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The family relationships may expose to severe differences that may lead the conflicted patties to raise before the specialized court, that have full authorization to deal with this claim and to issue a suitable judgment for it, therefore the general allegation which have its important and fixed role by the law will enact its role here throughout its intervention in the case which has been raised before the court of personal affairs at the beginning afterwards the stage of injuring the judgment the court of cassation too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'D9'E HE1C2G AJ /9'HI 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) H3J1G' -*I ".1 E1'-DG' GH E' F-'HD 'DHBHA 9DJG AJ 'DB'FHF 'D91'BJ  H(96 'DBH'FJF 'D91(J) 'DEB'1F) EF .D'D .7) 'D(-+ 'DE*E+D) ('DEB/E) H'DE('-+ 'D+D'+) 'D"*J): 'DEB/E) 'DE(-+ 'D#HD : 'D*91JA ('D%/9'! 'D9'E H*-/J/ E1C2G 'DB'FHFJ 'DE7D( 'D#HD : *91JA 'D%/9'! 'D9'E 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ : *-/J/ 'DE1C2 'DB'FHFJ DD'/9'! 'D9'E 'DE(-+ 'D+'FJ : EG'E 'D'/9'! 'D9'E AJ E3'&D 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) 'DE7D( 'D#HD : EG'E 'D'/9'! 'D9'E #E'E E-'CE 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ : EG'E 'D'/9'! 'D9'E AJ B'FHF 19'J) 'DB'51JF 'DE7D( 'D+'D+ : EG'E 'D'/9'! 'D9'E AJ 'DB'FHF 'DEB'1F 'DE(-+ 'D+'D+: EG'E 'D'/9'! 'D9'E (E1',9) 71B 'D79F AJ /9'HI HE3'&D 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) 'DE7D( 'D#HD: EG'E 'D'/9'! 'D9'E (E1',9) 71B 'D79F AJ 'DB'FHF 'D91'BJ 'DE7D( 'D+'FJ: EG'E 'D'/9'! 'D9'E (E1',9) 71B 'D79F AJ 'DB'FHF 'DEB'1F 'D.'*E) H'D*H5J'* 'DE(-+ 'D#HD 'D*91JA ('D%/9'! 'D9'E H*-/J/ E1C2G 'DB'FHFJ J9/ 'D'/9'! 'D9'E EF 'DE57D-'* 'DB'FHFJ) 'DE3*-/+) H'DE*/'HD)K AJ 'D(J&) 'DB'FHFJ) 9DI 59J/ 'D*41J9 H'DABG 'DB'FHFJ, '0F D'(/ EF *91JA G0' 'DE57D- *EGJ/'KO DDE6J AJ /1'3) EG'E) 'DB6'&J), HJ,/1 (F' 'HD'K 'D*91JA ('D#/9'! 