ࡱ> q`0bjbjqPqPE8::t r h  v"v"v"8"l#T yz#z#(###%%%yyyyyyy\|h~yE % % %%%y ##hJy666%F # #y6%y66m #s#n# }<8(v"T1^o4wx`y0yoLZ4 Zh#s#s\Z s%%6%%%%%yy5%%%y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bstract The topic of " acceptance by intervention " is considered to be one of the important commercial papers . It deals with the state of the drawee s refusal in the commercial order to accept it. A case which threatens the holders right in the order on the hand and subjects the drawer to be claimed from the holder and the creditors. As such. One person pertaining to the order or another having nothing to do with the order comes to accept it by intervention as a preliminary step toward paying it it in its due date . which contributes to payment of debts and achievement of the stability of transactions. 'DEB/E) : JD'-8 'DE**(9 DD(-H+ 'DB'FHFJ) 'D91'BJ) 'D-/J+) F/1) 'D(-H+ 'D*J *G*E (EH6H9 'D#H1'B 'D*,'1J) 9DI E' DD#H1'B 'D*,'1J) EF #GEJ) 9DEJ) H9EDJ) D' JECF %:A'DG' (#J -'D EF 'D#-H'D  HD9D G0' #HD 'D#3('( 'D*J /9*FJ %DI *F'HD EH6H9 5:J1 HDCFG /BJB HE9EB AJE' J.5 'D-H'D) 'D*,'1J) HGH EH6H9 B(HD 'D-H'D) 'D*,'1J) ('D*/.D . HJECF 9/Q 'D-H'D) 'D*,'1J) #GE 'D#H1'B 'D*,'1J) EF -J+ 4EHDJ) 'DBH'9/ 'DB'FHFJ) 'DEF8E) DG' H#(9'/ *F8JEG' (-J+ JECF 'F *CHF 'D#3'3 'DF81J H'D9EDJ DCD 'D#H1'B 'D*,'1J) 'DE91HA) AJ 'D*9'ED . HB(HD 'D-H'D) 'D*,'1J) EF B(D 'DE3-H( 9DJG 'DE9JF EF B(D 'D3'-(  DG BH'9/G H#33G 'DB'FHFJ) 'DE91HA)  %D' 'F E' J9FJF' ('D(-+ GH 'DB(HD ('D*/.D  'DB(HD EF 4.5 ".1 E*/.D #H E*H37  #H JECF 'F JB/E B(HDG G0' 6E'F'K E9BHD'K DD/'&F ('DH1B)  -'EDG'  CE' JECF 'F JHA1 D(BJ) 'DEHB9JF A15) D*.AJA 'D#9('! 'DEDB') 9DJGE (EB*6I *HBJ9GE 9DI H1B) *,'1J) . HD9D E' J+J1 'D*3'$D H'D(-+ GH 'DE1C2 'DB'FHFJ DDB'(D ('D*/.D H'D-/H/ 'DA'5D) (JFG H(JF E1C2 'DE3-H( 9DJG 'DB'(D H(JFG H(JF E1C2 'D6'EF 'D'-*J'7J  HGJ #EH1 *GE CD EF J*F'HD 'D/1'3) 'DF81J) DD#H1'B 'D*,'1J) . AG0' 'D(-+ %0'K GH (-+ F81J  HAJ E-'HD) DD%-'7) (,H'F(G (B/1 EF 'D*9EB B3EF'G %DI 'DE('-+ H'DAB1'* 'D'*J) : 'DE(-+ 'D#HD : EAGHE 'DB(HD ('D*/.D . #HD'K : *91JA 'DB(HD ('D*/.D . +'FJ'K : 'D-'D'* 'D*J J,H2 AJG' 'DB(HD ('D*/.D . +'D+'K : 'D41H7 'DEH6H9J) . 