDA HE.*DA) 9F *DC 'D#5DJ) 'D*J 3(B H#F ',1J 'D*B/J1 9FG' D#FG' *8G1 9'&/' 1(-J' ,/J/' DDECDA H(:6 'DF81 9E' %0' C'F* E1*(7) ('DF4'7 'D#5DJ DDECDA 'D0J *F'HD 'D*B/J1 'D#5DJ #E #FG' E3*BD) 9FG  CE' DH 8G1 #F D/I 'DECDA EF4&'* #.1I DE JCF B/ #A5- 9FG' B5/' #H /HF B5/ #H +(* DD3D7) 'DE'DJ) BJ'E) (9EDJ'* *,'1J) DE JD-8 EFG' F4'7G 'D3'(B HJ3*HJ AJ 0DC #F *CHF *DC 'DE5'/1 DE J,1J 'D*B/J1 9FG' (5H1) #5DJ)  #H #F 'D(J'F'* H'DE9DHE'* 'D*J B/1 (EH,(G' /.D 'DECDA C'F* F'B5) #H E:'J1) DD-BJB) #H #F 'DECDA -'HD *6DJD 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) (G'  H9DJG A'FG E*I 8G1* *DC 'D9F'51 C'F 'D*B/J1 9FG' 61H1J' H-/G' /HF E' *E 'D*B/J1 9FG E3(B' EF 9F'51 'D/.D(). HAJ -'D) 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ J,( #F JCHF GF'C F5 B'FHFJ JB6J (%.6'9 'D/.D 'D0J JE+D 9F'51 'DF4'7 'D,/J/ 'D*J *E 'C*4'AG'  A%0' C'F 'DF4'7 E9AH EF 'D61J() H*E %.6'9G B'E -B 'DECDA ('D1,H9 9DI 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) H'3*1/'/ 'D61J() EF .D'D -B 'DECDA FA3G ('D1,H9 'D0J JB'(D G0' 'D-B (). HJ(/H EF .D'D E' *B/E #F 9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ *F7HJ 9DI 5H1*JF:. 'D#HDI :- *A*16 H,H/ FB5 #H :D7 AJ 'DE9DHE'* 'D.'5) ('DHB'&9 'DE*9DB) (/.D 'DECDA 'D0J J.69 D9EDJ) 'D*B/J1  B/ JB9 EF ,'F( 'DECDA (B5/ EFG #H EF /HF B5/ #H JB9 EF ,'F( 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) 9DI 'A*1'6 'D.7# #H 'D:AD) #H 'D%GE'D AJH/J %DI *B/J1 'D61J() 9DI /.D 'DECDA (#BD EF -BJB*G'. 'D+'FJ) :- *A*16 '.*A'! F4'7 E9JF EF #F47) 'DECDA CDJ' EF 9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 %E' (A9D 'DECDA #H 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) #J6' 9DI 'A*1'6 -3F 'DFJ) #H 3H! 'DFJ) DH,H/ .7' #H :AD) #H %GE'D EB5H/ #H :J1 EB5H/ (-J+ J$/J %DI 9/E *B/J1 'D61J() #5D' 9F 0DC 'DF4'7 CE' DH *9E/ 'DECDA 9/E 0C1 '-/ #F47*G 'D0J J/1 DG /.D' E3*BD' 9F (BJ) E5'/1G  #H ':AD EH8A 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) 0C1 G0' 'DF4'7 #H DE JCF E9DHE' D/JG 9F/ 'D*B/J1 . HDG0' A'FG JECF *91JA 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ (#FG :- %,1'! **(9G 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) '3*+F'!' EF 9EDJ) *B/J1 'D61J() 9F 9F'51 EF /.D 'DECDA DE *.69 3'(B' DD*B/J1 (5H1) ,2&J) #H CDJ)  1:E H,H/ F5 JB6J (%.6'9G'() H**E 9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ .D'D E/) E9JF) **AB 'D*41J9'* 9DI *-/J/G' (9// E9JF EF 'D3FH'* J3B7 (9/G' -B 'D/HD) AJ %,1'&G'  H*0G( (96 'D*41J9'* %DI 9/E 'D'9*/'/ (G' AJ -'D'* E9JF)  CE' **7D( *-BB E(11'* E9BHD) DDBJ'E (G' H%D' C'F* 'D9EDJ) 916) DD%D:'!. HEF .D'D CD E' *B/E JECF 'DBHD #F DD*B/J1 'D%6'AJ .5'&5 E9JF) GJ:- 1 . 'FG *B/J1 %/'1J D#FG J*E EF B(D 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) *,1JG /HF 7D( E3(B EF 'DECDA HEF *DB'! FA3G' %0 *CHF DG' 3D7) *B/J1J) C'ED) AJ %,1'&G E*I *HA1* 41H7G H#3('(G () . 2. 'FG J9/ '3*+F'! 9DI 'D#5D 'D9'E AJ 9/E ,H'2 'D9H/) AJ %,1'!'