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Abstract The role of general balance does not get completed by just preparation, dependence, and application, but it should get through the stage of supervision on applying the general balance in order to make sure of the extent of conformity of the estimations of general balance with what has been really achieved. The sides of financial supervision vary, there is a precedent, subsequent, or contemporary supervision. If we look at it from the timing view, we can see an administrative, legislative, or dependent supervision, since we took its source in consideration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ebuchan dnezzor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ollxels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agna charta) H'D5'/1) 9'E 1215 'D*J H69* 'D-,1 'D#3'3 DF4#) 'D1B'() 'D(1DE'FJ)  CE' #C/ G0' 'DE(/# #J6'K AJ %9D'F 'D-BHB (Petition of Rights) 'D5'/1 9'E 1628  +E H+JB) /3*H1 'D-BHB (The Bill of Rights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ontrol) EF #C+1 'DE57D-'* 'D*J *-ED E9'FM E*9//) HE.*DA) AJ 'DHB* 0'*G F0C1 EFG' E' J#*J() : *-ED E9FI E1',9) 'D4J! #H A-5G DD*#C/ EF 5-*G #H -3F 3J1G #H EB'1F) 4J! (E' H1/ AJ E5/1 #H #5D (To check or verify) . *-ED E9FI 'DEB'1F) E9 E9J'1 #H E3*HI (To compare with a standard) . *-ED E9FI 'DBH) #H 3D7) 'D*H,JG (Power of directory) . *-ED E9FI 'D3G1 H'DED'-8) (Surveillance) . H*-ED E9FI 'D*F8JE #H 'D6(7 #H 'D*9/JD (To regulate) . H*-ED E9FI 'D*A*J4 (Inspection) . H('D1:E EF *9// E9'FJ CDE) 'D1B'() AJ 'DD:) 'D'FCDJ2J) A'FG JECF DF' EE' *B/E *-/J/ +D'+ '*,'G'* E*EJ2) DE9FI CDE) 'D1B'() GJ : 'D'*,'G 'D#HD : 'DE1',9) #H 'DA-5 #H 'DEB'1F) DD*#C/ EF 5-) 4J! E' #J JG*E ('D,'F( 'DH8JAJ HJ1C2 9DI 'D#G/'A . 'D'*,'G 'D+'FJ : 'D*H,JG #H 'DBJ'/) . 'D'*,'G 'D+'D+ : 'D6(7 #H 'D*F8JE #H 'D*9/JD . #E' 'DE9FI 'DD:HJ DDCDE) 'D'FCDJ2J) (Control) AJ4J1 %DI #F G0G 'DCDE) E4*B) EF 'DCDE) 'DA1F3J) (Controis) H**#DA EF EB79JF 'DEB79 'D#HD (Contre) #E' 'DEB79 'D+'FJ (role) HC'F JB5/ (G 'D3,D 'D0J J*6EF #3E'! E9JF) #E' EB79 (Contre) AC'F JB5/ (G 'D3,D 'D".1 'D0J J-*HJ #3E'!K J1'/ E7'(B*G' E9 'D#3E'! 'DH'1/) ('DB'&E) 'D#HDI DD*-BB EF 3D'E*G'  #J #F CDE) (Control) *-ED E9FI 'D1B'()() . H('D1:E EF H,H/ 9/) E9'FM DDE57D- 'D'FCDJ2J (Control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enri Fayol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aman ohandram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rior Control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ccompaniment Control) : H**E+D G0G 'D1B'() (9EDJ'* 'DE*'(9) 'D*J *,1JG' #,G2) 'D1B'() 'DE.*5) AJ 'D/HD) 9DI F4'7'* 'D3D7) 'D*FAJ0J) 'DE*9DB) ('DFAB'* 'D9'E) 'DH'1/) AJ EH'2F) 'D/HD)()  HGJ 9'/) E' *#.0 4CD 'D*B'1J1 'D4G1J) #H 'DA5DJ) #H 'D3FHJ) -HD 3J1 9EDJ'* 'D%FA'B 'D9'E AJ %/'1'* H#,G2) 'D/HD) 'DE.*DA)  HJ*E (H'37) G0G 'D1B'() E7'(B) 'D.7H'* 'D*J *BHE (G' 'D3D7) 'D*FAJ0J) H#,G2*G' E9 'D.7) E3(B'K  HGJ :'D('K E' *CHF 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) DD/HD) AJE' J*9DB ('DFAB'* 'D9'E) 9DI H,G 'D.5H5 . H*E'13 G0G 'D1B'() /'.D 'DH-/) 'D%/'1J) 0'*G' HEF B(D 'DH2'1) 'DE41A) 9DI #9E'D 'DH-/) 'D*FAJ0J) HEF B(D 'D#,G2) 'D1B'(J) 'DE*.55)() . HJ9*E/ G0' 'DFH9 EF #FH'9 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) 9DI *HA1 E9DHE'* /BJB) -HD #/'! 'DH-/) 'D%/'1J) AJ 'D9EDJ'* 'DE'DJ) H0DC D*D'AJ -/H+ 'D'F-1'A'* H'D#.7'! AJ 'D9EDJ'* 'DE'DJ) 'DE*9DB) ('D%FA'B . +'D+'K : 'D1B'() 'DD'-B) 9DI 'D*FAJ0 (Posterior Control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HGJ *BHE (H',('*G' AJ A*1'* /H1J) EF8E) #H E*B79) CE' HF5* 'DE'/) (36) EF 'DB'FHF 0'*G 9DI 'FG : (J,( #F J-*HJ CD E3*F/ 51A 9DI *5/JB 'D#E1 ('D51A H*HBJ9 'DEH8A 'DE3$HD 9F %-6'1 'DE3*F/ HD' J,H2 -51 5D'-J) 'D#E1 ('D51A H5D'-J) %-6'1 E3*F/ 'D51A AJ 4.5 H'-/ H9DI 'DH2'1'* H'D/H'&1 #F *D'-8 9DI 'D/H'E *-HJD 5D'-J) 'D#E1 ('D51A %DI :J1 'DEH8A 'DE3$HD 9F %-6'1 E3*F/'* 'D51A HJEF9 'D#E1 ('D51A 9F *5/JB E3*F/'* 'D51A 'D*J *.*5 (4.5G %D' %0' C'F GH 'D1&J3 'D#9DI DD/'&1)) . HJ3*A'/ EF G0' 'DF5 GH #F 'D:16 EF 9/E ,H'2 -51 E3*F/'* 'D51A H*-6J1G' (4.5 H'-/ D*92J2 3D7) 1&J3 'D/'&1) AJ A16 1B'(*G HE*'(9*G 'D%/'1J) H'D*-BB EF 5-) #9E'D 'D51A 'DEGJ#) EF B(D 'D#B3'E H'D49( 'DE'DJ) 'D*J GJ ("E1'*G . #E' 1B'() H2'1) 'DE'DJ) AE5/1G' F5 'DE'/*'F (33 23) EF B'FHF #5HD 'DE-'3('* 'D9'E) '0 F5 'DB'FHF 9DI 'FG : (J1'B( H2J1 'DE'DJ) E9'ED'* 'D/HD) E1'B() 9'E) HGH 'DE3$HD 9F 'D-3'('* 'DE*9DB) (,EJ9 'DEB(H6'* H'DE/AH9'* 'D*J *,1J EF B(D ,EJ9 'DH2'1'* H'D/H'&1 'D-CHEJ) 3H'! #C'F* 9'&/) %DI 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) #E %DI :J1G' HDG 'D-B AJ *A*J4 H*/BJB 'DE9'ED'* 'DE'DJ) 'D-3'(J) H%JA'/ 'DEA*4JF H'DE/BBJF D%,1'! 'D*A*J4 H'D*/BJB DG0' 'D:16 HAB'K DDBH'FJF H'D#F8E) H'D*9DJE'* 'DE'DJ) 'DE19J)) . +'FJ'K : 1B'() H2'1) 'DE'DJ) **HDI H2'1) 'DE'DJ) H#,G2*G' ('D91'B 'DEGE) 'D#3'3J) AJ 'D1B'() 9DI *FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) D'9*('1G' 'D,G) 'DE3$HD) 9F FAB'* 'D/HD) H%J1'/'*G'  H*BHE (*FAJ0 G0G 'D1B'() 9F 71JB H-/'* 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) 'D*'(9) DG' AJ CD /'&1) H9F 71JB #,G2*G' 'DE1C2J) AJ 'DH2'1) H'D/H'&1 'D1&J3) 'D*'(9) DG' HCE' J#*J : 1. 'D1B'() 'D3'(B) : DB/ '.0 'DE419 'D91'BJ (E(/# 'D1B'() 'D3'(B) 9DI 'D51A H0DC EF .D'D %,1'! 