'D9'E AJ 'DD:) HEF +E *91JA) (H5AG E57D-'K AJ 'DABG 'DB'FHFJ, HD'(/ C0DC EF *-/J/ E1C2) 'DB'FHFJ AJ 'D*41J9 HAJ 'D'57D'- 'DABGJ %3*CE'D'K DE*7D('* 'D(-+. %F 'D*91JA ('D%/9'! 'D9'E H*-/J/ E1C2G #E1'F E*D'2E'F JECFF' EF .D'DGE' 'D*91A 9DI E9F'G 'DD:HJ H'D%57D'-J HE91A) EHB9) 'DB'FHFJ AJ 'D/9HI HE,1J'*G' AJ 'DE7D(JF 'D"*JJF. 'DE7D( 'D#HD *91JA 'D%/9'! 'D9'E EF 'DE*9'1A 9DJG AJ 'DABG 'DB'FHFJ #F 'DE419 D/I %9/'/G #H %5/'1G 'DB'FHF :'D('K E' J*-'4I *91JA 0DC 'DB'FHF  D#F G0' 'D#E1 9'/) E' JCHF EF EG'E ABG'! H41'- 0DC 'DB'FHF  HB/ 5/1 B'FHF 'D%/9'! 'D9'E 1BE 59 D3F) 1979 6EF G0' 'DE9FI  %0 DE J1/ *91JA DG AJ E*F 'DB'FHF #H E' JECF '9*('1G *91JA'K DD%/9'! 'D9'E  H(F'!K 9DI G0' 'DE97I  D'(/ EF *91JA 'D'/9'! 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'D9'E AJ F7'B 'D/9HI 'DE/FJ) HEFG' /9HI 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) (H,G .'5 AJ 6H! '-C'EG AJ 'D',*G'/ 'DB'FHFJ 'J6'K  9DI 'F FA1/ A19'K E3*BD' D*-/J/ E1C2G AJ 'DB'FHF 'D91'BJ  HA19'K +'FJ'K D*-/J/ G0' 'DE1C2 AJ 'DB'FHF 'DEB'1F  H9DI 'DF-H 'D"*J: 'DA19 'D#HD *-/J/ 'DE1C2 'DB'FHFJ DD'/9'! 'D9'E AJ 'DB'FHF 'D91'BJ DE J1/ AJ B'FHF 'D'/9'! 'D9'E 1BE 159 D3F) 1979 'DE9/D F5 51J- J-// E1C2G 'DB'FHFJ AJ 'D/9HI 'DE/FJ)  HEFG' /9HI 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J)  HDE J1/ E' J4J1 %DI G0' 'D#E1 AJ 'DBH'FJF 'D#.1I 'DEH6H9J) EFG' H'D',1'&J) 'D*J 'HD* DD'/9'! 'D9'E /H1'K E9JF' AJ *DC 'D/9'HI  AJE' '.*DA 'DABG 'DB'FHFJ #J6'K AJ *CJJA E1C2G AJ 'D91'B. 0DC E' F-'HD *H6J-G EF .D'D 'DAB1*JF 'D'*JJF: #HD'K: E1C2 'D'/9'! 'D9'E AJ 'DB'FHF: DE JA5- B'FHF 'D'/9'! 'D9'E #H J4J1 AJ #-C'EG  D'3JE' AJ 'DE'/*JF 13 H 14 %DI *B1J1 E1C2G AJ 'D/9HI 'DE/FJ) (4CD 9'E H/9HI 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) (4CD .'5  A'(*/'! 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'D9'E DD-6H1 H'D*/.D AJ /9'HI HE3'&D 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) E7DB' J/G DD*-1C H'DE('/1) D*-BJB /H1G AJ G0' 'DE,'D. +'FJ'K: HAJ F7'B */.D 'D'/9'! 