* 'D*B/J1  -J+ #F 'D#5D AJ 9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 #FG' *,1J 9DI /.D 'DECDA A*-// DG E1C2' 0'*J' J,9DG E/JF' (E(D: 'D61J() E*I #,1* 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) 'D*B/J1 AJ 6H! %B1'1 'DECDA (9/ B(HDG' DG #H 9/E 79F 'DECDA (G #H '3*FA'0 71B 'D79F H9F/G' D' J,H2 %,1'! #J *9/JD 9DJG()  %D' #F 'D*41J9'* 9F/E' #,'2* 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ ,'!* (G C'3*+F'! .'5 HDG0' J*7D( 'D#E1 *HA1 41H7 E9FJ) D',1'!G **E+D AJ *-BB 'D-'D'* 'DEH,() DG  H%,1'&G 6EF 'DE/) 'DE-//)  HH,H( 'D*(DJ: (G A%0' DE **-BB G0G 'D41H7 D' *,H2 'D9H/) AJ %,1'!'* 'D*B/J1 H%D' *1*( 9DI 0DC 2929) 'DE1C2 'D0'*J DDECDA D*H39 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) AJ 'D'3*+F'! 9DI -3'( 'DB'9/) 'D9'E)(). 3. 'FG J9/ '3*+F'! 9DI E(/# 3FHJ) 'D61J() 9DI 'D/.D %0 %F '-*3'( 'D/.D AJ -'D) 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ JCHF *'(9' DD3F) 'D*J *E AJG' *B/J1 'D/.D (#BD EF 'DBJE) 'D-BJBJ) HD' J9/ *'(9' DD3F) 'D*B/J1J) 'D-'DJ) 'D*J *E 'C*4'A 'D3(( #H 'D-'D) 'DEH,() D%,1'! 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ AJG'  H0DC D'F 'D/.D #H 'D1(- E-D G0' 'D*B/J1 *-BB AJG' H'F 'C*4A AJE' (9/ .D'D G0G 'D3F)()  H*/D 9DI G0' 'D'3*+F'! 'DF5H5 'D51J-) 'D*J ,'!* (G' 'D*41J9'* 'D61J(J) HEFG' 'D*41J9 'D91'BJ H'D*41J9'* E-D 'DEB'1F)(). 4. 'FG B'(D DD79F (G H%D:'&G AJ -'D *.DA 417 EF 41H7G %0 JCHF 'D*B/J1 916) DD79F (G H%D:'&G CE' DH DE **-5D 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) 9DI #/D) C'AJ) DDBJ'E (G()  #H DE **(9 %,1'!'* 'D*(DJ: (G  #H 'FB6* 'DE/) 'DE-//) DDBJ'E (G HAJ G0G 'D-'D) JFB6J 'D*2'E 'DECDA (#/'! 'D61J() EE' J9FJ %D:'! 9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 'D*J B'E* (G' 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ)  CE' J9/ B'(D' DD%D:'! %0' E' 5/1 /HF 3F/ B'FHFJ #H 5/1 EF ,G) :J1 E.HD) (',1'&G() . 'DA19 'D+'FJ *EJJ2 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ EE' J4*(G (G EF -'D'* J*4'(G 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ E9 (96 'D-'D'* 'D*J *-ED %DI 'D'9*B'/ (H,H/G HAJE' JDJ F916 DG0' 'D-'D'* *('9' C'D#*J :- 1- -'D) 'D*B/J1 'D*CEJDJ :- **-BB G0G 'D-'D) %0' -/+ .7' #H %:A'D J*9DB (#J F4'7 .'5 ('DECDA HJ5/1 EF 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ)  %0 #F 'D.DD GF' EA*16 EF ,'F( 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) D' 'DECDA 'D#E1 'D0J J/A9G' %DI %,1'! 9EDJ) *B/J1 ECED) DD*B/J1 'D#5DJ D%CE'D 9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 CDJ'  HJ(/H H,G 'D'.*D'A AJ G0' 'D*B/J1 9F -'D) 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ %0 JCHF 'D.DD EF ,'F( 'DECDA 'D0J JCHF AJ H69 :J1 B'FHFJ D#FG JB/E %B1'1' :J1 5-J- #H J.AJ #H,G F4'7G (96G' #H CDG' 'D#E1 'D0J J3*H,( '*.'0 %,1'! 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FA3G' %D' %0' *9DB 'D#E1 ('D61J() 'D*J *3*HAI 9F 71JB 'D'3*B7'9 'DE('41 AAJ G0G 'D-'D) D' -',) D7D( EF 'DECDA HD' J9*/ ('DE/) 'DB'FHFJ) 'DE-//) DD*B'/E(). 3- -'D) %9'/) 'D*B/J1 :- **-BB G0G 'D-'D) %0' *E* 9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 9DI /.D 3(B #F .69 D*B/J1 FG'&J H*B/J1 %6'AJ  #J 'F 'D9EDJ*JF *CHF'F B/ #,1J*' 9DI 'D/.D HGH E41H7 (9/E *H'A1 F5 J-HD /HF 'DBJ'E (G CE' DH EF9 'DB'FHF %,1'! 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ 6EF (E/) 'D*B'/E)  HEF GF' AGH J.