'D*/BJB 'DE'DJ H'D-3'(J 'DD'2E EF B(D 'D#,G2) 'DE'DJ) H'D-3'(J) AJ 'DE$33'* H'D/H'&1 'D-CHEJ) HG0' E' #C/*G F5 'DE'/) (29) EF B'FHF #5HD 'DE-'3('* 'D9'E) 0H 'D1BE 28 D3F) 1940 'DE9/D 'D0J ,'! AJG (9DI E/J1J 'D-3'('* H1$3'! HED'-8J 'D-3'('* H'DE-'3(JF HE/J1J 'D.2'&F #F JE*F9H' 9F B(HD 51A 'DE('D: E*I C'F* 41H7 'D51A 'DE9JF) AJ 'DBH'FJF H'D#F8E) H'D*9DJE'* :J1 E3*CED) HJ,( #F J$41H' 9DI #H1'B 'D51A #3('( 'D'E*F'9 9F 'D51A ...'D.) CE' #C/ B1'1 E,D3 BJ'/) 'D+H1) 'D3'(B 0H 'D1BE 255 D3F) 1980 9DI 61H1) BJ'E 'D#,G2) H'DE3$HDJF 9F 'DE9'ED'* 'D*J ,1* .D'A'K DDBH'FJF H'D#F8E) H'D*9DJE'* 'DE'DJ) *(9'* E.'DA*GE D0DC  CE' #F B'FHF 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) 0' 'D1BE (194) D3F) 1980 'DED:J B/ F5 AJ 'DE'/) (6) EFG 9DI 'FG (DD1&J3 #F JB11 'D1B'() 'D3'(B) 9DI 'D51A AJ #J) /'&1) #H #J) ,G) .'69) DD1B'() J1I #F 'DE5D-) 'D9'E) */9H %DI %,1'! G0' 'DFH9 EF 'D1B'() AJG'..'D.) . 2. 'D1B'() 'DD'-B) : *BHE H2'1) 'DE'DJ) ('D1B'() 'DD'-B) 9DI *FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) AJ 'DF8'E 'D91'BJ -J+ F5* 'DE'/) (33) EF B'FHF #5HD 'DE-'3('* 'D91'BJ 'DF'A0 9DI 'FG : (H2J1 'DE'DJ) E3$HD 9F 'D-3'('* 'DE*9DB) (,EJ9 'DEB(H6'* H'DE/AH9'* 'D*J *,1J AJ ,EJ9 'DH2'1'* H'D/H'&1 'D-CHEJ) 3H'! #C'F* 9'&/) %DI 'DEJ2'FJ) 'D9'E) #E 'DEJ2'FJ'* 'DED-B) (G' HDG #F J1'B(G' HJ/BB E9'ED'*G' 'DE'DJ) H'D-3'(J) H'F JHA/ 'DEH8AJF DG0' 'D:16) . CE' F5* 'DE'/) (38) EF 'DB'FHF 'DE0CH1 9DI (*/BJB -3'('* E/J1H 'D-3'('* H1$3'! ED'-8J 'D-3'('* H'DE-'3(JF HE9'HFJGE HE/J1J 'D.2'&F AJ FG'J) CD 3F) #H 9F/ 'F*G'! H8JA*GE EF B(D E/BBJ 'D-3'('* 9DI #F 0DC D' JEF9 EF %,1'! 'D*/BJB AJ #J HB* C'F 3H'! EF B(D 'DEA*4JF 'DE'DJJF #H E1'B(J H/JH'F E1'B( 'D-3'('* 'D9'E ... 'D.) CE' F5* 'DE'/) (4) EF B'FHF /JH'F 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) 0H 'D1BE 194 D3F) 1980 'DED:J 9DI G0' 'DFH9 EF 'D1B'() -J+ ,'! AJG (*4ED 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) 'D'D*2'E'* H'DEH,H/'* (#FH'9G' C'A) H'D*-BB EF 3D'E) '3*./'EG' H'DE-'A8) 9DJG' HA-5 'DH+'&B H'DE3*F/'* H'D9BH/ H'D3,D'* H'D/A'*1 'D-3'(J) H'DEH'2F'* H'D-3'('* 'D.*'EJ) H'DB1'1'* H'D#H1'B H*-BJB'K D0DC D3D7) 'D1B'() -B 'D'7D'9 H'DE9'ED'* C'A) 9'/J) C'F* #E 31J) ... 'D.) . +'D+'K : 1B'() 'DEA*4JF 'D9EHEJJF 'DEA*4HF 'D9EHEJHF GJ EC'*( #F4&* /'.D 'DH2'1'* 'D91'BJ)()  'D:16 EFG' 'DBJ'E (%,1'!'* 'D*-BJB H'D*/BJB H'D*BJJE H'D*A*J4 H#J F4'7 ".1 DDE1',9) 9DI 'D#/'!9DI HAB 'DE9'JJ1 'DEGFJ) 'DE9*1A (G' 9EHE'K()  #E' *B'1J1GE A*1A9 %DI 'DH2J1 'DE.*5 E('41) AJ 'DH2'1) 'D*J J9ED AJG'  %D' %0' C'F *B1J1G E*6EF'K 4CHI #H '/9'!'* 9DI 'DH2J1 'D0J J9ED AJ H2'1*G AJ1A9 %DI EAH6J) 'DF2'G)  HJCHF 9EDG E3*BD'K /'.D 'DH2'1) (-J+ DF J-'HD #J A1/ #H #J *F8JE EF9 #H 91BD) 'DEA*4 'D9'E EF 'DBJ'E ('D#9E'D 'DE51- DG 'DBJ'E (G'()  #E' EG'EGE AGJ A-5 H*/BJB HE1',9) 3,D'* H*DBJ 'D4C'HI 'DE*9DB) (%9E'D 'D:4 H'D*(0J1 EF #J E5/1 HEE'13) #J F4'7 'D:16 EFG EF9 #9E'D 'D:4 H%3'!) 'D*51A H'D*9'HF E9 'D,G'* 'D%/'1J) H'DFJ'(J) H'DE-'CE H'DE-BBJF H'DGJ&'* HGJ&) 'DF2'G) 'D9'E) (E3'9/*G' AJ *#/J) EG'EG'()  H'D3D7'* 'DEEFH-) DG' %EC'FJ) 'DH5HD /HF BJ/ %DI ,EJ9 EC'*( 'DH2'1) H'DI 'DEH'B9 'D*'(9) DG' H3D7) %5/'1 '3*/9'! 'D4GH/ H'D'3*E'9 DGE A6D'K 9F DG' 3D7) 'DH5HD %DI 'DH2J1 'D0J J9ED AJ H2'1*G D#:1'6 **9DB (9ED 'DEC*(()  #E' *B'1J1GE A*1A9 %DI 'DH2J1 'D*'(9 DG J(JF AJG ED'-8*G H*H5J'*G 'DE3*.D5) EF *FAJ0 EG'E 'DEC*( HJ*'- G0' 'D*B1J1 DD,EGH1 #H #,G2) 'D%9D'E (F'!K 9DI 7D(GE ('3*+F'! E' B/ J*6EFG EF E9DHE'* -3'3)() . J*6- EE' *B/E %F EC*( 'DEA*4 'D9'E #33 D*/BJB H*A*J4 EC'*( 'DH2'1) #J F7'B 9EDG E-5H1 6EF 9ED H2'1*G #J ED'-8) *7(JB 'DF8'E 'D/'.DJ DDH2'1) 'D*J J9ED (G' HG0' E' #C/G 'D#E1 0H 'D1BE (55) D3F) 2004 'D0J #F4&* (EH,(G GJ&) 'DF2'G) -J+ F5* 'DAB1) (,) EF 'DB3E (2) EFG (J*AGE E,D3 'D-CE 'F DDEAH6J) H'DGJ&) H'DEA*4HF 'D9EHEJHF E3$HDJ'* -//* E,'D'*G' (H6H- ... H'F 'DEA*4HF 'D9EHEJHF (/H1GE 9DJGE *7(JB 'DF8'E AJ H2'1*GE H'DE-'A8) 9DJG  H9DJGE 9D'H) 9DI 0DC  'D*-BJB AJ ,EJ9 'D#EH1 'DE-'D) %DJGE H*B/JE F*'&, *-BJB'*GE H*H5J'*GE %DI 'DH2J1 5'-( 'D9D'B) H'DI 'DEAH6J) DDE1',9) 'DFG'&J) H'*.'0 'D*/'(J1 'DED'&E)) EF G0' J*6- ('F EC*( 'DEA*4 'D9'E J9*(1 ,G'2 3'F/ D/JH'F 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) HGJ&) 'DF2'G) . H%0' 1,9F' %DI 'DAB1) (2) EF 'DB3E (2) 'D0J JF5 9DI (J9JF 'DE/J1 'D%/'1J D3D7) 'D'&*D'A 'DE$B*) 'DEA*4 'D9EHEJ 'D0J J4:D G0' 'DEF5( D#HD E1) AJ CD H2'1) ... 'D.) E'0' JB5/ D#HD E1)  GD #F 'D91'B DE J91A G0' 'D9ED 3'(B'K  A%0' C'F 0DC AG0' :J1 5-J- D'F 'D91'B #F4# ,G'2 'D*A*J4 'DE'DJ D#HD E1) 3F) 1928 (EH,( B'FHF *A*J4 'D#EH1 'DE'DJ) 0J 'D1BE 43 D3F) 1928 'D0J 'D:J (EH,( B'FHF 'D*A*J4 'DE'DJ 0H 'D1BE 143 D3F) 1959 HB/ 'F4# G0' 'DB'FHF GJ&) *A*J4J) *1*(7 (H2'1) 'DE'DJ) H**DBI EFG' 'D*9DJE'* H'D#H'E1 H*1A9 %DJG' ,EJ9 'D*B'1J1 H'D#H1'B 'D*-BJBJ)()  #E' *9JF H%B'D) 'DEA*4 'D9'E A*CHF EF B(D 1&J3 'DH21'! (F'! 9DI *14J- EF 'DEAH6J) 'D9'E) DDF2'G) H%B'D*G J*E (F'!'K 9DI 'B*1'- E3(( EF 'DEAH6J) 'D9'E) DDF2'G) #J6'K() . HEE' *,/1 'D%4'1) %DJG 'F GF'C #,G2) #.1I *('41 'D1B'() 'D%/'1J) AJ 'D91'B EFG' H2'1) 'D*.7J7() HD'3JE' E*'(9) *FAJ0 E4'1J9 'D(1'E, 'D'3*+E'1J) . 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ 'D#,G2) 'D*J *E'13 'D1B'() 'D%/'1J) AJ 'D*41J9 'DEB'1F %F 'D1B'() 'D%/'1J) AJ 'D*41J9 'D'FCDJ2J **E+D ('D1B'() 'D*3D3DJ) (JF 'DE3*HJ'* 'D%/'1J) C'A)  %0 JBHE F8'E 'DH8JA) 'D9'E) AJ 'FCD*1' 9DI #3'3 'D*/1, 'D1&'3J 'D0J JECF 'D3D7) 'D#9DI EF -B EE'13) 'D#41'A H'D1B'() (-B 'DE3*HJ'* 'D#/FI  #E' 'D5H1) 'DG'E) H'D1&J3) DD1B'() 'D%/'1J) 9DI *FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) AJ 'D*41J9 'D'FCDJ2J A**E+D AJ H2'1) 'D.2'F) 'D(1J7'FJ) (British Treasury) 'D*J #F4&* 9'E 1960 H*E+D G0G 'DH2'1) EC'F) E1EHB) H*9/ 'DE1C2 'D1&J3 DH-/'* 'D%/'1) C'A) HGJ 'DE3$HD) %DI /1,) C(J1) 9F C'A) 4$HF 'D,G'2 'D%/'1J HEE'13) 'D%41'A H'D1B'() 9DI *FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) DD/HD) . HEE' *,/1 'D%4'1) %DJG %F 1B'() H2'1) 'D.2'F) D' *3*F/ %DI 3F/ B'FHFJ H%FE' *3*F/ %DI 'D91A H'DI #3('( *'1J.J) H/3*H1J) H'DI E3$HDJ) H2'1) 'D.2'F) EF *F3JB 'D3J'3'* 'DE'DJ) H'D'B*5'/J) DD-CHE) HD' J*HBA /H1 H2'1) 'D.2'F) 9F *FAJ0 9EDJ'* 'D51A H'D*-5JD (D JE*/ DJ4ED 4$HF 'D./E) 'DE/FJ)() . #E' 'D1B'() 'D%/'1J) AJ 'D*41J9 'DA1F3J A**E+D (E' J#*J : #HD'K : 1B'() 'DE1'B( 'DE'DJ : %0 F5* 'DE'/) (1) EF 'DE13HE 'D5'/1 (*'1J. 23/1/1956 9DI 'FG : (J/J1 'DE1'B(HF 'DE'DJHF /'&1) 'DE-'3() H1B'() 'DFAB'* 'DE9JF)  HJE'13HF 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) 9DI 'DEC'*( 'D%/'1J) H'DGJ&'* 'D.'5) 'D*J *3*AJ/ EF /9E -CHEJ  HJH69 G$D'! 