'D9'E AJ /9'HI HE3'&D 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) 7(B' DDE'/) 13/ #HD'K A'F /H1G J#.0 E3'-) H'39) EF -J+ FH9 'D/9'HI 'D*J *1A9 #E'E E-'CE 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) H'DEH'/ 'D4.5J)  HGJ 'D/9'HI #H 'DE3'&D 'D*J **9DB ('DB'51JF H'DE-,H1 9DJGE H'D:'&(JF H'D*A1JB H'D#0F (*9// 'D2H,'* HG,1 'D#31) H*41J/ 'D#7A'D  H#J) /9HI #.1I J1I 'D'/9'! 'D9'E 61H1) */.DG AJG' D-E'J) 'D#31) H'D7AHD). H51'-) 'DF5 J$C/ 'FG ,'! 9DI 3(JD 'DE+'D HDJ3 9DI 3(JD 'D-51  AGH J4ED ,EJ9 'DE3'&D 'D*J JECF 'F *F/1, *-* E57D- 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) HDJ3 'D'B*5'1 9DI 'D#-H'D 'D*J ,'! 'DF5 9DI *9/'/G'  #H -*I 'DE3'&D 'D*J *F'HDG' B'FHF 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J) 1BE 188 D3F) 1959 'DF'A0()  D#F G0G 'DE3'&D 'D*J F8EG' 'DB'FHF 'DE0CH1 (#-C'E E-//) GJ (/H1G' DE *4ED CD 'DE3'&D 'D*J J:7JG' E57D- 'D#-H'D 'D4.5J)  %0 ,'! 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'D9'E 'D9/J/ EF 'DEG'E DG0' 'D,G'2 AJ E,'D 19'J) 'DB'51JF H-E'J*GE  H0DC EF .D'D F5 'DE'/) 13 'D*J 9//* 'DE3'&D #H 'D/9'HI 'DE*9DB) ('DB'51JF H'DE-,H2 9DJGE H'D:'&(JF #H 'DEABH/JF #H 'D*J **9DB (-E'J) 'D#31) H'D7AHD) HJCHF (EB/H1 'DE/9J 'D9'E 'D*/.D #H 'D-6H1 #E'E 'DE-'CE 'DE.*5) (4#FG'()  H*B9 *DC 'DE3'&D AJ E98EG' #J6'K 6EF 'DE('/& H'D#-C'E 'D*J ,'! (G' B'FHF 19'J) 'DB'51JF H'D*J EF #GE #G/'AG 19'J) 'D5:'1 HEF AJ -CEGE H'D9F'J) (4$HFGE  HJ4ED 0DC 'DE-,H1JF H'D:'&(JF H'DEABH/JF  A6D' 9F #-C'E 'DHD'J) H'DH5'J) HCJAJ) %/'1) #EH'D 'DB'51JF(). #E' %/'1) #EH'D G$D'! AB/ *6EF*G' 'DF5H5 'DB'FHFJ) 'D*J H1/* AJ 'DA5D 'D+'FJ EF 'D('( 'D1'(9  HJCHF DD'/9'! 'D9'E /H1 B'FHFJ H'6- AJ 'D%,1'!'* 'D*J *5'-( *51A'* 'DHDJ #H 'DH5J #H 'DBJE 'D0J J('41 *DC 'D*51A'*  D'3JE' AJ 'D#-C'E 'D*J F5* 9DJG' 'DEH'/ 43 H54 H 55 H 56 EF 'DB'FHF(). HJ*,3/ /H1 'D'/9'! 'D9'E AJ G0' 'D5// EF .D'D -CE 'DE'/) 57 EF 'DB'FHF 'D*J *F5 9DI E' J'*J " 9DI E/J1J'* 19'J) 'DB'51JF *(DJ: 'D'/9'! 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'D9'E 'DE9JF #H 'DEF3( #E'EG' AJ 'DAB1) (#HD'K) EF G0G 'DE'/) B(D F81G' (+D'+) #J'E 9DI 'D#BD H*2HJ/G (5H1) 91J6*G' HE3*F/'*G'". 