*DA 9F 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ AJ #F G0' 'D#.J1 J#*J D'-B' 9DI 'D*B/J1 'DFG'&J AJ -JF J#*J G0' D'-B' DD*B/J1JF 'DFG'&J H'D%6'AJ E9'(). 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ 41H7 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ DE' C'F 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ J#*J '3*+F'! EF 'D#5D 'D9'E AJ %,1'! 9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 HDE' C'F 'D'3*+F'! D' J,H2 'D*H39 AJG  A'F 'DBHD (%EC'FJ) %,1'! 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ J3*H,( *H'A1 41H7 #H BJH/ E9JF) *-/ EF 3D7) 'D%/'1) 'D61J(J) AJ 'DBJ'E (G  HDG0' **BJ/ 9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ (+D'+) 41H7 #3'3J) J*E+D 'D#HD AJ H,H/ 'D#/D) 'DE'/J) 'D*J *+(* *H'A1 #3('(G HBJ'EG'  #E' 'D+'FJ AJ*E+D AJ 61H1) 'DBJ'E (G B(D -DHD E/) 'D*B'/E 'D*J JB1G' 'DB'FHF H#.J1' J*7D( 'DBJ'E (*(DJ: 'DECDA 'D0J *E %,1'! G0G 'D9EDJ) (-BG  H9DJ) 3J*F'HD 'D(-+ 'D916 DG0' 'D41H7 AJ G0G 'DE7D( *('9' C'D#*J :- 'DA19 'D#HD :- H,H/ /DJD E'/J J+(* B79' H,H/ 3(( EF #3('( 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ . 'DA19 'D+'FJ :- %,1'! 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ B(D 'FB6'! 'D#,D 'DE-// DD*B'/E . 'DA19 'D+'D+ :- *(DJ: 'DECDA (%,1'! 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ . 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'DA19 'D+'FJ 'D#3('( 'D*J **-BB D/I 'DECDA A*$/I %DI 9/E *B/J1 'D61J() #5D' J3*H,( G0' 'DFH9 EF 'D#3('( 'D*EJJ2 (JF -'D*JF  'D#HDI **9DB (CHF 'DECDA :J1 E91HA #5D' D/I 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) D#FG :J1 E3,D D/JG'  H'D+'FJ) **9DB (CHFG E91HA' HE3,D' D/JG' DCFG D' JB/E %B1'1G B'5/' EF 0DC 'D*G1( EF /A9 'D61J() #H %GE'D' EFG  HG'*'F 'D-'D*'F *1,9 AJGE' 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) (*B/J1 %6'AJ H'F C'F 'D#5- #F E' J,1J GF' GH 9EDJ) *B/J1 ,/J/)  HAJE' JDJ F*F'HD G'*JF 'D-'D*JF *('9' :- #HD' :. -'D) 'DECDA :J1 'DE3,D D/I 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) . AJ G0' 'D-'D) D' JCHF 'DECDA E91HA' D/I 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) D#FG DE J3,D FA3G #5D' D/JG'  HDG0' A'F 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) D' *BHE (9EDJ) *B/J1 'D61J() CHF /.DG :J1 E9DHE D/JG' '(*/!K H*BHE (9EDJ) *B/J1 #5DJ) 9DI /.D 'DECDA -'DE' J5(- F4'7G E9DHE' D/JG'()  HAJ G0G 'D-'D) D' JA*16 -3F 'DFJ) D/I 'DECDA H%FE' J9*(1 3J! 'DFJ) HE*G1(' EF #/'! 'D61J()  D#FG EF :J1 'DEECF 'DBHD (,GD 'DECDA (%,1'!'* 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) #H 9/E 'D9DE (H,H/G' D'F 'DE,*E9'* B/ H5D* %DI /1,) EF 'DH9J D' JECF 'DBHD E9G' ('D,GD (G0G 'D#EH1 HDG0' F,/ #F 'D*41J9'* *D2E 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) (%,1'! 