'DE1'B(HF *-* 3D7) H2J1 'DE'DJ) HJ9JFHF (B1'1 EFG) . #J #F 'DE1'B( DG 5A) E1'B( E'DJ #+F'! 9B/ 'DFAB) H#+F'! E1-D) 'D#E1 ('D/A9 CE' 'FG J*E*9 (5A) E3*4'1'K ('9*('1 'FG EE+D'K DH2J1 'DE'DJ)() . +'FJ'K : 1B'() 'DE-'3( 'D9'E : HB/ -// 'D#E1 'DE'DJ 'D5'/1 AJ 2/12/1959 H8JA) 'DE-'3( 'D9'E 9F/E' F5 9DI #F: (CD 'DH+'&B 'DEB/E) H'DE,E9) EF "E1 'D51A *13D %DI 'DE-'3( 'DECDA ('D/A9) CE' F5* 'DE'/) (1) EF 'DE13HE 'D5'/1 AJ 29/12/1962 9DI 'FG (JBHE 'DE-'3(HF 'D9'EDHF (*FAJ0 #H'E1 'D,('J) H'DH'1/'*  HJ/BBHF 'DE5'1JA #E' (A9D #H'E1 'D"E1 ('D51A  H#E' (F'! 9DI #EH1 JB/EG' 'D/'&FHF #H 'D%/'1)  HJ-'A8HF 9DI #3E'! 'DGJ&'* 'D9'E) HBJEG' HJE3CHF -3'('* CD 'D9EDJ'* HJ*-BBHF EF -A8 ,EJ9 'D#H1'B 'D+(H*J) DD9EDJ'*) . J*6- ('F 'DE-'3( 'D9'E DG /H1 A'9D AJ 'D1B'() 9DI "E1J 'D51A  HD' JBHE (*FAJ0 #J #E1 ('D/A9 %D' (9/ 'D*#C/ EF 'D41H7 'D4CDJ) H'DE'/J) 'D61H1J) EF ',D *FAJ0G() . +'D+'K : 1B'() GJ&) 'D*A*J4 'DE'DJ 'D9'E : HGJ ,G'2 1B'(J J1*(7 E('41)K (H2J1 'DE'DJ)  HB/ #-/+* AJ 9G/ 'D%5D'- (EH,( 'DE13HE 'D5'/1 AJ 10/3/1831 HJ9H/ #5DG' %DI 'D*A*J4 'D9'E DD.2JF) 'DEH,H/ (4CD /'&E EF0 9'E 1801 HDCFG' 'DJHE *E'13 9EDG' (EH,( #-C'E 'DE13HE 'D5'/1 AJ 14/3/1973  H*9/ G0G 'DGJ&) H3JD) DD*B/E AJ 'D3DC 'DH8JAJ F-H 'D#A6D HC'F* 1B'(*G' AJ 'D#5D *E'13 9DI 'DE-'3(JF  #E' 'D"F AB/ 'E*/* %DI B7'9'* H'39) AJ 'D%/'1) 'DE'DJ) 'D9'E)  HCHFG' DE *5/1 #J) 9BH() (4CD E('41 A'F 1B'(*G' *E+D (4CD #3'3J E1'B() *BJJE AGJ *(/# EF 'D4CD 'D1B'() 'D*BDJ/J 'DE*E+D (@(E1'B() 'DE-'3(JF 'D9'EJF) %DI #C+1 *7H1'K E*E+D'K (@('D*-BJB'*  E-61J 'D#-C'E  EFA0J 'DBH'FJF) H**EJ2 G0G 'DGJ&) (ED'CG' 'DE.*51 HEG'EG' 'DH'39)() . #E' AJ E51 AJH,/ 'D9/J/ EF 'D#,G2) 'D*J *E'13 'D1B'() 'D%/'1J) EFG' 'D1B'() 'D0'*J) H'D/'.DJ) DD,G'2 'D*FAJ0J 'DE*E+D) ('DH21'! H1$3'! 'DH-/'* 'D-CHEJ) H1B'() H2'1) 'DE'DJ) 'D3'(B) H'DD'-B)() . H1B'() H2'1) 'D*.7J7 'D*J *BHE (E*'(9) *FAJ0 'D.7) 'D'B*5'/J) 9DI E3$HDJ) H2'1) 'D*.7J7 HE*'(9*G' A6D'K 9F E*'(9) *FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) DD/HD)() . H1B'() (FC 'D'3*+E'1 'DBHEJ 'D0J #F4& (EH,( F5 'DE'/) (2) EF 'DB'FHF 0J 'D1BE 119 D3F) 1980  H1B'() 'D(FC 'DE1C2J H1B'() 'D,G'2 'DE1C2J DD*F8JE H'D%/'1) 'D0J 5/1 (EH,( 'DB'FHF 1BE 118 D3F) 1964 H1B'() GJ&) 'D1B'() 'D%/'1J) 'D*J A5D* 9F 'DFJ'() 'D%/'1J) (EH,( 'DB'FHF 0H 'D1BE 54 D3F) 1964 #E' 'DFJ'() 'D%/'1J) AB/ #F4&* (EH,( 'DB'FHF 0H 'D1BE 117 D3F) 1958 CGJ&) E3*BD) ED-B) (1&'3) 'D,EGH1J) +E #D-B* (H2J1 'D9/D (EH,( 'DB'FHF 0H 'D1BE 28 D3F) 1968 HC0DC 1B'() #,G2) 'DE('-+ H'DE.'(1'* 'D9'E) 'DE51J)() . #E' 'D1B'() AJ 'D#1/F A**E+D #J6' ('D1B'() 'D0'*J) H'D/'.DJ) DD,G'2 'D*FAJ0J -J+ J*HDI G0G 'D1B'() E,D3 'DH21'! H'DH21'! H'DE3$HDJF AJ 'D*3D3D 'D1&'3J 'D*F8JEJ AJ 'D#,G2) 'D%/'1J) 'DE.*DA) H1B'() H2'1) 'DE'DJ) 'D3'(B) H'DD'-B)()  H1B'() H2'1) 'D*.7J7 'D*J *BHE (*HAJ1 E5'/1 'D*EHJD 'D#,F(J) DDE4'1J9 'D-CHEJ) 'D*FEHJ) 'DH'1/) AJ 'DEH'2F) HE*'(9) *FAJ0G'()  H1B'() 'D(FC 'DE1C2J 'D0J J9*(1 (FC DD-CHE) HHCJD E'DJ DG' H1B'() /JH'F 'D1B'() H'D*A*J4 'D0J #F4& (EH,( 'DF8'E 1BE 55 D3F) 1992 HJ1*(7 (1&J3 'DH21'! HJE'13 5D'-J'* 'DH2J1 AJ %/'1) 'D4$HF 'DE*9DB) ('D/JH'F() . #E' AJ 3H1J' A*HDI #,G2) 'D1B'() 'D%/'1J) 1B'() (E-'3( 'D%/'1)) %0 JH,/ AJ CD H2'1) #H E$33) #H GJ&) 9'E) E-'3( %/'1) #H #C+1 E3$HD #E'E H2'1) 'DE'DJ) H'D,G'2 'DE1C2J DD1B'() 'DE'DJ) 9F ,EJ9 'D#9E'D 'DEHCHD) %DJG() . H1B'() ('D%/'1) 'DE1C2J) DH2'1) 'DE'DJ)) 'D*J DJ3 DG' '.*5'5 AJ 'D1B'() (4CD E('41 H%FE' **HDI (96 ,H'F( EH6H9 'D1B'() EF .D'D E9'D,*G' #EH1 'DCA'D'* H'D-,2 H'D/9'HI (5H1) 9'E)() . H1B'() ('D,G'2 'DE1C2J DD1B'() 'DE'DJ)) H'D,G'2 9('1) 9F GJ&) E3*BD) *1*(7 (H2'1) 'DE'DJ) HJG/A %DI *-BJB 1B'() A9'D) 9DI #EH'D 'D/HD) HE*'(9) #/'! 'D#,G2) 'D*FAJ0J) 'D%/'1J) H'D'B*5'/J) AGH JE'13 1B'() /'.DJ) **5A (#FG' E'DJ) H1B'() E-'3(J) +'FJ'K H'B*5'/J) +'D+'K H*4ED 1B'(*G C'A) 'DH2'1'* H'D%/'1'* H'DGJ&'* 'D9'E) 0'* 'D7'(9 'D%/'1J H'DH-/'* 'D%/'1J) 'DE-DJ) H'DE$33'* 0'* 'D7'(9 'D'B*5'/J H'D41C'* H'DEF4"* 'D*'(9) DG'() . #E' AJ D(F'F A**E+D #,G2) 'D1B'() 'D%/'1J) (1B'() (H2'1) 'DE'DJ)) AGJ *4ED 1B'() *FAJ0 CD EF 'DH'1/'* H'DFAB'*  A6D'K 9F E1'B() 9B/ 'DFAB'* HJ*E 0DC EF .D'D E/J1J) 'DEH'2F) HE1'B() 'DFAB'*  E/J1J) 'D51AJ'*  E/J1J) 'D.2JF) H'D/JF 'D9'E  E/J1J) 'DE-'3() 'D9'E)  E/J1J) 'DH'1/'* A6D'K 9F H,H/ H-/'* %BDJEJ) ,EJ9G' *E'13 'D1B'() 9DI *FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E)  HC0DC JH,/ AJ D(F'F FH9 +'FJ EGE JE'13 'D1B'() %D' HGH 1B'() ('D*A*J4 'DE'DJ) HGJ GJ&) E3*BD) 9F #J) H2'1) HE1*(7) ('D*A*J4 'DE1C2J 'D0J 'F4& D/I 1&'3) 'DH21'! 9'E 1959 HDG' 5D'-J'* H'39) ,/'K *4ED ,EJ9 E1'-D *FAJ0 'DFAB'* H'D%J1'/'*() . EE' *B/E H(9/ '3*91'6F' DD#,G2) 'D*J *E'13 'D1B'() 'D%/'1J) AJ 'D*41J9 'D91'BJ H'DEB'1F J*6- ('F GF'C *4'(G %DI -/ C(J1 AJE' J*9DB ('D#,G2) 'D*J *E'13 'D1B'() 'D/'.DJ) HD'3JE' E' J*9DB (H2'1) 'DE'DJ) H/H1G' ('D1B'() H'D#,G2) 'DE1*(7) (G' -J+ JE'13 G0G 'D1B'() #4.'5 #H GJ&'* *1*(7 ('D%/'1) FA3G' H9EDG' JF5( 9DI *FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) 3H'! E' J*9DB ('D%J1'/'* #E 'DFAB'* HD' **6EF G0G 'D#,G2) #J) 9BH('* D0' AGJ 1B'() HB'&J) *-HD /HF HBH9 'D'F-1'A'* . #E' 'D'.*D'A AB/ D'-8F'G AJ GJ&) 'D*A*J4 'DE'DJ %0 JD'-8 'FG AJ CD EF E51 HA1F3' *1*(7 (H2J1 'DE'DJ) HAJ 'D#1/F *1*(7 (1&J3 'DH21'! HAJ D(F'F *1*(7 ('D*A*J4 'DE1C2J D1&'3) 'DH21'! #E' AJ 'D91'B AJD'-8 #F 'DEA*4 'D9'E J1*(7 (CD H2'1) J9ED (G' H*1A9 *B'1J1GE %DI 'DH2J1 'DE.*5 E('41) %D' %0' C'F *B1J1G J*6EF 4C'HI #H '/9'!'