1'(9'K : 'D41H7 'D4CDJ) . 'DE(-+ 'D+'FJ : "+'1 'DB(HD ('D*/.D . #HD'K : 9D'B) 'DB'(D ('D*/.D ('D-'ED . +'FJ'K : 9D'B) 'DB'(D ('D*/.D ('D4.5 'D0J *E 'DB(HD DE5D-*G . +'D+'K : 9D'B) 'D-'ED ('DED*2EJF AJ 'D-H'D) . 1'(9'K : EB'1F) (JF 'DB(HD ('D*/.D H'D6E'F 'D'-*J'7J . .'*E) 'DE(-+ 'D#HD EAGHE 'DB(HD ('D*/.D F*F'HD AJE' JDJ 'DAB1'* 'D*J *E 916G' AJ .7) 'D(-+ DD%DE'E (EAGHE 'DB(HD ('D*/.D . #HD'K : *91JA 'DB(HD ('D*/.D : JECF 'F F91A 'DB(HD ('D*/.D (#FG *HBJ9 E9(1 9F 'D*2'E 5'-(G (/A9 BJE) 'DH1B) 'D*,'1J) D-'EDG'  HDE5D-) '-/ 'D#4.'5 'DED*2EJF (G' -E'J) DG EF 1,H9 'D-'ED 9DJG AH1'K HE7'D(*G ('DHA'! . H'DB(HD ('D*/.D D/I 'D*41J9 H'DABG 'DE51JJF GH 'DB(HD ('DH'37) HDE' C'F JB9 :'D('K HB* *-1J1 '-*,', 9/E 'DB(HD HDDE-'A8) 9DI 3E9) H'&*E'F 'D4.5 'D0J -5D 'DB(HD DE5D-*G  A'FG J3EI #-J'F'K 'DB(HD HB* *-1J1 'D'-*,', H'DB(HD DD*41JA() . HB/ *F'HD 'DE419 'D91'BJ AJ B'FHF 'D*,'1) 'D91'BJ 'D,/J/ 1BE 30 D3F) 1984 EH6H9 'DB(HD ('D*/.D AJ 'DA19 'D*'39 EF 'DA5D 'D#HD EF 'D('( 'D+'D+ 'D.'5 ('D#H1'B 'D*,'1J) H0DC AJ 'DEH'/ (115-120) AB/ F5* 'DE'/) (116) EFG 9DI 'FG (#HD'K  J,H2 B(HD 'D-H'D) #H HA'$G' EF 4.5 E*/.D DE5D-) #J E/JF (G' JCHF E916'K DD1,H9 9DJG)  HJ*(JF EF G0G 'DE'/) 'F 'DE3-H( 9DJG 9F/E' J1A6 B(HD 'D-H'D) J-B DD-'ED 'D1,H9 9DI 'DEHB9JF (/A9 BJE*G' B(D EH9/ 'D'3*-B'B HEF 4#F 'DE7'D() (/A9 BJE) 'D-H'D) B(D EH9/ 'D'3*-B'B 'F *1(C 'DEHB9JF H-3'('*GE H9DJG #,'2 'DB'FHF D#J 4.5 'F JB(D 'D-H'D) (71JB 'D*/.D AJCHF EF 4#FG 'F J.DB 6E'F'K ,/J/'K DD-'ED . +'FJ'K : 'D-'D'* 'D*J J,H2 AJG' *B/JE 'DB(HD ('D*/.D : JECF 'F JB9 'DB(HD ('D*/.D 9F/E' *CHF 'D-H'D) E9/) DDB(HD H0DC ('F D' *4*ED 9DI 417 9/E *B/JEG' DDB(HD  HJCHF DD3'-( H-/G /HF 'DE8G1JF 'F J/1, 417 9/E 'D*B/JE DDB(HD  H'D:'J) EF 0DC B/ *CHF *A'/J FAB'* '-*,', 9/E 'DB(HD #H 'D'-*A'8 (-B 'D*51A (EB'(D 'DHA'! -*I *'1J. 'D'3*-B'B #H *A'/J 1A6 'DE3-H( 9DJG DDB(HD 9F/ 916 'D-H'D) 9DJG . H9F/E' D' JCHF ('3*7'9) 'D3'-( *HAJ1 EB'(D 'DHA'! B(D *'1J. 