9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 AH1' H/HF 'D-',) %DI 'D(-+ 9F *H'A1 41H7 E9JF) #H -*I /HF 'D'9*/'/ ('DE/) 'DE-//) DD*B'/E AJ B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D %D' #F E' J$.0 9DI ':D( 'D*41J9'* #FG' *H1/G' 6EF -'D'* 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ H*9*(1 #F 9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 'D*J *,1JG 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) GJ 9EDJ) *B/J1 %6'AJ  HG0' AJ 1#JF' :J1 5-J- D#FG AJ G0G 'D-'D) D/JF' 9EDJ) *B/J1 ,/J/) E' /'E* #F /.D 'DECDA GF' DE J.69 DD61J() EF B(D HDE J,1 9DJG #J *B/J1 E3(B H'F 9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 G0G D' *9/ D'-B) 9DJG' H%FE' J*E %,1'&G' D#HD E1) H'F C'F GF'C EF J0G( %DI #F '9*('1 G0' 'D*B/J1 %6'AJ' J#*J DDE3'H') (JF 'DECDA 'D0J C'F B/ 3,D FA3G HDE JB/E %B1'1G H'DECDA 'DE*G1( 'D0J DE J3,D FA3G AJG *-BJB DD9/'D) -*I D' JCHF G0' 'D#.J1 AJ EH69 #A6D EF 0DC 'D#HD().%D' #FF' F1I #F 9EDJ) 'DE3'H') J,( #F *CHF EF F'-J) 'D9B'( #J6' HDJ3 EF F'-J) %,1'! 'D*B/J1 'D,/J/ AB7 E' /'E* #F 'D*41J9'* *9*(1 'DECDA 3J! 'DFJ) AJ CD' 'D-'D*JF HG0' J9FJ 'FG B/ *G1( EF /A9 'D61J() H'F '.*DA* 5J:) G0' 'D*G1(. +'FJ' :. -'D) 'DECDA 'DEE*F9 9F *B/JE %B1'1G 'D61J(J . AJ G0G 'D-'D) JCHF 'DECDA E91HA' D/I 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) D#FG 3(B H'F 3,D D/JG' H#5(- F4'7G DG' E9DHE'  %D' 'FG JE*F9 9F *B/JE %B1'1G %E' E*G1(' EF /A9 'D61J() #H %GE'D' EFG HGF' DE *EJ2 'D*41J9'* AJ 'DE9'ED) 'D61J(J) (JFG H(JF 'DECDA AJ 'D-'D) 'D#HDI %0 *D,' %DI #,1'! 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ (-BG -'DE' J5(- F4'7G E9DHE' D/JG' #H JBHE (*B/JE %B1'1G 'D61J(J(). HD' *H5A G0G 'D-'D) #J6' (#FG' -'D) *B/J1 %6'AJ D'F 'D*B/J1 'D#HDJ #H 'D#5DJ DE J*E #5D' D%EC'F 'DBHD (H,H/ *B/J1 %6'AJ G0' EF F'-J) #E' EF 'DF'-J) 'D#.1I A'F 'D*41J9'* /1,* 9DI %J1'/ G0G 'D-'D) 6EF -'D'* 'D*G1( 'D61J(J (F5H5 51J-) AJE' DE *41 %DI -CE 'D-'D) 'D3'(B) H'F '9*(1* 'DECDA 3J! 'DFJ) #J6' AJG' CE' H1/ #9D'G A-'3(*G 9F ,1JE) 'D'E*F'9 9F *B/JE 'D%B1'1 'D61J(J AJE' DE *-'3(G AJ 'D-'D) 'D#HDI()  HDE *41 %DJG' %D' AJE' J*9DB (%,1'! 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ HAJ 1#JF' J3*H,( 'D#E1 GF' 'DE3'H') (JF 'D-'D*JF *-BJB' DD9/'D) 'D61J(J) HD9/E %EC'F 'D*-BB EF FJ) 'DECDA H'D*J :D(* 'D*41J9'* AJG' 3H! 'DFJ) ()  H-*I D' JCHF GF'C *A6JD AJ 'DE9'ED) (JF 'D'+FJF D'FG J,( 'DF81 %DI B5/ 'D*G1( (4CD E*3'H M AJ 'D-'D*JF H**E 'DE3'H') #J6' EF -J+ 'D9B'( HDJ3 AB7 EF -J+ %,1'! 'D*B/J1 'D,/J/ CE' 'FG EF 'DEA6D DH *1/ *DC 'D-'D'* 6EF F5H5 .'5) (G' H(9J/' 9F -'D'* 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ . 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ #3('( 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ 'D*J **9DB ('D3D7) 'DE'DJ) **9DB G0G 'D#3('( ('D3D7) 'DE'DJ) H-/G' /HF 'DECDA HGJ *F-51 AJ -'D'* 'D.7# 'D0J JECF #F JB9 EF ,'F(G' (H5AG' 3D7) *FAJ0J) **HDI *FAJ0 B1'1 *B/J1 'D61J() 9DI /.D 'DECDA H-'D) *:J1 'DF5H5 'DB'FHFJ)  A6D' 9F -'D) 'DF4'7 'D.AJ 'D0J JECF #F JB9 #J6' EF ,'F(G' 9DI '9*('1 -3F FJ) 'DECDA  HDCF #3'3 *B3JEG' %DI 5H1*JF GF' GH CE' GH 'D-'D AJ 'DH69 'D9'E DD#3('( %DI -'D*J *B/J1 'D61J() (#BD EF -BJB*G' #H 9/E *B/J1G' #5D'  HAJE' JDJ F*F'HDG' C'D#*J :- 'DA19 'D#HD 'D#3('( 'D*J **-BB D/I 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) A*H/J %DI *B/J1 'D61J() (#BD EF -BJB*G' J7DB 9DI 'D-'D'* 'D*J **6EFG' G0G 'D#3('( E57D- 'D*B/J1 'D*CEJDJ AJ (96 'D*41J9'* CE' (JF 'D(-+ 3'(B'  H*#*J G0G 'D#3('( AJ FH9JF J*9DB 'D#HD (H,H/ 