* 9DI 'DH2J1 'D0J J9ED AJ H2'1*G AJ1A9 %DI EAH6J) 'DF2'G) . 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AJ 'D,D3) 'D'9*J'/J) 'D3'(9) (*'1J. 4 *41JF 'D#HD 2009 (C1JE H-J/) H'D*J DE *+E1 %DI F*J,) (3(( '3*B'D) 'DH2J1 EF EF5(G  H'3*,H'( H2J1 'D*,'1) (9(/ 'DAD'- 'D3H/'FJ) H'D*J DE *+E1 GJ 'D#.1I 9F F*J,) H'6-) (3(( *B/JE 'DH2J1 '3*B'D*G HB(D* H*E %-'D*G %DI 'DB6'! H*E %7D'B 31'-G (CA'D) H#5(- E,GHD 'DE5J1 AD' *H,/ #J *51J-'* #H F*'&, *9DF 9F F*J,) 'D'3*,H'( #H 'D*-BJB E9 G0' 'DH2J1() . HC0DC '3*,H'( 'DEAH6J) 'D9DJ' DD'F*.'('* AJ 'D,D3) 'D'9*J'/J) 'D+'EF) DDE,D3 AJ 5 *41JF 'D#HD 2009 H'D*J DE *91A DG' FG'J) HD' F*J,)() . CD G0G 'D#E+D) */D 9DI 69A G0G 'DH3JD) EF 'D1B'() #J 69A 'D1B'() 'D*41J9J) (E,D3 'DFH'( 'D91'BJ) (3(( GJEF) 'DC*D H'D#-2'( 'DC(J1) 'D*J *BHE (*14J- 'DH21'! EF B(DG' A'DH2J1 'D0J JF*EJ %DI C*D) (1DE'FJ) C(J1) JCHF AJ E#EF EF G0G 'D71JB) HD'3JE' 9F/ %,1'! 'D*5HJ* AJCHF D5'D-G . D0' F-F F1I EF ',D *A9JD G0' 'DFH9 EF 'D1B'() D'(/ EF '.*J'1 'DH21'! 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H9DJG A'F G0G 'DD,'F D' *.*5 (#EH1 'D*-BJB H%FE' *-'D %DI 'DD,'F 'DE$B*) D#FG' EF 5EJE '.*5'5G' HD#FG' *4CD DG0' 'D:16() . HEF (JF 'DD,'F 'D/'&E) 0'* 'D9D'B) (E1'B() *FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) D,F) 'DF2'G) 'D*J *.*5 (E*'(9) 'DA3'/ 'D%/'1J H'DE'DJ AJ E.*DA #,G2) 'D/HD) HE*'(9) HE1'B() 9ED 'DGJ&'* HE$33'* 'DF2'G) (GJ&) 'DF2'G)  /'&1) 'DEA*4 'D9'E  /JH'F 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ)  ... 'D.)  H'B*1'- E41H9'* 'DBH'FJF 'DE*9DB) ('DF2'G)() . H'DD,F) 'DE'DJ) 'D*J *.*5 (E*'(9) 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) DD/HD) H'DEF'BD) (JF #(H'(G' H'B*1'- 'D*41J9'* 'DE*9DB) ('DCE'1C H'D61'&( H'D13HE HE*'(9) 'D(FHC H'D'&*E'F H'DB1H6 H'D*#EJF H'D%41'A 9DI %9/'/ EJ2'FJ) E,D3 'DFH'( HE*'(9) %9A'! 'D/JHF H'D*9HJ6'* 'D*J A16* 3'(B'K  HE*'(9) 'D3J'3) 'DE'DJ) DE.*DA H2'1'* HE$33'* 'D/HD)() . 3'(9'K : CE' #,'2 'D/3*H1 DE,D3 'DFH'( 3-( 'D+B) EF '-/ 'DH21'! ('D#:D(J) 'DE7DB)  HJ9/ E3*BJD'K EF *'1J. B1'1 3-( 'D+B)  HD' J,H2 71- EH6H9 'D+B) ('DH2J1 %D' (F'! 9DI 1:(*G #H 7D( EHB9 EF (50 96H'K)  '+1 EF'B4) '3*,H'( EH,G %DJG  HD' J5/1 'DE,D3 B1'1G AJ 'D7D( %D' (9/ 3(9) #J'E AJ 'D#BD EF *'1J. *B/JEG()  HC0DC J,H2 D1&J3 'D,EGH1J) *B/JE 7D( %DI E,D3 'DFH'( (3-( 'D+B) EF 1&J3 E,D3 'DH21'!()  CE' J-B DE,D3 'DFH'( (F'! 9DI 7D( .E3 (1/5) #96'&G 3-( 'D+B) EF 1&J3 E,D3 'DH21'! HD' J,H2 G0' 'D7D( %D' (9/ '3*,H'( EH,G %DI 1&J3 E,D3 'DH21'! H(9/ 3(9) #J'E AJ 'D#BD EF *B/JE 'D7D(() HJB1 E,D3 'DFH'( 3-( 'D+B) EF 1&J3 E,D3 'DH21'! ('D#:D(J) 'DE7DB) D9// #96'&G() . 'DA19 'D+'FJ 'D1B'() 'D*41J9J) 'DD'-B) *9/ G0G 'D1B'() 1B'() 4'ED) DCHFG' **F'HD ,EJ9 F*'&, 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) DD/HD) HGJ EF 'DF'-J) 'DE(/&J) 1B'() D'-B) D#FG' *#*J (9/ 'D*FAJ0 EF .D'D A-5 'D-3'( 'D.*'EJ H%B1'1G HDCF 0DC D' JEF9 E,D3 'DFH'( EF E1'B() *FAJ0 'DEH'2F) .D'D A*1) 'D*FAJ0 9F 71JB 'DD,'F 'DE'DJ) /'.D 'DE,D3 FA3G . -J+ F5* 'DE'/) (62/#HD'K) EF /3*H1 2005 9DI #F : (JB/E E,D3 'DH21'! E41H9 B'FHF 'DEH'2F) H'D-3'( 'D.*'EJ %DI E,D3 'DFH'( D%B1'1G)  H'F 'DE/) 'DE-//) D*B/JE 'D-3'( 'D.*'EJ *(/# EF 1/1 H*F*GJ AJ 30/6 EF 'D3F) 'D,/J/)() . HJ9*(1 916 'D-3'( 'D.*'EJ 9DI E,D3 'DFH'( #E1 61H1J D'F 'D3D7) 'D*41J9J) GJ 'D*J #B1* 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) D0' J*7D( 'D#E1 'D*#C/ EF #F 'D*.5J5'* 'DEEFH-) B/ FA0* ('DA9D  H'F 'D:16 'D#3'3J EF 916 'D-3'( 'D.*'EJ 9DI 'D(1DE'F GH D6E'F *-BJB 'DFAB'* 'D9'E) D#B5I B/1 EECF EF 'DEF'A9 DDE,*E9 HJ916 'D-3'( 'D.*'EJ (#3'DJ( E.*DA)  #E' 916 *A5JDJ #J 916 *A5JDJ DDFAB'* H'D%J1'/'* 9DI E3*HI 'DA5HD H'DEH'/ HG0' 'D916 (/H1G J*J- DD3D7) 'D*41J9J) **(9 E/I 'D*2'E 'D-CHE) ('D*.5J5'* 'D*J .55* ('DEH'2F)  HJ$EF DD3D7) 'D*41J9J) 916 4'ED H/BJB DF*'&, 'DEH'2F)  H'D916 'D%/'1J 'D0J J3*F/ 9DI EA1/'* 'D*5FJA 'D%/'1J DDFAB'* AJ 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E)  H#J6'K 'D916 'DFH9J 'D0J J9*E/ 9DI 916 'DFAB'* 'D9'E) 'DE*C11) -3( #FH'9G' AJ -3'( H'-/  H'D916 'DH8JAJ 'D0J J3*F/ 9DI *,E9 'DFAB'* 'D9'E) -3( 7(J9) 'D./E'* 'D*J :0*G' 'DFAB'* FA3G'  H'D916 'D,:1'AJ HJ9*E/ *,EJ9 'D(J'F'* DDFAB'* H'D%J1'/'* -3( 'DEF'7B 'D,:1'AJ)  H'D916 'DF3(J AJCHF (4CD 916 (F3() E&HJ)  H'D916 'D(J'FJ HJ*E H69 'D-3'( 'D.*'EJ (4CD 13HE (J'FJ) #H .7H7() . HEE' *,/1 'D%4'1) %DJG 'F GF'C FH9 ".1 EF 'D1B'() 'D*41J9J) JE'13G' E,D3 'DE-'A8) 9DI ,EJ9 #F47) 'DGJ&'* 'D*FAJ0J) 'DE-DJ) ('3*+F'! 'D/H'&1 0'* 'D'.*5'5 'D'*-'/J() . A6D'K 9F /H1G AJ %9/'/ E41H9 'DEH'2F) 'D.'5) (E,D3 'DE-'A8) H'DE5'/B) 9DJG' H%,1'! 'DEF'BD) (JF #(H'(G'() CE' JE'13 'DE,D3 -B '3*,H'( 'DE-'A8 #H '-/ F'&(JG() . 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ 'D1B'() 'D*41J9J) AJ 'D*41J9 'DEB'1F **E+D 'D1B'() 'D*41J9J) AJ 'FCD*1' AJ E,D3 'D9EHE 'D(1J7'FJ DCHFG EE+D'K DD49( HHAB'K DE(/# 'DA5D (JF 'D3D7'* 'D0J J3H/ AJ 'DF8'E 'D(1DE'FJ 'D0J *9/ 'FCD*1' EG/'K DG0' 'DF8'E %0 JBHE (1B'(J) #+F'! 'D*FAJ0 '3*F'/'K D-BG ('D1B'() 9DI #9E'D 'D3D7) 'D*FAJ0J) -J+ *.55 'D3'9) 'D#HDI AJ (/'J) CD ,D3) EF ,D3'* E,D3 'D9EHE DD%,'() 9F 'D#3&D) 'DEB/E) EF #96'&G  H-B 'DE,D3 AJ %+'1) 'DE3$HDJ) 'DH2'1J) 'D*J *$/J %DI 3-( 'D+B) EF 'DH2'1) (%CE'DG' #H EF '-/ 'DH21'! 9F .7# #H *B5J1 '1*C( #+F'! *FAJ0 'DEH'2F)  %D' #F G0' 'D-B #5(- :J1 E7(B EF 'DF'-J) 'D9EDJ) F81'K D3J'/) F8'E 'D-2(JF AJ 'DEEDC) 'DE*-/)  A-2( 'D#:D(J) J39I %DI E3'F/) -CHE*G EE' #/I %DI F/1) -/H+ E3#D) 'D(1DE'F() . #E' -B 'D'3*,H'( ADE J91AG 'DF8'E 'D'FCDJ2J ('D1:E EF CHFG EG/ 'DF8'E 'D(1DE'FJ  CE' #F DE,D3 'D9EHE 3D7) 'DEH'AB) 9DI 9B/ 'DB16 'D.'1,J HDG #J6'K 'D-B AJ *CHJF D,'F E*.55) EF #96'&G  #E' 1B'(*G 'DD'-B) AJE'13 E,D3 'D9EHE 'D(1J7'FJ 1B'() D'-B) 9DI *FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) EF .D'D A-5G DD*B1J1 'D3FHJ 9F 'D-3'('* 'D.