'D'3*-B'B  CE' JECF DD3'-( 'F J4*17 9/E *B/JE 'D-H'D) DDB(HD B(D *'1J. E9JF H0DC DCJ J*3FI DG *B/JE EB'(D 'DHA'! B(D 916 'D-H'D) DDB(HD . A'D-'D'* 'D*J JECF 'F JB9 AJG' 'DB(HD ('D*/.D GJ 'D-'D'* 0'*G' 'D*J J,H2 AJG' DD-'ED 'D1,H9 9DI 'DEHB9JF B(D *'1J. 'D'3*-B'B HGJ : 'E*F'9 'DE3-H( 9DJG 9F 'DB(HD . %AD'3 'DE3-H( 9DJG . *HBA 'DE3-H( 9DJG 9F 'D/A9 . -,2 #EH'D 'DE3-H( 9DJG %0' (BJ G0' 'D-,2 /HF ,/HI() . HDCF GD GF'C HB* E9JF D*B/JE 'DB(HD ('D*/.D  HGD J4*17 'F JCHF 'D-'ED B/ B'E A9D'K ('D%,1'!'* 'D*J **J- DG -B 'D1,H9  C*B/JE 'D-H'D) DDB(HD H9ED 'D'-*,', (9/E 'DB(HD  'F G0' 'D417 J,/G E98E 'DABG'!() D'2E'K HD' :FI 9FG  HJ4*17G 'DE419 F5'K AJ (96 'D*41J9'* 'D91(J) '(*/'!K DDB(HD ('D*/.D (-J+ J,9D 'DB(HD ('D*/.D E*2'EF'K E9 9ED '-*,', 9/E 'DB(HD()  HDCF 'DE419 'D91'BJ DE JH1/ E' J4J1 %DI 'D'D*2'E (G0' 'D417 #H 'D*HBJ*  AEF 'DF'-J) 'D9EDJ) D' E(11 D*B/JE 'DB(HD ('D*/.D 'F C'F* 'DH1B) EB(HD) EF 'DE3-H( 9DJG 'D#5DJ  H'F EF /H'9J 'D*/.D A9D'K 'E*F'9 'DE3-H( 9DJG 'D#5DJ 9F 'DB(HD 9F *B/JE 'DH1B) %DJG E9 'E*F'9 'D4.5 'DE9JF 'DE14- DB(HD 'D-H'D) 9F/ 'D'B*6'! EF B(D 'D3'-( #H 'DE8G1 #H 'D6'EF CE' H1/ AJ 'DE'/) (115-#HD'K) EF B'FHF 'D*,'1) 'D,/J/ . HDCF GD GF'C 61H1) D%+('* G0' 'D'E*F'9 9F 'DB(HD 13EJ'K ('-*,', 9/E 'DB(HD D%EC'FJ) *B/JE 'DB(HD ('D*/.D #E JCAJ 'D9DE ('D'E*F'9 (#J H3JD) C'F*  HGD GF'C HB* E9JF B(D #H (9/ 9ED 'D'-*,', D*B/JE 'DB(HD ('D*/.D  J1I 'D#3*'0 'D/C*H1 5D'- 'D/JF 'DF'GJ 'F EF 'D59H() 'DBHD (,H'2 'DB(HD ('D*/.D (E,1/ 'E*F'9 'DE3-H( 9DJG 9F 'DB(HD HB(D 9ED 'D'-*,', 'DD'2E D%+('* G0' 'D'E*F'9() E9 'FG J4J1 %DI 'F GF'C 9// EF 'DABG'! 'DA1F3JJF 'D0JF ,H2H' 0DC  HE9 3CH* 'DE419 9F %J1'/ F5 51J- AJ G0' 'D4#F (,9D 'DB(HD ('D*/.D E*9DB 2EFJ'K E9 %,1'!'* '-*,', 9/E 'DB(HD #H (9/G F,/ 'FG EF 'DEECF *B/JE 'DB(HD ('D*/.D /HF -',) D9ED 'D'-*,', CDE' *-BB D/I 'D-'ED HEF J1HE 'D*/.D  'E*F'9 'DE3-H( 9DJG EF 'DB(HD  H'DBHD (:J1 G0' AJG *-EJD DDF5 #C+1 EE' J-*ED() . +'D+'K : 'D41H7 'DEH6H9J) : 1. EF GH 'DB'(D ('D*/.D  JECF 'F JCHF 'DB'(D ('D*/.D 4.5'K EF #4.'5 'D-H'D) HEF 'DEHB9JF 'D3'(BJF 9DJG' HJECF 'F JCHF 4.5'K #,F(J' 9FG'  AJ -JF