9F51 'D.7# 'D0J JA*16 GF' EF ,'F( 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) 3H'! C'F E'/J' #E J*9DB (HB'&9 *.5 /.D 'DECDA 9DI '9*('1 'FG C'F -3F 'DFJ) HDE J1*C( #J %.D'D ('DB'FHF 9F/ *B/JEG CD E' J7D( EFG EF (J'F'* HE9DHE'* **9DB (/.DG  %0 JA*16 EF EH8AJ 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) #F JCHFH' 9DI B/1 EF 'D-15 D*,F( HBH9 'D.7# %0' C'F :J1 9E/J  CE' JA*16 EFGE 'D-J'/ H'DF2'G)  %D' %0' C'F* #.7'$GE 9E/JG CE' DH *H'7# 'DEH8A 'D61J(J E9 'DECDA DE3'9/*G 9DI 'D*G1( EF 'D61J() HAJ G0G 'D-'D) J*H,( 'D#E1 GF' %.6'9 'DEH8A 'D61J(J D#-C'E B'FHF 'D9BH('* 9DI #3'3 '1*C'(G A9D EE' J/.D AJ F7'B 'D#A9'D 'D,1EJ) C*9'7J 'D14H) #H :J1G' AB/ J9E/ %DI *2HJ1 (J'F'* 'DECDA #H E3'9/*G 9DI 'D*-'JD 9DI 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) (0'* 'D5H1 'DE4'1 %DJG' 3'(B'. #E' 'DFH9 'D+'FJ AJ*9DB (-'D) *:J1 'DB'FHF #H -5HD *9/JD AJG 'D#E1 'D0J J*1*( 9DJG *:J1 AJ 'DE1'C2 'DB'FHFJ)  HJ*/'.D G0'F 'DFH9'F EF 'D#3('( E9 (96 'D-'D'* 'D*J J97I AJG' 'D-B DD#4.'5 ('DE7'D() (%9'/) *B/J1 /.HDGE #H CE' J*9'1A 9DJG (-B 'D#4.'5 AJ 'D1,H9 9DI 'D/HD) %0 *BHE 9DI H,H/ .7# EF ,'F( 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) %D' #F 'DA1B (JFG' #F %9'/) 'D*B/J1 **7D( *H'A1 41H7 E9JF) #(12G' #F **E (F'! 9DI 7D( 'DECDA (',1'&G()  HAJE' JDJ F*F'HD G0G 'D-'D'* C'D#*J :- #HD' :- 'D.7# 'DE'/J ( 'D.7# AJ *7(JB 'DB'FHF). HJB5/ (G 'D.7# 'D0J JB*1AG EH8A 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) 9F/ *7(JB 'DF5 'DB'FHFJ 'D0J J.69 'DECDA DD61J() AJH/J %DI .DD AJ -3'(G' #H *B/J1G' AJ*1*( 9DJG *:J1 1BE 'D/.D 'D-BJBJ #H '-*3'( 'D61J() (#BD EE' J,(() #H *:J1 'D%9A'!'* #H 'D3E'-'* #H :J1 0DC EE' J$/J %DI *:J1 E(D: 'D61J()  CE' DH B/1 /.D 'D41C) 9DI #FG' E4'1C)(). +'FJ' :- 'D.7# AJ 'DHB'&9 . J*9DB 'D.7# AJ G0G 'D-'D) ('DHB'&9 'D.'5) (/.D 'DECDA C9// E5'/1 /.DG #H EDCJ*G' #H 'D9EDJ'* 'D*J JBHE (G' HD' J*9DB (*7(JB 'DF5 'DB'FHFJ 0'*G CE' DH '.69 'DECDA DD61J() 9F E5'/1 /.D *(JF #FG' :J1 EEDHCG DG (). +'D+' :. -'D) *:J1 'DB'FHF . **-BB G0G 'D-'D) E+D' 9F/E' J-5D *:J1 #H *9/JD AJ 'DB'FHF 'D61J(J H'D9/HD 9FG %DI B'FHF ,/J/ EE' B/ J*1*( 9DJG *:J1 AJ 'DE1'C2 'DB'FHFJ) #H *:J1 %-/I 'D+H'(* 'D*J *BHE 9DJG' 9EDJ) 'D*B/J1 H**E 9DI #3'3G'  CE' DH *:J1 391 'D61J() #H 'D3E'-'* 'D.'5) ('DECDA #H B11* %9A'!'* 9F #F47) E9JF) *.69 DD61J() #H 1A9G' #H *.AJAG' HB/ #4'1* %DI G0G 'D-'D) 'D*H,G'* 'DABGJ)()  /HF #F J*H'A1 E' J4J1 %DJG' EF F5H5 #H *7(JB'* 9EDJ) . 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'DFJ) AJ 'D-'D*JF HCD'GE' J,1J AJGE' *B/J1 #HDJ #H ,/J/ . *-// EHBA 'DE419 'DE51J EF 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ AJ B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 'D,/J/ 1BE (95 )D3F) (2005) 6EFJ' (9/ #F C'F J4J1 #DJG 51'-) AJ 'DB'FHF 'DB/JE HJ0C1 -'D'* E-//) E*I H,/* B'E -B 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) ('D1,H9 (*B/J1 %6'AJ  -J+ ,'! F5 'DE'/) (90) EF 'DB'FHF 'D,/J/ DJ,J2 DD3D7) 'DE'DJ) %,1'! 