*'EJ) DD3F) 'DE'DJ) 'DEF*GJ)() . #E' AJ A1F3' A'F 'D(1DE'F ('D,E9J) 'DH7FJ) HE,D3 'D4JH.) JE'13 /H1G AJ 'D1B'() 9DI #9E'D 'D3D7) 'D*FAJ0J) HB/ '2/'/ /H1G 'D1B'(J (5/H1 'DB'FHF 'D#3'3J AJ 'D#HD EF #:373 2001 'D0J -D E-D 'D#E1 'D/3*H1J 'D5'/1 AJ 2 C'FHF 'D+'FJ / JF'J1 1959 'D0J C'F 'D/3*H1 'D-'DJ DA1F3' 'D0J #/I (/H1G %DI *7HJ1 'DEF'B4'* 'D(1DE'FJ) DDEH'2F) 'D9'E) H*/9JE -B 'D(1DE'F AJ 'DE9DHE'* H1B'() 'D(1DE'F 9DI 'DEH'2F) EF .D'D B'FHF 'D-3'( 'D.*'EJ H*BHJ) 'D9D'B) (JF 'D(1DE'F HE-CE) 'DE-'3('* H*92J2 /H1 3D7'* 'DD,'F 'D(1DE'FJ) AJ 1B'() 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E)() . #E' AJ E51 AJE'13 E,D3 'D49( 'DE51J 'D1B'() 9DI *FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) HJ3*E/ -BG AJ G0G 'D1B'() EF F5H5 /3*H1 1971 'D*J *B11 -B EE+DJ 'D49( AJ EE'13) 'D1B'() 9DI #9E'D 'D3D7) 'D*FAJ0J) AGH JE'13 'D1B'() #+F'! *FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) 'D*J **E+D (61H1) EH'AB) E,D3 'D49( 9DI 9B/ #J B16 .'1,J  HEH'AB) E,D3 'D49( 9DI FBD #J E(D: EF ('( %DI ".1 9F #(H'( 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E)  H-B #96'! 'D(1DE'F EF *H,JG #3&D) HC0DC 71- EH6H9 9'E DDEF'A3) H*4CJD D,'F *-BJBJ) A6D'K 9F -B #96'! E,D3 'D49( EF *H,JG '3*,H'('* %DI 1&J3 E,D3 'DH21'! #H FH'(G #H %DI 'DH21'! #H FH'(GE DE-'3(*GE AJ 'DE3'&D 'DE'DJ)  HC0DC 1B'() E,D3 'D49( 'DD'-B) 9DI *FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) 9F 71JB 'D-3'( 'D.*'EJ() . #E' AJ 'D#1/F A**E+D 'D1B'() 'D*41J9J) (E,D3 'DFH'( 'D0J J('41 'D1B'() #+F'! *FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) H1B'() D'-B) 9DI *FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E)() . #E' AJ 3H1J' A**HDI 'D1B'() 'D*41J9J) 'D3D7) 'D*41J9J) (E,D3 'D49() 'D0J JBHE (EE'13) 'D1B'() #+F'! 'D*FAJ0 **E+D (@(*H,JG 'D#3&D)  7D( %,1'! 'DEF'B4'*  'D'3*,H'(  *4CJD D,'F DD*-BJB  EF'B4) (J'F 'DH2'1) H.77 'D*FEJ)  -,( 'D+B)) H1B'() D'-B) **E+D (916 'D-3'( 'D9'E 'D%,E'DJ #H 'D.*'EJ 9DI E,D3 'D49( DEF'B4*G H'9*E'/G() . #E' AJ D(F'F A'D#E1 D' J.*DA 9E' 3(BG %0 JBHE 'D(1DE'F (EE'13) 'D1B'() 9DI #9E'D 'D3D7) 'D*FAJ0J) HEFG' *FAJ0 'DFAB'* 'D9'E) (5H1) E3(B) 9F/ *5/JB 'DEH'2F) HA*- 'D'9*E'/'* . HD'-B) 9F/ *5/JB 'D-3'('* 'D.*'EJ) (B79 'D-3'() H9F 71JB 'D#3&D) H'D'3*,H'('* H%+'1) 'DE3$HDJ) 'DH2'1J)() . EE' *B/E J*6- ('F 'D1B'() 'D*41J9J) E*4'(G) %DI -/ C(J1 (JF 'DBH'FJF 'DEB'1F) AGJ 1B'() 3'(B) #H E1'AB) D*FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) HD'-B) D*FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) AGJ 61H1J) D*-BJB 'D3J'/) 'D49(J) 9F 71JB %41'C 'D#E) AJ E1'B() 'D#EH'D 'D9'E)  H*-BJB 'D*H'2F (JF 'D3D7*JF 'D*41J9J) H'D*FAJ0J)  A:J'( 'D1B'() J$/J %DI 7:J'F 'D3D7) 'D*FAJ0J) H%3'!) '3*9E'DG' H('D*'DJ G/1 'DE'D 'D9'E  HD#,D 'DE-'A8) 9DI 'DE'D 'D9'E D'(/ EF *92J2 /H1 'D3D7) 'D*41J9J) ('D1B'() 9DI 'D3D7) 'D*FAJ0J) HE' J$C/ 0DC *41J9 'DB'FHF 'D#3'3J AJ A1F3' D9'E 2001 'D0J J9/ 'D/3*H1 'DE'DJ DA1F3'  AGH #/FI EF 'D/3*H1 H#9DI EF 'DBH'FJF 'D9'/J)  A9DI 'DE419 9F/ %B1'1 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) 'D1,H9 %DI 'DB'FHF 'D#3'3J A%0' E' .'DA 'DB'FHF (E41H9 B'FHF 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E)) 'DB'FHF 'D#3'3J AJ9/ ('7D'K '3*F'/'K DE(/# 'DE41H9J) ('D/3*H1 'DA1F3J +E 'DB'FHF 'D#3'3J +E 'DBH'FJF 'D9'/J) H#.J1'K 'D*9DJE'*) HB/ 'FA1/ 'DE419 'DA1F3J (G0' 'D'*,'G 9F (BJ) 'D*41J9'* 'DEB'1F) . E1',9 'D(-+ #HD'K : 'DE9',E 'DD:HJ) 'DB'EH3 'DE-J7  ,@1  'DB'G1)  1952 . D3'F 'D91(  'DE,D/ 'D#HD  (J1H*  1959 . E-J7 'DE-J7 DD(3*'FJ . E9,E E*F 'DD:)  'DE,D/ 'D+'FJ  (J1H*  1958 . 'DEF,/  (J1H*  1913 . EFJ1 'D(9D(CJ (B'EH3 'FCDJ2J  91(J)  /'1 'D9DE DDED'JJF  (J1H*  1984 . +'FJ'K : 'DC*( ('DD:) 'D91(J) /. %(1'GJE /1HJ4 ('D%/'1) 'D9'E) AJ 'DF81J) H'DEE'13))  E7'(9 'DGJ&) 'DE51J) 'D9'E) DDC*'(  'DB'G1)  1975 . /. %(1'GJE /1HJ4 ('D/HD))  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  1969 . /. %(1'GJE 9(/ 'DC1JE 'D:'2J ('DEH'2F) 'D9'E) DD/HD))  CDJ) 'DB'FHF H'D3J'3)  ,'E9) 'D(51)  1970 . #. D. 1'H3 ('D*'1J. 'D'FCDJ2J)  FBDG DD91(J) : /. E-E/ E57AI 2J'/)  EC*() 'DFG6) 'DE51J)  'DB'G1)  1946 . /. '-E/ -'A8 'D,9HJFJ ('B*5'/J'* 'DE'DJ) 'D9'E)/ /1'3) AJ 'D'B*5'/ 'D9'E)  1967 . /. '-E/ 2GJ1 4'EJ) H/. .'D/ 'D.7J( ('DE'DJ) 'D9'E))  /'1 2G1'F DDF41 H'D*H2J9  9E'F  1997 . /. '/EHF/ 3J/HF ('B*5'/J'* 'DE'DJ) 'D9'E))  *1,E) : /. E9F 9(/ 'DB'/1 "D 2C1  /. 9'/D ADJ- 'D9DJ  H2'1) 'D*9DJE 'D9'DJ H'D(-+ 'D9DEJ  ,'E9) 'DEH5D  E7'(9 ,'E9) 'DEH5D  1985 . 'D3J/ 9(/ 'DEHDI ('DE'DJ) 'D9'E))  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1995 . /. -'E/ 9(/ 'DE,J/ /1'2 (E('/& 'DE'DJ) 'D9'E))  'D/'1 'D,'E9J)  (J1H*  1988 . /. .DJD GJCD ('D1B'() 9DI 'DE$33'* 'D9'E))  /'1 'DE9'1A  72  'DB'G1)  1971 . .7'1 4(DJ ('D9DHE 'DE'DJ) / 'DEH'2F))  /'1 'DC*( 'DD(F'FJ  (J1H*  1965 . 1E6'F E-E/ (7J. ('D1B'() 9DI #/'! 'D,G'2 'D%/'1J /1'3) 9DEJ) H9EDJ) AJ 'DF8E 'D%3D'EJ))  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1996 . /. 39'/ 'D41B'HJ ('DF8E 'D3J'3J) AJ 'D9'DE 'DE9'51)  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  73  1988 . 5D'- 'D/JF E57AI #EJF ('D1B'() 'DE'DJ) 'D9'E) H/JH'F 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) AJ 'D91'B (JF E'6JG HE3*B(DG)  (:/'/  1979 . /. 7'G1 'D,F'(J (9DE 'DE'DJ) 'D9'E) H'D*41J9 'DE'DJ)  /'1 'DC*( DD7('9) H'DF41  ,'E9) 'DEH5D  (* . /. 9'/D ADJ- 'D9DJ ('DE'DJ) 'D9'E) H'D*41J9 'D-'DJ)  'D/'1 'D,'E9J) DD7('9) H'DF41  'DEH5D  2002 . /. 9('3 'D9(H/J (41J9) -EH1'(J)  71  ,'E9) 'DEH5D  1990 . 9(/ 'D1$HA ,'(1 (/H1 1B'() /JH'F 'DE-'3())  /1'3) B'FHFJ) EB'1F)  EC*() /'1 'D+B'A) DDF41 H'D*H2J9  71  9E'F  1997 . /. 9(/ 'DA*'- 'D5-F ('D1B'() 'DE'DJ))  /1'3) HFB/ H*-DJD  E$33) 4('( 'D,'E9)  'D%3CF/1J)  1979 . /. 9(/ 'DDG 'DFB4(F/J ('D1B'() 'DE'DJ) HE41H9 E,D3 'D#41'A H'D*F8JE)  71  E7(9) 'D9'FJ  (:/'/  1964 . 