F,/ 'F 'DABG H'D*41J9 'DE51JJF J4*17'F AJ 'DB'(D ('D*/.D 'F JCHF #,F(J' 9F 'D-H'D) :J1 ED*2E (/A9 BJE*G'() . H0DC (5A) 'F 'DEHB9 9DI 'D-H'D) 6'EF D/A9 BJE*G' *,'G 'D-'ED 'D#.J1 B'FHF'K (EB*6I B'9/) 'D*6'EF (JF 'DEHB9JF  A*B/JEG DDB(HD ('D*/.D D' J6JA 4J&'K AJ -E'J) H6E'F -B 'D-'ED (9C3 'D-'D DH C'F 'DB'(D ('D*/.D #,F(J' 9F 'D-H'D)  A*HBJ9G J2J/ EF 6E'F 'D-'ED  HDCF 'DE419 'D91'BJ HE9G 'DE419 'DD(F'FJ() '1*#I 'F J,9D 'DA15) EA*H-) #E'E 'DEHB9JF 'D3'(BJF 9DI 'D-H'D) DD*HBJ9 E,//'K (5A) B'(D ('D*/.D  HAJ G0' *BHJ) #CJ/) D6E'F 'D-'ED . HJ,H2 DDE3-H( 9DJG :J1 'DB'(D 'F J*/.D DB(HD 'D-H'D) ('D*/.D D5'D- '-/ 'DEHB9JF 9DJG' 4#FG AJ 0DC 4#F #J 4.5 J*/.D DDB(HD ('D*/.D  AB/ J1A6 'DE3-H( 9DJG B(HD 'D-H'D) '(*/'!K HE9 0DC JB(DG' ('D*/.D  HE5D-) 'DE3-H( 9DJG 9'/) AJ 0DC **,DI AJ 'FG DH B(D 'D-H'D) B(HD'K #5DJ' /HF 'F J*DBI EB'(D 'DHA'! ADJ3 DG EF 1,H9 %D' 9DI 'D3'-(  E9 ED'-8) 'F B(HDG B(HD'K #5DJ' J4CD B1JF) 9DI *DBJ EB'(D 'DHA'! HDH #FG' B1JF) (3J7) B'(D) D%+('* 'D9C3 AJE' J*9DB (9D'B) 'DE3-H( 9DJG ('D3'-(  F5* 'DE'/) (64) EF B'FHF 'D*,'1) 'DF'A0 9DI (#HD'K  J9*(1 B(HD 'D-H'D) B1JF) 9DI H,H/ EB'(D 'DHA'! D/I 'DB'(D HD' J,H2 FB6 G0G 'DB1JF) AJ 9D'B) 'DE3-H( 9DJG ('D-'ED) HDCF 'DB(HD ('D*/.D D' J*1*( 9DJG B1JF) *DBJ EB'(D 'DHA'!  EE' J$/J %DI %9A'! 'DE3-H( 9DJG EF 9(! %+('* 9/E *DBJG EB'(D 'DHA'! . HJ9/Q EHBA 'DE3-H( 9DJG 'DB'(D ('D*/.D #C+1 6E'F'N EF EHBAG AJ -'D) 'DB(HD 'D#5DJ 'D9'/J EF -J+ %EC'FJ) 'D1,H9 9DI 'DED*2EJF ('D-H'D) %0 JCHF DG -B 'D1,H9 9DI EF *E 'D*/.D DE5D-*G H9DI 'D6'EFJF 1,H9'K 51AJ'K 9DI .D'A 'D-'D %0' E' HB9 CB'(D #5DJ -J+ J9/ -JFG' 'DE/JF 'D51AJ 'D#5DJ  'D#HD AJ EH',G) 'D-'ED H('BJ 'DEHB9JF HJ*-// 1,H9G 9DI 'D3'-( AB7 AJ -'D) 9/E *DBJG EB'(D 'DHA'! . 2. 'D#GDJ) H'D16' H'DE-D H'D3(( : J.69 'DB(HD ('D*/.D %DI 'DBH'9/ 'D9'E) AJ 'D*HBJ9 9DI 'D#H1'B 'D*,'1J) #H E' J9(1 9FG (#GDJ) 'D'D*2'E 'D51AJ() %0 D'(/ EF *HA1 'D41H7 'D9'E) EF #GDJ) H16' HE-D H3(( . A'D#GDJ) GJ 5D'-J) 'D4.5 D+(H* HE('41) 'D-BHB DG H9DJG  H'D#GDJ) 'D*J J*7D(G' 'DE419 'D91'BJ GJ (DH: 3F 'D+'EF) 941) E9 9/E H,H/ 9'16 EF 9H'16 'D#GDJ)  EF ,FHF H9*G H3AG H:AD)  AB/ F5* 'DE'/) 'D3'/3) EF B'FHF 'D*,'1) 9DI 'FG (JCHF %F4'! 