1(7 *B/J1J H'D0J JAGE %EC'FJ) #F JCHF 1(7' %6'AJ' E*I B'E* #3('(G HE(11'*G  #E' 9F -'D'*G AB/ *1C 'DE,'D EA*H-' GH 'D".1 C'DE419 'D91'BJ AJ *-/J/G' 9/' E' JECF #F J1,9 %DJG EF -'D'* 'D*G1( 'D61J(J CE' GH 'D-'D AJ 'DB'FHF 'D91'BJ  #E' 9F (BJ) 'D41H7 AB/ : '.0 (417 'DE/) AJ 5H1) H'-/) -J+ DE JH,/ 'D*EJJ2 'D0J ,'! (G 'DE419 'D91'BJ (.5H5 5H1*J 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ H%FE' 'C*AI ('D.E3 3FH'*  DCFG ,'! (.5H5 G0G 'DE/) ('3*+F'! ,/J/ HGH E/G' D3F) 3'/3) AJ -'D C'F 'DECDA E*G1(' EF 'D61J() . ('DF3() D417 'D*(DJ: 'H,( 9DI 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) #,1'!G HAB FEH0, E-// H%D' *1*( 9DI 9/E 'DBJ'E (G #H %,1'&G (4CD 5-J- (7D'F 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ . *-// EHBA 'DE419 'D#1/FJ EF 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ AJ F7'B *F8JEG DEH6H9 %9'/) 'DF81 AJ 'D*B/J1 H'D0J ,'2 AJG 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ E*I C'F E(D: 'D61J() 'BD EF -BJB*G (EH,( F5 'DE'/) (33/#) EF 'DB'FHF 'D,/J/ 1BE (28) D3F) (2009) HB/ C'F EHBAG ('DF3() D41H7 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ C'D'*J : #33 'D-B AJ %,1'! 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ 9DI 0'* 'DE(11'* 'D*J '.0 (G' CD EF 'DE419JF 'D91'BJ H'DE51J DCFG BJ/ 9EDJ) 'D1,H9 (*B/J1 %6'AJ (417JF : 'D#HD : %97'! 'DECDA 'DA15) DEF'B4) 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) AJ E' J*9DB (E' JF3( %DJG EF #A9'D 'D+'FJ : 9/E ,H'2 %,1'! 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ 9F E5/1 /.D AJ B1'1 *B/J1 3(B #F 9/D F*J,) 'D79F EFG %D' %0' C'F 'DB1'1 'D5'/1 F*J,) 'D79F DE J*6EF G0' 'DE5/1 . 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G4'E E-E/ 5AH* 'D9E1J  'D61'&( 9DI 'D/.D  71  E7(9) 'D,'-8  (:/'/  1989. +'D+' :- 'D13'&D H'D'7'1J- %(1'GJE -EJ/ 'D2(J/J  *-5JD /JF 61J() 'D/.D AJ 'D91'B  13'D) E',3*J1  CDJ) 'DB'FHF / ,'E9) (:/'/  2001 1J' 2CJ 9(/ 'DDG 'D/H1J  3FHJ) 'D61J() 9DI 'D/.D AJ B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 'D91'BJ 1BE 113 D3F)1982 'DE9/D 'DF'A0  13'D) E',3*J1  CDJ) 5/'E DD-BHB / ,'E9) 5/'E ('DFG1JF) 2002E. 5'D- JH3A 9,JF) 61J() 'D/.D AJ 'D91'B EF 'DH,G) 'DAFJ) H'D'B*5'/J) HAB' D".1 'D*9/JD'* 'DB'FHFJ)  #71H-) /C*H1'G EF4H1)  'DE7(9) 'D9'DEJ)  'DB'G1)  1965. 9DJ G'/J 97J) E71 'DGD'DJ  *B/J1 'D/.D H%.6'9G DD61J() AJ B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 'D91'BJ  13'D) E',3*J1  CDJ) 'DB'FHF / ,'E9) (:/'/  2001. A6JD) 9('3 :'&(  31J'F B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D (/1'3) EB'1F))  13'D) E',3*J1 ,'E9) 'DH5D / CDJ) 'DB'FHF 2004. B(3 -3F 9H'/ 'D(/1'FJ  'DE1C2 'DB'FHFJ DDECDA 'D61J(J AJ 61J() 'D/.D "/1'3) EB'1F) " #71H-) /C*H1'G  ,'E9) 'DEH5D /CDJ) 'DB'FHF 2002. BJ/'1 9(/ 'DB'/1 5'D-  13'D) E',3*J1  CDJ) 'DB'FHF/ ,'E9) 'DEH5D 2002. BJ51 ,9A1 J-JI  'D3D7) 'D*B/J1J) DD%/'1) 'D61J(J) AJ A16 61J() 'D/.D AJ 'DB'FHF 'D91'BJ  #71H-) /C*H1'G  CDJ) 'DB'FHF / ,'E9) (:/'/  2004 1'(9' :- 'D(-H+ H'D/1'3'*. 1- /. .'D/ 'D5H'A /. E/-* 9('3 #EJF *B/J1 'D61J() AJ B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 'D91'BJ 1BE 113 D3F) 1982 H'DB'FHF 'DE51J 1BE 175 D3F) 1981  E,D) 'DB6'!  'D9// 'D#HD  'D3F) 'D1'(9) H'D+D'+HF  1988. 2- /. 