9HA E-EH/ 'DCA1'HJ ('D1B'() 'DE'DJ) AJ 'D%3D'E)  E$33) 4('( 'D,'E9) DD7('9) H'DF41 ('D%3CF/1J)  1983 . /. A*-J 'DE15A'HJ (*'1J. 'DB'FHF 'DE51J)  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J) DDF41  'DB'G1)  1987 . AGEJ E-EH/ 4C1J ('D1B'() 'DE'DJ) 'D9DJ')  /'1 E,/D'HJ DDF41 H'D*H2J9  72  9E'F  1985 . B'3E ,EJD B'3E ('DE$33) 'D9'E) C%3*1'*J,J) %/'1J) DD*FEJ))  'DEF8E) 'D91(J) DD9DHE 'D%/'1J)  9E'F  1985 . B7( %(1'GJE E-E/ ('DEH'2F) 'D9'E) DD/HD))  'DGJ&) 'DE51J) 'D9'E) DDC*'(  'DB'G1)  74  1994 . /. E,/J E-EH/ 4G'( ('D'B*5'/ 'DE'DJ)  'D/'1 'D,'E9J)  (E  1988 . /. E-E/ 39J/ A1GH/ (9DE 'DE'DJ) 'D9'E))  (E  1981-1982 . /. E-E/ C'ED DJD) ('DF8E 'D3J'3J))  /'1 'DAC1 'D91(J  'DB'G1)  1963. /. E-E/ E-E/ 9(/ 'DD7JA ('D#33 'D/3*H1J) DBH'FJF 'DEJ2'FJ))  71  E,D3 'DF41 'D9DEJ  ,'E9) 'DCHJ*  'DCHJ*  2007 . /. E-EH/ -3JF 'DH'/J H2C1J' '-E/ 92'E ('DE'DJ) 'D9'E) H'DF8'E 'DE'DJ AJ 'D%3D'E)  /'1 'DE3J1)  71  9E'F  2000 . /. F'&D 9(/ 'D-'A8 'D9H'ED) ('D%/'1) 'DE'DJ) 'D9'E) (JF 'DF81J) H'D*7(JB)  'D,'E9) 'D#1/FJ)  9E'F  72  1990 . /. G4'E E-E/ 5AH* 'D9E1J ('B*5'/J'* 'DE'DJ) 'D9'E) H'D3J'3) 'DE'DJ))  (:/'/  1986 . /. JH3A 4('7 ('DH3J7 AJ 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) H'D%/'1J))  71  1998-1999 . +'D+'K : 'D'7'1J- H'D13'&D 'D,'E9J) 9(/ 'D#EJ1 4E3 'D/JF ('D1B'() 'DE'DJ) 9DI *FAJ0 'DFAB'* 'D9EHEJ) AJ D(F'F)  #71H-) /C*H1'G  CDJ) 'D-BHB  ,'E9) 'DB'G1)  1977 . 9(/ 'D3D'E (/HJ ('D1B'() 9DI 'DE$33'* 'D9'E))  #71H-) /C*H1'G  ,'E9) 'D%3CF/1J)  1965 . 97' 'DDG 3'DE ,HJ9/ 'D51'J1) ('D1B'() 9DI *FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) DD/HD) AJ 'DF8'E 'D#1/FJ)  #71H-) /C*H1'G EB/E) %DI CDJ) 'D-BHB  ,'E9) 9JF 4E3  1999 . 9J/ E39H/ 'D,GJFJ ('D1B'() 'D%/'1J) (JF 'DB'FHF 'D%/'1J H9DE 'D%/'1) 'D9'E))  #71H-) /C*H1'G  CDJ) 'D-BHB  ,'E9) 9JF 4E3  1983 . E57AI 3'DE E57AI 'DF,JAJ ('D'.*5'5 'D*41J9J H'D1B'(J DDE,D3 'DH7FJ 'D91'BJ HE,D3 'D49( AJ CD EF 3H1J' HE51 / /1'3) EB'1F))  13'D) E',3*J1  EB/E) %DI CDJ) 'DB'FHF  ,'E9) 'DEH5D  1999. /. E57AI EE/H- E-E/ ('D1B'() 9DI #/'! 'D./E'* 'D9'E))  /1'3) EB'1F) E9 'D*7(JB 9DI 'D417) AJ ,EGH1J) E51 'D91(J)  #71H-) /C*H1'G  #C'/JEJ) 'D417)  CDJ) 'D/1'3'* 'D9DJ'  1990 . EH3I 9E'/ 'D/JF E-,H( ('DEH'2F) 'D9'E) H9D'B*G' ('D.7) 'D'B*5'/J))  #71H-) /C*H1'G  CDJ) 'D-BHB  ,'E9) 9JF 4E3  1971 . EJ 9(/ 'DE7D( E-12J ('D1B'() 9DI *FAJ0 'DFAB'* 'D9'E))  #71H-) /C*H1'G  EB/E) %DI CDJ) 'D-BHB  ,'E9) /E4B  2002 . 1'(9'K : 'D(-H+ 'DEF4H1) AJ 'D/H1J'* ,'E9) 'DB/3 'DEA*H-)  'DEB11 0H 'D1BE (4342)  'DE'DJ) 'D9'E)  1995  EF4H1'* ,'E9) 'DB/3 . /. ,H1, DJ3CH(JG (1B'() 'D/HD) 9DI 'DE41H9'* 'D9'E))  *1,E) (C1 'DB('FJ  E,D) 'D9DHE 'D%/'1J)  'D3F) 10  9// 2  1968 . /. 7'1B 'D3'7J (E,D) 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) DDE,EH9) 'D91(J) DD#,G2) 'D9DJ' DD1B'() H'DE-'3())  'D3F) 'D3'(9)  'D9// 'D#HD  -2J1'F 1988 . /. 7'1B 'D3'7J H/. 5'/B 'D-3FJ ('3*BD'D #,G2) 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) 'D9DJ')  /1'3) EB'1F) H(H,G .'5 AJ 'D%E'1'* 'D91(J) 'DE*-/)  'DE,D) 'D91(J) DD%/'1)  *5/1G' 'DEF8E) 'D91(J) DD*FEJ) 'D%/'1J)  9E'F  'D#1/F  'DE,D/ 14  9// 4  1990 . 9(/ 'DDG 'D9H/'F H/. 9(/ 'D92J2 'D%E'E ('D1B'() 9DI *FAJ0 'DEJ2'FJ)) EF (-H+ F/H) 'DF8'E 'DE-'3(J 'D-CHEJ AJ 'DEEDC) 'D91(J) 'D39H/J) EF 10-13 1(J9 'D+'FJ 1401G@  E9G/ 'D%/'1) 'D9'E)  'D1J'6 . .'E3'K : 'D/3'*J1 H'DBH'FJF H'DB1'1'* H'D*9DJE'* 'DB'FHF 'D#3'3J 'D91'BJ D9'E 1925 . 'D/3*H1 'D91'BJ D9'E 1958 . 'D/3*H1 'D91'BJ D9'E 1963 . 'D/3*H1 'D91'BJ D9'E 1970 . 'D/3*H1 'D91'BJ 'D-'DJ D9'E 2005 'D/3*H1 'DA1F3J D9'E 1791 . 'D/3*H1 'DA1F3J D9'E 1793. 'D/3*H1 'DA1F3J D9'E 1814 . 'D/3*H1 'D#1/FJ D9'E 1952 . 'D/3*H1 'DE51J D9'E 1971 'D/3*H1 'D3H1J D9'E 1973 'DE9/D . %9D'F -BHB 'D%F3'F H'DEH'7FJF 'DA1F3J D9'E 1789 . 'DB'FHF 'D#3'3J 'DA1F3J ('D/3*H1 'DE'DJ) D3F) 2001 . B'FHF 'D-3'('* 'D9'E) 0H 'D1BE (17) D3F) 1927 H'DEF4H1 ('DHB'&9 'D91'BJ) ('D9// (515) (*'1J. 23/2/1927 . B'FHF #5HD 'DE-'3('* 'D91'BJ 0H 'D1BE (28) D3F) 1940 'DE9/D H'DEF4H1 ('DHB'&9 'D91'BJ) ('D9// (1793) (*'1J. 29/4/1940 . B'FHF /JH'F 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) 0H 'D1BE (194) D3F) 1980 'DED:J H'DEF4H1 ('DHB'&9 'D91'BJ) ('D9// (2807) (*'1J. 15/12/1980 . B'FHF *A*J4 'D#EH1 'DE'DJ) 0H 'D1BE (43) D3F) 1928 . B'FHF 'D*A*J4 'DE'DJ 0H 'D1BE (143) D3F) 1959 . B'FHF %D:'! 'D*A*J4 'DE'DJ 0H 'D1BE (106) D3F) 1975 H'DEF4H1 ('DHB'&9 'D91'BJ) ('D9// (2481) AJ 21/7/1975 . B'FHF 'DE,D3 'DH7FJ 'D3'(B 0H 'D1BE (26) D3F) 1995 . B'FHF /JH'F 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) 'D91'BJ 0H 'D1BE (42) D3F) 1968 H'DEF4H1 ('DHB'&9 'D91'BJ) ('D9// (1561) (*'1J. 27/4/1968 . 'DB'FHF 0H 'D1BE (15) D3F) 1951 H'DEF4H1 ('DHB'&9 'D91'BJ) ('D9// (2952) (*'1J. 31/3/1951 . B'FHF /JH'F 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) 0H 'D1BE (6) D3F) 1990 'DE9/D H'DEF4H1 ('DHB'&9 'D91'BJ) ('D9// (3293) (*'1J. 5/2/1990 . B'FHF H2'1) 'D*.7J7 'D91'BJ 0H 'D1BE (19) D3F) 2009 H'DEF4H1 ('DHB'&9 'D91'BJ) ('D9// (4139) (*'1J. 19/10/2009 . B'FHF H2'1) 'D*.7J7 'D#1/FJ D3F) 1971 . B'FHF /JH'F 'D1B'() H'D*A*J4 'D#1/FJ 0H 'D1BE (55) D3F) 1992 . B'FHF 'D,G'2 'DE1C2J DD1B'() 'DE'DJ) 'D3H1J 0H 'D1BE (93) D3F) 1967 . B'FHF 'DE-'3() 'D-CHEJ) 'DE51J 0H 'D1BE (127) D3F) 1981 . 'DE13HE 'D'4*1'9J 'D3H1J 0H 'D1BE (1648) (*'1J. 7/8/1977 . 'DF8'E 'DE'DJ 'D#1/FJ 0H 'D1BE (3) D3F) 1994 . 'D#E1 0H 'D1BE (57) D3F) 2004 'D5'/1 9F E' J3EI (3D7) 'D'&*D'A 'DE$B*) H'DEF4H1 ('DHB'&9 'D91'BJ) ('D9// (3982) D9'E 2004 . 'D#E1 0H 'D1BE (19) D3F) 2005 H'DEF4H1 ('DHB'&9 'D91'BJ) ('D9// (3995) AJ 3/3/2005 . 'DF8'E 'D/'.DJ DE,D3 'DFH'( 'D91'BJ AJ 6H! 'D/3*H1 'D91'BJ 'D-'DJ D3F) 2005 . B1'1 E,D3 BJ'/) 'D+H1) 'D3'(B 0H 'D1BE (567) (*'1J. 12/7/1973 . 