1'(9'K: "*AB/ ,D3'* 'D,G'* 'DE4'1 %DJG' AJ 'DAB1) (#HD'K) EF G0G 'DE'/) 5-) 'F9B'/G' (:J'( 96H 'D%/9'! 'D9'E #E'EG' #H *B/JEG 'DI 'DE-CE) EE' J:FJ 9F -6H1G 7(B'K DDAB1) +'FJ'K EF 'DE'/) FA3G'". *9/JD 'DAB1) +'FJ'K EF 'DE'/) 13 9DI 'DH,) 'D'*J "DD'/9'! 'D9'E  (J'F 'DE7'D9) H'(/'! 'D1'J AJ 'D/9'HI 'DE0CH1) AJ 'DAB1) (#HD'K) EF G0G 'DE'/)  HJECF #F J4CD 0DC (/JD'K AJ -'D) 9/E -6H1G #E'E 'DE-CE)  HDG E1',9) 71B 'D79F AJ 'DB1'1'* H'D#-C'E 'D5'/1) AJG' HE*'(9*G'". DB/ #H1/F' G0' 'DEB*1- D'FF' F1I (#F 'D'/9'! 'D9'E AJ '-J'F C+J1) J*901 9DJG 'D-6H1 D'3('( EFG' B5H1 'DF5H5 'DB'FHFJ) 'DF'A0), H'.1I **9DB (81HA 'D9ED 'DJHEJ 'D*J B/ *-HD 9DJG 'D-6H1  H#F *-BB G0' 'D-6H1 AB/ D'JCHF ,/J'K HEF*,'K D0' JCHF 'D',1'! 'DEB*1- *(3J7'K D'/'! EG'EG, HGH D'J3D( -B E-CE) 'D*EJJ2 AJ 'D%/D'! 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afidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (14), No. (50), Year (16) Rafidain Of Law Journal, Vol. (14), No. (50), Year (16) lvجƭ(2ltȮ֮خHRnz  (IJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJđāh-hwFCJZ^JaJo("h-hCJZ^J_HaJo(h-CJZ^J_HaJo("h-h)CJZ^J_HaJo("h-hwFCJZ^J_HaJo(%h-hwFCJH*Z^J_HaJo(+jh-hwFCJH*UZ^J_HaJ-(*,.0ļ.h& oo\F\oooo+jh-hwFCJH*UZ^J_HaJ%h-hwFCJH*Z^J_HaJo("h-hx8CJZ^J_HaJo(h-hwFCJ^J_HaJ"h-hwFCJZ^J_HaJo(h-CJZ^J_HaJo(h-hwFCJZ^JaJo(h-hzLCJ^J_HaJo(hzLCJZ^J_HaJo(hwFCJZ^J_HaJo(h-hwFCJ^J_HaJo( ht$|,.2>ξή}k}k}}XBX}+jh-hwFCJH*UZ^J_HaJ%h-hwFCJH*Z^J_HaJo("h-hx8CJZ^J_HaJo("h-hwFCJZ^J_HaJo(h-CJZ^J_HaJo(h-hwFCJZ^JaJo(h-hW6CJZ^JaJo(h-h @CJZ^JaJo(h-hwFCJZ^JaJo(h-CJZ^JaJo((h-hwF5CJZ\^J_HaJo(hjlnprt28>@Z( ~@F $a$gd- $a$gd-:@0DF8B,\^`bDFHJ>@Xɳɳɳܤɳɳɳܗh-hwFCJZ^JaJo(h-CJZ^JaJo(h-CJZ^J_HaJo(+jh-hwFCJH*UZ^J_HaJ%h-hwFCJH*Z^J_HaJo("h-hwFCJZ^J_HaJo("h-hrGCJZ^J_HaJo(2XZtlz оtbbPPPPPt"h-hNCJZ^J_HaJo("h-h7qCJZ^J_HaJo(+jh-hwFCJH*UZ^J_HaJ%h-hwFCJH*Z^J_HaJo("h-hrGCJZ^J_HaJo(h-CJZ^J_HaJo("h-hwFCJZ^J_HaJo(h-hwFCJZ^JaJo(h-hwFCJZ^JaJo(h-h @CJZ^JaJo(   " ( 4  L h l