9H6 A'6D 'D/DJEJ  'D*B'/E 'D61J(J 'DE3B7 AJ F7'B B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 'D91'BJ 1BE 131 D3F) 1982 'DE9/D 'DF'A0  E,D) /1'3'* 'B*5'/J)  'D9// 'D+'FJ /'D3F) 'D+'FJ 2000. 3- /.B(3 -3F 9H'/ 'D(/1'FJ  -BHB H'D*2'E'* 'D%/'1) 'D61J(J) HAB' DB'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 1BE 113 D3F) 1982 'DE9/D  E,D) 'DE$*E1 'D9DEJ 'D61J(J 'D#HD  ,2  (:/'/ H2'1) 'DE'DJ)  'DGJ&) 'D9'E) DD61'&(  2001. 4- /. BJ51 ,9A1 J-JI  9(/ 'DD7JA F'JA  'D7(J9) 'DB'FHFJ) D3D7) 'D%/'1) AJ *B/J1 'D61J() '*A'B'  E,D) CDJ) (:/'/ DD9DHE H'D'B*5'/J) 'D,'E9)  'D9//13  2006. .'E3' :- 'DC*( 'D3FHJ) H'DB1'1'* . 'DC*'( 'D3FHJ 'D5'/1 9F 'DGJ&) 'D9'E) DD61'&( D3F) 1994. 'DC*'( 'D3FHJ 'D5'/1 9F 'DGJ&) 'D9'E) DD61'&( D3F) 1995. E,EH9) 'DB1'1'* 'D61'&(J) 'DG'E) 'D5'/1) EF E-CE) *EJJ2 'D91'B HD,'F 'D*/BJB -HD *7(JB'* B'FHFJ 61J() 'D/.D H'D*1C'* DD3FH'* 1959  1978  1979 E/J1J) 61J() 'D/.D 'D9'E)  (:/'/ . 'D*9DJE'* H'DB1'1'* H'D*9/JD'* 'D.'5) (61J() 'D/.D 'DEGF) ('D#1'6J H'D#9E'D 'D*,'1J) ) 'D5'/1) EF #B3'E H49( 'DGJ&) 'D9'E) DD61'&( A19 FJFHI/ 'D#JEF  H2'1) 'DE'DJ)  2001. '-/+ #-C'E E-CE) 'DFB6 9F 'D61'&( EF4H1) 9DI 'DEHB9 'D'DC*1HFJ:  HYPERLINK "http://www.esnips.com" www.esnips.com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(5) J5/1 'D*B/J1 'D#HDI EF 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) AJ -'D *.DA 'DECDA 9F *B/JE %B1'1G .D'D 'DE/) 'DE-//) B'FHF'  HJ5/1 B1'1 'D*B/J1 'D%/'1J A'FG J5/1 %0' *.DA 'DECDA= =9F *B/JE %B1'1G (9/ %(D':G ('D*B/J1 'D#HDJ  %E' 9F 'DB1'1 'D5'/1 9F GJ&) 'D'9*1'6 A'FG J5/1 AJ -'D DE JH'AB 'DECDA 9DI F*J,) B1'1 'D*/BJB 'D0J *,1(G 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) #H 9DI B1'1 'D*B/J1 'D'/1'J .D'D E/) D'*2J/ 9F 30 JHE EF 'D*(D: (G  'F81 'DAB1'* (((/2)'DE'/) (29)  (# / 'DE'/) 30)  (# / 'DE'/)31)  (( / 'DE'/) 32) EF B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 'D#1/FJ 'D,/J/ 1BE (28 ) D3F) (2009 ) .  ,'! B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 'DE51J (9('1) (DDE5D-) %,1'! 1(7 *B/J1J ....) #E' 'DB'FHF 'D#1/FJ AB/ ,'! (9('1) (J,H2 DDE/J1 #H EF JAH6G ....) (1) 'F81 E'3(B 5 18. (2) ,'! AJ 9,2 'DE'/) (32) EF B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 'D91'BJ 1BE 113 D3F) (1982) 'DE9/D 'DF'A0 " ................ %0' 8G1* D/JG' HB'&9 E'/J) (6EFG' 'D%.('1 'D*-1J1J ...........". (3) 'DB1'1 'D5'/1 9F 'DD,F) 'D'3*&F'AJ) 'D#HDI 1BE 7D1/1994 (*'1J. 16/5/1994 EF4H1 AJ 'DC*'( 'D3FHJ 'D5'/1 9F 'DGJ&) 'D9'E) DD61'&( D3F) 1994 . (1) 'DE'/) (57/2 2) H'DE'/) (58) EF B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 'D91'BJ 1BE (113)D3F) (1982) 'DE9/D 'DF'A0 (2) 'F81 E' 3(B 514C0DC F5 'DE'/) (56/1) EF B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 'D91'BJ 1BE 113 D3*)1982 'DE9/D 'DF'A0 . (3) 'DEH'/(145 155) EF B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 'DE51J 'DB/JE 1BE (178)'D3F)1993 . (4) 'DE'/)(90)  EF B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 'DE51J 'D,/J/ 1BE(91)D3F)( 2005). (5) F5* 'DE'/)(91)EF G0' 'DB'FHF 9DI ".....H*CHF G0G 'DE/) 3*) 3FH'* %0' C'F 'DEEHD E*G1(' EF #/'! 