'D#E1 0H 'D1BE (77) D3F) 2004 'D5'/1 9F E' J3EI (3D7) 'D'&*D'A 'DE$B*) H'DEF4H1 ('DHB'&9 'D91'BJ) ('D9// (3983) (*'1J. 23/4/2004 . 'D#E1 0H 'D1BE (55) D3F) 2004 'D5'/1 9F E' J3EI (3D7) 'D'&*D'A 'DE$B*) H'DEF4H1 ('DHB'&9 'D91'BJ) ('D9// (3981) (*'1J. 27/1/2004 . /DJD 'D1BJ( 'DE'DJ D/JH'F 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) D3F) 1990 . B1'1 E,D3 'D#EF 'D/HDJ 0H 'D1BE (1483) (*'1J. 22/5/2003 . 3'/3'K : 'DC*( ('DD:) 'D'FCDJ2J) Felix A. Nigro, Modern public administration Harper and row publishers. New York, 1984. H. Ramanch and Ran, Financial planning and control , S. Chandand Co., New Delhi, 1972 . Henri Fayol, General and management, Pitman and Co., London, 1946. Hicks, H and C. Gullett, Management of organization, New York, Mc-Gaw-Hill, 1976 . Internal Control : Special report by the committee on Auditing procedure published by the American institute of accountants . New York, 16. N. Y. 1949 . M. Duverge : Les Finances Publiques, P.U.F., Paris,1984 . Michel Bouvier, Mari Christine Esciassan, J. P. Lassale, Finance Pubiques, L. G. D. J, 5ed, 2000 . Shettim. V. : Auditing principles and practice. Sultan chand sous publisher. New Delhi ,1990 . 3'(9'K : 'DEH'B9 'D'DC*1HFJ)  HYPERLINK "http://www.iraqcanter.net" www.iraqcanter.net  HYPERLINK "http://www.albasrah.net/ar-articles-2009/.../faraj241009.htm" www.albasrah.net/ar-articles-2009/.../faraj241009.htm .  HYPERLINK "http://www.intekabat.org/look/printotpl2.17.1" www.intekabat.org/look/printotpl2.17.1  HYPERLINK "http://www.ahu.edu.jo" http://www.ahu.edu.jo .  HYPERLINK "http://www.nazaha.ig/pp.1-8.htm" http://www.nazaha.ig/pp.1-8.htm .  HYPERLINK "http://www.ccomptes.fr" www.ccomptes.fr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enri Fayol, General and management, Pitman and Co., London, 1946, 107 . () /. 9(/ 'D3D'E (/HJ  E5/1 3'(B  5 5 87-88 . H. Ramanch and Ran, Financial planning and control , S. Chandan (2) Co., New Delhi, 1972, pp.7-8. (3)Hicks, H and C. Gullett, Management of organization, New York, Mc-Gaw-Hill, 1976, p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nternal Control : Special report by the committee on Auditing procedure published by the American institute of accountants . New York, 16. N. Y. 1949 . (4)Shettim. V. : Auditing principles and practice. Sultan chand sous publisher. 1990, New Delhi. (1) 'DEF8E) 'D9'DEJ) DD#,G2) 'D9DJ' DDE-'3() ('F*H3'J)  E1C2G' E/JF) AJF' ('DFE3'  H*G/A %DI *('/D 'D"1'! H'D.(1'* (JF E.*DA 'D#,G2) 'D9DJ' DDE-'3() AJ E,'D 1B'() 'D#EH'D 'D9'E)  H*9B/ E$*E1'*G' CD +D'+ 3FH'*  HB/ #B1* .D'D 'DE$*E1 'D+'FJ 941 'DEF9B/ AJ 3/FJ 9//'K EF E('/& 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ)  91A ('3E (J'F 3/FJ (4#F 1B'() 'D#/'! H'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) 9DI 'DE41H9'* 'D9'E)  HFH9J) 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) 'D0J *1,E %DI 'DD:) 'D91(J) . 7'1B 'D3'7J (E,D) 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) DDE,EH9) 'D91(J) DD#,G2) 'D9DJ' DD1B'() H'DE-'3())  'D3F) 'D3'(9)  'D9// 'D#HD  -2J1'F 1988  5 5 12-24 . () B'3E ,EJD B'3E ('DE$33) 'D9'E) C%3*1'*J,J) %/'1J) DD*FEJ))  'DEF8E) 'D91(J) DD9DHE 'D%/'1J)  9E'F  1985  531 . () /. 9'/D ADJ- 'D9DJ ('DE'DJ) 'D9'E) H'D*41J9 'DE'DJ)  /'1 'D-'E/ DDF41 H'D*H2J9  71  9E'F  2003  5563  /. 9DJ E-E/ .DJD H/. 3DJE'F '-E/ 'DDH2J ('DE'DJ) 'D9'E))  /'1 2G1'F  9E'F  2000  5328 . () /. 9'/D ADJ- 'D9DJ ('DE'DJ) 'D9'E) H'D*41J9 'DE'DJ)  /'1 'D-'E/ DDF41 H'D*H2J9  71  9E'F  2003  5563  /. 9DJ E-E/ .DJD H/. 3DJE'F '-E/ 'DDH2J ('DE'DJ) 'D9'E))  /'1 2G1'F  9E'F  2000  5328 . () /. E,/J E-EH/ 4G'(  E5/1 3'(B  5378 . () /. -'E/ 9(/ 'DE,J/ /1'2 (E('/& 'DE'DJ) 'D9'E))  'D/'1 'D,'E9J)  (J1H*  1988  5104 . () /. E-E/ 39J/ A1GH/ (9DE 'DE'DJ) 'D9'E))  (E  1981-1982  5565 . Felix A. Nigro, Modern public administration Harper and row (5) publishers. New York, 1984, p.375. () AGEJ E-EH/ 4C1J  E5/1 3'(B  525 . () /. .DJD GJCD ('D1B'() 9DI 'DE$33'* 'D9'E))  /'1 'DE9'1A  72  'DB'G1)  1971  5139 . () ,'E9) 'DB/3 'DEA*H-)  'DEB11 0H 'D1BE (4342)  'DE'DJ) 'D9'E)  1995  EF4H1'* ,'E9) 'DB/3  5211 . () AGEJ E-EH/ 4C1J  E5/1 3'(B  526 . () /. -'E/ 9(/ 'DE,J/ /1'2  E5/1 3'(B  5106 . () /. G4'E E-E/ 5AH* 'D9E1J ('B*5'/J'* 'DE'DJ) 'D9'E) H'D3J'3) 'DE'DJ))  (:/'/  1986  5391. () AGEJ E-EH/ 4C1J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  522 . () 9(/ 'D#EJ1 4E3 'D/JF ('D1B'() 'DE'DJ) 9DI *FAJ0 'DFAB'* 'D9EHEJ) AJ D(F'F)  #71H-) /C*H1'G  CDJ) 'D-BHB  ,'E9) 'DB'G1)  1977  549 . () /. %(1'GJE 9(/ 'DC1JE 'D:'2J ('DEH'2F) 'D9'E) DD/HD))  CDJ) 'DB'FHF H'D3J'3)  ,'E9) 'D(51)  1970  5 5 176-177 . () 'DEF4H1 AJ 'DHB'&9 'D91'BJ) ('D9// 0J 'D1BE (1793) (*'1J. 29/4/1940 . () '3*F'/'K DD#E1 0H 'D1BE (57) D3F) 2004 'D5'/1 9F E' J3EI (3D7) 'D'&*D'A H'D0J F41 AJ 'DHB'&9 'D91'BJ) ('D9// 0J 'D1BE (3982) AJ -2J1'F 2004 . () 'DB3E (2 1) EF 'D#E1 FA3G . () 'DB3E (3) EF 'D#E1 FA3G . () 'DB3E (5) EF 'D#E1 FA3G . () 'DB3E (6) EF 'D#E1 0H 'D1BE (57) D3F) 2004 . () 'DB3E (9) EF 'D#E1 FA3G . () 'D:J 'DE419 ,G'2 'D*A*J4 'DE'DJ H#D-BG (/JH'F 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) (EH,( B'FHF %D:'! B'FHF 'D*A*J4 'DE'DJ 0H 'D1BE 1065 D3F) 1975 'DEF4H1 ('DHB'&9 ('D9// (2481) AJ 21/7/1975 . () 'DAB1'* (#HD' H+'FJ'K) EF 'D#E1 1BE (19) D3F) 2005 H'DEF4H1 ('DHB'&9 'D91'BJ) ('D9// (3995) AJ 3/3/2005 . () 'DE'/) (3) EF B'FHF H2'1) 'D*.7J7 'D91'BJ 0H 'D1BE (19) D3F) 2009 H'DEF4H1 ('DHB'&9 'D91'BJ) ('D9// (4139) (*'1J. 19/10/2009 . () 97' 'DDG 3'DE ,HJ9/ 'D51'J1) ('D1B'() 9DI *FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) DD/HD) AJ 'DF8'E 'D#1/FJ)  #71H-) /C*H1'G EB/E) %DI CDJ) 'D-BHB  ,'E9) 9JF 4E3  1999  5353 HE' (9/G' . () 'DE'/) (4) EF 'DB'FHF 'D5'/1 