'D#H1'B 'D*,'1J) H'D9EDJ'* 'DE*9DB) (G' 9ED'K *,'1J'K (51A 'DF81 9F 5A) 'DB'&E (G' H FJ*G) A'9*('1 ,EJ9 'D9EDJ'* 'DE*9DB) ('D#H1'B 'D*,'1J) 9ED'K *,'1J'K J9FJ ('D61H1) '4*1'7 'D#GDJ) 'DC'ED) AJEF JE'13 G0G 'D#9E'D  DE' J-J7 (G' EF .7H1) *3*D2E %1'/) H'9J) HE/1C) D#(9'/ G0' 'D*51A 'D*,'1J  H9DJG A'F *HBJ9 F'B5 'D#GDJ) #H 9/JEG' 9DI 'D-H'D) 'D*,'1J) (B5/ B(HDG' ('D*/.D D' BJE) DG  %0 *CHF 'D*2'E'* F'B5 'D#GDJ) #H 9/JEG' 'DF'4&) 9F *HBJ9G 9DI 'D-H'D) (#J) 5A) C'F* ('7D) ('DF3() %DJG AB7  -E'J) DG  HJ,H2 DG 'D*E3C (G0' 'D(7D'F *,'G CD -'ED DD-H'D) . ('DE'/)-46-*,'1)) HG0' J9FJ 'F 'D*2'E'* 'D5:J1 :J1 'D('D: 3F 'D14/ ('7D) ('DF3() %DJG AB7  #E' ('DF3() DEF (D: 3F 'D.'E3) 941) EF 'D9E1 HC'F E#0HF'K ('D*,'1) A'F 5-) *HBJ9G ('DB(HD ('D*/.D **HBA 9DI -/H/ %0FG A'F C'F E7DB'K 5- *HBJ9G AJ -/H/ 'DE(D: 'DE.HD ('D*51A (G H'F C'F EBJ/'K  #H EF9 'D5:J1 EF 'D*9'ED ('D#H1'B 'D*,'1J) A'F *HBJ9G :J1 ,'&2 H-CEG GF' -CE F'B5 'D#GDJ)() . #E' ('DF3() D#GDJ) 'D4.5 'DE9FHJ A'FG' **-// AJ -/H/ J(JFG' 'DB'FHF  H.'5) #GDJ) 'DBJ'E ('D*51A'* 'DB'FHFJ)  D0' A'F DD4.5 'DE9FHJ -B 3-( 'D#H1'B 'D*,'1J) CE' DG -B 'D*HBJ9 9DJG' (5A) 'DB(HD ('D*/.D %0 'F 'D41C) #H #J 4.5 E9FHJ ".1 J3*7J9 'DBJ'E (,EJ9 G0G 'D*51A'* 9F 71JB EF JE+DG B'FHF'K  7'DE' D' JH,/ #J E'F9 B'FHFJ . #E' ('DF3() DD3D7) HGJ 5D'-J) 'D4.5 DD*51A AJ #EH'D :J1G A('D1:E EF 9/E H,H/ F5 .'5 AJ B'FHF 'D*,'1) (G0' 'D.5H5 -HD %EC'FJ) *HBJ9 'DB(HD ('D*/.D FJ'() 9F 'D:J1 EGE' C'F E5/1 G0G 'DFJ'() '*A'B 'E B'FHF 'E B6'!  %D' 'FG JECF 'D1,H9 %DI 'DBH'9/ 'D9'E) H'DBJ'3 9DI 'D#5D 'D9'E HGH ,H'2 'D*HBJ9 9DI 'DH1B) 'D*,'1J) FJ'() 9F 'D:J1  E9 ED'-8) F5 'DE'/) (49) *,'1) 'D0J ,'! 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PAGE 18 B(HD 'D-H'D) 'D*,'1J) ('D*/.D PAGE 17 E,D) 'D1'A/JF DD-BHB  'DE,D/ (12)  'D9// (46)  'D3F) (2010) Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (12), No. (46), Year (2010) Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (12), No. (46), Year (2010) Z\xܧ0B:LNй$d`da$gd{:m$d`da$gd"B $a$gd"B $a$gd"B $a$gd{:m\^nprtFHvxz|JLBDFǮܟ܏܏܏ܟǮǮܟǮܟǮǮܟh"Bh"BCJ^J_HaJo(h"Bh"BCJZ^J_HaJh/ BCJZ^J_HaJo(1jhh"B5CJH*UZ\^J_HaJ(hh"B5CJH*Z\^J_HaJ"h"Bh"BCJZ^J_HaJo("h"Bh"BCJZ^J_HaJo(0 XLDFHXZ $a$gd"B $a$gd"B$ & Fa$gd"B$d`da$gd"BFHXZ\68tv$&Bz02XZ\^ȸȸȸȸȸȸȸȸȸȸȸȸȸȖn*hh{:m0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJ#hh{:mCJOJQJZ^JaJ"h"BhvCJZ^J_HaJo(h"Bh0=CJZ^J_HaJh"Bh"BCJ^J_HaJo("h"Bh"BCJZ^J_HaJo((h{:mh"B5CJZ\^J_HaJo(h"Bh[CJZ^J_HaJ)0\8v&Bxz2Z$ & Fa$gd{:m$ & Fa$gd"B $a$gd"B$ & F`a$gd"BZ`h  "zPRz,d.,$$s^s`a$gd"B $a$gd"B^`bdf h j l       j l  "$&xz|~NPRT®oooooo$hh{:mCJOJQJ^J_HaJ$h{:mCJOJQJZ^J_HaJo(0jhh{:mCJOJQJUZ^J_HaJ'hh{:mCJOJQJZ^J_HaJ hh{:mCJOJQJ^JaJ#hh{:mCJOJQJZ^JaJ3jhh{:m0JCJH*OJQJUZ^JaJ+PRTVxz|~*,.0bdfh,.02*,.0@뭜jh?UZ^Jh? hh{:mCJOJQJ^JaJ#hh{:mCJOJQJZ^JaJ$hh{:mCJOJQJ^J_HaJ0jhh{:mCJOJQJUZ^J_HaJ'hh{:mCJOJQJZ^J_HaJ7,$&$$dA$N`a$gd9$&dP`a$gd9$h&dP]h`a$gd=$&dPa$gdSt$&`#$gdFZ$"$(׭ĝ~ieL9L$hIhh{:m0JCJOJQJ^JaJ0jhIhh{:m0JCJOJQJUZ^JaJh{:m(h=h{:m5CJZ\^J_HaJo("h{:m5CJZ\^J_HaJo(h{:m5CJ\^JaJh{:m5CJZ\^JaJo(,h{:m0JCJOJQJZ^JaJmHnHu$hSth{:m0JCJOJQJ^JaJ0jhSth{:m0JCJOJQJUZ^JaJjh?UZ^Jh?(*,jn"$&dhx|ŵŧŧřyi`Wyh{:m5\_Hh{:m5\^Jh`3h{:m5CJ\^JaJh`3h{:m5<\ h{:m5\h`3h{:m5\h{:mh=h{:mCJZ_H o(h{:m5CJZ\^Jo(h{:m5CJZ\^J_Ho(h=h{:m5CJZ\^J$hIhh{:m0JCJOJQJ^JaJ0jhIhh{:m0JCJOJQJUZ^JaJ&$ & Fa$gd{:m$$$dA$N`a$gd9"h"BhvCJZ^J_HaJo(h?h{:mh`3h{:m5\^JC0&P P:pR<0BP' (5!"#$% (2~$$If!vh5#v:V l V0  54F@F 9'/J $A$a$_HaJhmH sH tH<@< 9FH'F 1$@& CJ^JaJ<@< 9FH'F 2$@& CJ^JaJB@B 9FH'F 3$@&5CJ \^JaJ H@H 9FH'F 4$$@&a$5CJ \^JaJ N@N 9FH'F 5$$ & F@& CJ^JaJB@B 9FH'F 6$@&5CJ\^JaJN@N 9FH'F 7$$d@&a$5CJ\^JaJ>A@> .7 'DAB1) 'D'A*1'6JPi@P  ,/HD 9'/J :V 44 la ,k, (D' B'&E) 8B@8 F5 #3'3J CJ^JaJ8@8 F5 -'4J) 3ADJ)@&@@ E1,9 -'4J) 3ADJ)H*^JRC@"R F5 #3'3J (E3'A) ('/&) CJ^JaJ@ @2@ *0JJD 5A-)  9r aJ,)@A, 1BE 5A-)^J<@R< 1#3 5A-)  9r aJBP@bB F5 #3'3J 2$a$ CJ^JaJzsz v 4(C) ,/HD7:V0$A$^JdR@d =F5 #3'3J (E3'A) ('/&) 2$dx^BB s Char Char^J_HhmH sH tH4U@4 # Hyperlink >*ph )5 Z%l*,/%7/<,HZJ4O<[[^`b;I{|] i 8!"En"#! 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