'D61J() . (6) 'DE'/)(133 )/E(135)  B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 'DE51J 'D,/J/ 1BE(91)D3F)( 2005). (1) 'DAB1)( # /'DE'/) 33 ) EF B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 'D#1/FJ 'DE$B* 'D,/J/ 1BE (28)D3F) (2009) . (1) 'F81 F5H5 'DEH'/ ( 53/, 53 54 )  B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 'D#1/FJ 'DE$B* 'D,/J/ 1BE (28)D3F) (2009). . (2) 'DAB1) (( / 'DE'/)33 ) 'DB'FHF 0'*G . (3) /. .DJD 9H'/ -4J4  E5/1 3'(B  5391 . (1) 'F81 B1'1 E,D3 4H1I 'D/HD) 'D91'BJ 1BE (23) D3F)(1987) (*'1J. 27/9/1987 E4'1 #DJG D/I %(1'GJE -EJ/ 'D2(J/J  *-5JD /JF 61J() 'D/.D AJ 'D91'B  13'D) E',3*J1  CDJ) 'DB'FHF / ,'E9) (:/'/  2001  5162. (2) 'DE5/1 FA3G  FA3 'D5A-). (3) E-E/ 9DHE E-E/ 9DJ 'DE-EH/  E5/1 3'(B  5247 . (4) /. 9H6 A'6D %3E'9JD  E5/1 3'(B 552 . (5) JF81 'D#9E'E 'D5'/1 9F E/J1 9'E 'DGJ&) 'D9'E) DD61'&( 1BE 5/3121(*'1J. 6/2/1995  EF4H1 6EF 'D*9DJE'* H'DB1'1'* H'D*9/JD'* 'D.'5) (61J()= ='D/.D 'DEGF) ('D#1'6J H'D#9E'D 'D*,'1J) ) 'D5'/1) EF #B3'E H49( 'DGJ&) 'D9'E) DD61'&( A19 FJFHI 'D#JEF  H2'1) 'DE'DJ)  2001  5162 . (1) /.B(3 -3F 9H'/ 'D(/1'FJ  -BHB H'D*2'E'* 'D%/'1) 'D61J(J) HAB' DB'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 1BE 113 D3F) 1982 'DE9/D  E,D) 'DE$*E1 'D9DEJ 'D61J(J 'D#HD  ,2  (:/'/ H2'1) 'DE'DJ)  'DGJ&) 'D9'E) DD61'&(  2001 54 . (2) #. BJ51 ,9A1 J-JI  'D3D7) 'D*B/J1J) DD%/'1) 'D61J(J)  E5/1 3'(B  5148 . (3) 'DE'/) (91) EF B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 'DE51J 'D,/J/ 1BE (91).D3F) 2005 . (1) 'DAB1'* (#/() 'DB'FHF 0'*G. (2) /. .DJD 9H'/ -4J4  E5/1 3'(B  5392 . (1) ,'! AJ G0G 'DE'/) "9DI 'D3D7) 'DE'DJ) #F *(D: 'DECDA .7J' (/A9 'D61J() E9JF) EB/'1G' H*'1J. '3*-B'BG' H*9*(1 *HBJ9 'DECDA 9DI E0C1) 'D*B/J1 *(DJ:' DG ('D/A9 " . (2) 'DB1'1 'D5'/1 9F D,F) 'D*/BJB 'D+'D+) 'DE1BE 99 AJ 3/5/1978  E,EH9) 'DB1'1'* 'D61'&(J) 'DG'E) 'D5'/1) EF E-CE) *EJJ2 'D91'B HD,'F 'D*/BJB -HD *7(JB'* B'FHFJ 61J() 'D/.D H'D*1C'* DD3FH'* 1959  1978  1979 E/J1J) 61J() 'D/.D 'D9'E)  (:/'/  5241- 242 . (3) 9DJ G'/J 97J)  E5/1 3'(B 558 . (1) 'D3J/ 97J) 9(/ 'DH'-/  E5/1 3'(B  5 550- 551 . (2) 'DE'/) (33 / ,) EF B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D 'D#1/FJ 'D,/J/ 1BE (28)D3F) 2009.     PAGE 264 E,D) 'D1'A/JF DD-BHB  'DE,D/ (14)  'D9// (50)  'D3F) (16) PAGE 305 'D*B/J1 'D%6'AJ AJ B'FHF 61J() 'D/.D Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (14), No. (50), Year (16) Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (14), No. (50), Year (16) hjlnv~Ăʂ̂Ԃă$*vxBڋ܋NPRT\`κ߀qq߀q߀ߥqqq_κq"h^%h^%CJZ^J_HaJo(hMxCJZ^J_HaJo(h^%h^%CJ^J_HaJo((hMxh$%5CJZ\^J_HaJo((hMxh^%5CJZ\^J_HaJo('jh$%h^%CJH*UZ^JaJ!h$%h5CJH*Z^JaJo("h^%h^%CJZ^J_HaJo(h$%CJZ^J_HaJo(%Fjlnp fn`bdfln~ܒ&.0о߭߭ߊx߭hYh5CJZ^J_HaJo(h^%h^%CJ^J_HaJo("h^%h$%CJZ^J_HaJo(h$%CJZ^J_HaJo('jh$%h^%CJH*UZ^JaJ!h$%h5CJH*Z^JaJo("h^%hMxCJZ^J_HaJo(h^%CJZ^J_HaJo("h^%h^%CJZ^J_HaJo(hMxCJZ^J_HaJo("hnΖЖ&F8.$L^L`a$gd? $^`a$gdN $a$gd+SE$L^L`a$gdMx $a$gdMx $a$gd^%0:<ΖЖ$&&(fhқԛ֛؛<`bdf <Bxžܞ<yyyy'jh$%h^%CJH*UZ^JaJ!h$%h5CJH*Z^JaJo("h^%h^%CJZ^J_HaJo(h9oh+SECJZ^JaJo(h9oh^%CJZ^JaJo(h+SECJZ^J_HaJo(hMxCJZ^J_HaJo("h^%h^%CJZ^J_HaJo(.ʢ֢~jrtx~,.028BĪȪ.8:<tvخڮܮޮίүBFHκκ߫߫߫κ߫߫߫߫߫ߛκ߫κ߫߫߫߫߫߫h^%h^%CJ^J_HaJo(h? 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