AJ 10/8/1922 E4'1 %DJG AJ : M. Duverge : Les Finances Publiques, P.U.F., Paris,1984. () /. JH3A 4('7 ('DH3J7 AJ 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) H'D%/'1J))  71  1998-1999  519 HE' (9/G' . Michel Bouvier, Mari Christine Esciassan, J. P. Lassale, Finance (2) Pubiques, L. G. D. J, 5ed, 2000, p:399. (3) 'DEH'/ (24 20 19) EF 'DB'FHF 127 D3F) 1981 (4#F 'DE-'3() 'D-CHEJ) . (1) 'D3J/ 9(/ 'DEHDI ('DE'DJ) 'D9'E))  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  'DB'G1)  1995  5678 . (2) 'D51'J1)  E5/1 3'(B  5386 HE' (9/G' . (3) 'DE'/) (49) EF 'DF8'E 'DE'DJ 1BE 3 D3F) 1949  'DE'/*'F (137 136) EF 'D*9DJE'* 'DE'DJ) 1BE (1) D3F) 1995 . (4) 'DE'/) (17) EF B'FHF H2'1) 'D*.7J7 'D#1/FJ D3F) 1971 . () 'DE'/) (4) EF F8'E 'D/JH'F 1BE 55 D3F) 1992 . () 'DAB1) (2) EF 'DE'/) (33) EF 'DE13HE 1BE (1648) (*'1J. 7/8/1977 . () DE2J/ EF 'D*A5JD -HD 'D1B'() 'D%/'1J) AJ 3H1J' J1',9 : EJ 9(/ 'DE7D( E-12J ('D1B'() 9DI *FAJ0 'DFAB'* 'D9'E))  #71H-) /C*H1'G  EB/E) %DI CDJ) 'D-BHB  ,'E9) /E4B  2002  5255 HE' (9/G' . () 'DE'/*'F (2 1) EF B'FHF 'D,G'2 'D5'/1 ('DE13HE 'D*41J9J 1BE 93 (*'1J. 19/7/1967 . () EJ 9(/ 'DE7D( E-12J  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  5156 HE' (9/G' . () 5D'- 'D/JF E57AI #EJF ('D1B'() 'DE'DJ) 'D9'E) H/JH'F 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ) AJ 'D91'B (JF E'6JG HE3*B(DG)  (:/'/  1979  5 5 28-29 . () /. '-E/ 2GJ1 4'EJ) H/. .'D/ 'D.7J( ('DE'DJ) 'D9'E))  /'1 2G1'F DDF41 H'D*H2J9  9E'F  1997  5305 . () .7'1 4(DJ ('D9DHE 'DE'DJ) / 'DEH'2F))  /'1 'DC*( 'DD(F'FJ  (J1H*  1965  595 . () /. '-E/ 'D,9HJFJ ('B*5'/J'* 'DE'DJ) 'D9'E))  1967  5281 . () 'DE'/) (34) EF /3*H1 9'E 1958  'DE'/) (#HD'K/16) EF /3*H1 1963  'DE'/) (55/#) EF /3*H1 1970  'DE'/) (61/7) EF /3*H1 'D91'B 'D-'DJ D9'E 2005 . () 'DE'/) (62/+'FJ'K) EF 'D/3*H1 'D91'BJ 'D-'DJ D9'E 2005 . () 'DE'/) (61/+'FJ'K) EF 'D/3*H1 FA3G . () 'DE'/) (61/3'(9'K  #) EF /3*H1 2005 . () 'DE'/) (50) EF 'DF8'E 'D/'.DJ DE,D3 'DFH'( 'D91'BJ 'D-'DJ . () 'DE'/) (54) EF 'DF8'E FA3G . () E57AI 3'DE E57AI 'DF,JAJ ('D'.*5'5 'D*41J9J H'D1B'(J DDE,D3 'DH7FJ 'D91'BJ HE,D3 'D49( AJ CD EF 3H1J' HE51 / /1'3) EB'1F))  13'D) E',3*J1  EB/E) %DI CDJ) 'DB'FHF  ,'E9) 'DEH5D  1999  568 . () /. E-E/ C'ED DJD) ('DF8E 'D3J'3J))  /'1 'DAC1 'D91(J  'DB'G1)  1963  5861 . () E57AI 'DF,JAJ  'DE5/1 'D3'(B  568 . () JF81 : F5 'DE'/) (54) EF 'DB'FHF 'D#3'3 'D91'BJ 3F) 1925 H'DE'/) (34) EF /3*H1 1958 H'DE'/) (1) EF /3*H1 1963 H'DE'/) (55) EF /3*H1 1970 H'DE'/) (50) EF 'DF8'E 'D/'.DJ DE,D3 'DFH'( 'D91'BJ 'D-'DJ . () 'DE'/) (94/+'FJ'K) EF 'DF8'E 'D/'.DJ DDE,D3 'DH7FJ 'D3'(B 'D0J F5 9DI (J,( #F JCHF 'D3$'D EH,2'K HEF5('K 9DI 'DHB'&9 'DE7DH( 'D'3*A3'1 9FG' .'DJ'K EF 'D*9DJB H'D,/D H'DE3'3 ('D4$HF 'D.'5) ('D#4.'5) () E57AI 'DF,JAJ  E5/1 3'(B  5 5 73-74 . () /. E-E/ C'ED DJD)  E5/1 3'(B  5861 . () 'DE'/) (57/+'FJ'K) EF 'DF8'E 'D/'.DJ DDE,D3 'DH7FJ 'D3'(B 1BE 26 D3F) 1995 H'DE'/) (52) EF 'DF8'E 'D/'.DJ DE,D3 'DFH'( 'D-'DJ . () 'DE'/) (51) EF 'DF8'E FA3G . () 'DE'/) (53) EF 'DF8'E FA3G . () 'DE'/) (61/3'(9'K  () EF /3*H1 2005 HC0DC 'DE'/) (55) EF 'DF8'E 'D/'.DJ DE,D3 'DFH'( 'D91'BJ 'D-'DJ . () 'DE'/) (61/ 3'(9'K  ,) EF /3*H1 2005  #E' 9F "DJ) 'D'3*,H'( AJECF 'D1,H9 %DI 'DE'/) (58) EF 'DF8'E 'D/'.DJ DE,D3 'DFH'( 'D-'DJ . () /. %(1'GJE /1HJ4 ('D/HD))  /'1 'DFG6) 'D91(J)  1969  5344 . () 'DE'/) (58) EF 'DF8'E 'D/'.DJ DE,D3 'DFH'(  'DE'/) (61/ 3'(9'K  ,) EF /3*H1 2005  'DE'/) (57) EF B'FHF 'DE,D3 'DH7FJ 'D3'(B 0H 'D1BE (26) D3F) 1995  'DE'/) (54) EF 'DB'FHF 'D#3'3J 'D91'BJ D3F) 1925 . () /. E-E/ C'ED DJD)  E5/1 3'(B  5 5862-863 . () 'DE'/) (61/3'(9'K  ,) EF /3*H1 2005  'DE'/) (56) EF 'DF8'E 'D/'.DJ DE,D3 'DFH'( 'D91'BJ 'D-'DJ . () 'DE'/) (97) EF 'DF8'E 'D/'.DJ DDE,D3 'DH7FJ 'D3'(B  'DE'/) (58) EF 'DF8'E 'D/'.DJ DE,D3 'DFH'( 'D91'BJ 'D-'DJ . (4)  HYPERLINK "http://www.iraqcanter.net" www.iraqcanter.net (1) HYPERLINK "http://www.albasrah.net/ar-articles-2009/.../faraj241009.htm" www.albasrah.net/ar-articles-2009/.../faraj241009.htm (2)  HYPERLINK "http://www.intekabat.org/look/printotpl2.17.1" www.intekabat.org/look/printotpl2.17.1 () 'DGJ&'* 'DE3*BD) GJ : ('DEAH6J) 'D9DJ' D-BHB 'D%F3'F  'DEAH6J) 'D9DJ' 'DE3*BD) DD'F*.'('*  GJ&) 'DF2'G)  'D(FC 'DE1C2J 'D91'BJ  /JH'F 'D1B'() 'DE'DJ)  GJ&) 'D%9D'E H'D'*5'D'*  /H'HJF 'D#HB'A). JF81 : 'DE'/*'F (103 102) EF /3*H1 2005 . () 'DE'/) (61/+'FJ'K-G@) EF /3*H1 2005 . () 'DE'/) (51) EF 'DF8'E 'D/'.DJ DDE,D3 'DH7FJ 'D3'(B  'DE'/*'F (83 82) EF 'DF8'E 'D/'.DJ DE,D3 'DFH'( 'D-'DJ . 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PAGE 188 'D1B'() 9DI *FAJ0 'DEH'2F) 'D9'E) DD/HD) AJ 'D*41J9 'D91'BJ PAGE 143 E,D) 'D1'A/JF DD-BHB  'DE,D/ (12)  'D9// (46)  'D3F) (2010) Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (12), No. (46), Year (2010) Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (12), No. (46), Year (2010)  "<BZN$ & F(ha$gdp@$ & F'ha$gdp@$ & F&ha$gdp@$7`7a$gdgK $a$gdgK $a$gd{U $gdz@ $a$gdgK "<z|~ʐ̐ΐАؓړܓޓDFHJDIJIJrrrrrrr1jh3hgK5CJH*UZ\^J_HaJ(h3hgK5CJH*Z\^J_HaJ"h\; 5CJZ\^J_HaJo("hKhgKCJZ^J_HaJo((h{UhgK5CJZ\^J_HaJo((hz@hgK5CJZ\^J_HaJo("h{U5CJZ\^J_HaJo($DFHJhjlnޟ:<>@&(*,468: >@BD^`bdlnprLNPRhKhgKCJ^J_HaJo(hp@CJZ^J_HaJo("hKhgKCJZ^J_HaJo(1jh:ihgK5CJH*UZ\^J_HaJ(h:ihgK5CJH*Z\^J_HaJ?Кt2@&Jjz$ & F/ha$gdv$ & F.ha$gdv $a$gd',$7`7a$gdgK$ & F-ha$gdp@$ & F,ha$gdp@$ & F+ha$gdp@$ & F*ha$gdp@$ & F)ha$gdp@ jxXƸ8LNv | pr $a$gdgK $a$gd{U $a$gdgK$7`7a$gdgK$ & F1ha$gdv$ & F0ha$gdv,.02@BDFjlnplnprprtvٚ+h:ihgK5CJH*Z\^J_HaJo(hKhgKCJZ^J_HaJ1jh:ihgK5CJH*UZ\^J_HaJ(h:ihgK5CJH*Z\^J_HaJ"hKhgKCJZ^J_HaJo(<  "$&dfhjr2468PRTVX(h{UhgK5CJZ\^J_HaJo((hz@hgK5CJZ\^J_HaJo("hKhgKCJZ^J_HaJo(1jh:ihgK5CJH*UZ\^J_HaJ(h:ihgK5CJH*Z\^J_HaJ; 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