hvtvxz>@DN0nIJIJIJIJIJĢăIJvh-CJZ^JaJo(h-CJZ^J_HaJo(h-hwFCJZ^JaJo(h-hwFCJZ^JaJo("h-hNCJZ^J_HaJo("h-hwFCJZ^J_HaJo(%h-hwFCJH*Z^J_HaJo(+jh-hwFCJH*UZ^J_HaJ*DF:BNT68:<&"("*","ྫྷn^O="h-hCJZ^J_HaJo(hCCJZ^J_HaJo(h-hCCJ^J_HaJo((hChwF5CJZ\^J_HaJo(+jh-hwFCJH*UZ^J_HaJ%h-hwFCJH*Z^J_HaJo("h-hNCJZ^J_HaJo("h-hwFCJZ^J_HaJo(h-hW6CJZ^JaJo(h-hwFCJZ^JaJo(h-hCJZ^JaJo(`))))*000T1CCCEEK$ & F+pd^pa$gd $,a$gdwF $a$gdC $a$gdW6 $a$gdC $a$gd- $a$gd-,"$$$$$$)))))*$*@++++++-....000000qb۳Rh-h!CJZ^JaJo(hCCJZ^J_HaJo(h-hCJZ^JaJo(h-hwFCJZ^JaJo(h-hW6CJ^J_HaJo("h-hW6CJZ^J_HaJo("h-hCJZ^J_HaJo(+jh-hwFCJH*UZ^J_HaJ%h-hwFCJH*Z^J_HaJo("h-hwFCJZ^J_HaJo(000T12B2D2F2H256==????CCCDEμ΁΁Ωo_P>"hChwFCJZ^J_HaJo(hCCJZ^J_HaJo(hW6hwFCJ"Z^JaJ"o("h-hW6CJZ^J_HaJo("h-hCJZ^J_HaJo(+jh-hwFCJH*UZ^J_HaJ%h-hwFCJH*Z^J_HaJo("h-h!CJZ^J_HaJo("h-hwFCJZ^J_HaJo(hChCJZ^JaJo(hChwFCJZ^JaJo(EEEGGMMNNPP,V.VBYDY,[t[$].]4_6_X_Z_ c*c8c:ciijjFnJnXnZnnppppqĵĦĵĦĦĦĵĵĦ֔ĵĵĦĦĦtĦ֔hW6hwFCJ"Z^JaJ"o(hW6hW6CJ"Z^JaJ"o("hhwF5CJ\^J_HaJhwFhwFCJ^J_HaJhCJZ^J_HaJo("hwFhwFCJZ^J_HaJo((hhwF5CJZ\^J_HaJo((hChwF5CJZ\^J_HaJo((KMP.VDY6_Z_cijHnJn\nny $a$gdwF $a$gdW6$d`a$gdwF$ & F,pd^pa$gdwF$ & F,pd^pa$gd $,a$gdwF$ & F+pd^pa$gd$ & F+pd^pa$gdwF noppqrsbtvurv>wTx&y zz@{ |||}~$d^a$gdC$ & F-d`a$gd $a$gdwF$ & F-d`a$gdwFqqrsszz|||}(ʂ|~ރ<>… "چ܆ "48:οοΌοοοοοοοοοΌzh#hwFhwFCJOJQJZ^JaJ"hwFhG`CJZ^J_HaJo(hwFCJZ^J_HaJo((hhwF5CJZ\^J_HaJo(hwFhCCJ^J_HaJhwFhwFCJ^J_HaJ"hwFhwFCJZ^J_HaJo("hwFhCJZ^J_HaJo(hwFCJ^J_HaJo(&Dʂ~>…"܆68 $a$gdu[ $a$gdTp$d^a$gdWz $a$gdwF$ & F-d`a$gdwF:<@`bdhnprŠƊČƌʌ$ʽʽʭʽʽʭʗxixxYxhO~hO~CJZ^JaJo(hwFhwFCJ^J_H8aJ"hwFhwFCJZ^J_H8aJo(h/%CJZ^JaJo(*hwFhwFCJOJQJZ^J_HaJo(hwFhwFCJZ^JaJo(hu[CJZ^JaJo(hwFhwFCJZ^JaJ#hwFhwFCJOJQJZ^JaJ*hwFhwF0JCJH*OJQJZ^JaJ Œ",ԐN|N $p^pa$gdwF$p^p`a$gdxX$p^p`a$gd<$p^p`a$gdO~$p^p`a$gd/%$&*.024֐ؐܐPRĕ|~JPR|~ѴѴѧѴѴѴѴѴѴѴѴѴh/%CJZ^J_H8aJo(hxXCJZ^J_H8aJo(h/%CJZ^JaJo(h<CJZ^JaJo(hO~hO~CJZ^JaJo(hwFhwFCJZ^JaJo("hwFhwFCJZ^J_H8aJo(hO~CJZ^JaJo(6|p֠jhzث\hJ$p^p`a$gd/%$qd^q`a$gd<$L^L`gd<$p^p`a$gd<~prt֠ؠڠjlnhjlz|~ثګܫ\^`hjlJLNlnp·ķƷDFH@BD "jh/%CJZ^JaJo(hwFhwFCJZ^JaJo("hwFhwFCJZ^J_H8aJo(h<CJZ^JaJo(MJl·D@j$Rf$p^p`a$gdwF$ & F.a$gdwF$ & F.da$gdwF$pd^p`a$gd/%$qd^q`a$gd/%$p^p`a$gd/%jln"$RTVfhj468TVX@BDPRT:<>N~thzLCJZ^JaJo(hwFhwFCJ^J_H8aJ"hwFhwFCJZ^J_H8aJo(h/%CJZ^JaJo(hwFhwFCJZ^JaJo(Gf4(T@P:F|$p^p`a$gdwF$p^p`a$gd/%$qd^q`a$gd/%$qd^q`a$gdwF$qd^q`a$gdzL$p^p`a$gdzLt@&X^z\>p$qd^q`a$gd/%$Ld^L`a$gd5 $p^p`a$gd5 $p^p`a$gd5 $p^p`a$gd/%tvxx@BD&(*XZ\@\`bz|~\^`>@Bprtrtv*,h5 CJZ^JaJo("hwFhwFCJZ^J_H8aJo(h/%CJZ^JaJo(hwFhwFCJZ^JaJo(Hpr*>@DFJLPRVXr$'&#$gd$$p^p`a$gdwF$p^p`a$gd5 $p^p`a$gd/%,.>@BFHLNRTXZfhnpr֮~q`qQqQqhh]-5Z\^Jo( hh]-5Z\^J_Ho(hh]-5Z\^J2h5 0J5CJOJQJZ\^JaJmHnHu*h'hwF0J5CJOJQJ\^JaJ6jh'hwF0J5CJOJQJUZ\^JaJjhIlUZ^JhIl"hwFhwFCJZ^J_H8aJo(%jhwFhwF0JCJU^JaJrdfPRTxq[qq$h$dA$N]ha$gdG`$$h$dA$N]ha$gd$&dP`a$gd'$h&dP]h`a$gd]-$&#$gd$&dPa$gd"$h&dP]h`a$gd bdf.2DнЦнxqjxjxqx_OxqxFxhwF5\_Hh`3hwF5CJ\^JaJh`3hwF5<\ h5\ hwF5\h`3hwF5\"h]-hwFCJOJQJZ^Jo("hih]-CJOJQJZ^Jo(,h5 0JCJOJQJZ^JaJmHnHu$h^hwF0JCJOJQJ^JaJ0jh^hwF0JCJOJQJUZ^JaJhwF$hhwF5CJZ\^J_H o(DHJNPRT|~̺"hwFhG`CJZ^J_HaJo(h\AhIlhwFh`3hwF5\^Jh`3hwF5<\h`3hwF5\ hwF5\ TVXZ\^`bdfhjlnprtvxz|~ $a$gdTp$C0&P P4:p]-<0BP' (5!"#$% (2~$$If!vh5#v:V l V0  54 F@F 9'/J$A$_HhmH sH tH<@< 9FH'F 1$@& CJ^JaJ<@< 9FH'F 2$@& CJ^JaJB@B 9FH'F 3$@&5CJ \^JaJ H@H 9FH'F 4$$@&a$5CJ \^JaJ N@N 9FH'F 5$$ & F@& CJ^JaJB@B 9FH'F 6$@&5CJ\^JaJN@N 9FH'F 7$$d@&a$5CJ\^JaJ>A@> .7 'DAB1) 'D'A*1'6JPi@P  ,/HD 9'/J :V 44 la ,k, (D' B'&E) 8B@8 F5 #3'3J CJ^JaJ8@8 F5 -'4J) 3ADJ)@&@@ E1,9 -'4J) 3ADJ)H*^JRC@"R F5 #3'3J (E3'A) ('/&) CJ^JaJ@ @2@ *0JJD 5A-)  9r aJ,)@A, 1BE 5A-)^J<@R< 1#3 5A-)  9r aJBP@bB F5 #3'3J 2$a$ CJ^JaJzsz v 4(C) ,/HD7:V0$A$^JdR@d =F5 #3'3J (E3'A) ('/&) 2$dx^DD s Char Char^J_HhmH sH tH4U@4 # Hyperlink >*ph*O* & long_text>> 1E_ Char Char2_HmH sH tH pOp `uG 31/ 'DAB1'*$d^m$CJOJPJQJ^JaJhtH XOX Tp (D' *('9/$A$CJ^J_HaJmH sH tH ^O^ wFList Paragraph$^m$CJ^JaJhtH B G=%6!!o"<#%+,-.01`246-77589>ABD2EFG,IJLNPWzZw[.`;aahlmnp_rt{^}_~ ks8EKʮڰٳP(N6{[$.)Z:CEubN>p m q f O  @ 2!6a?l $sc~`!!! 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